Ukraine Import Data of Cyprinus Carpio | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cyprinus Carpio

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cyprinus carpio collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cyprinus carpio imports.

Cyprinus Carpio Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cyprinus Carpio

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of cyprinus carpio. Get Ukraine trade data of Cyprinus Carpio imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20173011100001. Live freshwater decorative aquarium fish (aquaculture) are not suitable for food: Fighter male double tail / Betta splendens (size 2) -300 pcs.Silverarowana / Osteoglossum bicirrhosum (size 4) -30 pcs. Fighter female long-tail / Betta splendens (size 2) -30pcs. Fighter female crown-tail / Betta splendens (size 2) -30pcs. Fighter female double tail / Betta splendens (size 2) -30p. Fighter male long-tail / Betta splendens (size 2+) -50 pcs.Fighter malecrown-tail / Betta splendens (size 2+) -50 pcs. Oranda, Red-Capped (Tanjo) / Carassius auratus (size 1.5) -150 pcs. Oranda, Red-Capped (Tanjo) / Carassiusauratus (size 2) -110pcs. Glass cat, ghost / Kryptopterus bicirrhis (size 1.5) -145 pcs. Silver half beak / Dermogenys pusillus (size L) -125 pcs.Bumble bee, doriae / Brachygobius doriae-220pcs. Rainbow threadfin / Iriatherina werneri (size ML) -250 pcs.Ballooncalico (Marble) / Poecilia latipinna (size L) -280pcs. Balloon orange (Gold) / Poecilia latipinna (size L) -280pcs. Balloon white / Po ecilia latipinna (sizeL) -140pcs. Balloon black / Poecilia plate-280pcs. Blue zebra angel / Pterophyllum scalare (size ML) -55pcs.Japanese Koi (A grade) / Cyprinus carpio (size 2.5) -110pcs. Japanese Koi (A grade) / Cyprinuscarpio (size 3) -40pcs. Oranda selected grade / Carassius auratus (size 1.5) -75 pcs.Total - 2780pcs. Net weight net fish: 3.13 kg. The load is packed in cardboard boxes, foam thermoblocks, double polyethylene bags, which are sealed from the upper and lower sides, contain an equal amount of liquid and air, the pressure in the middle of the package is atmospheric. Trademark - MISTER AQUA Producer - MISTER AQUA (THAILAND) CO., LTDThe production is - THTHAILAND0UA1251003.131596.249875 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20173011100001.Ryba live freshwater ornamental: (aquarium) art.11261 Guppy Blue Diamond 3.5-4smPoecilia reticulata Guppy DELTA BLUE 3.5-4smPoecilia reticulata-Guppy GREEN 3.5-4smPoecilia 11306 Guppy BLOND RED 3.5-4smPoecilia reticulata-Guppy RED 3.5-4smPoecilia reticulata-175sht. art.11435 Guppy TEQUILA YELLOW 3.5-4sm Poeciliareticulata-175sht. art.11500 MIX female Guppy Poecilia reticulata-3-3.5sm Mechenosets Calendula 4-5cm Xiphophorus hellerii-125sht. art.12145MEChONOSETs BLACK 4-5cm Xiphophorus hellerii-125sht. art.12311 MECHONOSETSVYNNO 4-5cm red Xiphophorus hellerii-120sht. art.16660 cichlasoma ELIOTA5-6sm Cichlidae-30sht. art.30051 fiery barb RED METAL IR 3-4cm Puntiusconchonius-110sht. art.13000 poeciliidae MIX 2.5-3sm Xiphophorus poeciliidae VYSOKOPLAVTSEVA MIKS2.5-3sm Xiphophorus maculatus-150sht. art.14010 poecilia sphenops LIROHVOSTA MIX 3-3.5smPoecilia velifera-460sht. art.1 4090 poecilia sphenops cylinders MIX 3-3.5sm Poeciliavelifera-135sht. art.16000 SKALYARIYA MIX 2-2.5sm Pterophyllum Ramirez GERMAN BLUE 3-3.5sm Mikrogeophagus Guram MIX 6-7sm Trichogaster trichopterus-40sht. art.90645 AULONOKARASTYU-art grants 10-12sm Cichlidae-12p. art.13050 poeciliidae dark red 2,5-3smXiphophorus maculatus-150sht. art.90765 LETRINOPS Kandy 10-12sm PROTOMELAS BLUE 12-14sm Cichlidae-8 pieces. art.90902 PSEVDOTROFEUSCHERVONOSPYNNYY 6-7sm Cichlidae-30cm art.90933 NIMBOHROMIS VENUSTUS 6-7smCichlidae-25sht. art.18321 pearl gourami GOLD 5-6sm Trichogasterleeri-60sht. art.18283 MAKROPOD 5-6sm Trichogaster trichopterus-70sht. art.KSE07KOROP 18-21sm Koi Cyprinus carpio-35 pcs. Koi carp art.KSE10 25-30sm Cyprinuscarpio-28sht. Koi carp art.KSE05 13-15sm Cyprinus carpio-190sht. art.KBF05M KOROPKOI Butterfly 13-15sm Cyprinus carpio-100 pieces. Total 3785 pieces. Weight netto: 6,959kh.ISRAEL0UA1251006.9592949.931496
24/Apr/201783024110001.Free live fresh-water decorative: (aquarium) art.11261 GUPI BLUE DIAMANT 3.5-4cm Poecilia reticulata -175 GUPI DELTA BLAKITE 3.5-4cm Poecilia GUPI GREEN 3.5-4cm Poecilia reticulata-175pcs. 11306 GUPI BLOND RED 3.5-4cm Poecilia reticulata-175p. Ar.1.14611 GUPI RED 3.5-4cm Poecilia reticulata-175pcs. Art.11435 GUPI YELLOW TEKIL 3.5-4cm Poeciliareticulata-175 pcs. Art.11500 GUPI SAMITSA MIX 3-3.5cm Poecilia reticulata-200p. Ar.12.122 FALSE CALENDULA 4-5cm Xiphophorus hellerii-125p. Art.12145MECHONOSETS BLACK 4-5cm Xiphophorus hellerii-125pcs.Art.12311 FOLLOW-BLACK 4-5cm Xiphophorus hellerii-120pcs. Art.16660 CIHLASOM ELIOTA5-6cm Cichlidae-30pcs. Art.30051 FOOTBALL BARBUS RED METAL IR 3-4 cm Puntiusconchonius-110p. Art.13000 PEACE MIX 2.5-3cm Xiphophorus PEACE OF HIGH-SPEED MIX2.5-3cm Xiphophorus maculatus-150pcs. Art.14010 MOLINESIA OF LYROHVOST MIX 3-3.5cm Poecilia velifera-460pcs. Art.1 4090 MOLINESIA BALON MIX 3-3.5cm Poeciliavelifera-135 pcs. Art.16000 MICKS SCALARIA 2-2.5cm Pterophyllum MEMBER OF GERMAN BREED 3-3.5cm Microgeophagus GURAMI MIX 6-7cm Trichogaster trichopterus-40pcs. Art.90645 AULONCARASTUA-ARTA GRANT 10-12cm Cichlidae-12pcs. Art.13050 PEACE OF DARK RED 2,5-3 cmXiphophorus maculatus-150 pcs. Art.90765 LETRINOPAS KANDE 10-12cm Cichlidae-12p. Arth. 90836 PROTOMELAS BLUE 12-14cm Cichlidae-8pcs. Art.90902 PSEVDOTROFEUSCHERVONOSPINNYY 6-7 cm Cichlidae-30 cm art.90933 NIMBOHROMIS VENUSTAUS 6-7cmCichlidae-25pcs. Art.18321 GURAMI PERELINNY GOLD 5-6cm Trichogasterleeri-60pcs. Art.18283 MAKROPOD 5-6cm Trichogaster trichopterus-70 pcs. Art.KSE07KOROP KOI 18-21cm Cyprinus carpio-35pcs. Art KSE10 KORO KOI 25-30cm Cyprinuscarpio-28pcs. Art KSE05 KOROP KOI 13-15cm Cyprinus carpio-190sht.Art.KBF05M CORNER BATTERFLY 13-15cm Cyprinus carpio-100pcs. Total 3785 pieces Weight of the Noto: 6,959kg.CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1000100.734128.7075269
20/Apr/2017301110000"1.Ryba live freshwater ornamental: (aquarium) Cyprinus Carpio JapaneseKoi Carps; Japanese Koi carp: Nisa mix Selekt: Kohaku (1), D / sledges (1), D / Kohaku (1) Kudzhaku (1), Sova ( 4) 35-40sm-8sht.Nisai mix: Chahoi, Hosanke, Hiutsuri, Shusui, Asago, Kudzhaku, Kigo, Yamabuki, Kogan Ochiba, Bnihoi 30-37sm-10sht.Tosai mix: Hosanke, Kudzhaku, Chahoi, Mizuho, ​​D / Kudzhaku, Hiutsuri, Yamabuki, Caras, Asago 15-18sm-50sht. kohaku 16-20sm Tosa-4 pieces. Tosa 24cm auction-2sht.Tosai sled-20-30cm 2 pcs. 45-55sm sled auction 2016-1am. Nisa Tancho 50sm- 4sht.Nisai Tancho, sledding, Kohaku 50cm-4 pieces. Utsuri Hee / sled 55-60 cm, 2 pcs. Kudzhaku / Yamabuki 55-60 m 2 pcs. Shusui / Kudzhaku 55-60 cm, 2 pcs. Mixed Tosa: Hosanke, D / Kohaku, D / sled, Hoshyki, Aihoromo, Budohoromo, Kikusui, Yamato, Kudzhakum-14-16sm-60sht.Vsoho -151 pc. Weight netto: 10,64kh.. "JAPAN0UA12510010.645528.086262
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Cyprinus Carpio Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cyprinus Carpio Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name ФОП Куліков Євген Георгійович
Importer Address
09443, Київ. обл., Ставищенський р-н, с. Розумниця, вул. Жовтнева, буд. 3
Product Description
1. Live freshwater decorative aquarium fish (aquac.........
HS Code 301110000Value 1596.249875
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 3.13
Origin Country THAILAND

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