Ukraine Import Data of Detection | Ukraine Import Statistics of Detection

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of detection collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of detection imports.

Detection Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Detection

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201730021099001. Medical product. Sets of diagnostic reagents, active ingredients which yemodyfi forged immunological produkty.7022 PTH ELISA - 1 nab.7023 / ACTH ELISA nab.7024 -4 / -55 nab.7025 Calcitonin ELISA / EIA kit reagents human erythropoietin in serum -1 nab. 7193 / diagnostic kit for the detection of antibodies to food allergens 90 human serum, ELISA, which controls takalibratory, comprising the reagents manufactured from human serum - 200nab.1006-15 one-step test for H. Pylori antigen in samples stool - 270 nab. .UNITED STATES0UA12510032436490 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201738220000001. laboratory reagents on a backing medical products for physical and chemical analysis, clinical trials, according to the protocol GLPG0634-CL-205: -art. 28,867 test-strip type Siemens Multistix 10 SG in the form of paper strips (substrate) coated with dry chemical reagents for drug detection in urine (in vitro) (100 pieces per pack) - 1 package. Do not include immunological products. Reagent strips for determination in urine: glucose, bilirubin, ketones, specific gravity, pH, protein, urobilinogen, nitrites, leukocytes. Manufacturer: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. Trademark: Siemens Diagnostics. Country of production GB. .UNITED KINGDOM0UA1002000.244.50566227
27/Apr/201785437090001.Detektor nonlinear connections ORION 2.4 HX designed to vyyavlennyanapivprovidnykiv (electronics) in the construction space, objects, avtomobilyahta other sites. The goal of search semiconductors can be zakladenyhprystroyiv detection, contraband search, explosives and mobile phones narezhymnyh facilities. Number - 1. Not podviynohovykorystannya belongs to products that can be used to create vidiv conventional weapons, or special equipment. No medical pryznachennya.Torhovelna Brand: REIKrayina production: USVyrobnyk: RESEARCH ELECTRONICS INTERNATIONAL LLC.UNITED STATES0UA1002006.511409.75121
27/Apr/201738210000101. cultural environments for cultivation of microorganisms, nutrient medium for general purpose: 10023 Chocolate agar (20 Petri dishes) - 1 upak.10025 Columbia agar (5% horse blood) (20 Petri dishes) - 1 upak.10031 Muller Hinton Agar (20 cups Petra) - 2 upak.10132 Mueller Hinton Agar for demanding flora (horse's blood is 5% + 20 mg / L B-NAD) (20 Petri dishes) - 1 upak.20158 Mycoplasma transport medium (20 bottles) - 1 upak.24115 Broth for Trichomonas (20 tubes) - 1 Vaginal upak.50020 test (10 slides) - 1 upak.50021 dermatological test (10 slides) - 1 upak.71679 Pathogenic sy EMA (20 tests) - 1 upak.74156 AF system Genital (20 tests) - 1 upak.80292 Cechovyna 40% supplement (10x5 ml) - 1 upak.500142 Uritest Penta (20 slides) - 1 upak.610023 Klihlera iron agar (500 g) - 1 upak.610107 Urinary main agar ( 500 g) - 1 upak.620146 maltose agar Saburo (100 g) - 1 upak.620159 CPLM selective medium with CAF (100 g) - 1 upak.620612 chromogenic nutrient eNVIRONMENT Chromatic (TM) Detection (100 g) - 1 packing .ITALY0UA12510010.27745.6257271
27/Apr/20179031499000"1. The optical sensor PRK 18/24 DL.46 LE.50032798 - 15 sht.Reflektornyy optical sensor Leuze Electronic PRK 18/24 DL.46 article 50,032,798 with universal outputs PNP / NPN NO / NC is designed for detecting transparent objects. The body is a switch for easy and convenient mode setting of transparent objects such as PET bottles and plastic film, transparent or colored glass bottles, glass bottles. The sensor works PRK 18/24 DL.46 reflector at a distance of 4 m and a polarizing filter for reliable detection of objects with shiny and glossy poverhnyamy.V optical sensors Leuze Ele ctronic with reflector light transmitter and receiver housed in a single package. reflector on the opposite side of the beam reflects light back to the receiver. Moving object interrupts the beam of reflected light, causing a change in output syhnalu.Reflektornyy sensor for detecting transparent objects with polarization filter in a rectangular housing 50x15x33 mm. Distance of operation: 0 ... 4 m (reflekto rum TKS 100X100). Output: PNP / NPN NO / NC. Switching frequency 1000 Hz. Operating temperature range: -25 ... +55 ° C. Housing material: zinc alloy, glass - glass. Power: 10 ... 30 V DC. Connection: M12 connector 5 pin.Krayina production - Germany .Torhova mark - Leuze.Vyrobnyk - Leuze Electronic. "GERMANY0UA1120801.1253055.161113
27/Apr/201738220000001.Reahenty diagnostic prepared (ready) without lining for diahnostykyin vitro infectious disease andother human pathologies: Sets reahentivdlya analysis by polimeraznoyilantsyuhovoyi reaction (PCR), polymerase zvorotnoyitranskryptsiyi lantsyuhovoyireaktsiyi (RT-PCR) (not for veterinary medicine, narcotic, psychotropic substances not) : A set of reagents for the detection DNKzbudnykiv infections by peredayutsyastatevym (Chlamydia trachomatis, Ureaplasma species, Mycoplasma hominis, Mycoplasma genitalium, Trichomonas vaginalis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Candidaalbicans, Gardnerella vaginalis, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex nd pesu 1 TA2 types of human papillomavirus types 16 and 18) by reaction polimeraznoyilantsyuhovoyi real-time PCR RealBest 12 STD art. 0488 -8nb.Nabir reagents for detection of Chlamydia trachomatis DNA and DNA Mycoplasmagenitalium PCR in real chasuRealBest DNA Chlamydia trachomatis / Mycoplasma genitalium (set 1) art. 04 90-26nb. A set of reagents for the detection of HCV RNA by RT-PCR only in real time RealBest HCV RNA (form 2) art. 0790 -58nb. Nabirreahentiv to identify RNA and genotype differentiation 1/2/3 Smetodom HCV RT-PCR in real time RealBest HCV RNA-1/2/3 art. 0793 -5nb.Nabir reagents for the detection and quantification of HCV RNA Smetodom RT-PCR in real time RealBest HCV PCR (set 1) art. 0794 -15nb.Nabir reagents for the detection and quantification of HCV RNA Smetodom RT-PCR in real time RealBest HCV PCR (set 2) art. 0795 -44nb.Nabir reagents for the detection of DNA Borel complex Borrelia burgdorferi sensulato PCR in real time RealBestDNK Borrelia burgdorferi sl (1 set) Art. 1498 -9nb. A set of reagents fordetection Borel DNA complex Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato metodompolimeraznoyi chain reaction in real time RealBest DNA Borreliaburgdorferi sl (set of 2) art. 1499 -2nb. A set of reagents for the detection DNKToxoplasma gondii by polymerase chain reaction in real RealBest DNA Toxoplasma gondii (set of 2) art. 1796 -3nb. Set reahentivdlya detection of Chlamydia trachomatis DNA PCR real time RealBest DNA Chlamydia trachomatis (set of 2) art.1996 -2nb. A set of reagents for the detection of Chlamydia trachomatis DNA metodompolimeraznoyi chain reaction in real time RealBest DNA Chlamydiatrachomatis (set 1) art. 1998-20nb. A set of reagents for the determination of DNA Epstein-Barr virus metodompolimeraznoyi chain reaction in real time RealBest EBV DNA (set 1) art. 2198 -44nb. A set of reagents for the detection of DNA Anaplasmaphagocytophilum, Ehrlichia muris DNA and Ehrlichia chaffeensis metodompolimeraznoyi chain reaction in real time RealBest DNA Anaplasmaphagocytophilum / Ehrlichia muris, Ehrlichia chaffeensis (set 1) andRUSSIA0UA12510010322421.75299
27/Apr/201730021099001.Nabory diahnostykymetodom reagents for ELISA intended for in vitro diahnostykyinfektsiynyh diseases and inshyhpatolohiy person (not for veterinary medicine, narcotic, non psychotropic substances), the active ingredient which yemodyfikovani immunological products, the principle of which is based on reaktsiyiantyhen - antibody: Set of reagents for imunofermentnohovyyavlennya antibodies to HIV p24 antigen and 1.2 HIV-1 HIV-KombiBest 1.2 AH / AT (set 2) art. 0152 -20nb. A set of reagents for ELISA vyyavlennyaimunohlobuliniv class M to hepatitis A virus in serum (plasma) IgM blood VektohepA art. 0352 -30nb. A set of reagents for ELISA detection antyhenuvirusu HAV hepatitis A antigen and FA Best art. 0356 -10nb. A set of reagents dlyaimunofermentnoho confirm the presence of HBs-antigen hepatitis VHBsAg-confirmation-I-BEST FA art. 0546 -1nb. A set of reagents dlyaimunofermentnoho detection of HBsAg in Vektohep-HBs-antigen (set of 4) art. 0559-35nb. Set ELISA reagents for the detection of total antibodies docore antigen of hepatitis B virus antibody VektoHBcAg art. 0566 -10nb. Nabirreahentiv ELISA to confirm the presence of immunoglobulin class M Gta to HCV Best anti-HCV confirmatory test art. 0776-10nb. A set of reagents for ELISA detection of immunoglobulin M dovirusu hepatitis delta Vektohep D IgM art. 0952 -2nb. A set of reagents dlyaimunofermentnoho detection of immunoglobulin M klischovohoentsefalitu VektoVKE virus-IgM art. 1152 -1nb. A set of reagents for imunofermentnohovyyavlennya encephalitis virus antigen VektoVKE antigen art. 1154-1nb. A set of reagents for ELISA detection of immunoglobulin G dovirusu encephalitis VektoVKE IgG art. 1156 -1nb. A set of reagents dlyaimunofermentnoho quantitative and qualitative detection of immunoglobulin G dovirusu measles serum (plasma) blood VektoKir-IgG art. 1356 -5nb. Nabirreahentiv for the detection of antibodies to Treponema pallidum in response hemahlyutynatsiyiRPHA-BEST antypallidum art. 1820 -100nb. A set of reagents for pidtverdzhennyanayavnosti antibodies to Treponema pallidum by immunoblot Treponemapallidum-blot BEST art. 1860 -1nb. A set of reagents for imunofermentnohovyyavlennya immunoglobulin G to Chlamydophila pneumoniae Chlamydophilapneumoniae IgG and FA BEST art. 1944-20nb. A set of reagents for ELISA detection of immunoglobulin M doChlamydophila pneumoniae Chlamydophila pneumoniae IgM and FA BEST art. 1946-5nb. A set of reagents for ELISA detection vydospetsyfichnyhimunohlobuliniv class G to HlamiBest Chlamydia trachomatis C. trachomatis - IgGart. 1964 -15nb. A set of reagents for ELISA detection vydospetsyfichnyhimunohlobuliniv class M to Chlamydia trachomatis C. trachomatis HlamiBest IgMart. 1966 -5nb. A set of reagents for ELISA detection imunohlobulinivklasu G to herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 in serum (plasma) kroviVektoVPH-1,2-IgG art. 2152 -20nb. set ReactiveRUSSIA0UA12510071469194.43379
26/Apr/20178481808700"1.Zapovaya valve.Membrane valves electromagnetic series 18 made of silicon (without the seal of the seals, a low-pressure seal with an aperture for detection of leaks not intended for stay in contact with chemicals), for use in pipelines with liquid and gaseous environments, not equipped with the coil: valve membrane EV AZ IND. ACQ G1 / 2 NO BOBINA (SUA35-7511-2004A2) Art. 18010-03-13.5-B-200p. Membrane Valve EV AZ.IND.ACQ.G1 "" EPDMPX NO BOBINA (SUA35-7511-1006A1) Art 18010 -05-26-LP-14p. Membrane valve EV AZ IND.ACQ.G3 / 4 NBR NO BOBINA (SUA35-7511-2005A0) Art. 18010-04-18-B-48pcs. Membrane valve EV AZ.IND. ACQ F1 "" NBR NO BOBINA (SUA35-75-11-2006A1) Art. 18010-05-26-B-28pcs. OLAB Manufacturer OLAB srl Production Manufacturer IT. "ITALY0UA100070146.3254346.222596
26/Apr/20179031908500"1. The probe check for cracks KDA-39 H-1993- 3pc. 3.5mm depth control, article 6777, serial number A00Z1B, AOOZ1D, A00Z1Z. It is an ultrasound probe with 6 pin connector with a width of 3.5mm working, the appliance Elotest IS / Box for nondestructive testing of metal detaley- cracks in commercials that were grinding machining. Contained in a plastic case, a probe mounted cable to transfer control results ray tube. Designed for the detection of defects of the parts used within the device Elotest IS / Box to identify cracks on the surface and inside the rollers after the grinding operation. In the probe uses ultrasound reflected from the property boundary between two media. The measure is a distribution of fluctuations from the radiation source to the interface and back to the receiver. Technical indicators: original obmotka- W1, W2; chastota- 700kHts, the depth of 4mm monitored; intensyvnist- 5.0 MHz 15/24; zhyvlennya- AC, 220V, 50Hz; potuzhnist- 30VA; dovzhyna- 16,4sm; diametr- 10cm. Probes were to use novi- year 2017. The cargo will be used for their own production needs (in the manufacture of bearing products). Manufacturer: Gollub Werkstoffprufung GmbH & Co.KG. KG, DE. Trade marka- Gollub. Packed in a cardboard box. "GERMANY0UA2050900.458395.393528
26/Apr/20173822000000"1. Ready reagents in the laboratory as productsnutrition and feed pets: modular systems for detection, identification and determination of genetically modyfikova these organisms (GMOs) in prodovolchiysyro wine, ready food, feed and their components, modular systemydlya detection, identification and determination of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food raw materials, finished archovyh's products, feed and yihkomponent s; S2028, SureFood GMO QUANT 35S Soya; S2019, SureFood GMO QUANTMON810 Corn; S2029, SureFood GMO QUANT RR2Y Soya;. "GERMANY0UA2091402.21750.674156
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Detection Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Detection Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Приватне Підприємство ""ТД.АВАНТІС"""
Importer Address
02140, м.Київ, Дарницький район, вул. Бориса Гмирі, буд. 1/2
Exporter Name Biomerica,Inc.
Product Description
1. Medical product. Sets of diagnostic reagents, .........
HS Code 3002109900Value 36490
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 324
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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