Ukraine Import Data of Dimethyl | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dimethyl

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of dimethyl collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of dimethyl imports.

Dimethyl Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dimethyl

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173402209000"1.Myyni tools and cleaning brands BMW, not put up for retailtrade in aerosol packaging materials free of ozonoruynuyuyuchyh: Omyvachvikon summer, anionaktyvni surface-active substances, auxiliary components: kokosalkil-dimethyl, abrasive powders -0%, pack 1000ml, art. 83122288904-72sht, cleaner-primer "" R1 "" packaged 100ml (rechovynyheptan surfactants, auxiliary components, isomers, abrasive powders, 0%), art.83192211217-30sht; trademark - "" BMW "" Producer - Concern "" BMW "". "GERMANY0UA10021075.09446.6456225 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201729419000001. Organic chemicals, other antibiotics: AZITHROMYCIN DIHYDRATE USP, azithromycin dihydrate FSSHA crystalline powder (substance) - 125kh. CAS Number: 117772-70-0. Molecular formula: C38H72N2O12,2H2O. Chemical name: 1-Oksa-6-azatsyklopentadekan-15-one, 13 - [(2,6-dydeoksy-3-C-methyl-3-O-methyl-alpha-L-fish-heksapiranozyl) oxy] -2- ethyl-3,4,10-tryhidroksy 3,5,6,8,10,12,14 heptametyl-11 - [[3,4,6, -trydeoksy-3- (dimethyl amino) -beta-D- Ksil-heksopiranozyl] oxy] dihydrate, [2R (2R *, 3S *, 4R *, 5R *, 8R *, 10R *, 11R *, 12S *, 13S *, 14R *)]. It is a white crystalline powder. Designed for pharmaceutical use. Primary Packaging: in double plastic bags. Active substance: azithromycin dihydrate least 945mkh / mg and not more than 1030mkh / mg equivalent to anhydrous substance. Series: LT-OAZI / 047 / 16-17. Date of manufacture: 02/2017. Expiration date: 01/2021. .INDIA0UA80518012518875.00017
28/Apr/20173214900090"1. Consumables" "Mercedes-Benz" ": putty for glass sealing, not vaerozolniy packaging, chemical composition: alpha, alpha-dimethylbenzyl hydroperoxide0.1-1%; N-Decanol 5-10%; maleic acid 0.1-1 % mold-making paste sferazastosuvannya-car service, automotive sealant art.A001989892010-5od.Krayina production - IETorhovelna brand - Mercedes-BenzVyrobnyk - Daimler AG. "IRELAND0UA1001100.38294.6306027
28/Apr/20173506100098"1. Consumables" "Mercedes-Benz" ": prepared adhesives and other joint gluing drugs not in aerosol packaging, chemical composition: 2,4,6-tris (dimethylaminomethyl) phenol10- 30%, making paste form, scope -Automotive service kleydlya art.A0059890971-1od.Krayina glass production - USTorhovelna brand - Mercedes-BenzVyrobnyk - Daimler AG. "UNITED STATES0UA1001100.05728.40258874
27/Apr/201729242998901. Standard chemicals (powder) for drug quality control testing methods zasobivta vitro - Amidy and their cyclic derivatives art.D-714 N, N-Dimethylamino-2-propanol p-Acetamidobenzoate (10mg) / N-dimethylamino-2 -propanol with p-atsetamidobenzoat (10 mg powder), chemical name: N, N-Dimethylamino-2- propanol p-Acetamidobenzoate (10mg), CAS № 61990-51-0-6up. (60 mg net weight, the weight in primary packaging 60 , 06h). Rechovynyrozfasovano chemicals in glass bottles, 1 bottle weight is 10h.Torhovelna mark: LGC StandardsKrayina production: CAVyrobnyk: TLC PharmaChem. Inc. .CANADA0UA1002000.063507.245662
27/Apr/201729021900001. Standard chemicals (powder) for quality control of medicinal zasobivta testing methods in the laboratory - Tsykloterpeny: art.C16211020beta-Pinene (100mg) / Beta pinene powder (100 mg) chemical name: (1) -6,6-Dimethyl- 2- methylenebicyclo (3.1.1) heptane, CAS № 127-91-3-1up. (Chystavaha 100mg weight in primary packaging 10,1h). Free of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors. Chemicals packaged in sklyaniflakony weight is 1 bottle 10h.Torhovelna mark: LGC StandardsKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Dr. Ehrenstorfer GmbH.GERMANY0UA1002000.0132.9904882
27/Apr/201729322090001. Lovastatin (125 mg.) Kat.№1370600-1sht., A standard sample of lovastatin is an individual substance ((S) -2-metylmaslyanuyu acid with (4R, 6R) -6- [2 - [(1S, 2S , 6R, 8S, 8aR) -1,2,6,7,8,8a-heksahydro-8-hydroxy-2,6-dimethyl-1-naphthyl] ethyl] tetrahydro-4-hydroxy-2H-Pirana-2- online (CAS №75330-75-5), used to determine the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the substance during laboratory tests. not included in the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors by CMU №770 from 06.05.2000r.Standarty stored in sealed Vial way to avoid in environmental Purity reaktyvu.Vyrobnyk: The United States Pharmacopeial ConventionTorhovelna Brand: USPKrayina production: US..UNITED STATES0UA1002000.015186.5419208
27/Apr/201729419000001. ampicillin (200 mg.) Kat.№1033000-2sht., Ampicillin standard sample is an individual substance ((2S, 5R, 6R) -6 - [(R) -2-Amen-2-phenyl group atsetamydo] -3,3-dimethyl-7-oxo-4-tya-1-azabytsyklo [3.2.0] heptane-2-karbonovaya acid (CAS №69-53-4), used to determine the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the substance during laboratory research. not included in the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors by CMU №770 from 06.05.2000r. Standards are stored in sealed Vial to avoid the impact of the environment on Num Tautou reaktyvu.Vyrobnyk: The United States Pharmacopeial ConventionTorhovelna Brand: USPKrayina production: NL..NETHERLANDS0UA1002000.03462.8634922
27/Apr/20173808949000"1. Desinfectants from tertiary amines, packaged for retail trade: Product" "Wood Protector for structural wood imprehnant concentrate", "which is a solution containing concentrate under card features a manufacturer of components: N- (3- aminopropil) -N-dodetsylpropan-1,3-dyamin <2.5% (active ingredient - a tertiary amine, disinfection), lactic acid <2% (excipient), N-oxide kokoalkil-N, N-dimethylamine <1, 6% (excipient - South Africa), diethylene glycol <1.6% propikonazol (ISO) <1.6% (active ingredient - fungicide), (2 metoksimetyletoks ) Propanol <1.5% (diluent) etofenoproks <0.15% (active ingredient insecticide pyrethroid). The product "" Dekosin skl.A + B 20 kg '', which is ready to use two-component tool designed for disinfection of surface treatment of wood for its discoloration by removing the mildew blue, causing the appearance of stains on wood: component A - solution containing accordance card specification manufacturer hypochlorite Mr. atrium <15% (inorganic active substance - antiseptic, disinfectant) and component B - solution containing, according to the card manufacturer specifications Acetic acid <3% (organic active ingredient - antiseptic, preservative); components A and B always sold together as a single agent. Products do not come in aerosol packaging. "POLAND0UA2091806301039.880362
27/Apr/20173214109090"1 putty to seal: 3M universal putty, 1l, 6 ban / box, art.51075 (DE272966289) - 12 ban. (A form of production - paste the contents of fillers and pigments, dibenzoilperoksid 45-55%, 25-35% dimethyl ) for .Vykorystovuyetsya to lay small, point defects such as craters and small ryzky.Ne in aerosol upakovtsi.Vyrobnyk: "" 3M Deutschland GmbH "", Nimechchyna.Krayina production - DE.Torhivelna brand: 3M.. "GERMANY0UA12511023.76100.6774412
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АВТ Баварія Україна"""
Importer Address
01001, м.Київ, вул. Хрещатик, 12-а
Exporter Name """Bayerische Motoren Werke AG"""
Product Description
"1.Myyni tools and cleaning brands BMW, not put up.........
HS Code 3402209000Value 446.6456225
Quantity 0Unit UA100210
Net Weight 75.09
Origin Country GERMANY

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