Ukraine Import Data of Cup Shelf | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cup Shelf

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cup shelf collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cup shelf imports.

Cup Shelf Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cup Shelf

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/201728070000001.Mebli kitchen section (materials: wood): complete kitchen (wood) 1364h64hN255 size cm: Cases - 5 pcs., Stand floor - 12 pcs., Mounted cupboard - 7 pcs. Shelf 120h51 cm - 2 pcs. Island 198h76hN78 cm - 1 pcs. door for dishwasher machines - 2 pcs. Support for cutlery - 2 pcs., stand for knives - 1 pc., cap H14 cm (mP) - 13.7 = 1komp. (disassembled to transport a). .BELARUS0UA1021601848025140.228588 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20173004900000"1. Drugs (medicines for humans), in packages for retail, therapeutic or prophylactic, not aerosol packaging: FLU-Gouna, Wood pellets po1h in the tube, 6 tubes in a cardboard box. Active ingredients: 100 g hranulmistyat: Aconitum napellus 5CH - 16,556 g, Anas barbariae hepatis et cordisextractum 200K - 0,664 g, Belladonna 5CH - 16,556 g, Cuprum 3CH - 16,556 g, Echinacea 3CH - 16,556 g, Haemophilus influenzae 9CH - 16,556 g, Vincetoxicum5CH - 16,556 g Series: 703002 -11700up. Shelf life - 01.01.2022Reyestratsiyne certificate -UA / 12639/01 / 01Torhivelna mark - "" GUNA "". Producer - "" Guna SpA "" Italiya.Krayina production - Italy (IT). Marking ayavne vstanovlennymzakonodavstvom and meets standards. ".ITALY0UA125110357.546031.69916
19/Apr/20173004900000"1.Liky for humans for therapeutic and prophylactic use, put up for retail sale not in aerosol packaging does not contain narcotics, HROPRYNOZYN ®, syrup 250 mg / 5 ml to 120 ml bottle, 1 bottle included with dosage cups carton (active ingredient - 5 ml syrup contains 250 mg inosine pranobex) - 150up.Seriya F71101A. Shelf life 01.2019.Torhovelna mark RG, HROPRYNOZYN; Producer: production nerozfasovanoyi products, primary and secondary packaging: "" Gedeon Richter Romania "" AT ., Romania, Country yrobnytstva: RO.. "ROMANIA0UA12503036593.6399456
19/Apr/201787082990001.Chastyny ​​bodies for a / m Lada: wing front left, front left art.21093840301100 -10sht.Krylo, art.21093840301 100 - 10sht.Krylo front left, art.21093 840301100 - 10sht.Krylo front left, art .21093840301100 - 10sht.Kryloperednye Liv e, art.21093840301100 - 10sht.Krylo longer before left, front left art.21093840301100- 10sht.Krylo, art.21093840301100 - 10pc. Front left wing, art.21093840301100 - 10sht.Krylo front left, art.21093840301 100 - 10sht.Kryloperednye left, art.21093 840301100 - 10sht.Krylo front left, art .21093840301100- 9sht. Liv is the front wing, art.21093840301100 - 10pc. Wing re dnye left, art.21093840301100 - 10pc. Cree lo front left, art.21093840301100 - 10 sht.Kryloperednye left, art.2109384030110 0 - 10pc. Front left wing, art.21093840301100 - 10pc. Front left wing, art .21093840301100 - 10pc. Wing perednyeli ve art.21093840301100 - 2 pcs. Wing re dnye left, art.21093840301100 - 9sht.Posy lyuvach top left (cataphoresis) 80840339570 art.111 - 4 pieces. Doors left vzbori (k ataforez) art.21090620001570 - 6 pieces. Cree lo front right (cataphoresis) art.211408 40301070 - 10pc. The frame of the wind window assembly (cataphoresis) art.21700520101010 - 16sht.Panel mounting radio, art .21920532521200 -1sht. The hood lining for onsoli, art.21700532602200 - 30sht. Cup support springs art.21010510122500 -40sht. Kozyrok protysonyachnyy left, art.111808 20401100 -5sht. Manhole cover fuel ba ka, art.21100841301000 - 7sht. Mr. lipryladiv shelf, art.11180530309000 - 1pc. K ronshteyn mounting front wing left, art.21080840315500 - 10pc. Bracket for Front wing left, art.21080840315500 - 10pc. Kozyrok protysonyach tion right, art.21700820401000 - 6sht.Ko zyrok protysonyachnyy left, art.21700820 401 100 - 8 pieces. Overlay door backward zpos ylyuvachem, art.21710821251200 - 3pc. Doors and front right (KTFR), art.211006100014 70 - 5pcs. Overlay trunk lid, art .21700821251200 - front 2sht.Dveri great mo (cataphoresis) art.21214610003042 - 6 pieces. Porohalivyy fairing, art.211008415121 00 - 2 pcs. fairing and front wing right, art.21100841551200 - 5pcs. Lane fairing ednoho left wing, art.21100841551300- 2 pcs. Housing facing the wheel shaft, al t.21140340307010 - 1pc. Luc obyvkybokov yny and right wheel arches, art.212135004 06600 - 2 pcs. Screen bokovyypravyy, art.2 1700510946200 - 2 pcs. Screen left side, art.21700510946300 -2sht. Upholstery Center Copyrights upper rack rights art.21700540 212800 - 1pc. Obyvkatsentralnoyi rack upper left, art.21700540212900 - 2 pcs. O rack byvka zadkaprava, art.2170054021 4000 - 1am. Edging back door frame and rights art.21700620339200 - 2 pcs. Lini yuvannya front door of domestic law art.21214820138400 - 2 pcs. Facing ne Ref door domestic law art.21214 820 138 500 - 4 pieces. Case intermediate center lnoho nozzle ventylyatsiyikuzova, art.2172 0810420000 - 2 pcs. Kozyrok protysonyachnyy, art.21900820401000 -2sht. Upholstery second rear door art.21900620201200 - 1pc. Goat rok protysonyachnyy, art.21900820401110 - 4 pieces. Upholstery of doorRUSSIA0UA1251801092.7154970.129774
19/Apr/20179403208000"1.Mebli metalevi for dining and living room, art.76693 Chest Kontor 8Drawers-1am; art.78318 Chest Do It Yourself 11Drw-1am; art.79559 Nastinnapolytsya Cups-1am; art.79578 Steel Wire Black (2 / Set) -1sht; art.78848 KomodEfficiency 1 Wood Door 4 Drawers-1am; art.80198 Steel Wire Copper (2 / Set) -1sht; art.80077 Console Brick Deluxe 110x35cm- 1pc; art.80555 Desk Jupiter d100cm (vrozibr able to anomu easy transport, Do art.80555-1 top stoluJupiter d100cm and art.80555-2 base table Jupiter d100 cm) -1sht; art.81560 StilJupiter d55cm (rozibra nomu a condition for easy transport, desktop art.80560-1verh Jupiter d55cm t art.80560-2 base table and Jupiter d55cm) -1sht; art.81543 table Gloria Gold 200x100c m (in the unassembled for easy transportation: art.80543-1 top table Gloria G old 200x100cm and art.80543-2 osnovastol in Gloria Gold 200x100cm) -1sht; art.81573 chair Vegas Forever Yellow (vrozibranomu state for convenience Transp rtuvannya: art.80573-1 the seat Vegas Forever Yellow and art.80573-2 feet Kr Isla Vegas Forever Yellow) -1sht; art.81795 Table Easy Living Brass d46cm-2 pieces; Table art.76008 Manufaktur100x100cm-1am; Table art.79562 Paris Map 140x84cm-1am; Table art.80682 Profiled70cm-2 pcs; art.80772 Wine shelf Bottle Opener-2 pcs .Torhivelna Brand: KARE Design GmbH.Vyrobnyk: KARE Design GmbH.Krayina production: CN. "CHINA0UA125220428.323229.035664
11/Apr/20173004900000"1.Liky for humans for therapeutic and prophylactic use, put up for retail sale not in aerosol packaging does not contain narcotics, HROPRYNOZYN ®, syrup 250 mg / 5 ml to 120 ml bottle, 1 bottle included with dosage cups carton (active ingredient - 5 ml syrup contains 250 mg inosine pranobex) - 150up.Seriya F71101A. Shelf life 01.2019.Torhovelna mark RG, HROPRYNOZYN; Producer: production nerozfasovanoyi products, primary and secondary packaging: "" Gedeon Richter Romania "" AT ., Romania, Country yrobnytstva: RO.. "ROMANIA0UA12503036593.6400302
06/Apr/20178903929900"1.Plavuchyy vehicle (boat) Leisure length over 7.5 m: konstruktsiyeyuz for engine installation on board does not include in its composition taperedavachiv receiver (radio) -1sht. Mark" "DELPHIA YACHTS" "model," "ESCAPE 1150 VOYAGE "", identification number (HIN): PL-DELBV003D616, for category CE: B Cabins 2 pcs. Tualetnikimnaty 2 pcs. Calendar year-mixing up: 2016. Established engine VOLVOD-4-225A-F with screw fuel tank 300l Corps boat made of skloplastykubi logo colors, has 4 hatch marked lanes waterline dlyakupannya a platform with stairs, timber pryvalnyy N / CNS. Pa Luba from antysklyzkympokrittya m has an anchor Delta 10kg with a device for a ytyahuvannya (anchor windlass Quick), railings, 8 in open palm fixation, 6 mooring terminals, steering rubkavykonana of zhor stkym top, windshield glass, lights, 1svitovyy hatch (corridor), 1 large door (front cabin), 2 sunroof (toilet), 3 hatch (gallery kormovakayuta). Cockpit samodren uyuchyy 3 locks and electric discovery tyam, mayesyhnal, gas installation, antys klyzke coverage. Aft cabin with a double nymlizhkom, wardrobe, chest of drawers. Tion to the cabin with double berth, wardrobe, cupboard and shelf. Dressing cabins with toilets and electrical Hexadecimal tank to 160l. Salon, Galley has a console with shturv alom, speakers with FM radio, table zdyvanom, Sofa Driver door opened I was at the helm, sunroof bilyazadnoyi parts of a hatch in the ceiling double sink, stove, refrigerator 100L, installation cold Noah hot water, fire extinguisher and fire blanket, basket dlyasmittya. Electricity: lighting LED, electronic pa nel switch rыvnemыryvody, battery and device 12V / 230V / 40A, 12V socket 2, 4 outlet 230V, puskovyyakumulyator AGM1 10Ah, marker light LED, nasal Piedra ulyuyuchyy prystriybatareyi, vy shore power cable. Plumbing system made taharyachoyi cold water shower in the cockpit so ualeta tank with drinking water 250l., Boiler 30l., Bilge pump 1mehanichnyy 1 trychnyy electric bilge pump. Established uustanovku gases from gas leak tester, hatsiynyy navi device - magnetic compass. Dimensions: length 9,95m Specific sa fan Irina 3.45, the maximum draft 0,9m.Vyrobnyk - DELPHIA YACHTS KOT Sp.JTorhivelna mark - DELPHIAKrayina production - PL "POLAND1UA1000207200100426.5893
04/Apr/20171211908500"1. hibiscus flower, flower (substance), dried and cup podchashie (medicinal herbs for use farmatseftychnoho) (Flores Hibiskus), does not apply to narcotics, psychotropic substances and precursors - 71 pcs. P / p bags of 30 kg net . Total net weight of 2130 kg. production date: December 30, 2016. Shelf life: 3 years. №UA RP / 11122/01/01 dated 12/04/15 to 04.12.2020r. origin: NG.Vyrobnyk: collection raw materials, quality control: Toon Consolidated Company Ltd18, Taiwo Street, Off Ogudu Road Ojota, Nigeria. Issue Series: OOO "" Elpis "" 26 Ganibu dambis, Riga, LV 1005, Latvia.Torhivelna mark: Toon Consolidated. "NIGERIA0UA12522021305026.800083
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Cup Shelf Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cup Shelf Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name "ВАТ ""НАФТАН"""
Product Description
1.Mebli kitchen section (materials: wood): complet.........
HS Code 2807000000Value 5140.228588
Quantity 0Unit UA102160
Net Weight 184802
Origin Country BELARUS

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