Ukraine Import Data of Dead | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dead

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of dead collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of dead imports.

Dead Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dead

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/2017901110090"1.Coffee unprocessed with caffeine: Green grain" "Vivaldi blend" "(Mixture Vivaldi) -132ml-3961kg, 100% Arabica Ref 2017/0219, LOT 17/101 -3 / 311/0016 + 00 18, Dateproduction : 03/21/2017 Total net weight: 3961kg Content of caffeine: 1,5% Manufacturer: "SANDALJ ​​TRADING COMPANY Spa" "Country of production: IT: Marking on the product in Ukrainian:" "Coffee green" "WIVALDI blend. Weight net: 3 0kg (+/- 0,01 kg) Ingredients: coffee beans 100% Arabica. The content of caffeine is not higher than 1,5%. The value of 100 mg per hectolitre: 15 kg. Value of life per 100 g of product: 0.7 kg of protein; fats: 0,2 g; carbohydrates: 2,2 g. Without GMO. Date of production: 03/2017, Deadline for implementation: 03/2019. Validity of 24 months. Party Portfolio: LOT 17 / 101. Keep out of sunshine in a cool place. Producer: "Sandalidge Company Company, Inc., Rossini, 14.3413 2 Trieste, Italy. Importer: LLC "ALTA PLYuS" "Ukraine, 69057, Zaporizhzhya street Antenna a, 11 Phone: 0612330423" "."COLOMBIA0UA112080396118818.26166 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Zasoby skin care (except medical) not containing ethanol, notin aerosol packaging does not contain ozone-depleting substances: Clay kosmetycheskayaKavkazskaya yzumrudnaya, restoring, co hornыh collection tselebnыh herbs 75g / 20pcs / -1000sht. Clay kosmetycheskaya Altayskaya Bela uvlazhnyayuschaya, 75g / 20pcs / -600sht.Hlyna kosmetycheskaya Siberian Green, pytatelnaya, co tselebnыh taezhnыhtrav collection, 75g / 20pcs / -400sht. Scrub Chocolate Podtyahyvayuschyy PE series "" Narodnыeretseptы "" 100 g / 15 pcs / boxing show - 600sht. kosmetycheskaya belayaKrыmskaya Clay, 100 g / 24sht -960sht. lin kosmetycheskaya Golubaya Azovskaya, 100g / 24sht-120sht. kosmetycheskaya Golubaya Baykalskaya Clay, 100 g / 24sht -816sht. Hlynakosmetycheskaya chernaya Kamchatskaya vulkanycheskaya, 100g / 24sht -816sht. Hlynakosmetycheskaya Dry Belaya Anapskaya, 100g / 40sht / -400sht. kosmetycheskayaKembryyskaya Clay 100g -1200sht . Clay kosmetycheskaya Dead sea 100g-1200sht. kosmetycheskaya mask "" Yzumrudnaya "" s romashkoy and melyssoy, 60g-1000pcs. kosmetycheskaya mask '' Cleopatra '' s mozhzhevelnykom and kalynoy, 60g-1000pcs. Tselebnaya clay Golubaya / mask kosmetycheskaya Dermalinea / 15ml -150sht.Maska for ovsyanaya Ochyschayuschaya series Faces People's recepty, 25 ml / 15sht. / Show-box 300sht.Torhovelna Brand: FytokosmetykKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" Fytokosmetyk "" "RUSSIA0UA100110973.182383.1837
28/Apr/2017806101000"1. The table grapes (Vitis vinifera), green onions, variety '' Thompson Seedless '', commercial grade 1, packaged in cards. 4.5kh box for MAP without giving substances dlyado vhotryvaloho store, art. 3023470010 01-128yasch., which do not contain ice tayemnos Tei (bottles) of coolant. Vintage 2017. date pakuvannya04 / 2017., the deadline applicable. May 2017. Net weight 576kh. Prospect nykVALENCIA TRADI NG OFFICE, SL Comm. mark Nature one.Krayina production IN.. "INDIA0UA1252005761312.42535
28/Apr/20178104050001. The fruits of the plant species Vaccinium corymbos um - fresh blueberries, commercial grade I, rozf as.v plastic containers and kart.yaschy ing on 1,5kh art.324081001001-20yasch. That do not contain ice and containers (bottles) of cooling 2017 ridynoyu.Urozhay., packing date 04/2017., the deadline applicable. 05/2017. Chystavaha 30kg. Whirlpool-ik VALENCIA TRADING OFFICE, SLTorhivelna mark Onuba.Krayina production ES. .SPAIN0UA12520030284.7177516
28/Apr/20172918140000"1.Lymonna acid monohydrate (2-hydroxy-1,2,3-propantrykarbonova acid, citric acid monohydrate) BP2011 8-80 MESH -25000 kg. The content of the main component - 99.92% according to the manufacturer's certificate. Date of manufacture: 01.12. 2016. Deadline date: 01.12.2018r. used for industrial water treatment and scale removal in the boiler system. Manufacturer: "" TTCA CO., LTD. "". The trade mark "" TTCA "". Country of CNVyvantazheno 1000 places container MEDU1861140 ".CHINA0UA5000602500014250.00018
28/Apr/2017806101000"1. The table grapes (Vitis vinifera), Fresh blue, sort of" "Red Globe" ", tovarnyysort 1, packaged in kart.yaschyky to 8.2 kg, without giving substances dlyadovhotryvalo first store, art. 210769001001-192yasch. That do not contain ice privacy (bottle) with cooling ridynoyu.Urozhay 2017. date pakuvannya04 / 2017., the deadline applicable. May 2017. The net weight of 1574 kg. Prospect nykVALENCIA TRADING OFFICE, SL Comm. Chincha.Krayina brand production PE.. "PERU0UA12520015743098.141559
28/Apr/20178059000001. Citrus Fresh - kumquat (Fortunella margarita), commercial grade I, packaged in cardboard boxes on 1,9kh, art.30114001 001-30kor. That are not integral mistyatlodu and rectification (bottles) of coolant. 2017 vintage., Datapakuvannya 04/2017., The deadline applicable. 05/2017. Net weight 57kh. Prospect ykVALENCIA TRADING OFFICE, SLTorhivelna mark Xarki.Krayina production ES.SPAIN0UA12520057317.9942732
28/Apr/2017805509000"1. Fresh limes (Citrus latifolia), a sort of '' Persian '" 48 gauge, commercial grade I, packaged in boxes to 4kg box art.349468001 001-240. That do not contain ice secretly spines (bottles) of coolant. Vintage 2017. date pakuvannya04 / 2017., the deadline applicable. 05/2017. Net weight 960kh.V-ik VALENCIATRADING OFFICE, SL Comm. Prime grade production Export.Krayina BR.. "BRAZIL0UA1252009602724.993242
28/Apr/2017810902000"1. Pitahaya (Pete - Hylocereus undatus) Fresh sort of '' Red '', 9 gauge, commercial grade I, packaged in boxes on 3kg, art. 50460001001-15yasch. That do not contain loduta containers (bottles) of coolant. Vintage 2017. date pakuvannya04 / 2017., the deadline applicable. en May 2017. The net weight of 45kg. Prospect nykVALE NCIA TRADING OFFICE, SLTorhivelna mark Grando.Krayina production VN.. "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA12520045439.7465555
28/Apr/20178109020001. Fresh Passionfruit (Passiflora edulis), it sort of boiled I, rozfas. Carton yaschykypo 2kg art.208303001001-5yasch. Are not mi row of ice and containers (bottles) of coolant. 2017 vintage., Packing date 04/2017., The deadline applicable. May 2017. Net weight 10kg. B-nick VALENCIA TRADING OFFICE, SLTorhivelna mark Bally.Krayina production ZW. .ZIMBABWE0UA12520010103.329185
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АЛЬТА ПЛЮС"""
Importer Address
69057, м.Запоріжжя вул.Антенна, 11 Україна
Product Description
"1.Coffee unprocessed with caffeine: Green grain" .........
HS Code 901110090Value 18818.26166
Quantity 0Unit UA112080
Net Weight 3961
Origin Country COLOMBIA

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