Ukraine Import Data of Crystal Stone | Ukraine Import Statistics of Crystal Stone

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of crystal stone collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of crystal stone imports.

Crystal Stone Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Crystal Stone

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of crystal stone. Get Ukraine trade data of Crystal Stone imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201769089091001.Plytka coated with ceramic stone, interior finish, wall tapidlohy. Ceramic tiles 60x60 cm. Art. CRYSTAL BIANCO -103,68m2. Plytkakeramichna 60x60 cm. Art. CRYSTAL BEIGE-207,36m2.Torhovelna mark: Ceramica FondovalleKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: Ceramica SpA Ceramic Fondovalle art. SAMPLES CERAMICTILES PANELS -60m2. Ceramic tiles 15x90 cm. Art. SCOT GREY -9,72m2. Plytkakeramichna 15x90 cm. Art. SCOT GREY-9,72m2. Ceramic tiles 15x90 cm. Art. SCOT RED -10,93m2. Facing keramichna40x80 cm. Art. DOMUS PIOMBO GLOSSY-1,92m2. Ceramic tiles 40x80 cm. Art. DOMUS PIOMBO SILK -1,92m2. Plytkakeramichna 40x80 cm. Art. DOMUS PIOMBO NATUR -1,92m2. Ceramic tiles 30x30 DOMUS PIOMBO TRAMA GLOSS-0,36m2. Ceramic tiles 30x30 cm. Art. DOMUS PIOMBO BRIK GLOSS -0,36m2. Plytkakeramichna 40x80 cm. Art. DOMUS BEIGE GLOSSY -1,92m2. Ceramic tiles 40x80 DOMUS BEIGE SILK -1,92m2. Ceramic tiles 40x80 cm. Art. DOMUS BEIGENATUR. -1,92m2. Ceramic tiles 30x30 cm. Art. DOMUS BEIGE TRAMA GLOSS-0,36m2. Ceramic tiles 30x30 cm. Art. DOMUS BEIGE BRIK GLOSS -0,36m2.Torhovelna mark: Ceramica Colli di SassuoloKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: Ceramica Colli di Sassuolo SPA Ceramic 60x120 cm. Art.CHEVRON RAFTERS GREY -59,04m2. Ceramic 60x120 cm. Art. CHEVRON RAFTERSDARK -59,04m2.Torhovelna Brand: Ceramiche AscotKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: Ceramiche Ascot SPA Tiles 40x80 cm. Art. EK1 PLUS-117,12m2. Ceramic tiles 15x30 cm. Art. HGT11 HARD -47,52m2.Torhovelna mark: Ceramica del ConcaKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: Ceramica del Conca Spa Ceramic tile 12,5x12,5 cm. Art. COLIBRIGIA / GR.DEC. -1,14m2. Ceramic tile 12,5x12,5 cm. Art. COLIBRI GIA / GR.DEC.-1,14m2. Ceramic Art. SAMPLES DECS -3,27m2.Torhovelna mark: Vallelunga & CoKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: Vallelunga & Co. SRLITALY70264UA100020165898014.145968 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201738244000001.BMA AKCELERATOR UKRAINA - accelerator crystallization process. Number - 22080 kg. Used as a finished additive (accelerator linkage) to the mortar in the manufacture plasterboard and other gypsum-based products. It is a gypsum stone (CaSO4 * 2H2O) milled with the addition of calcium lignosulphonate in the ratio of 9: 1. Content Protection dihydrate calcium sulfate (CaSO4 * 2H2O, CAS 7778-18-9) - 93% calcium lignosulfonate content (CAS 8061-52-7) - 7%. Looks like a fine powder gray, packed in big bags. Trademark: NIDA. Manufacturer: SINIAT Sp. z oo, PL. .POLAND0UA700020220809052.800126
25/Apr/20172905449100"1.D-hlyutsytol (sorbitol) containing D-mannitol 0,12%: SORBITOL POWDER - 6000kh is a crystalline powder, used in food, pharmaceutical industries. Perform the role of sweeteners, volohoutrymuyuchohokomponenta and filler in the manufacture of food products. Packaging: 240paper.mishkiv to 25kg. Chemical name: D-hlyutsytol (sorbitol) .Torhovelna brand: HUGESTONE.Vyrobnyk "" HUGESTONE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. "" Country of origin: CN.. "CHINA0UA50006060005939.999993
24/Apr/20179503008100"1.D-hlyutsytol (sorbitol) containing D-mannitol 0,12%: SORBITOL POWDER - 6000kh is a crystalline powder, used in food, pharmaceutical industries. Perform the role of sweeteners, volohoutrymuyuchohokomponenta and filler in the manufacture of food products. Packaging: 240paper.mishkiv to 25kg. Chemical name: D-hlyutsytol (sorbitol) .Torhovelna brand: HUGESTONE.Vyrobnyk "" HUGESTONE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. "" Country of origin: CN.. "CHINA0UA100120787.45714.304685
19/Apr/201769089091001.Plytka coated with ceramic stone, interior finish, wall tapidlohy. Ceramic 20x120 cm. Art. NATURE TABACCO -4,8m2. Plytkakeramichna 15x120 cm. Art. NATURE TABACCO -3,6m2. Ceramic 20x120 NATURE TABACCO -3,84m2. Ceramic 15x120 cm. Art. NATURE TABACCO-3,6m2.Torhovelna mark: Sichenia Gruppo CeramicheKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: Sichenia Gruppo Ceramiche SpA Tiles 100x100 cm. Art.CORTEN 5PLUS -2m2. Ceramic tile 100x100 cm. Art. PULPIS GLS -1m2. Plytkakeramichna 100x100 cm. Art. BLACK PLUS-1m2. Ceramic tile 100x100 cm. Art. ULTRAWHITE -3m2. Facing keramichna14,3x100 cm. Art. LAND PLUS -2,86m2. Ceramic tile 100x100 cm. Art. TORTORAPLUS -20m2.Torhovelna mark: PanariaGroup Industrie CeramicheKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: PanariaGroup Industrie Ceramiche SPA Ceramic 14,5x14,5sm. Art. ARABESQUE SATIN TALCO-4,5m2. Ceramic tile 14,5x14,5 cm. Art. ARABESQUE SATIN TALCO -0,5m2. Plytkakeramichna 14,5x 14,5 cm. Art. ARABESQUE SILK GESSO -4m2.Torhovelna Brand: TonaliteKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: Tonalite SpA Ceramic tile art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES PANELS-9,6m2. Ceramic tiles 60x60 cm. Art. BRILLIANCE CRYSTAL MOON -5,76m2. Plytkakeramichna 24,5x49 cm. Art. FULIGO-0,96m2. Ceramic tile 31,5x63,5 cm. Art. JASMIN -6m2. Facing keramichna60x120 cm. Art. SCUBA -7,2m2. Ceramic 60x120 cm. Art. AWANUI TECH-14,4m2. Ceramic 20x120 cm. Art. FIORDLAND -50,4m2. Facing keramichna20x120 cm. Art. AWANUI -37,2m2. Ceramic 60x120 cm. Art. FIORDLAND TECH-43,2m2. Ceramic 20x120 cm. Art. TASMAN -50,4m2. Facing keramichna60x120 cm. Art. KIMBERLY -4,32m2. Ceramic 60x120 cm. Art. EMPEROR-43,2m2. Ceramic 33x66,4 cm. Art. JASMIN -2,18m2. Facing keramichna60x120 cm. Art. CATLINS TECH -14,4m2. Ceramic tile 120x120 cm. Art.STATUARIO -2,88m2. Ceramic 60x120 cm. Art. OYSTER -11,52m2. Plytkakeramichna 60x60 cm. Art. FANDANGO-15,12m2. Ceramic tiles 60x60 cm. Art. CRYSTAL MOON -34,56m2. Plytkakeramichna 16x96,2 cm. Art. ACER-105,8m2.Torhovelna brand: La FabbricaKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: La Fabbrica SpAITALY5138UA100020112115416.033975
12/Apr/20177018105100"1.Zalyshky, resulting from the processing of products. Accessories, plastic and glass. Glass products that mimic gemstone faceted and polished mechanically. Decor decoration detail uppers on a plastic base: RIP210 / AH Decal crystals" "CUORI" " type 2016-43: colorful - 838sht .; RIP210 / AM Decal crystals "" FIORE "" type 2016-33: blue - 812sht.Torhovelna mark - "" WENZHOU LIGHT INDUS TRIAL PRODUCTSARTS & CRAFTS IMPORT & EXPORT CO "". Producer - "" WENZHOU LIGHT INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTSARTS & CRAFTS IMPORT & EXPORT CO.Ltd "", China.. "CHINA0UA1010902.71300.061148
12/Apr/20173926400000"1.Dekoratyvni plastic in a variety of animals, plants, and animals for aquariums in stock: Sausage toy for dogs on a rope 11 cm, plastic, 3242, art.003242-288sht, dog toys Vinyl Dumbbell 14,5sm, 33692, art.003357-168sht, dog toys dumbbell football vinyl 14 cm, 3359, art.003359-216sht, dog toys vinyl dumbbell foot 15cm, 3361, art.003361-192sht, dog toys vinyl dumbbell foot 25 cm , 3363, art.003363-72sht, dog toys ankle vinyl 15 cm, 3374, art.003374-48sht; Morkvynka toy dog ​​vinyl 20 cm, 3398, art.003398-144sht, Toys for soba Vinyl ball for an average of 10 cm, 3412, art.003412-144sht, dog toys hedgehog vinyl 7 cm, 3413, art.003413-240sht, dog toys ball small vinyl 7,5 cm, 3414, art. 003414-216sht, dog toys vinyl Hedgehog 10 cm, 3415, art.003415-96sht, toy hedgehog ball-dog vinyl large 16 cm, 3419, art.003419-24sht, dog toys ball with spikes vinyl 12-13 cm, 3421, art.003 421-144sht, Toy clockwork mouse for cats, plastic 11 cm, 4086, art.004086-24sht, toy cat cats with ribbons Palychkadlya 65 cm, plastic, 4091, art.004091- 600sht, toy clockwork mouse for cats, plastic 7 cm, 4092, art.004092-492sht, toys cat "" Catch Mouse "" 25 cm, 41411, art.0041411-72sht; brynchaschyh set of balls, plastic, 4.5 cm (4 pcs.), 4166, art.004166-24sht, toys for cats and sticks with butterfly 45 cm pen, 45733, art.0045733-24sht, cat toy Stick with butterfly and ball 54 cm, 45741, art.0045741-72sht, Toy parrot with a bell on a chain for birds 9 cm plastic 5309, art.005309 -96sht, Toy parrot bird with a cargo of 12, 5 cm, plastic, 5311, art.005311-96sht, bird toy parrot with a load of 15 cm, 5312, art.005312-96sht, bird toy car 10.5 cm plastic, 5358, art.005358-24sht, scenery Skull aquarium 15 cm, 8713, art.008713-14 t; Decorations for aquarium Roman ruins, plastic, 13 cm, 8802, art.008802-9sht, Scenery for reptiles bark 31 cm, 8819, art.008819-6sht, scenery Coral aquarium 16 cm, 8839, art.008839-36sht, Scenery Cave aquarium with plants 19? 9.5? 14 cm, 8852, art.008852-15sht, aquarium scenery mountain cave with 22? 10.5? 12 cm, 8853, art.008853-30sht, scenery stone slabs for reptiles 19? 9? 7 cm, 8860, art.008860-24sht, scenery reptile rock 15.5 cm 8864, art.008864-2sht, scenery Coral aquarium 26 cm, 8873, art.008873-24sht; Decorations for aquarium Coral 32 cm, 8875, art.008875-6sht, scenery aquarium broken ship 29 cm, 8876, art.008876-6sht, AK variumni crystal decoration (36 pieces), plastic, 8947, art.008947-120sht, Scenery Fortress aquarium 14 cm, 8960, art.008960-24sht, Scenery aquarium Fortress 21.5 cm 8964, art.008964-12sht; Decorations for aquarium Skeleton 12 cm, 8974, art.008974-14sht, dog toys vinyl dumbbell 14,5sm, 33692, art.003357-168sht, dog toys vinyl dumbbell foot 15cm, 3361, art.003361-24sht, dog toys dumbbell vinyl foot 19 cm, 3362, art.003362-96sht, dog toys dumbbells vinyl 25 "CHINA0UA807170616.0531786.553659
12/Apr/20179405500000"1.PIDSVICHNYK glass, polyester, plastykart.37638-BIA-SWCZN-4 pieces; Candlestick skloart.37460-TUR-SWCZN-8 pieces; art.37461-TUR-SWCZN-8 pieces, ornamental LIHTARderevyna, metal art.18118-BRA-LAM -4sht; Candlestick stoneware art.19699-TUR-SWCZN-6 pieces; Candlestick glass art.20331-FIO-SWCZN-2 pcs; art.23737-CZA-SWCZN-6 pieces; art.23737-ECR-SWCZN-6 pieces; art.23737-SRE-SWCZN-4 pieces, ornamental lantern glass, metal art.24751-ECR-LAM-4 pieces; art.34802-SRE-SWCZN-2 pcs, candlesticks black metal, gold paint for the inside of the bowls art.34805-CZA -SWCZN-4 pieces, crystal glass candlestick art.37611-PRZ-SWCZN-4 pieces, ornamental lantern glass, metal, rattan art.37633-TUR-LAM-4 pieces; Candlestick glass, foam, plastic art.37660-MIX-SWCZN-WN-8 pieces, candlesticks porcelain art.37695-ROZ1-SWCZN-12p; Candlestick glass art.37892-ZLO-SWCZN-M-8 pieces, ceramics Candlestick art.37898-SRE-SWCZN-S -6sht; Candlestick glass, ceramics, dolomitic art.37901-ZLO1-SWCZN-M-4 pieces; Candlestick glass art.31994-ROZ-SWCZN-4 pieces; Candlestick stoneware art.24492-ROZ-SWCZN-6 pieces; Candlestick Crystal ve art.37610 glass-PRZ-SWCZN-4 pieces; Candlestick glass art.17417-ZIE-SWCZN-6 pieces; Candlestick stoneware art.19699-BIA-SWCZN-6 pieces; Candlestick glass art.20331-ZIE-SWCZN-6 pieces; Candlestick metal, glass art.20512-BIA-SWCZN-4 pieces; Candlestick metal, plastic art.22224-PRZ-SWCZN-4 pieces; Candlestick glass art.34480-SRE-SWCZN-S-6 pieces; art.34491-SRE-SWCZN-8 pieces, ornamental lanterns ceramics art.34799-SRE-LAM-6 pieces; Candlestick metal, glass art.36734-ZIE-SWCZN-M-6 pieces; Candlestick glass art.36765-PRZ-SWCZN-S -6sht, ornamental lantern glass, metal art.36866-ECR-SWCZN-M-6 pieces; "CHINA0UA10001079.3946.0985131
05/Apr/20177113110000"1.Hotovi jewelry (earrings, rings and brooches, cuff links) Silver 925proby, having Plating (rhodium covered by Art.) Not clad dublova melting or other precious metals, enamel coated Phragmen Talne andhave fragments doublet with inlays of precious fireplace tion (kul.perlyna, rock crystal), semi precious stones (agate, Obsidian snow, pearl) and synthetic stones (kub.oksyd zirconium (phianite) rubinsynte Atlantic, glass (im.avantyurynu) under art.; - PS110691E- 1 EARRING WITH FRESHWATER PEARL AND AGATE, RHODIUM PLATED / SERIES LOOKED Freshwater pearls and agate, rhodium-coated 15par; -PS150656E-1 EARRING WITH FRESHWATER PEARL AND CZ, RHODIUM PLATED / earrings ZKULTYVOVANYU freshwater pearls and F IANITOM covered Rodi 15par; -PS090439BH-1 BROOCH WITH FRESHWATER PEA RL, RHODIUM AND ENAMEL PLATED / BROSHKAZ cultured freshwater pearls, rhodium and Rita CDD-10pcs enamel; -PS110201BH-1 BROOCH WITH fRESHWATER PEA RL AND CZ, rHODIUM AND eNAMEL PLAT ED / B powders Of cultured freshwater pearls Noah and phianite coated with rhodium TAEMALL S-10 pieces; -PS120442BH-1 BROOCH WITH fRESHWATER PEA RL, rHODIUM AND eNAMEL PLATED / BROSHKAZ cultured freshwater pearls CDD Rita rhodium and enamel-15sht; -PS130650BH-1 BROOCH WI TH FRESHWATER PEA RL, CZ AND SYNTHETIC RUBY, RHODIUMPLATE D / brooch Cultured freshwater P ERLYNOYU, phianite AND SYNTETYCHNYMRUBINOM covered Rodi 10pc; -PS131302BH-1 BROOCH WITH DUPLATE CRYSTA L + MOP AND CZ, RHODIUM PLATED / brooch ZDUPLETOM rhinestone + pearl AND phianite covered 10pcs Rodi, -PS131317BH 1 BROOCH WITH fRESHWATER PEA RL AND CZ, rHODIUM PLATED / brooch ZKUL TYVOVANOYU freshwater pearls and FIAN Vol covered 10pcs Rodi, -PS130575SL 1 GUFFLINK WITH GLASS (IMMIT ATION OF AVENTURINE ), MOP, SNOWFLAKEOBS IDIAN, aGATE , RHODIUM PLATED / stud with glass (IMITATSIYAAVANTYURYNU), pearl, snow obsidian and Agatha covered RO-operate 10par; -PS110691R-1 RING WITH FRESHWATER PE ARL AND AGATE, RHODIUM PLATED / Rings with cultured freshwater pearls and AGAT OM covered Rodi 15sht; -PS151603R-1 RING WITH FRESHWATER PEARL AND CZ, RHODIUM PLATED / Rings with cultured freshwater pearls and M phianite covered Rodi 15sht - PS160161R-1 RING WITH fRESHWATER PEARL, rHODIUM PLATED / ZKULTYVOVANYU freshwater pearl rings, rhodium-coated 15sh t; -PS160161R-1 eARRING WITH fRESHWATER PEARL, rHODIUM PLATED / earrings cultured freshwater pearls covered RO-operate 15par; -PS160681R-1 RING WITH FRESHWATER PEARL AND CZ, RHODIUM PLATED / CARTRIDGE WITH CULTIVATED HERBAL PERLIN AND PHYNITO M, COVERED BY RODIEM-15pcs; Trademark: fromutnya.Vyrobnyk: Orient Rich Investment LimitedKrayina production: HK. "HONG KONG1361UA8072101.3614472.5001
05/Apr/20172930409000"1. The sulfur compounds: MetAMINO DL-Methionine feed grade 99% (DL-methionine) feed - 21000kh (840mish.) Product number: CAS 59-51-8. It is a crystalline powder, yellowish-white color with a specific smell. Number partiyi170301W1X, date of manufacture: 01.03.2017r shelf life: 29.02.2020r .; chemical composition metionynu: mass chastkametioninu -min 99,0%, loss on drying -max 0,3%, ash -max 0,5%; accordance certificate as a party: the mass fraction of methionine, 99.98%, loss on drying: 0.00% ash, 0.12% methionine is an essential amino acid, plays an important role in metabolism, and is actively involved the synthesis of proteins, vitamins, enzymes and hormones in the body. Methionine directly affects the synthesis of hemoglobin, participates in the formation of adrenaline, creatine, cyanocobalamin and other compounds that influence nitrogen, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Positively affect kidney function, promotes the formation inorganic sulfur increases the acidity of urine and bring nnyu stones. DL-methionine fodder used to enrich and balance rations of animals and birds, the preparation of complete feed, premixes. Dosage: feed is brought in accordance with the rules and Forage mixture: pigs -0,4-0,56%, pigs for fattening -0,3-0,37% farrowing sows -0,23-0,36% depending on body weight; Product DL-Methionine feed grade 99% (DL-methionine) is only fodder for animals, and not intended for human consumption. Methionine belongs to the sulfur compounds in the molecule by a sulfur atom is directly linked to carbon atoms. Chemical name: DL-Methionine (2-amino-4 (metyltyo) butanovaya acid), chemical formula (C5H11NO2S); The owner of the trade mark MetAMINO preparation DL-Methionine holding "" Evonik Industries AG "" Germany, products produced at the plant of the group - "" Evonik Degussa GmbH "" Germany. "GERMANY0UA1101802100053121.64448
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Crystal Stone Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Crystal Stone Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПТК ТОВ ""АГРОМАТ"""
Importer Address
03115 м.Київ,пр-т Перемоги, 89А Україна
Exporter Name LANDGEO s.r.o.
Product Description
1.Plytka coated with ceramic stone, interior finis.........
HS Code 6908909100Value 8014.145968
Quantity 70264Unit UA100020
Net Weight 16589
Origin Country ITALY

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