Ukraine Import Data of Digital Calipers | Ukraine Import Statistics of Digital Calipers

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of digital calipers collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of digital calipers imports.

Digital Calipers Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Digital Calipers

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201790173000001. Hand-held instruments for measuring linear dimensions-metallic calipers, 150 mm 2000 pcs. Trademark: Digital Clipper. Manufacturer: UKC ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. Country of origin: China. .CHINA2000UA1000106632472.999987 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/20179017809000"1.Ruchni tools vymiryuvannyaliniynyh size and linear ploschyndetaley for measurement without potrebuyuchyhvysokoyi degree of accuracy without mistyatu incorporates radio, transmitter and receiver notcontains not dlyaZbroynyh Forces of Ukraine and other viyskovyhformuvan: 01.12609D DIGITAL 3 POINTS MICROM. 16-2016- 2 PER INT./Nutromir digital 3-htochkovyy 16-20-1 pcs., 81.22606 SQUARE WITH BACK DIN / 1 250 MM / Elbow poviryalnyy DIN / I MM 250-1 pcs., 81.22610 BACK TRY SQUARE MM 600 / Elbow MM600- 2 pcs., 18.19403 DIAL GAUGE D.28 0.2 READING 0.002 CORSA / weighing indicator D.28 0.2 READING 0.002-1 pcs., CB01210ST DIAL GAUGE D.60 RANGE 0-10 ARTICOLO NEUTRO / indicator D.60 RANGE 0-10- 1 pcs. 15.18103E DIAL BORE GAUGE MM 18-35 / 18-35MM calipers indicator 2 pcs., 15.18104E DIAL BORE GAUGE MM 35-50 / 35-50MM calipers indicator 2 pcs., 15.18105E DIAL BORE GAUGE MM 50-160 / callipers indicator 50-160-2 MM pc., 81.22608 BACK TRY SQUARE MM 400 / MM 400-2 poviryalnyy angle pieces. Trade mark: "" IDF "" - IT. Manuf nickname: "" ALPA., Srl "". Country of-CN. "CHINA0UA11018013712.5451111
21/Apr/20179017300000"1.Ruchni tools vymiryuvannyaliniynyh size parts for vymiryuvanne demanding high degree of accuracy, not containing radio equipment not mistyatu composed of transmitters and receivers, not the Armed Forces of Ukraine and inshyhviyskovyh units: 05.02401 DIGITAL CALIPER EXTER.GROOVES150 GOLE / Shtanhenhlybinomir digital-5pcs , 05.03601 dIGITAL VERNIER CALIPER 150 MM / 150mm digital Caliper noniusnyy 5 pcs., 05.02401 dIGITAL CALIPER EXTER.GROOVES 150 GOLE / digital Shtanhenhlybinomir 5 pcs., 05.05001 dIGITAL CALIPER MM150 WITH TIPS PUNTALINI / digital Caliper kanavochnyy 1 pc., 05.05002 DIGITAL CALIPER MM200 WITH TIPS / Caliper anavkovyy MM 200-1 pcs., 60.12604 DIGITAL MICROMETER 75-100 IP54 / Digital Micrometer 75-100 IP54-1 pcs., 60.10805 MICROMETER IP65 MM100-125 DIG./Mikrometr digital IP65-1 100-125 pcs., 05.03614 CALIBRO MDIG . MM.300 C / PRESET DIGITALE / digital Caliper MM300-4 pcs., 01.09101 OUTSIDE MICROMETER MIT. 0-25 MM / micrometer 0-25MM 4 pcs., 05.03002 (AB035250) VERN IER CALIPER MM 250x80 / ​​Caliper noniusnyy MM250h80- 3 pcs., 05.03003 (AB03530090) VERNIER CALIPER MM 300x90 / Caliper noniusnyy MM300h90-4 pcs., 07.08101 (GB010300) DIAL HEIGHT GAUGE MM 300 DC / Shtanhenreysmas 300mm 1 pcs., 07.08101 (GB010300) DIAL HEIGHT GAUGE MM 300 DC / Shtanhenreysmas 300mm 1 pcs., 07.08202 dIGITAL HEIGHT GAUGE MM 500 / Shtanhenreysmas digital 500mm 1 pcs., 01.12608P 3-POINTS INSIDE MICROM. MM 12-16 / micrometer calipers with 3 points 12-16-1 pcs., 01.09101 OUTSIDE MICROMETER MIT. 0-25 MM / micrometer 0-25MM 10 pcs., 01.09703 3-FLUTES MICROMETER MM 20-35 / Micrometer prismatic pieces MTY MM20-35-1., 05.01201 VERNIER CALIPER WITH PAWL 150 MM / noniusnyy Caliper 150mm 3 pcs. , 37.43101 CAMPASSO MM 150 CON GUIDA / calipers MM150-5 pcs., 05.06002 (AB055200) DEPTH CALIPER MM 200x100 / Shtanhenhlybinomir MM200H100-2 pcs., 05.06003 (AB055300) DEPTH CALIPER MM 300x150 / MM Shtanhenhlybinomir noniusnyy 300h150-2 pieces. Trade mark: "" IDF "" - IT. Producer: "" ALPA., Srl "". Country of-CN. "CHINA61UA110180732879.890722
18/Apr/20179017203900"1.Ruchni tools for marking: Marking Power 100 m 59 pc; Cord Marking 100 mm 212 pieces, Cord Marking 50 of 98 pc; Caliper, 150 mm 116 pieces; Digital Caliper, 150 mm 9 pcs, Kerner 6.3 x 100 mm 50 pc, calipers, 200 mm 14 units, Kerner 9.4 x 127.5 mm 29 pc; cord Marking 30 m, 1 piece plastic housing, trade mark TOPEXKrayina production CNVyrobnyk Grupa Topex Sp. z oo Sp.k.. "CHINA588UA10011080.1790.5398385
12/Apr/20179017900000"1.Pryladdya measuring instruments, industrial: 4,503,030 jets external dimensions 844 Tma (Includes 2 pcs.) (Accessories Universal Digital Caliper 25 EWR, used for outdoor measurements made of steel) -1sht. / Compl .; 4503031 Nozzles for internal dimensions of 844 Tmi (Includes 2 pcs.) (accessories universal digital Caliper 25 EWR, used for internal measurements are made of steel) -1sht. / compl., 4,503,027 lever gauge, 844 Te holes to depths of 100 mm (Includes 2 pcs.) (with laddya to Universal Digital Caliper 25 EWR, used to extend the range measurement is made of steel) -1sht. / compl., 844 4503109 Catches Tw (Includes 2 pcs.) (accessory attachments for external measurements and internal Tma 844 844 Tmi, made steel intended for their attachment to universal digital calipers) -1sht. / compl., 844 4503080 Adapter Tad f3,5- M2,5 (mea devices iryuvalnyh lever 844 Te, designed for fixing Terminals) -2sht., 4,360,170 Tips measuring 906 H ball carbide ball, ball dia. 10 mm (devices measuring devices with carbide ball for besposerdnoho contact with the measured surface made of steel) -2sht., For use in metal promyslovosti.Torhovelna mark MahrVyrobnyk Mahr production GmbHKrayina DE "GERMANY0UA1002900.3871154.454087
11/Apr/20179017203900"1.Ruchni marking tools: calipers, 150 mm 14 pc; Chertilka (skrayberom) 150 mm 20 pc; 50 m cord Marking 32 pieces, 100 m cord Marking 32 pc; Caliper, 200 mm 4 pieces; Kerner mm 9.4 x 127.5 25 pc; digital Caliper, 200 mm 8 pieces; Caliper, 150 mm, 1 pc; digital Caliper, 150 mm 10 pieces; compass 150 mm 20 pc; Kerner 12,7x152 mm 25 pc; trademark TOPEXKrayina production CNVyrobnyk Grupa Topex Sp. z oo Sp.k.. "CHINA191UA10011028.01362.9700562
03/Apr/20179017203900"1.Ruchni tools for marking: Marking Power 100 m 135 units, 50 m cord Marking 99 pieces; Digital Caliper, 150 mm 40 pc; Cord Marking 100 mm 86 pc; calipers, 150 mm 77 pc; Kerner 6.3 x 100 mm 34 pc, Kerner 9.4 x 127.5 mm 45 pc; cord Marking 30 m, 5 pieces, Caliper, 200 mm, 24 pieces; Caliper digital 150mm, 3 pcs, compass 150 mm, 5 pcs; Chertilka (skrayber) 150 mm, 5 pc; trademark TOPEXKrayina production CNVyrobnyk Grupa Topex Sp. z oo Sp.k.. "CHINA558UA10011081.49957.5699127
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Digital Calipers Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ДРАФТ-КОМПАНІ"""
Importer Address
03150, м.Київ, вул. Велика Васильківська, буд. 139, оф. 337
Product Description
1. Hand-held instruments for measuring linear dime.........
HS Code 9017300000Value 2472.999987
Quantity 2000Unit UA100010
Net Weight 663
Origin Country CHINA

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