Ukraine Import Data of Dimer Acid | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dimer Acid

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of dimer acid collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of dimer acid imports.

Dimer Acid Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dimer Acid

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of dimer acid. Get Ukraine trade data of Dimer Acid imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
22/Apr/20173002101000"1.Reahenty diagnostic systems used for clinical chemical and immunological analyzes Immulite Clinical Chemistry and Immunodiagnostics Systems Immulite laboratories for hospitals - antisera are intended only for diagnostics IN VITRO, not lined, contain reference material, packaged in disposable bottles in stock (only 125shtuk sets): IMMULITE FREE T4 Kit 100T catalog number LKFT41 - 1pc. Reference: LKFT41Progesterone catalog number LKPW1 - 1pc. Reference: LKPW1Estradiol catalog number LKE21 - 1pc. Reference: LKE21IML. Testosteron 100T catalog number LKTW1 - 1pc. Ar tykul: LKTW1IML. FSH 100T catalog number LKFS1 - 1pc. Reference: LKFS1IMMULITE 1000 HBsAg catalog number LKHB1 - 1pc. Reference: LKHB1IMMULITE 2000 Cortisol 1 Kit / 200 catalog number L2KCO2 - 9sht. Reference: L2KCO2IMMULITE 2000 Estradiol catalog number L2KE22 - 1pc. Article : L2KE22IMMULITE 2000 PROLACTIN 1 Kit / catalog number 200 L2KPR2 - 2 pcs. SKU: L2KP R2IMMULITE 2000 1 Progesterone Kit / catalog number 200 L2KPW2 - 2 pcs. Reference: L2KPW2IMMULITE 2000 RAPID TSH KIT 600T catalog number L2KRT6 - 21sht. Reference: L2KRT6IML. PAP-A 100T catalog number LKPC1 - 3pc. Reference: LKPC1IMMULITE Free B HCG KIT 100T catalog number LKBCG1 - 3pc. Reference: LKBCG1IMMULITE AFP 1 Kit / catalog number 100 LKAP1 - 1am. Reference: LKAP1IMMULITE CALCITONIN KIT 100T catalog number LKCL1 - 1am. Reference: LKCL1IMMULITE TROPONIN KIT 100T catalog number LKTI1 - 1am. Reference: 2000 AFP LKTI1IMMULITE 1 Kit / catalog number 200 L2KAP2 - 5pcs. Reference: L2KAP2IMMULITE 2000 Free T3 1 Kit / catalog number 600 L2KF36 - 3pc. Reference: L2KF36IMMULITE 2000 1 Insulin Kit / catalog number 200 L2KIN2 - 3pc. Reference: L2KIN2IMMULITE 2000 LH 1 Kit / catalog number 200 L2KLH2 - 10pc. Reference: L2KLH2IMMULITE 2000 Free PSA catalog number L2KPF2 - 7sht. Reference: L2KPF2IMMULITE 2000 Anti-TPO 1 Kit / catalog number 200 L2KTO2 - 15sht. Reference: L2KTO2IML. 2000 TROPONIN KIT 200T catalog number L2KTI2 - 5pcs. Reference: L2KTI2IMMULITE 2000 Homocystein KIT 200T catalog number L2KHO2 - 4 pieces. Reference: L2KHO2IMMULITE 2000 D-Dimer catalog number L2KDD2 - 4 pieces. Reference: L2KDD2IMMULITE 2000 HCG Sampe Diluent 50 ml catalog number L2CGZ - 2 pcs. Reference: L2CGZIMMULITE 2000 Folic Acid KIT 200T catalog number L2KFO2 - 5pcs. Reference: L2KFO2IMMULITE 2000 ALBUMIN KIT 200T catalog number L2KHA2 - 1am. Reference: L2KHA2IMMULITE 2000 Calcitonin catalog number L2KCL2 - 1am. Reference: L2KCL2IMMULITE 2000 Osteocalcin catalog number L2KON2 - 1am. Reference: L2KON2IML.2000 H.PYLORI SEMI-QUANT. Catalog number 600T L2KHPG6 - 1am. Reference: L2KHPG6IMMULITE® Anti-TPO catalog number LKTO1 - 2 pcs. Reference: LKTO1Progesterone catalog number LKPW1 - 1am. Reference: LKPW1IMMULITE® 2000 Folic Acid catalog number L2KFO2 - 5pcs. Article: L2KFO2Torhovelna mark: "" Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products Limited "". Producer: "" Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products Limited "", Glyn Rhonwy, Llanbe "UNITED KINGDOM0UA30516067.93811133.71348 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
12/Apr/201738249080001.Himichna substance not containing zosobiv drugs, psychotropic substances taprekursoriv: art.824583 INDULIN MMK TE 2100 LB-1905.2kh. (Aminiv mixture obtained from dimerized fatty acids ridynaburshtynovoho color (not aerosol packaging) is used for yakostiemulhatora bitumuTorhivelna Brand: INDULINKrayina production: USAVyrobnyk: Ingevity Corporation.UNITED STATES0UA1001201905.29014.816248
10/Apr/20173212900090"1. The pigments in the form of liquids and pastes used to vyrobnytstvafarb and enamels, plastic cans of 5 liters: CAK12E-5U -10sht. (50 kg), CAK31E-5U -10sht. (50 kg), CAK81E-5U -10sht . (50 kg), CAK91E-5U -20sht. (100 kg), CSK20-5U -6sht. (30 kg), CSK21-5U -2sht. (10 kg), CSK27-5U -10sht. (50 kg), INC93-5U-20pcs . (100L), PCS12-5U -10 pc. (50 kg), INC96-5U -2sht. (10L), PCK23-5U -1 pc. (5kg), PCK24-5U -1 pc. (5kg), PCK26- 5U -1 pc. (5kg), PCK21-5U -1 pc. (5kg), PCK27-5U -1 pc. (5 kg) - in plastic canisters of 7 liters: PCS18-7U -2 units. (14 kg); -in plastic canisters to 3.5 l: PCS11-3.5U -2 pcs. (7kg), PCS13-3.5U -2 pcs. (7kg), PCS15-3.5U -1 pc. (3.5kh), PCS16-3.5U - 2 pcs. (7kg), PCS17-3.5U -1 pc. (3.5kh), PCS19-3.5U -1 pc. (3.5kh), PCS20-3.5U -1 pc. (3.5kh), PCS23-3.5U -3 w t. (10.5kh), PCS24-3.5U -2 pcs. (7kg). Ingredients: YELLOW CONCENTRATE CAK12E - 15-16,5% 2- (2-BUTOKSIETOKSI) ethanol Content: RED CONCENTRATE CAK31E - 24 - 25.5 % azo dyes METAL COMPLEX, 15-16, 5% 2- (2-BUTOKSIETOKSI) ETANOL.Sklad: Concentrated brown EVYY CAK81E - 28. 5-30% average line korychnevoho355 oxide; 15-16,5% 2- (2-BUTOKSIETOKSI) ethanol Content: Concentrate BLACK CAK91E - 24, -25, 5% average black oxide line 194; 8-9% of 2- (2-BUTOKSIETOKSI) ethanol Content: Concentrate Orange CSK20 - 3 0-50% 1-methoxy-2-propanol; 10-30% of 2- (2-butoksietoksi) ethanol Content: DARK YELLOW CONCENTRATE CSK21 - 3 0-50% 1-methoxy-2-propanol; 20-30% CI ACID YELLOW151; 10-30% of 2- (2-butoksietok B) etanolSklad: Concentrate BLACK CSK27 - 30-50% 1-methoxy-2-propanol; 10-30% acid black pigment; 5-9% of 2- (2-butoksietoksi) ethanol. Ingredients: Concentrate nuts TEMNYYINC93 - 50 100% 1-methoxy-2-propanol; 0 - 0,5% 2- METOSSIPROPANOLO. Ingredients: PASTE BLACK PCS11- 34-38% Ksylol (mixing isomers); 4-4.5% Acetate 1-m ethyl-2-metoksietil; 4-4.5% C9 aromatic woo hlevodni; 0.65-0,75% 2 Butanonoksym; Etylobenzol 0-0.05%. Ingredients: PASTA oxide yellow 12 PCS - 10.03 0% Ksylol (zmishuvannyaizomeriv); A 1-5% tsetat 1-methyl-2-metoksietil; 1-5% Fragrance ychni C9 hydrocarbons; 0.5-1% 2-Sim Butanonok; Etylobenzol 0-0.05%. Ingredients: PASTA bright yellow PCS 13 -30-3 4% Ksylol (mixing isomers); A 6-7% tsetat 1-methyl-2-metoksietil; 4-4.5% H BU TYLATSETAT; 0.65-0,75% 2 Butanonoksym; 0.05-0.1% EtylobenzolSklad: PASTE YELLOW CALDO PCS 15 - 13.5- 15% xylene (mixing isomers); 2-2.5% Acetate 1-methyl-2-metoksietil; 0.9-1% 2-Butanonoksym; 0-0.05% EtylobenzolSklad: PASTE ORANGE 16 PCS - 30-50% Xylene (mix of isomers); 1-5% C9 aromatic hydrocarbons; 5-9% acetate 1 rear-me-2-metoksietil; 0.5-1% 2-Butanonoksym; Etylobenzol 0-0.05%. Ingredients: PASTA RED CUPO PCS 17 - 10-30% Xylene (mix of isomers); 1-5% aro matic hydrocarbons C9; 1-5% Acetate 1-methyl-2-metoksietil; 0.5-1% 2-Butanonoks th; Etylobenzol 0-0.05%. Ingredients: PASTAOKSYDNO PCS RED 18 - 5 9% Xylene (mix of isomers); A 1-5% tsetat1-methyl-2-metoksietil; 0.5-1% Butanonoksym 2; 0-0,5% Condensation produc ts ofdimerised fatty acid, C18-unsatura ted, with; 0-0.5% phosphoric acid; 0-0, 5% Etylobenzol. Ingredients: PASTA "ITALY0UA205020571.15726.197028
06/Apr/20173002109900"1. Reagents IN VITRO laboratory for diagnosis of human blood serum and dolaboratornyh analyzers, applicable for the study of samples obtained fromorganism person to obtain information on the physiological state abopatolohichnoho containing antibodies and syvorotkovyy globulin and albumintvar Ying packaged in disposable containers, boxed in stock (notcontains on rkotychni drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors) .- art. L2KTO2, IML. 2000 ANTI-TPO KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KPW2, IML. 2000 Progesteron 200T - 1am; -art. L2KDS2 , IML2000 DHEA-SO4 200T- 2 pcs; -art. L2KE22, IML2000 Os tradiol 200T- 5pcs; -art. L2KFS2, IML2000 FSH 200T - 5pcs; -art. L2KPC2, IML2000 PAPP-A 200T -1sht; -art. L2KAP2, IMMULITE 2000 AFP KIT 200T- 3pc; -art. L2KPR2, IML. 2000 Prolaktin 200T- 3pc; -art. L2KTW2, IML. Testosteron 200T- 1pc 2000; -art. LPCCM, IMMULITE PAPP-A CONTROL MODULE - 1am; -art. PECM, C-PEPTIDE CONTROL MODULE - 1am; -art. LACCM, IMMULITE ACTH CONTROL MODULE - 1am; -art. L2KHB2, IMMULITE 2000 HBsAg - 1am; -art. L2KE22, IML2000 Ostradiol 200T- 1pc; -art. L2KOP2, IML.2000 OM-MA KIT 200T- 2 pcs; -art. L2KBR2, IMMULITE 2000 BR-MA KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KFT46, IML. 2000 FREE T4 KIT 600T PIN - 4 pieces; -art. L2KFS2, IML2000 FSH 200T - 1am; -art. L2KCL2, IMMULITE 2000 C ALCITONIN KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KPC2, IML2000 PAPP-A 200T - 1am; -art. L2KCVG2, IML. 2000 CMV IGG KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KAP2, IMMULITE 2000 AFP KIT 200T- 1pc; -art. L2KTZ2, IML.2000 TOXO.IGM (U-CAP) KIT 200T - 2 pcs; -art. L2KRT6, IML.2000 RAPID TSH KIT 600T - 10pc; -art. L2KTI2, IML.2000 TROPONIN I KIT 200T - 2 pcs; -art. L2KPF2, IML. 2000 FREE PSA KIT 200T - 2 pcs; -art. L2KTW2, IML. 2000 Testosteron 200T - 1am; -art. L2KFE2, IMMULITE 2000 FERRITIN KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KPP2, IML. 2000 PTH (M / P) KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KPR2, IML. 2000 Prolaktin 200T- 2 pcs; -art. L2KTO2, IML. 2000 ANTI-TPO KIT 200T - 7sht; -art. L2KPS2, IML. 2000 PSA KIT 200T- 2 pcs; -art. L2KT42, IML. 2000 TOTAL T4 KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KPW2, IML. 2000 Progesteron 200T - 3pc; -art. L2KVA2, IML.2000 VALPROIC ACID KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KHPG6, IML.2000 H. PYLORI SEMI- QUANT. 600T - 1am; -art. L2KDD2, IML. 2000 D-DIMER KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KTXP2, IML. 2000 TOXO. QUANT. IGG KIT 200T - 1am; -art. LGCOCM, IMMULITE IGF CONTROL MODULE - 1am; -art. L2KCG2, IMMULITE 2000 HCG und? -HCG - 1am; -art. L2KHB2, IMMULITE 2000 HBsAg- 6 pieces; -art. L2KAP6, IMMULITE 2000 AFP KIT 600T - 5pcs; -art. L2KPEP2, IML.2000 C-PEPTIDE KIT 200T - 22sht; -art. L2KCL2, IMMULITE 2000 CALCITONIN KIT 200T - 16sht; -art. L2KGRH2, IML.2000 GROWTH HORMONE 98/574 200T - 2 pcs; -art. L2KPC2, IML 2000 PAPP-A 200T- 9sht; -art. L2KEO2, IMMULITE 2000 ECP Kit 200T - 1am; -art.L2KAO2, IML2000 Androstendion 200T - 2 pcs; -art. L2KHPG6, IML.2000 H. PYLORI SEMI- QUANT. 600T - 2 pcs; -art. L2KHPG6, IML.2000 H. PYLORI SEMI- QUANT. 600T - 1am; -art. L2KON2, IML. 2000 OSTEOCALCIN KIT 200T - 1am; -art. L2KPA2, IML.2000 PAP KIT 200T- 1pc; -art. L2KEPN2, EPO - 1am; -art. L2KUE36, Unconjugated Estriol- 6 pieces; -art. L2KAC2, IMMULITE 2000 "UNITED KINGDOM0UA10011075.26817526.81011
05/Apr/20173208209090"1.Laky and fillers based on synthetic polymers are dissolved acrylic Univ dnyh environments. Lucky Car 2 component Goth Peninsula to use (not ayerozolniy pack akovtsi in metal cans) bag does not contain in the skladinarkotychnyh means of a real psycho trophic Mr. and precursors: Relocryl 4 + 1Acrylfiller grau 1,25 l set inkl Harter art. 810710000S -1560sht. Relocryl 4 + 1Acrylfiller schwarz 1,25 l set inkl Harter art. 810710003S -792sht. (1,25l metalevabanka: varnish 1L + 0.25l hardener) (Composition: acrylic - 10-15%, CAS: 123-86-4 n-butyl acetate 10-12,5%; CAS: 1330-20-7 xylene 2,5- <10%; CAS: 100 -41-4 Ethylbenzene 0,1- <2,5%; CAS: 64742-95-6 Solvent naphtha (petrole um), light arom. 0 , 1-2,5%; CAS: 162627-17-0 Condensation products of dimerised fattyacids, C18-unsaturated, with N, N-dimethyl-1,3-propanediamine and 1,3-propanediamine 0,1- <1% ; CAS: 26761-45-5 2,3-epoxypropyl neodecan oate) .Napovnyuvach: Relocryl Acryl-Grundierfiller grau 960ml-Set inkl Harter art.813410002-36sht. (Dr. Glass: acrylic resin - 10-15%, CAS: 123 -86-4 n-butyl acetate 10-20%, CAS: 1330-20-7 xylene 2,5- <10%, CAS: 100-41-4 Ethylbenzene 0,1- <2,5%, CAS: 107 -98-2 1-methoxy-2-propanol 0,1- <2,5%, CAS: 25068-38-6bisphenol-A- (epichlorhyd rin), 1- <2,5%, CAS: 80-62- 6 methyl methacrylate0,1- <1%). Trade mark: ReloKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: MIPA SE "GERMANY0UA1001304478.08811018.0334
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Dimer Acid Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Dimer Acid Importer Sample

Date 22/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Полімедика"""
Importer Address
Україна, м.Ужгород, вул. Сливова 19
Exporter Name B-Medical, s.r.o.
Product Description
"1.Reahenty diagnostic systems used for clinical c.........
HS Code 3002101000Value 11133.71348
Quantity 0Unit UA305160
Net Weight 67.938

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