Ukraine Import Data of Differential Sleeve | Ukraine Import Statistics of Differential Sleeve

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of differential sleeve collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of differential sleeve imports.

Differential Sleeve Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Differential Sleeve

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of differential sleeve. Get Ukraine trade data of Differential Sleeve imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
18/Apr/20177326909890"1.Other products made of ferrous metals which are used as spare parts for telescopic forklift trucks: metal cover with thread art.BHG3034-1, stud sleeve art.5H.3151400801-1, ring art.5H.3151400910-1, ring annular art.5H .1710401901 -1 pieces, the body of differentials metallyarrt.5H.1110405604 -1 pieces, zapfa art.5H.1110403402 -2 pieces, zapfa art.5H.1110403302-1sht, sleeve art.5H.1110403202 -1 pieces, metal disk art.5H.1110404501 - 7pcs, diskmetal art.5H.000727330 -8pcs, ring protective art.5H.002063536 -1pc, ring-flashing art.5H.002053540 -1pc, ring art.5H.3151401004 -1pc, Manufacturer: "DIECI SRL" "." Trading Brand: "" DIECI. "Country-you Total: 27pcs. "ITALY0UA1251108.11215.819763 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
11/Apr/20178708509998"1.ZAPASNI PART NOT TO stamped MTZ driving axles. NOT industrial assembly of motor vehicles. Lining 50-2407057-50sht., Glass-50s 2407042-10sht., Gaskets 52-2302021-50sht., Gaskets 52-2308038- 100 pieces., gaskets 52-2308039-100sht., gears 52-2308061-10sht., gears 70-2407053-01-3sht., cover 70-2409030-B-15sht. plate locking 72-2308013-10sht., flange 72 -2308017-2sht., HRYAZEVYK 72-2308029-B-5pcs., gears 72-2308062-5sht., plug 82-2302031-2sht.KRYShKA glass 85-2407059-2sht., leash 50-2401020-10sht., Rubber stopper 50-2403023-30sht.DYSK 52-2303024-01-3sht., sleeve-A1-20sht 52-2308084., BUILDING RIGHT 52-2308110-A2-1sht., clutches BC Forging 70-2409010-B-7sht., Differential 85-2403020-10sht., Gaskets 50-2407056-100sht.KOMPLEKT gears 52-2302010-R-2 pcs., Glass 52-2302016-A-2 pcs., Differential 52-2303010 'B-72-2301059-01-4sht.PLANKA A1-2sht., bushings 72-2308009-50sht., holder 822-2308110-2sht., BRACKET 52-2210015-1sht.KRYShKA 52-2301061-2sht., Caps 52 -2308030-A-5sh t., BUILDING LEFT-A2-1sht 52-2308115., gears 70-2407053-3sht. adapters 70-2409026-B-10pc., adapter-82R 2409050-2sht.Torhovelna MTZVyrobnyk brand of " "Minsk Tractor Works", "production m.MINSKKrayina BY"BELARUS0UA902030738.41926280.880567
11/Apr/20178708505590"1. Parts of transmissions, driving axles, motor vehicles, steel, stamped, not promyslovohoskladannya to avtomobilivKAMAZ truck 5320, 53212, 5410, 54112, 53,215.53228, 53229, 54115, 55111, 65,115.65116, 65117, 6460, 6520: 55102-2403026 clutch chashkydyferentsiala left rear driving axles (steel stamped) for a / m Kamaz -5sht.55102-2403026 left sleeve cup differential driving the rear axle (stalshtampovana) for a / m Kamaz -5sht.Rozfasovano and packaged for retail and wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk Publychnoeaktsyonernoe society "" KAMAZ "" Trademark manufacture KAMAZKrayina ers RU. "RUSSIA0UA1020607.7206.215806
10/Apr/20178708509998"1.Zapasni parts s / d traktoriv.Novi. Part of bridges leading. Napivosova Gear zadnohomosta Johnston, 50-2403048 art.503602034-5sht, gear reducer MTZ front veduchohomosta; 52-2308061art.529702019-15sht, gears and driving vedoma perednohoveduchoho MTZ bridge; 52-2302030art.529702047-8sht, gear driving rear axle MTZ, 70-2407053-01 (right) art.703602015-15sht, gear reducer driving the front axle MTZ, 72-2308062 art.729702022-80sht, MTZ cover; 50-2407028 art.503612002-10sht, MTZ rear axle sleeve, 50-2407018 art.503615005-5sht Corps gear right front axle (assembly) MTZ 52-2308110-A2 art.529 714022-3sht, Crossings differential rear axle MTZ; 50-2403062-A2 art.253605003-120sht manufacturers: (Guang Zhou Titu Auto Parts Co., Ltd Brand JOB's Country of-CN. "CHINA0UA1251301412.975679.932839
07/Apr/201784842000001. Spare parts (parts) for automobiles: mechanical seals: oil seals (with a spring ring): oil seal shaft-7pcs.Manufacturer (trade mark): Corteco GmbH (CORTECO), packing shaft of the crankshaft-2pcs. Manufacturer (trade mark): Corteco GmbH (CORTECO), shaft oil shaft distributor-9pcs. Manufacturer (trade mark): Corteco GmbH (CORTECO), engine sleeve-4pcs. Manufacturer (trade mark): Corteco GmbH (CORTECO), differential packing-4pcs.Manufacturer (trade mark): Corteco GmbH (CORTECO), valve seal-9pcs.Manufacturer (trade mark): Corteco GmbH (CORTECO), valve seal-17pcs.Manufacturer (trademark): LE.MA.SRL (LEMA), gearbox sleeve-1pcs.Manufacturer (trade mark): Corteco GmbH (CORTECO), gearbox sleeve-2pcs. Manufacturer (trademark): Euroricambi SPA (EURORICAMBI), packing pump-3pcs. Manufacturer (trademark): Corteco GmbH (CORTECO), reel-1pcs. Manufacturer (trademark): Corteco GmbH (CORTECO), the hub seal-14pcs.Manufacturer (trade mark): Corteco G mbH (CORTECO), trimmer hub-3pcs.Manufacturer (trademark): LE.MA.SRL (LEMA)ITALY0UA4000305.722278.0925956
07/Apr/201787085099981.Chastyny ​​and devices to vehicles for general purposes. Chastynyveduchyh bridges to the a / m total des ennya.Ne skladannyamotor them for industrial vehicles: 002000240205195 bearing cover (zadnohomosta) -5sht, 006900240102500 appendage sleeve hub-20pcs, 045200230401001kulak swiveling front axle-1pc, 045200230401101 fist povorotnyyperednoho bridge-9sht, 045200230401200 support ball steering knuckle-1pc, 045200230405400 ring wall appendage (steering knuckle) -20sht, 045200230410010 lever steering knuckle, 2 pcs, 045200230411201 kovzayuchaveducha coupling flange hub peredn.dyska-65sht, 046900240207700 ring rehulirovochneT.1,73-20 pcs 055200240010401 zadn.mosta crankcase casing with semi-axis tapidshypnykom -3sht, 056900240202000 leading and well-known gear (zad.mosta) -1sht, 315,120,230,406,000 joint steering knuckle-13sht, 316,000,230,205,097 kiltsemaslovidbyvalne (metallic) -20sht, 316,000,240,101,895 crankcase cover holovnoyiperedachi (rear axle) -5 units, 374,100,240,202,000 leading and well-known gear (zad.mosta) -7sht, 374,100,240,307,001 napivis rear axle right-3pc, 374,100,240,307,101 semi-axis of the rear axle left-2 pcs, 374,100,310,301,510 matochynaperednoho wheel-32sht, 001200240309100 adjusting gasket (metal) -50sht, 002000240205195 cover bearing (rear axle) -5sht, 045200230401001 front axle kulakpovorotnyy-1pc, 045200230401101 fist turning perednohomosta-6 pieces, 045200230401200 ball bearing steering knuckle-1pc, 045200230405400 ring wall appendage (steering knuckle) -60sht, 045200230410010 lever steering knuckle-1pc, 045200230411201 kovzayuchaveducha coupling flange hub peredn.dyska- 68sht, ring rehulirovochneT.1,88-20sht 046900240207900, 055200240010401 crankcase housing and differential bearing-1pc, 315,120,230,406,000 joint steering knuckle-10pc, 316,000,240,101,895 cover karteraholovnoyi transmission (rear axle) -6sht, 316,050,240,307,001 napivis zadn.mostaprava-1sh , 374100240202000 leading and well-known gear (zad.mosta) -8sht, 374,100,240,203,300 gasket (adjusting, metal) -50sht, 374100240307001napivis rear axle right-7sht, 374,100,240,307,101 semi-axis of the rear-mostaliva 3pc, 374,100,310,301,510 hub of the front wheel (to the a / m UAZ without ABS , Spicer And so-21sht, 046900240307100 semi-axis of the rear axle (reduktornyymost) -2sht, 315,100,230,709,100 leading hub flange-8 pieces, 315100230709100flanets leading hub-6 pieces, 006900230408300 sleeve pin-80sht, 045200230401001 fist-turning front axle 8 pieces, 045200230401101 kulakpovorotnyy front axle, 2 pcs , 045200230410010 lever for turning varnish-1pc, 045200230411201 slip clutch driving flange hub peredn.dyska-49sht, 046900230403600 adjusting gasket thickness of 0.40 mm (metal) -100sht, 315,100,230,709,100 leading hub flange-6 pieces, cover 316000240101895 karteraholovnoyi transmission (rear axle) -3sht, hinge 316050230406000 povorotnohokulaka right-1pc, 006900230408300 sleeve pin-120sht, fist 045200230401001RUSSIA0UA8072001187.047834.279558
07/Apr/20178708509998"1. Parts of transmission - driving axles, motor vehicle assembly forindustrial not to s / htraktoriv: 50-2403062-A2 crossbar 10sht.50-2407018-A-SLEEVE-axis 4sht.50-2407028 lid 4sht.52- 2303010-B-01 differential-2sht.52-2303018 satellites 4sht.52-2303020-BOX-B-axis 1sht.52-2308065 100sht.52-2308110-A2-BUILDING RIGHT-4sht.70-2407053-01 Gear-30sht .70-2409035-A6 housings 2sht.72-2308016-COVER-B-reducers 4sht.85-2403015 BUILDING differential-differential-2sht.85-2403020 10sht.86-1802014-B-bush 2sht.952-1802012 PLUG-3pc .1522-2403015-03 BUILDING differential 1sht.70-2409010-B-LOCK-Mufti 2sht.70-2409018 DISC NAZHYMNYY 2sht.72-2301059-A1-Planck-10sht.72-230 8010-reducers 1sht.1221-2401015-05 BUILDING rear axle 1sht.1221-2407042-glass-1sht.1420-2301055 Corpus 1sht.1522-2403015-02 BUILDING 1sht.1522-2403020 differential-differential-A-4sht.2522 -2405050 gears slave-holders 2sht.52-2301062-B1-4sht.52-2302016-A-2sht.70-2401024 glass lid 1sht.70-2409026-B adapter-reducer 2sht.72-2308005-08 4 pieces .72-2308010-07 reducer 4sht.72-2308066-B-Corpus 2sht.82-2308017 flange-7sht.85-2407059 COVER glass-2sht.8020-1802029 1sht.Rozfasovano-pushers and packaged for retail and wholesale. Producer OAO "" MTZ "." ​​trademark production MTZKrayina BY "BELARUS0UA5041702422.81619231.75611
06/Apr/201740169952901. Products made of rubber. Of non-solidified volcanic oval non-porous rubber to a / mzagalog for appointment, parts of rubber metal, not for industrial assembly of motor vehicles: 218302E000 engine support-1pcs, 2193025400 propeller-3pcs, 553302H000 rear shock absorber support-100pcs, 218102S200 Propeller engine right-2pcs, 218112B100 engine support-1pc, 218151C220 engine support-2pcs, 218300B700 engine support-2pcs, 218301C700 engine support-1pc, 218301C800 propeller-2pcs, 218303K800 engine support-2pcs, 219302B000 engine rear pivot-1pc, 219302E600 engine support Rear-2pcs, 552164A000 Sealenblock rear-2pcs, 5531022000 support amorti Rear bumper-30pcs, 5531438000 saddle block shock absorber-4pcs, 431193A011 saddle differential-1pc, 218100Q000 propeller-right-2pc, 218101E000 engine-right leg-2pcs, 218101G100 engine mounting right-1pc, 2181026500 engine support right-2pcs, 218102E000 engine support right-2pcs, 218102E200 Engine support right-2pcs, 2181038010 engine support right-1pc, 218134A021 support dvuh iguna-2pcs, 219102B200 engine support front-2pc, 219102E002 engine support front-1pc, 219102E300 engine support front-2pcs, 552272F000 seilenblock rear lumbar-6pcs, 5532526500 sleeve Support shock absorber-6pc, 218125H001 engine support-2pcs, 2193025400 about Time is engine-rear-2pcs, 219302E600 engine support rear-2pcs, 539122E400 rear seatbelt-1pc, 546103R000 support front shock-absorber-2pcs, 2142133114 sleeping bag -81pcs, 221443B001 camshaft camshaft-99pcs, 5461017200 front damper front-2pcs, 5461026000 front shock absorber front-2pcs, 552272F000 seibenblock of the rear lumbar-12pc, country of manufacture - KRTorgel brand - HYUNDAI manufacturer - HYUNDAI MOBISKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA807200142.232293.852022
05/Apr/20177326909890"1. Parts and accessories for agricultural machinery, ferrous metals: Bracket cultivator art. 09984810 - 1 pc., Finger metallic suspension spray art. 21.47321.5 - 18 pcs., Finger metallic suspension spray art. 21.47321.5 - 18 pcs., swivel steering combine art. 84440541 - 1 pc., Lever art sprayer sections. BN305623 - 1 pc., Kronshneyn metal wings spray art. BN305622 - 1 pc., Bushing suspension metal spray art. 87269215 - 5 pcs., Kronshneyn metal wings spray art. BN305622 - 3 pcs., metal cultivator bracket art. 06401 190 - 2 pcs., Plate metal stubborn attachment springs cultivator art. 06250200 - 11 pcs., Emphasis spring supports cultivator art. 04663200 - 1 pc., Finger steel frame cultivator art. NW-467 - 17 pcs., Plate metal pryzhymna seal reshitnoho state of the art. 1979194C2 - 1 pcs., steel clamp art. A170807 - 4 pcs., metal sleeve art. 87342136 - 20 pcs., metal clamp art. 214-3248 - 7 pcs., Ewa metal cylinder sleeve gear control art. 237443A1 - 55 pcs., Metal clamp flange art. 400502A1 - pc 32.; Metal bracket wings spray art. BN311368 - 1 pc., Lever Art sprayer sections. BN305623 - 1 pcs., Metal rack bracket cultivator art. 811353C1 - 3 pcs., Steel bushing supports cultivator art. 44008755 - 160 pcs., Steel bushing supports cultivator art. 06403310 - 160 pcs., Steel bushing spray art. 87269214 - 16 pcs., Axis wings spray art. BN306646 - 10 pcs., Metal bracket wings spray art. BN311368 - 7 pcs., Lever Art sprayer sections. BN305623 - 4 pcs., Metal bushing spray art. 87266809 - 4 pcs., Steel bushing spray art. 87269214 - unit 80., A metal sleeve art. 87746971 - 16 pcs., Bracket kreplinnya Hydrohose spray art. 87573707 - 6 pcs., Metal Bushing Suspension spray art. 87269215 - 5 pcs., Cover art hydraulic safety valve. 84169755 - 26 pcs., Tandem support wheel cultivator art. 06400470 - 1 pc., A metal bracket cultivator art. 06401190 - 3 pcs., Stands emphasis spring cultivator art. 04663200 - 1 pc., Finger steel frame cultivator art. NW-467 - 3 pcs., Bent metal cultivator art. 06400840 - 2 pcs., Reel prostavochna batteries disc harrows art. 409776A1 - 2 pcs., Metal clamp Art. 87434593 - 3 pcs., Poster protective metal spreader combine art. 1308916C2 - 2 pcs., Metal plate seal pryzhymna reshitnoho state of the art. 1979194C2 - 2 pcs., Steel bushing zchepky tractor art. 70-6199T1 - 20 pcs., Metal plate screw Kolosov art. 429985A2 - 1 pc., Differential shaft bushing metal art. 1981270C1 - 6 pcs., Calipers spray art. 21.47391 - 12 pcs., Metal clamp Art. 21.46534 - 10 pcs., Metal clamp Art. 21.46534 - 2 pcs., Metal bracket tube vыhlopnoyi art. 21.47260 - 5 pcs., Caliper motor spray art. 21.31160 - 1 pc., Wheel Hubs cultivator art. 87330630 - 4 pcs .; "UNITED STATES0UA1101601452.32826597.41104
04/Apr/20178708509998"1.Chastyny ​​and devices to vehicles for general purposes. Chastynyveduchyh bridges to the a / m total des ennya.Ne skladannyamotor them for industrial vehicles: 2217-2402165-30 set zap.chastej driving gears tavidomoyi-17sht (whirlpool. PJSC" "GAS", "torh.marka: GAZ) 2217-2402165-30 komplektzap.chastyn driving and gear-known 3pc (whirlpool. PJSC" "GAS" "torh.marka: GAZ), set 3302-2402165-30 parts and driving gear-known 20pcs (whirlpool. PJSC "" GAS "" torh.marka: GAZ) 3302-2403011 differential zadnohomosta-4 pieces (whirlpool. PJSC "" GAS "" torh.marka: GAZ) , 3302-2403011 dyfer entsial zadnohomosta-26sht (whirlpool. PJSC "" GAS "" torh.marka: GAZ) 3302-3104008 set spareparts hub (hub zadn.kolesa with bearings) -18sht (whirlpool. PJSC "" GAS "" auction .marka: GAZ) 3302-2402030 rozporna sleeve bearings veduchoyishesterni-40sht (whirlpool. PJSC "" GAS "" torh.marka: GAZ) Country of origin: RU.. "RUSSIA0UA807200720.964713.073133
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Differential Sleeve Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Differential Sleeve Importer Sample

Date 18/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЕРІДОН ТЕХ"""
Importer Address
08130 Київська обл.,К-Святош.р-н. с.П.Борщагівка,вул.Кришталева,5.
Exporter Name """DIECI S.R.L."""
Product Description
"1.Other products made of ferrous metals which are.........
HS Code 7326909890Value 1215.819763
Quantity 0Unit UA125110
Net Weight 8.1
Origin Country ITALY

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