Ukraine Import Data of Digital Input Switch | Ukraine Import Statistics of Digital Input Switch

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Digital Input Switch Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Digital Input Switch

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20178517709000"1.Chastyny ​​apparatus for transmitting / receiving / converting information in the wired communications service as part of a professional television studio, do not contain radio transmitters and receivers: Art.1040010, MADI-108 G2, Artist Madi Client Card, 8-port Artist client card to connect MADI signals via coax or fiber (optional, requires SFP MADI Modul, Item Nr. 1990002, 1990003, 1990047, not included); cascadeable client card for amaximum of 64 audio channels; connector type 2x BNC or LC duplex / 8- channel customer card MADI signals. Supports cascade connection of up to 64 channels in one MADI stream. It is intended to connect the audio panel panel data to remote panels or claim redachi multichannel audio signal to audio routers for fiber optic cable and koaksyolnym MADI channels - 2 sht.Art.1990002, SFP-MADI-MM-1310-7,5-155Mbps / 1 x LC - Duplex-Module for MADI in Artist, PMX, RockNet, MediorNet, 1310nm, 155 Mbit / s, opt. Budget 7,5dB (P-out = -23,5 to -14 dBm, P-in = -31 to - 8 dBm) / Duplex module for MADI, PMX , RockNet, MediorNet, 1310nm, 155 Mbps. Optical budget 7,5dB (P-timeout = -23.5 to -14 dBm, P s = -31 to -8 dBm); distance coverage depending on the attenuation of fibers used: 50 / 125mkm, fiber to bahatomodovoe: 2.000m (1.864mi), used for connecting board network device (switch, router, etc.) to the optical fiber network or in.drotu called "" connection. - 2 sht.Art.1990047, SFP-MADI-MM-1310-7,5-155Mbps, 1 x LC - Duplex-Module for MADI in Artist, PMX, RockNet, MediorNet, 1310nm, 155 Mbit / s, opt. Budget 7,5dB (P-out = -23,5 to -14 dBm, P-in = -31 to -8 dBm); Distance to cover depending on attenuation of fiber used: 50/125? M Multimode-Fiber up to: 2.000m (1.864mi). / Duplex module for MADI, PMX, RockNet, MediorNet, 1310nm, 155 Mbps. Optical budget 7,5dB (P-timeout = -23.5 to -14 dBm, P s = -31 to -8 dBm); used to connect the audio panel / panel data to remote panels or for transmitting multichannel audio signal into sound routers - 2 sht.Art.1040006, CAT5-108 G2, Artist CAT5 Client Card, 8-port Artist client card for connecting Artist control panels via CAT5 cable; maximum cable length 300m (984 feet) with CAT5 FTP (4 * 2 AWG24); connector type RJ45. / Client card with 8 ports for connection of Artist control panels for installation in a product line matrix switches Artist CAT5 cable; Maximum cable length 300 m (984 ft) for CAT5 FTP (4 * 2 AWG24); Connector type RJ45. - 1 sht.Art.1290020, SPX-AES, AES3 Modul for the RSP2318 SmartPanel, Expansion module for the expansion slot in the RSP Smartpanel plattform. The module offers an AES3 interface (BNC and RJ-45 Connector), that allows connectivity to Riedel Digital Intercom Matrices via AES3. / Expansion Module Series RSP smart panel for connecting digital matrix called "" RIEDEL communication interface AES3 (BNC and RJ-45). - 1 sht.Art.1930024, MN-HD-6, SDI video input / output card, BNC 6: 1 + 2 Video In, 3 + "GERMANY0UA1250602.31513862.72628 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20178538909100"1. Electronic modules in a separate plastic case with svitlodoyidnoyuindykatsiyeyu having contact input - output and intended mainly dlyaprohramovanyh controller - modules: Power switching power triacs ityrystoriv BKST1 - 2 pcs module input digital signals MV110-220.32DN [M01] - 2 pcs module input digital signals MV110-220.8AS [M01] - 3pc Modulvvedennya digital signals MV110-24.8AS [M01] - 1pc module input signals vyvodudyskretnyh MK110-220.4K.4R [M01] - 5pcs module IO dyskretnyhsyhnaliv MK110-224.8D .4R - 4pcs analog module howling tion MU110-220.32R [M01] - 5pcs analog output module MU110-224.8I [M01] - Module 2 pcs interfeysnyyPR-MI485 - 8 pieces is an electronic module in the form of OEM drukovanoyiplaty on which are mounted semiconductor devices (transistor optocouplers) terminals for shtyrovi connection to PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and roz'yemypid screw to connect power and input signals. dlyarozshyren used PLK73 tion functionality, such as adding poslidovnyhinterfeysiv RS-232 RS-485 with active elements. Zahalnopromyslovohopryznachennya.Torhovelna mark "" ARIES "" Manufacturer: LLC "" Plant №423 "" Country of origin: RU "RUSSIA0UA80717011.861526.057597
14/Apr/20178538909100"1 - Parts intended exclusively or primarily for the equipment of headings 8535, 8536 or 8537, electronic modules," "module IS LOGO! 6/7 8E / 8A Rel., 6ED1055-1NB10-0BA0" "." "Module IS LOGO ! 7 6ED1052-1MD00-0VA7 "". "" module IS LOGO! 7 6ED1052-1MD00-0VA7 "". specifications: - Voltage - 24/400, 50/60 Hz. - degree of protection - IP 20 .- ambient temperature -20 to +60 degrees C. "" The simulator inputs LOGO !, 6AG1057-1AA02-0AA0 "" intended for debugging logic module is designed as a rigid board with pin for connection to the inputs and logic module equipped with 6 switches to form the incoming digital signals and two potentiometers to form the incoming analog signals 0 ... 10 V Power is supplied to the logical simulator module. "" controller 210-4-1-0-0 "" a two 4- significant seven segments, led display, each capable of displaying numeric values ​​from -1999 to 9999 and the 4-digit alphanumeric messages. Configurable universal inputs (T / C, R / T, mV, mA) measured with a resolution of 16 bits. Calibration is an ultra low drifts with environmental conditions. Profile controller can store up to 10 programs of 10 segments in the program. Programs can be linked, if more than 10 segments is necessary. Each segment is set to ramp and soak and is determined setpoint segment and a segment chasu.Yavlyayut electronic modules and are designed for installation in control panels and cabinets Steel, mashynobuduvalnoho equipment. "GERMANY0UA7000103.472461.525296
04/Apr/20178537109990"1. ADAM-4117-AE module 8-channel analog input hovoho high reliability zpidtrymkoyu Modbus. 8 differential and independent channels that nastroyutsya, wide operating temperature range, protection barriers in ID 1 kV jumping liniyizhyvle ting 3 kV and impulse noise 8 kV hundred cal level, wide voltage diapazonvhidnoyi +10 +48 VDC. current Svitlodi one indication for kontrolyutsilisnosti antsyuha liters, maximum common-mode voltage of 200 VDC. current Pidtrymkaodnopolyarnoho and bipolar inputs, input range n apruhy +/- 15 V, Self phi l tr 50 Hz / 60 Hz update surf vanoho software cherezmerezhu - 8 pieces ADAM-5056S-AE module digital output 16 channels. Kilkistkanaliv 16; You claim output, open collector, switched voltage to 40 V; Strumnavantazhennya 2 00 mA; Voltage isolation 2500 VDC. Uma page, Liv Signe Svitlodiodniindykatory state of the outputs. -1shtVyrobnyk Advantech Co., Ltd.Torhova mark AdvantechKrayina origin TW. "TAIWAN0UA1251002.071154.991932
03/Apr/20178471607000"1. The input device for automatic data processing machines (for arranging jobs in the trading hall of the store) Fingerprint Reader for installation on Toshiba POS-terminal SurePOS 500, no WiFi and Bluetooth module komutatsiyiart.4852-MES-FPR-JYSK- SurePOS 500 model biometric reader Digital Personna 4500 - Total 2sht.Dyspley information for the buyer art.4852-MES-DIS-JYSK-model SurePOS display P66, 2 lines, 20 characters without WiFi and Bluetooth module switching - Total 2sht.Torhovelna mark ToshibaVyrobnyk Toshiba CN TecKrayina production in China. "CHINA4UA1000501355.4080855
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Digital Input Switch Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Digital Input Switch Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""КОМТЕЛ"""
Importer Address
м.Київ, вул.Кіквідзе, буд.11
Exporter Name RIEDEL Communications GmbH&Co.KG
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​apparatus for transmitting / rec.........
HS Code 8517709000Value 13862.72628
Quantity 0Unit UA125060
Net Weight 2.315
Origin Country GERMANY

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