Ukraine Import Data of Cuvette | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cuvette

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Cuvette Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cuvette

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201739239000001.Reaktsiyni modules MAGLUMI (with plastic cuvettes, one module 6 holes 600 microliters intended for the quantitative analysis of in vitro imunohemilyuministsentnoho automatic analyzers MAGLUMI) art. 630003-10sht. Manufacturer SHENZHEN NEW INDUSTRIES BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING CO., LTDKrayina production CNTorhovelna mark SHENZHEN NEW INDUSTRIES BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING.CHINA0UA12510017924.8849771 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201739269097901.Yemnisti for the collection and storage of samples of liquids or dry (non-transport) of cylindrical covers with a capacity of less than 2 liters and supplies for laboratory studies of plastic produced by injection molding, with no sheet: - 25185E urine container 60 ml polypropylene with red cap and label is screwed in ind. packaging, sterile - 12000 sht.- 25165E Kala container 60 ml polypropylene with red cap and label is screwed in ind. packaging, sterile - 12,000 24,062 sht.- cuvette of polystyrene type to avtoanalizatora 1000 - 12000 24205 sht.- 2 ml cuvette for spectrophotometer semimikro type of polystyrene - 10,000 24,204 sht.- 4 ml cuvette for spectrophotometer Macro type of polystyrene - 20,000 units. - 28,063 yellow tip type Hilson 0 to 200 ml - Loop 30020 250000 sht.- 10 ml polystyrene blue pack of 20 pcs. sterile - 16000 30010 sht.- Loop 1 ml of polystyrene green pack of 20 pieces. sterile - 16000 27054 N. t.- Pasteur Pipette 1 ml of polyethylene - 15,000 27,055 sht.- Pasteur Pipette 3 ml of polyethylene - 15,000 23,053 sht.- 1.5 ml microtube polypropylene cone with a field recording graded, neutral colors - sht.- 21052 200000 Test tube 11,5x55 mm 3 ml cylindrical polystyrene - 6000 sht.- 21058 Test tube 12h56 mm 3 ml cylindrical flat-bottomed rim with a polystyrene - 12,000 21,152 sht.- test tube 16h100 mm 10 ml cylindrical polystyrene with red cap and label sterile - 10400 21432 sht.- test tube 16 * 120 mm 15 ml cylindrical polystyrene with red cap, which is screwed, sterile - 8400 sht.- 21404 Test tube 30 * 115 mm 50 mL conical polypropylene with red cap that zahvynchuyet be of lasting bottom, graduated, sterile - 5400 29062 sht.- polystyrene Petri dish with a diameter of 90 mm, the height is 16.2 mm vented, sterile - 25,440 27,072 sht.- serolohychna Pipette 25 ml, 1/5 ml in ind. packaging, sterile (100 pcs. in package) - 4000 sht.Vyrobnyk - FL MEDICAL srl Unipersonale, Italy. Country of IT. Trademark FL MEDICAL.ITALY0UA500060132910289.3665
26/Apr/20177115900090"1.Vyroby of metal clad with precious metal: 201-51976 cuvette sample to hold the sample in the instrument that determines the temperature characteristics of various materials and compounds, 2 pcs. Made of platinum foil look like metal tsilindrychnyh yemnostey.Vyrobnyk: Shimadzu ; trade mark: Shimadzu; Country of origin: JP. "JAPAN0UA1250600.00253.02376494
24/Apr/20178536501190"1.Vyroby of metal clad with precious metal: 201-51976 cuvette sample to hold the sample in the instrument that determines the temperature characteristics of various materials and compounds, 2 pcs. Made of platinum foil look like metal tsilindrychnyh yemnostey.Vyrobnyk: Shimadzu ; trade mark: Shimadzu; Country of origin: JP. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1001200.093.092458023
21/Apr/201739269097901.Transmission of goods, on a royalty-free basis. Accessory for laboratory research is a sterile plastic, which is used in medicine. Probirka 10 ml, 95x16.8 mm, Sirovotakart. 26.323 -100 piecesTube 5 ml, 75x13 mm, Lithium-heparin art. 32.331 -100pcs Tube 5 ml, 75x13 mm, K3 EDTAart. 32.332 -100 pieces Tube 5 ml, 75x13 mm, 9-Sodium citrate art.32.525.326 -100 pcs. Tube 4 ml, 75x12 mm, Lithium-heparin art. 36.336 -100 pieces Tube 4 ml, 75x12 mm, K3 EDTA art.36.338 -100 pieces Tube 2 ml, 55x12 mm, K3 EDTA art. 38.346 -200 pieces Microplate 100 μl Brillant. Art.42.117 -50 pcs Tube 120 ml, 114x44 mm, PP art. 60.597.001 -25 pcsMicrochoice, PS Art. 67.742 -100 pieces UV cuvette, 100 tripods in a box art.67.758 -100 pc. Tip 10 μl, neutral art. 70.1130 - 1000 pcs. Finish 1000 μl, blue art. 70.762 -250 pcs. Tip 300 μl, neutral art. 70.765 -500 pcs. CryoPure Problack 4.5 ml white art. 72.383 -250 pcs. Micro tube 1.5 ml, PP art. 72,688-500 pcs.Tube Multipl y-Pro 0.5 ml, PP art.72.735.002 -500 pieces. Micro tube 1.5 ml, PP art. 72.692.005-100 pcs.Micro tube 2 ml, PP art. 72,693.005 -100 ths. Disposable container 100 ml, PP art. 75.562.105 -20 pcs.Multi-Safe container 1.5 liter art.77.3893.015 -5 pcs. Multi-Safe Vario Container 2.3 L Art.77.3893.023-5 pcs. Multi-Safe container opti 500 T art.77.3895.005 -3 pc. Transportation pipette 6 ml art. 86.1175.001 -42 items Tripod to S-Monovette D13, red art. 93.853.131 -1 pcs. Tripod to S-Monovette D12, gray art. 93.854-1 pcs. Tripod to S-Monovette D17, yellow art. 93.852.172 -1 pcs. Test tube 4.5 ml, 75x12 mm, PP art.60.557.001 -100 pc. Trademark: Sarstedt Production line: DE Manufacturer: Sarstedt AG & co.GERMANY0UA1001309.52250.1650613
21/Apr/20173926909790"1. Plastic made no sheet, casting method used in systems for clinical, chemical and immunological analyzes Immulite Clinical Chemistry and Imm unodiagnostics Systems Immulite dlyalabo ratoriy hospitals only for diagnostics IN VITRO: -art. D828 , cuvette cartridge - 2 pcs set for cartridge-ditch diahnostychnyhdoslidzhen - art. DSC4, 1.5 sample Cups with Cap - 3pc, 1.5 mL capacity have. dlyadoslidzhen cover of biomaterial samples, trade mark: SiemensVyrobnyk: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.Krayina origin: United States (US).. "UNITED STATES0UA1001107.5244.9383396
20/Apr/20173923900000"1.Vyroby plastic - capacity: 843,000-Test cuvettes Chrom / Chrom test cell made of plastic, cylindrical, without a lid, 0.02 ml.-200sht., Made of plastic, cylindrical, without a lid, 0, 02 ml.Pryznacheni for "" in vitro "" diagnostic for coagulometer Coag Chrom 3003.Krayina production PLVyrobnyk Bio-Ksel Sp. z oo, ul.Kaliowa 3, 86-300 Grudziadz, Poland trademark BIO-KSEL. "POLAND0UA12502054.52574.000035
18/Apr/201739269097901.Erhonomichna cuvette for paint roller 18cm art.11520411-24sht, cuvette paint roller for mini art.11520383-150sht,.GERMANY0UA12513015.33101.3144907
18/Apr/201739269092901.Vyroby Plastic: cuvette for rolling platen 115x215 mm 500 sht.Kyuvetka for rolling 150x300 mm roller-2400 units. .POLAND0UA125180172483.2847967
13/Apr/20179027905000"1 ACCESSORIES FOR AUTOMATED CLINICAL biochemical analyzer ACCENT 200/300: №BA40-30-61525, SAMPLE PROBE - PROBE specimen, SHT. 1; №0040-10-32316, SYRINGE PLUNGER TIP (500 UL) - tip is worn the plunger of the syringe., SHT. 1; №BA31-30-41635, rEACTION CUVETTES (ACCENT 200) - The reaction cuvette (10,000 pcs / packing.) SHT.-3. "POLAND0UA20601035.861392.722809
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Cuvette Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cuvette Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Тінітерія"""
Importer Address
Проспект Московський, буд.604073, м.Київ, Україна
Product Description
1.Reaktsiyni modules MAGLUMI (with plastic cuvette.........
HS Code 3923900000Value 924.8849771
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 17
Origin Country CHINA

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