Ukraine Import Data of Cutter Switch | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cutter Switch

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cutter switch collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cutter switch imports.

Cutter Switch Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cutter Switch

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
20/Apr/20178536501590"1. Switches for a voltage not exceeding 60 V: - switch knife shaft speeds, article 513420 in the number 1 pcs .; isa rotary cam switch. Designed for use inelectrical AC circuits at 50, 60 Hz voltage of -24 V. A. Sylastrumu-12 is used in electronic circuits Cutters Swopper SW-550-S dlyaperemykannya work modes (switch-knife shaft). Kulachkoviperemykachi collected from the same type of plastic sections are located between midniruhlyvi contacts that are activated by cams plant them in zahalnyymetalevyy Square shaft speeds switch peretynu.- th bowl, article 513421 in the amount of 1 pieces. It is soboyupovorotnyy cam switch. Designed for use in elektrychnyhlantsyuhah AC frequency 50, 60 Hz voltage - 24 V. Current strength - 12 A. used in electronic circuits Cutters Swopper SW-550-S peremykannyarezhymiv works for (switching speed of the bowl). Cam switches collected zodnotypnyh plastic sections are located between the copper kty mobile Comte, yakipryvodyatsya effect cams on seat them on public square metal shaft peretynu.- on the speed of the elevator, article 513124 in the amount of 3 pieces. It is soboyupovorotnyy cam switch. Designed for use in elektrychnyhlantsyuhah AC frequency 50, 60 Hz voltage of -24 V, -12 A.Vykorystovuyetsya power supply in electronic circuits cutter Swopper-330 for peremykannyarezhymiv work (lifting / lowering elevator). Cam switches ve collected zodnotypnyh massive reservoir sections are located between the copper and mobile contacts, which are driven cams di yu, planted on public shall, hand valkvadratnoho section. Material: metal / polivinylhloryd / copper. Not mistyatradiobladnannya in skladi.Torhivelna mark: "" BACO "". Company manufacturer: "" BACO Controls "". Country of origin: (FR) France. "SWITZERLAND0UA1002000.66321.2376772 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20178537109990"1. LCD-display control panel, article 518885 in the amount of 1 pieces. It is soboyuskladnu panel upravelniya vacuum cutter Swopper SW-550-S. Serves forcontrol and management processes that occur in the current momenttime cutters, as well as via LCD the display shows the error yakividbuvayutsya in the process. Designed for 24V voltage. okremyhelektrychnyh consists of components: an electronic circuit, buttons, switches, fuses, voltage. radiobladnannya not have a moment. Materialvyhotovlennya: steklotekstol t e layout. Method of manufacturing: stamping, assembly. The manufacturer: "" Tipper Tie Alpina "". Trademark: "" Tipper Tie "". Country of origin: (CH) Switzerland. ".SWITZERLAND0UA1002000.08217.2909315
19/Apr/20178452290000"1st Industrial sewing machines Manual: -YAMATO AZR 8920 SD-CDF -1 pc. 2-needle 2-line framing machine with differential regulation of BS okantovuvachem.V included: GVU-80-2 / RO steel profile with two rollers; working surface RTP vv of the box, switch to the network filter cable, Efka AB620A / DC1200 servomotor, DIV AB MA AZ overlock motoadapter, PFA for overlock, pneumatic device with magnetic valve cutter with smoktuvalnoyu pneumatic tube, LSM002 module light barrier with holder special device for edging, socket, RAC TFS 26-3 puller side, MT EV- C100 container knee switch. Designed for okantovuvannya tkanyn.Seriynyy number: 12535.Torhova mark - YAMATO. Manufacturer - no data. Country of origin - Japan (JP).. "JAPAN1UA1010501007612.716786
13/Apr/20179032200000"1. Manostat E, which is installed in the vacuum Cutters Swopper SW-550: - vacuum gauge, article 514101 in the amount of 1 pieces. It is a vacuum sensor -prystriy physical parameters which vary with pressure environment that is measured. It consists of primary converter of pressure, as part yakohochutlyvyy element that is converted into an electrical signal, which is transmitted nakontroller and supporting vsanovlenu limit vacuum Cutters controls (switches abovymykaye) vacuum pump. The voltage - 24V. The company manufacturer: "" BAUMER eLECTRIC AG "". Trademark: "" BAUMER "". Country of origin: (CH) Switzerland. ".SWITZERLAND1UA1002000.07235.6994175
12/Apr/201785014020901.Dvyhuny AC single-phase: actuator assembly with a switch and merezhevymkabelem Cutter (material: steel, plastic, copper 230V / 400W) art. 00751602-4sht. The drive assembly with a switch and cable Cutter (material: steel, plastic, copper 230V / 550Vt) art. 00751583-1sht.Torhovelna grade: B / S / HKrayina production: SIVyrobnyk: BSH Hausgerate GmbH.SLOVENIA5UA1251904.5387.41499198
12/Apr/20178415810090"1.Installations for air conditioning, which include blown ventilators and temperature change devices, with a built-in refrigeration unit and a device that provides cold-heat switching modes, does not contain transmitters and receivers, RauDioelectronic devices and radiation devices with a consumer power of more than 50 kW: Krishni Konditsioner Ruhofot is equipped with a system of gas heating. Models: serial # 13271-13 EFFI + 333 CC + 189-1pcs consumer power 86.3kW, L = 33,000 m3 / h, 200Pa , Qx = 152kW, Qt = 170.2kW, In the complex And: electronic dipole controller, R410A refrigerant room temperature sensor, CO2 regulator, airflow sensor, filter gauge sensor, 2-stage atmospheric burner, gas cutter, gas shut-off valve, frequency inverter for smooth start-up and air flow control , Tandem coolant loop, G4 filter, protection against rephasing, aluminum connecting frame with thermal insulation of communicative board, accounting system with output for dispatching. Producer Energie Transfert Thermique ETT Production of FRCETT arch "FRANCE0UA100130217631926.74813
11/Apr/201785014020901.Dvyhuny AC single-phase: actuator assembly with a switch and merezhevymkabelem blender (material: steel, plastic, copper 230V / 400W) art. 00754623 -5sht.Pryvid complete with switch and network cables blender (material: steel, plastic, copper 230V / 600W) art. 00754626-12sht. The drive assembly with a switch and cable Cutter (material: steel, plastic, copper 230V / 400W) art. 00751601-4sht. The drive assembly of switch and network cables blender (material: steel, plastic, copper 230V / 600W) art. 00495308-18sht. The drive assembly of switch and network cables blender (material: steel, plastic, copper 230V / 600W) art. 00657256-12sht.Torhovelna grade: B / S / HKrayina production: SIVyrobnyk: BSH Hausgerate GmbH.SLOVENIA51UA12519037.046878.6428637
07/Apr/20178509900090"1.Chastyny ​​kitchen equipment: Nozzles included (protyrka, grinder, vegetable cutters) art.nomerFPPC-7naboriv, ​​Corolla for 5KSM90, 5K45, 5KSM150PS, K45SS, art.nomer K45WW-5pcs, screwdriver set, Grinder, protyrka, art.nomer 5FVSFGA-3nab, bowl for ice cream, art.nomer 5KICA0WH-5pcs, Obod for plastic bowl, art.nomer 5KN1PS-20pcs; blade-mixer for 5KSM7580XE with flexible silicone edge, art.nomer 5KFE7T-2 pcs, plastic screw for grinder art.nomer 115422-5sht, sealing ring PVC art.nomer 9704203-10sht, Socket Cutter KSB1585, KSB555, art.nomer W10279262-10sht; coupling KSB555, art.nomer W10279256-10sht, and Val ring for mixer, metal, art.nomer 4160474-12sht; Washer for KSM150, art.nomer W10323378-10sht; cap to spring for motor mixer, art.nomer 116286-10sht, plugs, plastic, art.nomer 3184212-10sht; Sealing ring for 5KPM5, 5K5SS, 5KSM5, 5KPM50, art.nomer 240775-1-10sht, switch to the mixer, plastic, white, art.nomer 3184262-10sht, switch to the mixer, Mr eraser, black, art.nomer 3184264-10sht ; ring bearing on the food processor, plastic, art.nomer W10451327-5sht, motor shaft adapter for 5KFP1335, art.nomer W10451326-5sht; nozzle Grinder, art.nomer 5FGA-4 pieces, Country of origin: US. Trade mark 'KitchenAid'. manufacturer: 'KitchenAid Europa Inc. "UNITED STATES0UA12501059.252218.058558
06/Apr/20178544429098"1.Crushcutter for the auto switch (690V, plastic / metal) art.10391-25pcs. (Equipped with couplings). Production code - DE.Trademark - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC. Producer -" SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES SAS " "."GERMANY0UA100010229.68920473
03/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​and accessories for print, copy machines, not mistyatelektrychnyh and electronic components notcontains Radio: Host ink printer EpsonPRINTER VALVE ASSY., HEAD, CA01; ESL, ASP art.-1495821, -4sht. Node ink for printer EpsonPRINTER DUCT ASSY., CR, ASP art.-1588043, -2sht. Node ink printer (valve mechanism) Epson SELECTOR, UNIT, KC, ESL, ASP [1531526] art.-1543216, -1sht. printheads for printer Epson pRINT HEAD SPRO7400 art.-F160010, -4sht. printhead printer Epson pRINT HEAD art.-F186000, -1sht. art.-F186010, -1sht. printhead printer Epson pRINT HEAD SPRO7880 art.-F187000, - 3pc. printheads A printer Epson PRINT HEAD [F189000] art.-F189010, -1sht. printhead printer Epson PRINTER PRINT HEAD art.-F192040, -1sht. printhead printer Epson PRINT HEAD, IA522V-9; ASP art.-FA06092, -1sht. printhead printer Epson LFP pRINT HEAD, ID7560-8; ASP [FA12081] [FA12000] art.-FA12082, -1sht. Collection of waste Chor Nile printer Epson OIL PAD ASSY; ASP art.-1588063, -20sht . Collection of waste ink printer Epson POROUS PAD, WIPER, CLEANER B, ASP [1598963] art.-1613445, -2sht. Cartridge-cleaner inkjet printer Epson CLEANING CARTRIDGE art.-1582821, -1sht. Valve ink printer Epson PRINTER SPRO9800 VALVE ASSY, HEAD, C, ESL art.-1419222, -10sht. The cover for the printer (plastic) Epson D24B SPRO7400 CUTTER CAP art.-1491061, -2sht. Module scraps of paper Epson AUTO CUTTER UNIT, CA [1303236] [1691583] art.-1434300, -3sht. Switch-mode printer Epson SELECTOR, UNIT, C, [1523885] [1543056] [1705826] art.-1543056, -1sht. Brand-SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION; Trademark-Epson; vyrobnytstva- Country CN; "CHINA0UA20920024.13377.718574
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Cutter Switch Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cutter Switch Importer Sample

Date 20/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name """DHL LOGISTICS (SCHWEIZ) AG"""
Product Description
"1. Switches for a voltage not exceeding 60 V: - s.........
HS Code 8536501590Value 321.2376772
Quantity 0Unit UA100200
Net Weight 0.66
Origin Country SWITZERLAND

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