Ukraine Import Data of Cupid | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cupid

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Cupid Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cupid

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/20176029091001. Living plants for greenhouse flowering in pots from hruntosumishshyu: Spathiphyllum Pearl Cupido / Spatifilum (35 cm.) Diameter pot - 9 cm, 54 pcs. .NETHERLANDS0UA12519022.577.899569207 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/201790262080001.Dekoratyvni plants in a state of growth or flowering in n / o pots with torfohruntom (figure 1-a plant height) (2-figure pot diameter): - Begonia Dub.gemengd 1 pp / Begonia Dec. 30 cm -30sht.-Begonia Dub.gemengd 1 pp / Begonia Sept. 25 cm -50sht.-Begonia Elat. Borias 1 pp / Begonia 30 13 cm -30sht.-Cyclamen KLBL gemengd 15 cm O, kleinbloemig ./tsyklamen 27,510 cm 50sht.-Cyclamen persicum SSS Mam gemengd 27.5 cm O / cyclamen 30 12 cm -15sht.-Lilium Ori. Grp Entertainer 5pp, roze / 75 Lily 19 cm -6sht.-Lilium Ori. Grp Faralito 18 bl., 5 takken / 75 Lily 19 cm -20sht.-Spathiphyllum Alana bl./spatifillum 3 40 12 cm -20sht.-Spathiphyllum Cupido Compacto bl./spatifillum 8 75 17 cm -24sht.-Spathiphyllum Sweet Silvio 5 bl./spatifillum 65 14 cm -35sht.-Spathiphyllum Sweet Silvio bl./spatifillum 5 65 14 cm -7sht.-Zantedeschia gemengd 5 kleuren 4 bl./zantedeskiya 50 14 cm -24sht. Total: 311 sht.Chysta weight: 151 kh.Torhovelna Brand: No danyhKrayina production: EUVyrobnyk: OZ Export BV.TAIWAN100UA1251004.6595.75200618
24/Apr/201785123090901. Living plants for greenhouse flowering in pots from hruntosumishshyu: Spathiphyllum Pearl Cupido / Spatifilum (35 cm.) Diameter pot - 9 cm, 54 pcs. .SPAIN0UA1001201.3435.34462185
13/Apr/2017601209000"1. pot plants in the state of flowering, ornamental, indoor, begonia / Begonia: Elatior Grp Dubbel Gemengd (NL) - 36sht.; Begonia Elatior Grp Dubbel Gemengd (NL) -15sht., Hippeastrum / Hippeastrum Gem 3 Srt (NL) - 40sht., Hloksiniya / Sinningia Gem (NL) - 168sht., Spatifilum / Spathiphyllum: Chopin (NL) -60sht.; Spathiphyllum Romeo Cupido (NL) - 50sht.; Spathiphyllum Sweet Silvio (NL) - 24sht., Zantedetsyya / Zantedeschia Gem (NL) - 66sht., Total - Net 459sht .; weight: 290kh, Country of origin: NL, Manufacturer: DE GOOIJER INTERNATIONAL BV; trade mark: no data. ".NETHERLANDS0UA100010290588.7425099
10/Apr/20178516609000"1.Pechi electric: 1) Power 2000-2400 W type heating elements, quartz, Ob '' chamber volume 12 l., Product Management electrons. Material chamber: Stainless steel doors Material: Glass Mini oven BORK W551 Art .49765-1sht. 2) home breadmaker for making bakery products 680-830Vt power, voltage -220-240V fully automatic preparation of bread (dough under the "" volume, pastries) sennsorna control panel BORK X800 art.35338 - 4 pieces. Manufacturer: SUN CUPID INDUSTRIES LTD.Torhivelna mark: BORK.. "CHINA5UA11015036.2850.7101006
09/Apr/20176012090001. Decorative plants from flowering rozhaluzhenymkornevyschem able abovehetatsiyi in n / o. pots ztorfohruntom: Anthurium / Anthurium An Flamingo mix h 60cm - 8 pieces. Anthurium / Anthurium An Maduralh 75 cm - 18sht. Anthurium / Anthurium AnSuccess red h 40 cm - 30sht.Anturium / Anthurium Dacota h 70 cm - 6sht.Anturium / Anthurium Turenza h 50 cm -35sht. Anthurium / Anthurium mix h 90 cm -12sht. Anthurium / Anthurium mix h 45 cm - 10pc. Begonia / Begonia Baladin mix h 30 sm 60sht. Begonia / Begonia Volcano mix h 25 cm - 74sht. Cyclamen / Cyclamen mix h 35cm - 42sht. Hipyeastrum / Hippeastrum mix h 25 cm - 30sht. Hloksiniya / Sinningia mix h25 cm - 18sht. Spatefilum / Spathiphyllum Pearl Cupido h 35 cm - 6sht.Spatefilum / Spathiphyllum Sensation h 150 cm - 4 pieces. Spatefilum / SpathiphyllumSweet Torelli h 40 cm - 20pcs. Spatefilum / Spathiphyllum Verdi h 70 cm - 12sht.Kala / Zantedeschia Overig h 40 cm - 68sht. net weight 248kh.torhova mark - nemadanyh. manufacturer - no danyh.Krayina production - NL. .NETHERLANDS0UA10001024887.29046285
07/Apr/2017601209000"1. pot plants in the state of flowering, decorative room: Anthurium / Anthurium: An Baby Orange (NL) - 50sht.; Anthurium An Fantasy Lov (NL) - 4pcs.; Anthurium An Gem 3 Kl (NL) - 36sht .; Begonia / Begonia: Elatior Grp Dubbel'baladin '(NL) - 60sht.; Begonia Elatior Grp Dubbel Gemengd (NL) -50sht.; Begonia Rex Ov (NL) - 40sht., Cyclamen / Cyclamen Super Allur Gem (NL) - 24sht ., Hippeastrum / Hippeastrum: Gem 3 Srt (NL) - 40sht.; Hippeastrum Gem 3 Srt (NL) - 56sht., lily / Lilium Or Sun Borneo (NL) - 40sht., Spatifilum / Spathiphyllum: Alana (NL) - 200sht .; Spathiphyllum Chopin (NL) - 6 pcs.; Spathiphyllum Chopin (NL) - 96sht.; Spathiphyllum Cupido Compa (NL) - 48sht.; Spathiphyllum Cupido Compa (NL) - 12p.; Spathiphyllum Pearl Cupido (NL) - 96sht .; Zantedetsyya / Zantedeschia: Callaf Red (NL) - 14sht.; Zantedeschia Gem (NL) - 8 pieces., Total - Net 880sht .; weight: 476,7kh and the country you obnytstva: NL; Producer: DE GOOIJER INTERNATIONAL BV; trade mark: no data. ".NETHERLANDS0UA100010476.71182.717507
05/Apr/201712093000001.Nasinnya herb used primarily to produce flowers, raw herbicides: Stevia art. 163864.9 -0,024kh.Molyutsella Irish bells art.163864.11 -2kh. Bells karpatskisumish art. 163864.13 -0,3kh. Zhorzhynanyzkorosla Opera mixture of art. 163864.14-0,3kh. Matiola Ekselsiortemno red art. 163864.18 -0,1kh.Chornobryvtsi Cupid lemon art.163864.26 -0,6kh. Alissum Mountain gold art. 163864.35 -0,1kh. DelfiniumBaterflyay mixture of art. 163864.36 -0,2kh. Carnation Duchess mixture of art. 163864.42-1kh. Carnation Milady mixture of art. 163864.43 -0,5kh. Purslane Lonhblum mixture art.163864.49 -1kh. Helihrizum prykvitnykovyy art. 163864.54 -0,5kh. In pervynniyupakovtsi. .CHINA0UA1251006.6241872.580037
02/Apr/20176012090001. Decorative plants from flowering rozhaluzhenymkornevyschem able abovehetatsiyi in n / o. pots ztorfohruntom: Anthurium / Anthurium An Baby Boomer h 40cm - 60sht. Anthurium / Anthurium Red King h50 cm - 12p. Anthurium / Anthurium mix h45 cm - 70sht. Begonia / Begonia Baladinmix h 30 cm - 12p. Begonia / BegoniaElatior mix h 35 cm - 18sht.Behoniya / Begonia Du mix h 27 cm - 60sht.Behoniya / Begonia Gemengd h 22 cm - 24sht. Begonia / Begonia Volcano mix h 25 cm -50sht. Cyclamen / Cyclamen Kl SS Compact mix h 25 cm - 120sht. Cyclamen / CyclamenMerengue mix h 27 cm - 24sht. Hloksiniya / Sinningia mix h 25 cm - 66sht.Spatefilum / Spathiphyllum Alana h 35 cm - 110sht. Spatefilum / Spathiphyllum Alana h45 cm - 80sht. Spatefilum / Spathiphyllum Alfetta h 75 cm - 1sht.Spatefilum / Spathiphyllum Bellini h 40 sm 30sht. Spatefilum / Spathiphyllum Chopin h 30 cm - 16sht. Spatefilumdekor / Spathiphyllum Chopin in scale deco h 50 cm - 12sht.Spatefilum / Spathiphyllum Korto h 30 cm - 10pc. Spatefilum / Spathiphyllum PearlCupido h 35 cm - 24sht. Spatefilum / S pathiphyllum Silver Cupido h 70 cm - 12sht.Spatefilum / Spathiphyllum Sweet Chico h 40 cm - 40sht. Spatefilum / SpathiphyllumSweet Chico h 70 cm - 6 pieces. Kala / Zantedeschia Overig h 40 cm - 50sht. vaha444kh clean. trademark - no data. manufacturer - no danyh.Krayina production - NL.NETHERLANDS0UA100010444156.0409605
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Cupid Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cupid Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""ФРУТАРІЯ"""
Importer Address
79035, Львівська обл., м.Львів вул.Зелена б.115Б
Exporter Name Fresh Box Sp.zo.o
Product Description
1. Living plants for greenhouse flowering in pots .........
HS Code 602909100Value 7.899569207
Quantity 0Unit UA125190
Net Weight 22.57
Origin Country NETHERLANDS

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