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Dairy Products Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Dairy Products

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173002905000"1. Dry fermentizing culture of microorganisms for the production of dairy products, the activity of more than 10 degrees in 10 live cells / g. Do not have the presence of pathogens and heavy elements do not contain chemicals. Production date 19.04.2017r. According to the certificate of quality. Use for food, dairy products, including baby food, food industry, in domestic terms. It is not a drug zasobom.Ayran LAT BY (5g) -30sht. dosage (liters) 500; Ira LAT BY (10g) -30sht. dosage (liters) 100, for cheese LAT BY (5g) - 300sht, protective culture LAT BY (4 g) -2000sht. Dosage (liters) 5000, for yogurt LAT BY (5g) -50sht. Dosage (liters) 500; for yoghurt LAT BY (10g) -330sht. Dosage (liters) 1000; for ryazhenky LAT BY (10g) -100sht. dosage (liters) 1000, for crude LAT BY (5g) -900sht .; cream for LAT CW (15g) -100sht. dosage (liters) 500; for cream LAT CW (28 g) -1300sht. dosage (liters) 1000; I f LAT CW cottage cheese (20g) -100sht. dosage (liters) 2500; for cottage cheese LAT CW (40g) -100sht. dosage (liters) 5000; for Chephirah LAT LC (6 g) -100sht. dosage (liters) 500; for Chephirah LAT LC (12g) -600sht. dosage (liters) 1000; for bifidum LAT PB (5g) -300sht. dosage (liters) 500; Total -6340.00 packages. Net weight of packaging pr -110,14kh. Net weight fermentizing Cultures -72,20kh. Country of BG. Trade mark "" Lactina "". Brand "" Laktyna "" ood. "BULGARIA0UA110030110.1415712.16385 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201723099051001. Protein - vitamin - mineral concentrates and forage for feeding animals in form of mixtures containing soy grits, vegetable oil, starch than 30%, processed food industry spine, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, flavorings Blattivit Mix Mast (Blattivit Mix Mast), concentrate for pigs weighing 25 kg, 38% starch content, total protein 40%, not containing dairy products. Mixed Blattivit Ferkel (Blattivit Mix Ferkel), concentrate for piglets weighing 30kg, vysivokta containing plant extracts starch content of 38%, 36.7% total protein, without vmistumolochnyh products. Kalber starter (Kalber Starter), a mixture povnoportsiyna dlyatelyat based on cereals wheat, barley and maize, containing 2.5% molochnyhproduktiv, total protein 18.8%, 35% starch content. Products packed in 25kg bags upaperovi net. Marking of the manufacturer. .POLAND0UA209140160007635.848027
28/Apr/20172309903100"1. The products used for animal feed, containing starch menshe10%: Vitamin and mineral feed additive for animal feed Blattin SuperPremium (wrapping-paper bag 25kg) -bahatokomponentna mixture mistytmikroelementy, vitamins, calcium compounds, according to the manufacturer vmistkrohmalyu no, not containing dairy products, used dlyazbalansuvannya rations highly productive cows essential vitamins, trace elements, dosage-introduced into the ration at the rate of 200 g / animal / day. firmyvyrobnyka marking.. "GERMANY0UA20914050003567.001023
28/Apr/20172309101100"1.Produkty used for feeding livestock: Ready canned cat food, put up for retail sale in w / b, containing at least 10 wt.% Starch, not containing dairy products: - TM" "Cat & Go" "feed cats with poultry (in 24 * 415h is / would be in the package) - 10368 pieces, w / cans - TM "" Cat & Go "" cat food with meat rabbit (in 24 * 415h is / would pack ) - 12,960 units w / cans - TM "" Cat & Go "" cat food with beef (in 24 * 415h is / would be in the package) - 9072 pcs, w / cans - TM "" Cat & Go "" cat food fish (in 24 * 415h is / would be in the package) - 7776 pcs, w / cans - TM "" Cat & Go "" cat food from poultry, game and carrot (by 24 * 415h is / would be in the package) - 2592 sht.Vyrobnyk: Partner In Pet Food Hungaria Kft., Hungary. Country of HU.Torhovelna mark "" Cat & Go "".. "HUNGARY0UA20914017748.7212413.90217
28/Apr/20172309909610"1.Premiksy in powder form, which are soboyubahatokomponentnu mixture for inclusion in animal feed that contains in its composition vitamins minerallni substances, amino acids, filler, not containing starch, maltodextrin / maltodextrin syrup, glucose / syropuhlyukozy, dairy products, Unimix Sow Lactate (dozuvannya3,5%) - 21600.00 kg. Producer - Dansk Vilomix A / S. Torh.marka - VILOMIX.. "DENMARK0UA4000302160018841.33271
28/Apr/20172309904300"1.Produkty used for animal feed, art.472306 - Prestarter piglet" "Marvel Delice" "(Marvel Delys) - 22000kh (880mish.), Batch number -0004081899; -04.2017r date of manufacture, expiry date - 10.2017 p .; isa complete feed for piglets, sows subtract from age 14-28 days in granules, has a total pharmacological properties of the individual components (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) that contribute to the normalization of metabolism, positively affect growth and development . Made of raw and processed cereal pair, flour a large meal of soya beans, heat treated neznezhyrenoyi soy, dairy products, biscuits, fiber, synthetic amino acids, minerals. Also includes: crude protein - 190h, crude fat - 90g lysine - 15,2h (1.52%), vitamins A - 18000, D3 - 2000, E - 150 mg, copper -150mh, phytase ES3.1.3.26-625FYT, endo-1,4-beta ksylaza -70od, hlyukonaza - 100m; Nutritional energy: 2840kkal; percentage of the content: Cro hmal -30%; dairy products 13%, "FRANCE0UA1101802200021490.3561
28/Apr/20172309909610"1.Premixes in the form of powder, which are a multicomponent mixture for feeding to animals containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fillers, without the contents of starch, maltodextrine / maltodextrin syrup, glucose / syrupoglucose, dairy products: Unimix Soau Lactate (dosage of 3.5%) - 21600.00 kg Manufacturer - Dansk Vilomix A / S. Trade mark - VILOMIX. "DENMARK0UA4000302160018841.33271
28/Apr/20172309904300"1.PRODUKTY used for animal feed, ART.472606 -BILKOVA vitamin and mineral supplements" "CONC 40%" "MARVEL DIGEST" "(40% Marvel tram DIGEST) -10000KH (400 bags); batch number - 0004081897; -04.2017r production date, expiry date - 10.2017r., is a concentrated protein vitamin and mineral supplements in powder form yakazmishuyetsya of grain and soybeans for feed feeds for pigs aged from 28 to 42 days, a total pharmacological properties of the individual components ( vitamins, minerals, amino acids) that promote the normalization of metabolism, the agents, body positively affect the growth and development of the pigs. The recommended total dose for pigs: 2,5-3kh the recommended period hodivli.Sklad: raw and steamed corn, wheat flakes, chicory extract, protein from soy, rapeseed oil with , concentrated milk, concentrated skimmed milk, coconut oil, sweet whey powder, yeast, synthetic amino acids, minerals (phosphorus, calcium, copper sulphate, zinc sulphate, manganese, iodine, cobalt, selenium), organic amino acids and vitamins (A, D3 B1, E, K3, C) .Protsen not the content ratio of starch - 12.5%; Dairy products - 14.5%. "FRANCE0UA1101801000011557.54376
27/Apr/20172309101100"1. Pet food, canned, packaged for retail, with starch content of 10%, not containing dairy products. Trade Mark" "WHISKAS" ". AT12K WHISKAS with rabbit sauce 24h100h - 2592kh; AT22R WHISKAS chicken in sauce 24h100h - 9744kh. Brand "" UAB Mars Lietuva "". Country of origin - Lithuania (LT).. "LITHUANIA0UA1250101233614214.78065
27/Apr/20172309909610"1.Produkty used for animals should not vli not contain glucose (syropuhl yukozy), maltodextrin (maltode kstrynu syrup) and dairy products bezvmi stu starch (less than 0.5 wt.%) And fat: Premix for birds 0 5% (K8000654-Premix 0,5% for poultry) -1300kh -bahatokomponen TNA mixture in vyhlyadiporoshku for inclusion in animal feed (dosage 0.5%), which includes itsof vitamins, micro and macro, carbonates. premixes for poultry 0,5% (K8000662-Premix 0,5% for poultry) -500kh - tnoyu compound mixture dlyavnesennya in animal feed us (dosage 0.5%), which includes its glass th andvitamins, minerals, antioxidant, filler calcium 24,4mas.% withcontent choline chloride (10%) without glucose (glucose syrup), maltodextrin (maltodextrin syrup) s dairy products. premixes for poultry 0,5% (K8000664 -Premix 0,5% for poultry) -2200kh - bahatokompone ntna mixture in vyhlyadiporoshku for enter ing in animal feed (dosage 0.5%), which includes itsof vitamins, micro and macro cal- carbonates. Premix for poultry 0.5% (280,680-Premix 0,5% for poultry) -500kh - TNA compound mixture mistytmikro - and makroel ementy, vitamins, karbonaty.Bez sucrose, glucose, proteins tazhyru without content jetty chnyh products choline chloride content of 10% by weight, calcium 31,7mas.%, containing antioxidant. Indications: profilaktykahipovitaminoziv, zbalansuva ting diets of chickens - broilers for us vitami tamikroelementamy. Dosage: ARE brings in animal feed during its preparation by mixing with uniform calculation: for laying broyleriv- 0.5 kg / 100 kg of feed. "POLAND0UA209180450010966.39662
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю""ЄКО КОМ"""
Importer Address
Україна,49100,м.Дніпропетровськ,Жовтневий район,вул.Набережна Перемоги б.120.
Exporter Name "ООО ""ЕКОКОМ Груп"""
Product Description
"1. Dry fermentizing culture of microorganisms for.........
HS Code 3002905000Value 15712.16385
Quantity 0Unit UA110030
Net Weight 110.14
Origin Country BULGARIA

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