Ukraine Import Data of Dc 40 | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dc 40

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of dc 40 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of dc 40 imports.

Dc 40 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dc 40

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201783023000901.Armatura fasteners and hardware to new vehicles, metals znedorohotsinnyh., Art.B45A52240 - BRACKET WINGS left-1pc., Art.B63B501C0A - plate grille, 1pc., Art.B63B50B31 - Planck-RESHITKYRADIATORA 1pc., Art.B63C50B51 - grille slats, 1pc., art.B63D50B51 -PLANKA grille, 1pc., art.BHN150153 - BRACKET front bumper (R) -2sht., art.BHN1502H1A - BRACKET rear bumper (R) -3sht., art.BHR250251A - KRONSHTEYNBAMPERA rear (R) -2sht., art.BP4K28473A - eccentric-3pc., art.D46158210A - PETLYADVERI, 2 pcs., art.D46159210A - door-hinges 2 pcs., art.D65150361B - KRONSHTEYNBAMPERA-1pc., art.G18K51SJ3 - GDC Lenny lining thresholds, 10pc., Art.G46L501C0A -PLASTYNA grille-3pc., Art.G46L50712A - power RESHITKYRADIATORA, 2 pcs., Art.G46L50717A - BRACKET grille (L) -2sht., Art.G46L51694 - lights BRACKET P / T (L) -1sht., art.GHK1513HXA - BRACKET back-1pc., art.GHP950070 - power front bumper, 2 pcs., art.GHP950EB1A -KRIPLENNYA-1pc., art.GHP952240D - K RONSHTEYN wing before (L) - 1 pc., art.GHP95315X -KRONSHTEYN WINGS TOP (R) -1sht., art.GHP973762 - MOUNT-3pc., art.GS1E502J1C -KRONSHTEYN rear bumper (L) -1sht., art.KD4550EA1 - Clamps, 2 pcs., art .KD4551W24 -KRIPLENNYA-25sht., art.KD5151W24 - MOUNT-4 pieces., art.KD5350251 - KRONSHTEYNBAMPERA back of it STR-3pc., art.L20656652A - Lock-1pc., art.NA0156145 -KRIPLENNYA Lockers-30sht., Origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor CorporationJAPAN0UA20502030.891553.3459883 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/20173923501000"1. Device for sealing, capping bottles, plastic cap '' Mexico '' - 336 000 pcs. Plastic dispenser" "Mexico 27 ​​°" "in the incomplete state inof: Plastic body," "Mexico 27 ​​°" "- 440000 pieces, plastic insert "" SuperDelux dispenser "" - 440000 pcs. Plastic dispenser "" DCB3 "" / gb /, RR 30/2, 3 / -840000sht.. "BULGARIA0UA805180898430510.7084
30/Apr/201787033319001 passenger car, the new calendar year 2017 model rikvyhotovlennya 2017 Brand: MERCEDES-BENZ model: GLE350 d 4MATIC body number, engine number WDC1660241A942384: 64282641940594 Engine Type: diesel, Vdv = 2987sm3 wheel formula 4x4 Number of seats - 5 pryznachennyaavtomobilya - pasazhyrskyyVyrobnyk : Daimler AGKrayina production: USTorhovelna brand: MERCEDES-BENZ.UNITED STATES1UA100110225549567.7423
30/Apr/201787033219001.Avtomobil passenger, the new calendar year 2017 model rikvyhotovlennya 2017 Brand: MERCEDES-BENZ model: GLE250 d 4MATIC body number, engine number WDC1660041A941549: 65196034012951 Engine Type: diesel, Vdv. = 2143sm3. Total number of seats - 5-purpose vehicle - pasazhyrskyyKolisna 4h4Vyrobnyk formula: Daimler AGKrayina production: USTorhovelna brand: MERCEDES-BENZ.UNITED STATES1UA100110224037119.87852
30/Apr/201785365015901.Vymykachi and switches DC Rotary new vyklyuchnodlya installation of a / m, 12V, art.KDY046040 - POSITION SWITCH PPC-2 pcs., Art.KDY046040 - POSITION SWITCH CPR-8 pieces., Art.KA0G66CM0 - BLOCK BUTTON -1sht., origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor Corporation.JAPAN0UA2050201.371504.5723863
29/Apr/20179503007000"1.Ihrashky children in sets, plastic toy sets: the gun on target -90sht, plastic toy sets: Dr. -144sht, plastic toy sets, with furniture and house-336sht figures, plastic toy sets: tools belt -1440sht, toy sets plastic: kasovyyaparat with food, basket-168sht, sets, plastic toy, doll horse (24sht) -480sht, plastic toy sets: hairdresser -780sht, plastic toy sets: the gun on target -372sht, plastic toy sets: pistol with handcuffs -2520sht .Torhova mark No danyh.Vyrobnyk a- "" SHANTOU JINXING PLASTICS CO., LTD "", the country made in China, (CN).. "CHINA0UA5001001221.864912.519853
29/Apr/201783024200901. Furniture accessories made of precious metals: metal furniture guides used for installation on the face of the cabinets, drawers and shelves that are put forward. Products with the necessary holes for the establishment and strengthening of the furniture parts kit consists of two parts (left and right) telescopic guide complete nomination: Size - W-30 mm, L-350 mm article - NTPV-30350-R (BR ) - 2000 komplektiv.Rozmir - W-45 mm, L-350 mm article - NTPV-45350-R (BR) - komplektiv.Rozmir 5000 - W-45 mm, L-400 mm article - NTPV-45400 -R (BR) - komplektiv.Rozmir 9600 - W-45 mm, L-600 mm article - NTPV-45600-R (BR) - 9500 komplektiv.Teleskopichna guide: Size - W-17, L-182 mm, article - NPTL-17182 (BR) - komplektiv.Rozmir 2500 - W-17, L-278 mm article - NPTL-17 278 (BR) - komplektiv.Rozmir 2000 - W-17, L-310 mm article - NPTL-17310 (BR) - komplektiv.Rozmir 2000 - W-17, L-342 mm article - NPTL-17 342 (BR) - 1000 komplektiv.Torhovelna mark DCVyrobnyk GUANGZHOU CHINA WONDER HARDWARE CO., LTDKrayina manufacture CNCHINA0UA10012023922.418872.31708
29/Apr/20173921904100"1.Lines of aminoleumin resins, laminated, high pressure, with a decorative surface on one side, without a picture, embossed, the sizes are indicated by the following scheme length * width * thickness (in mm) for design purposes in the interior: RESOPAL- 4941-KS 3050x1320x0.8, 5-inch, DUROPAL-U1188-MP 4100x1300x0.8, 6-digit, DUROPAL-U1200-MP 4100x1300x0.8, 15-inch, DUROPAL-W400-MP 4100x1300x0. 8, 15 pixels; PRZECIWPRFZNY-MODEK OR-Laminat 4100x1310x0,8-BIAt / M, 30 pcs .; WILSONART-T087-EXM 3070x1320x0.8, 2 pcs .; RESOPAL-4110-WH 3050x1320x0. PRECIWPRFZNY-MODEK OR-Laminat 3050x1310x0,8-B.Mat, a few-30pcs; PRZECIWPRFZNY-MODEK OR-Laminat 4100x1310x0; PRZECIWPRFZNY-MODEK OR-LAMINAT 3050x1310x0,8-B.Mat, a few-30pcs; PRZECIWPRFZNY-MODEK OR-Laminat 4100x1310x0 , 8-BIAt / M, 40-pix., PRZECIW PRFZNY-RESOP AL-Laminat 3650x1320x0.8 biaty, a few-30pcs; DUROPAL-R4262-RT 4100x1300x0.8; a few-3pcs; DUROPAL-U1200-MP 4100x1300x0.8; a-20pcs; DUROPAL-W400 -MP 4100x1300x0.8, a few-20pcs; DUROPAL-R5184 (5474) -VV 4100x1300x0.8, a number-1pc; PRZECIWPR FZNY-MODEK OR-Laminat 4100x1310x0,8-BIAt / M, a quantity-20pcs. RESOPAL-4122-WS 3050x1320x0.8, 2-digit, RESOPAL-4110-WH, 3050x1320x0.8, 2-digit, RESOPAL-4461-WH, 3050x1320x0.8, 7-digit, DUROPAL-U1200- XM 4100x1300x0.8-folia, a few-2pcs; DUROPAL-U1027-XM 4100x1300x0.8; a few-2pcs; DUROPAL-U1290-XM; 4100x1300x0.8-folia; a few-2pcs; DUROPAL-U1191-XM; 4100x1300x0.8-folia, 2 pcs., DUROPAL-SolidColor-U1200 -SM 4100x1300x0.8, 1 pc., DUROPAL-SolidColor-U1027 -SM 4100x1300x1.2, 1 pc., DUROPAL-SolidColor- U1290 -SM 4100x1300x1,2, the number-1post; RESOPAL-10622-60 3050x1320x0.8; the number-2pcs; RESOPAL-4403-FW 3050x1320x0.8; the number .-2pcs; RESOPAL-0446-60 3050x1320x0.8, 5kg; PRZECIWPRFZNY-RESOP AL-Laminat 3650x1320x0.8 biaty, number-30pcs; Manufacturer Duropal GmbH; Brand DUROPAL; Country of manufacture DE;GERMANY0UA12522016175975.398785
29/Apr/20178418690090"1.Obladnannya refrigeration, kompresiynohotypu capacitor for vehicles not household composition contains inits transmitters and receivers aboperedavachiv: Novyyholodylnyy unit in a disassembled state: -CITIMAX 500 24VDC R404A hotgas, article 901009C - 55 pieces seriyninomery: SKK94132022 - SKK94132028; SKK94132237 - SKK94132240; SKL94132875 - SKL94132918; -CITIMAX 700 24VDC R404A hotgas article 901010C - 50 pieces seriyninomery: SKK94132035 - SKK94132045; SKL94132950 - SKL94132982; SKL94132989 - SKL94132994; Does not contain ozone-depleting substances. Trademark - CARRIER. Manufacturer: CARRIER TRANSICOLD EUROPE SCSKrayina vyrobnytstva- CN. "CHINA0UA50006013072.2200917.4835
29/Apr/201787089390981.Chastyny ​​grip for cars, new art.821494 .: - set clutch AUDIA31.6- VW GOLF IV 1.6 - 1 pc., Art.826362 - Clutch Kit VW POLO - 2 pcs., Art.828016 - set clutch 2P FORD Fiesta 1.4 TDCi - 1pc., art.826377 -KOMPLEKT clutch OPEL / VAUXHALL ASTRA MK4 - 1pc., art.801376 - komplektzcheplennya ROVER 100- 200- 400- 25- 45 - 1pc., art.826533 - set zcheplennyaAUDI A2 VW POLO - 1pc ., art.279528 - VW clutch basket -1sht., art.826362 -KOMPLEKT clutch VW POLO - 2 pcs., art.845050 - 4P clutch kit with CSC VWGolf IV, Polo - 2 pcs. Total - 12sht.Krayina production - ESTorhovelna mark - ValeoVyrobnyk - Valeo Service Eastern Europe Sp. Z OO.SPAIN0UA20502080.0091051.85543
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Dc 40 Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП ""АВТО ІНТЕРНЕШНЛ"""
Importer Address
04073, м.Київ, пр.Московський, 22А
Product Description
1.Armatura fasteners and hardware to new vehicles,.........
HS Code 8302300090Value 553.3459883
Quantity 0Unit UA205020
Net Weight 30.891
Origin Country JAPAN

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