Ukraine Import Data of Cycle Battery | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cycle Battery

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cycle battery collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cycle battery imports.

Cycle Battery Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cycle Battery

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178507102090"1.Akumulyatorna battery traction Lead-Acid unattended, filled with liquid electrolyte, new to motorcycles" "BMW" ": Voltage = 12V = 5,1kh weight, capacity = 12Ah, art.61218556314 -3sht; Trademark - "" BMW "" Manufacturer - Concern "" BMW "". "UNITED STATES3UA10021015.3227.9384069 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/201739263000901.Zapasni parts for motorcycles, other plastic products for bodies and vehicles: - plastic coating side, left - 2 pcs. (Facing left side is made of plastic, serves to protect the battery.) Trademark: SPARK.Vyrobnyk: ZHUHAI ZHUJIANG VEHICLE CO., LTDKraina production: CN. .CHINA0UA1101600.421.219928381
24/Apr/20179202903000"1. Rechargeable batteries, electric, new, lead, working on non-rareelectrolyte, sealed, leakproof, not having openings for maintenance (distilled water drainage), type of electrolyte-acid, rectangular, intended for uninterruptible power supply for drainage for Power of electric motors in children's bicycles and machines manufactured by AGM technology (using a soaked electrolyte porous (adsorbent) of fiberglass) and GEL-type technology (with the use of as an electrolyte thickener Solution of sulfuric acid in the form of gel): AGM multimode batteries for UPS (type AGM-technology), for voltage 12V: capacity 7 (A * h), Mod .: LP-MG12-7.0- 300pcs, capacity 7.2 ( A * year), Mod .: LP-MG12-7.2- 200pcs, capacity 7.5 (A * h), Mod .: LP-MG12-7.5- 200pcs, capacity 9 (A * h), Mod .: LP- MG12-9.0- 400pcs; capacity 20 (A * h); Mod .: LP-MG12-20- 100pcs; capacity 80 (A * h); Mod .: LP-MG12-80- 30pcs; capacity 100 (A * h ), Mod .: LP-MG12-100-50pcs; capacity 120 (A * year), Mod .: LP-MG12-120-50pcs;Capacity 150 (A * h), mod .: LP-MG12-150- 10pcs; Gel batteries for UPS (GEL-type technology), for voltage 12V: capacity 7 (A * h), Mod .: LP-GL12-7.0- 300pcs; Capacity 7.2 (A * h), Mod .: LP-GL12-7.2- 150pcs; Capacity 7.5 (A * h), Mod .: LP-GL12-7.5- 150pcs; Capacity 9 (A * h), Mod .: LP-GL12-9.0- 200pcs;AGM traction battery (type AGM technology), for voltage 12V: capacity 12 (A * h), Mod .: LP6-DZM-12- 200pcs;Capacity 20 (A * h), Mod .: LP6-DZM-20- 100pcs; The total number is 2440pcs. The trademark is LOGICPOWER.Manufacturer - MINGHONG TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED, China. The production line is CN. "CHINA2UA1251001.653.99999551
20/Apr/20172701121000"1.VUHILLYA KAM" "Jan, coking mark" "KS" "FRACTION 0-100MM.HIMICHNI INDICATORS: -VOLOHA - 8.600%, 8.700%, 9.000% - Ash content - 6.50%, 6.30%, 6.00%, 6.80% ; -HRANYCHNYY content of volatile matter (on dry BEZMINERALNU basis) - 25.20%, 23.90%, 23.60%, 24.60% - Sulfur - 0.39% 0.33% 0.40% - maximum calorific value (in terms of moisture BUILDING upon BEZMINERALNU ) not less - 7007.00KKL / kg 7016.00KKL / kg 7031.00KKL / kg 6927.00KKL / KH.PRYZNACHENNYA: FOR a continuous cycle production of coke in the coke oven battery KHV.. "RUSSIA0UA1100702558300492216.9201
18/Apr/20179503001000"1. Children toys for entertainment designed for children, equipped with electric with battery capacity 6V / 12v: MINI DUCATI, art. IGMD0005 - 6 pieces; Motorcycle DUCATI GP, art. IGMC0020 - 3 pieces; RAIDER POLICE-POLIZEI, art . IGED0910 - 5 units; RAIDER PRINCESS, art. IGED0917 - 3 pieces; DESMOSEDICI, art. IGED0919 - 5 units; DUCATI HYPERCROSS, art. IGMC0021 - 3 pieces; SCRAMBLER DUCATI, art. IGED0920 - 5 units; 6V ATV, GAUCHO ROCK IN, art. IGOD0075 - 2 pcs; CORRAL T-REX, art. IGOR0066 - 7 units; POLARIS OUTLAW RED, art. IGOR0049 - 10 units; tractor JOHN DEERE GROUND FORCE trailer, art. IGOD0047 - 25 units; tractor JOHN DEERE DUAL FORCE trailer, art. IGOR0077 - 6 units; tractor JOHN DEERE GROUND LOADER, art. IGOR0068 - 4 pieces; tractor MINI TONY TIGRE, art. IGCD0529 - 2 pieces; and / : GAUCHO SUPERPOWER, art. IGOD0502 - 20 pcs; POLARIS RANGER RZR, art. IGOD0516 - 10 pieces; POLARIS RANGER RZR 900 CAMO, art. IGOD0076 - 10 pieces; JOHN DEERE GATOR HPX, art. IGOD0060 - 6 pieces; trailer: JOHN DEERE STAKE-SIDE TRAILER, art. IGTR 0941 - 5 units; Motorcycle VESPA 2014 12V, art. IGMC0019 - 3 sht.Zapasni parts of toys wheel: beam perednyaya Polaris Autlou, art. SAGI8016JGR - 2 pieces, front bumper Gaucho Rokyni, art. SAGI3263GPA - 2 pieces; Max wheel drive diesel tractor (rear), art. SPST9132GR - 2 pieces; Polaris RZR wheel (rear), art. SARP9024JNGR - 14 units; 700 Polaris wheel (rear), art. SARP 8400 DNGR - 2 pieces; wheel Hator 2012 (rear), art. SARP 9023 SNY - 4 pieces; wheel Hator 2012 (front), art. SARP 9022 SNY - 2 pieces; 400 Polaris wheel (rear), art. SARP 8253 NGR - 2 pieces; Polaris RZR wheel 900 (front), art. SARP 9305 NGR - 2 pieces; Polaris RZR wheel 900 (rear), art. SARP 9309 NGR - 2 pieces; Polaris RZR gas pedal, art. ASGI 0232 NGLY - 2 pieces; Rokyni gear rulevaya Gaucho, Gaucho Super Paver, art. SPST0283 - 30 pieces; Gaucho Rokyni toy antenna, art. SPST8235GR - 1 pc; Ducat wheel (front), art. SAGI3059N - 1 pc. Manufacturer: Peg Perego SpAKrayina production ITTorhovelna brand Peg Perego "ITALY0UA1001203105.26129656.40608
14/Apr/20179503009500"1.Ihrashka children - a musical on the battery: dancing beetle ART. 7013 - 20 box. Sht.politseyskyy to 36 on a motorcycle art. 801 - 7 box. Sht.teremok to 72 art. 9196 (739) - 80 box. 12 sht.mikrofon art. 873- 5 box. sht.ksylofon butterfly for 96-ART. FD043B - 2 box. to 240 units. "" The caterpillar-lomalka "" -art. 9182 -28 box. to 72 sht.Torhovelna brand WEI YUAN TOYSVyrobnyk SHANTOU JINXING PLASTICS CO.LTDKraina production-CN.. "CHINA0UA500060212010642.40008
13/Apr/20178711909000"1. Two-wheeled vehicle with a drive from an installed electric motor: Electromotorcycle (on the battery, up to 30km / h) - 1pc; Electric motorcycle (on the battery, up to 30km / h) - 1 pc .;CHINA2UA100120165461.9999999
12/Apr/20178711901000"1.Velosypedy brand" "YUNBIKE" "with an auxiliary electric motor not exceeding 250W, with the radio equipment (interface transfer danyhBluetooth). Indyvidualnoy in packaging for retail, in a partially disassembled state. Novi.Model.Kolir: YUNBIKE Cycle C1 men .Black - 46sht.YUNBIKE Cycle C1 men.White - 15sht.YUNBIKE Cycle C1 women.Green - 11sht.YUNBIKE Cycle C1 women.Red - 10sht.Tehnichni characteristics: electric power - 180Vt, cruising range of 25km, the maximum speed of 25km / h, maximum load capacity 120kg diameter wheels - 20 "." Completeness of delivery of the product specified by the manufacturer: Bike - 1pc battery - 1pc adapter charger device of - 1pc cable to the charging device of - 1am, pedal - 2 pcs, trunk - 1pc, Protective shield chain - 1pc, Protective shield on the wheel - 2 pcs, kompekt tools for assembly - 1pc, warranty card - 1 pc user manual - 1pc.. "CHINA82UA100210172227059.99992
11/Apr/20178507102090"1.Akumulyatorna battery traction Lead-Acid unattended, filled with liquid electrolyte, new to motorcycles" "BMW" ": Voltage = 12V = 5,1kh weight, capacity = 12Ah, art.61218556314 -1sht; Trademark - "" BMW "" Manufacturer - Concern "" BMW "". "UNITED STATES1UA1002105.175.20446574
07/Apr/20178711909000"1.Skuter dvukolisnyy, complex, driven by a motor to transport one person, is intended to move at low speeds on sidewalks, pedestrian and bicycle paths, technical structure allows the driver to be in an upright position using the handle control wheel diameter 8" " 350Vt motor power, lithium ion battery 36V 11AH, max. speed - 20km / h, max. load 150 kg, range We give on a single charge - 50km, complete with charger, haechnym key set of screwdrivers and footrest-2 items that prykruchuyutsya to scooter) 1K-5103S FOLDABLE ELECTRONIC SCOOTER, count 9sht.Torhovelna mark -1KVyrobnyk Six Bats Science and Technology Shenzhen Co.LTD.Krayina production of CN. "CHINA9UA100050169.5872034.678845
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Cycle Battery Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cycle Battery Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АВТ Баварія Україна"""
Importer Address
01001, м.Київ, вул. Хрещатик, 12-а
Exporter Name """Bayerische Motoren Werke AG"""
Product Description
"1.Akumulyatorna battery traction Lead-Acid unatte.........
HS Code 8507102090Value 227.9384069
Quantity 3Unit UA100210
Net Weight 15.3
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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