Ukraine Import Data of Crystal Plate | Ukraine Import Statistics of Crystal Plate

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of crystal plate collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of crystal plate imports.

Crystal Plate Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Crystal Plate

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of crystal plate. Get Ukraine trade data of Crystal Plate imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173919900010"1. plates, sheets, strips, tapes, film and other flat shapes with plastmasysamokle yni, in rolls or in rolls, subjected to further processing, krimobroblennya claim overhni or cut into shapes other than martial or quad pryamokutnoyiNabir termokleyovyh crystals. Number: 100 pcs. art. 110902010 - 672 pcs., origin - KytayKrayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - KoopmanVyrobnyk - Koopman International BV. "CHINA0UA1251106206.2403139 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20177013491000"1.Posud dining room or kitchen, except made from ceramic, not of lead crystal, mechanical manufacturing, a colorless hardened calcium sodium glass: art.10287 zakal.tarilka NK.DK. 320mm (Sultan) -1680sht., Art.10249 salad zakal.230mm NK.DK. (Atlantis) -840sht., art.10251 salad zakal.270mm NK.DK. (Atlantis) -720sht., art.10239 plate zakal.230h320mm NK.DK. (Atlantis) -1440sht. , art.95834 servis.blyudo on the leg 205mm (10512uproch. + 51059) NK.DK. (Aurora) -1344nab., Manufacturer: LLC "" Dishes "" Trademark: "" Pasabahce "" Country of origin: RU. "RUSSIA6024UA8071704299.66132.883199
25/Apr/201783024900901. CRYSTAL ARMATURE FROM NON-SOURCING METALS: Mounting plate of solenoid valve valve. SS5Y3-20-04-00F-Q-5pcs. Art SS5Y3-20-05-00F-Q-4pcs. Fastening the pneumatic art filter. Y600T-A-1pc Manufacturer of SMC Pneumatik Made by CNC Trademark of SMC.CHINA0UA1002000.965247.4430147
21/Apr/201729053925001.Komponent three-component polyurethane system as hardener - MILPUR BDO 1,4-Butandiol (butylene - MILPUR BDO Butandiol) Chemical and physical flastyvosti: (chemical name - 1,4-butanediol, number CAS - 110-63-4, appearance at 20hr.S - white, crystalline, solid appearance at temperatures above 20hr.S - colorless, transparent density g / cm3 at t = 20 hr.C - 1,01-1,02 used for the production of polyurethane products technical range of hardness from 65 to 95 units. and Shor (products for the automotive, pipe and steel, industrial slovosti (plates, rollers, rods, sleeves, cuffs)).SAUDI ARABIA0UA2091404001228.577075
20/Apr/20177013491000"1.Posud dining room or kitchen, except made from ceramic, not of lead crystal, mechanical manufacturing, a colorless hardened calcium sodium glass: art.10289 plate zakal.195mm NK.DK. (Sultan) -3528sht., Art.10286 salad zakal.120mm NK.DK. (Sultan) -3600sht., art.10256 plate zakal.196h160mm NK.DK. (Marina) -3360sht., Manufacturer: LLC "" Dishes "" Trademark: "" Pasabahce "" Country production: RU. "RUSSIA10488UA8071701947.242847.024547
20/Apr/20177013491000"1.Posud dining room or kitchen, except made from ceramic, not of lead crystal, mechanical manufacturing, a colorless hardened calcium sodium glass: art.53553 salad zakal.s zelen.plastyk.krysh.140mm NK.DK. (Chief) -864sht., art.10341 salad zakal130mm NK.DK. (YNVYTEYSHN) -1152sht., art.10257 plate uproch.260h210mm NK.DK. (Marina) -8064sht., art.10352 dish zakal.280mm NK.DK. ( PATYSSERY) -7200sht., Manufacturer: LLC "" Dishes "" Trademark: "" Pasabahce "" Country of origin: RU. "RUSSIA17280UA8071708040.18823.958504
19/Apr/201790138090001.Modul liquid crystal monochrome designed to display information on the screen absolution of 128 * 32 pixels, consisting of glass plates with a layer of liquid crystal between the glass plates fixed on a metal terminals used for domestic production controllers suction units systems ventilation: art.WG1203Y7FSN6G - 1000 sht.Krayina manufacturer - CNTorhova brand: FORMIKEVyrobnyk - FORMIKE ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. .CHINA0UA125110274867.398009
19/Apr/20173926909790"1. Plastic products intended for use in laboratories: Plastic laboratory utensils, 134 boxes, consisting of: Microplate 1.5 ml type Eppendorf PP, D.10x40 with stopper and graduation 1000 pc / up art.TYA09 - 500 000 pcs ; Golson type tips, yellow, 5-200 μl, 1000 pcs / package art.TYC02 - 1 000 000 pcs .; Eppendorf type tips, yellow, 5-200 μl, 1000 pcs / package art.TYC07 - 500,000 pcs .; ; Gilson type tips, blue, 100-1000 μl, P500-P1000 type, 1000 pcs / package art.TYC04 - 300,000 pcs; Eppendorf type heads, blue, 100-1000 μl, 1000 pcs / package art.TYC08 - 300 000 pcs; Eppendorf tips, transparent, crystal, 2-20 μl, 1000 pcs / package art.TYC06 - 50,000 pcs. ; Type Gilson type, transparent, P2-P10 type, 0.1-10 μl, 1000 pc / package art.TYC01 - 50 000 pcs; Box with PP, 60 ml, D.38x65 mm with screw cap red, individually packed , Sterile art. TYF02D - 500 pcs. Multifunctional stands under the test tubes 1,5, 0,5 ml, for 96 places art.TYA18 - 100 pcs. The stool is multifunctional under the test tubes 1,5; 0.5 ml, for 60 places art. TYA19 - 200 pcs .;Stand for the test tubes D.30 / 17, for d17 - 30 places art. TYA25 - 50 pcs .; Tripod container with 100 seats, 132x132 mm, under krioprobirky 1.2 / 2.0 ml, Art. TYB11 - 50 pcs .; Tripod container 81 place in krioprobirky 1; 2 ml, numbered, PS, 133x133x98 mm, art. TYB10 - 100 pcs .; Tripod tube D.12 mm by 90 seats art. TYD20 - 50 pcs .; Tripod tube D.16 mm by 60 seats art. TYD21 - 50 sht.Pipetky Pasteur, 130 boxes, including: Pasteur pipettes 3 ml, PE, calibration - D.7.8x150 mm, individually packaged, sterile art. TYG26D - 200 000 pcs .; Pasteur pipettes 3 ml, PE, calibration - D.7.8x150 mm, 500 pcs / packing art. TYG26 - 100 000 pcs .; Pasteur pipettes 1 ml, PE, calibration - D.5x150 mm, individually packaged, sterile art. TYG24D - 20 000 sht.Torhovelna mark CNWTCVyrobnyk Chongqing New World Trading Co., LtdKrayina production CN "CHINA0UA1000202705.19616.076895
18/Apr/20172106909200"1. The biologically active food additives vitaminizovanii: - NFS FITH2O PEACHNutrilayt Fit H2O concentrate drink with peach flavor (20 sachets, stick to 6 g, 120 g. Does not contain ethyl alcohol), art.103787UA4 - 120up. Ingredients: sucrose, maltodextrin, modified corn starch, ascorbic acid, nicotinamide, D-calcium pantothenate, D-alpha tocopherol acetate, pirodoksynuhidrohloryd, tsiankobalamin, extract the juice of red orange dopomizhnirechovyny, fatty acids, citric acid, sucralose, turmeric extract, flavor identical naturalnomu.- NFS STRIVE GRAPEFRU IT Nutrilayt Strayv + (rehidratsiynoho drink concentrate) zismakom grapefruit (20 sachets, stick to 30g, 600g. It does not contain ethyl alcohol), art.103788UA2 - 256up. Ingredients: sucrose - 22,2h, fruktoza- 4.3 g, maltodextrin - 1 , 27 g, 0.6 g of sodium chloride, potassium citrate - 0,196h, extract the juice of red orange - 0,058h, excipients: fatty acids, acacia, citric acid, flavor identical naturalnomu.- NFS CAL MAG D PLU S 90S NUTRILITE Calcium magnesium plus vitamin D (90 tablets vbanochtsi of polymeric material), 86 g (Does not contain ethyl alcohol), art.110605UA1 - 671sht. Ingredients: calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, kaltsynovanimorski algae, maltodextrin, cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), dopomizhnirechovyny: microcrystalline cellulose, carboxymethylcellulose sodium hidroksypropylmetyltselyuloza, magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide, glycerin, carnauba wax. Used in yakdodatkove diet dietary source of biologically active substances, calcium and mahniyu.- NFS CAL MAG D PLUS 180S NUTRILITE Calcium Magnesium plus Vitamin D (180 tabletokv jar of polymeric material), 173 g (Does not contain ethyl alcohol), art.110606UA1 - 2063sht. Ingredients: calcium carbonate, 490mh, magnesium oxide, 148mh, calcified seaweed-63mh, maltodextrin, 34mh, cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) -3,3mkh, excipients: microcrystalline cellulose, carboxymethylcellulose sodium hidroksypropylmetyltselyuloza, magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide, glycerin, carnauba wax. Used in food ratsionidiyetychnoho as an additional source of biologically active substances kaltsiyuta mahniyu.- NFS COENZYME Q10 60 Nutrilite Coenzyme Q10, in packages of polymer materialumasoyu 35.7 g (60 capsules) (Does not contain ethyl alcohol), art.A0191UA - 119sht. Ingredients: coenzyme Q10 - 31,5mh, extracts of citrus-25,50 mg poroshokspiruliny-19,50mh; Auxiliary components: maltodextrin, gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, tricalcium phosphate, silica, water. Used in diet dietary dzherelokoenzymu as additional Q10 and bioflavonoidiv.- NUTRILITE Vitamin B Plus Dietary supplement "" NUTRILITE Vitamin B plus "" (530 mg 60tabletok weight Net weight 32 g Composition (1 tablet (530 mg), yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) 85,0 mg powder spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) 80,0 mg lactose - 71 mg, 19.5 mg nicotinamide, D-calcium pantothenate 8,45 mg pyridoxine hydrochloride 2.17 mg, 1.857 mg riboflavin "UNITED STATES0UA100110844.7811260.26544
18/Apr/20179004109100"1.Okulyary sunglasses with lenses plastic: BO'JMIR I / E47-Black / ShinySilver- Lens: G-101-CR-6-ZI-1am; BO'JMIR II / E47-TokyoTortoise / Shiny Black- Lens: G -301-CR-6-ZI-3pc; BO'JMIR II / E47-Crystal / GoldPlated- Lens: M-306-CR-6-IN ML GreenMirror CR-39 6 Inui Base-1am; BO'JMIR II / E47 -Black / Gold Plated- Lens: G-101-CR-6-ZI-2 pcs; VAJAZZLE / E54-Shiny Black / Gold Plated- Lens: M-100-CR-6-ZI-2 pcs; BLADE HUMMER I / E66- Matte Black- Camo G10- Lens: M-301-NY-8-ZI; -1sht; JACKADDICT / E62-Gold Plated / Matte Black-Black Plastic- Lens: M-213-CR-6-ZI-1am; JACKADDICT / E62-Brushed Silver-Black-Plastic- Lens: G-100-CR-6-ZI-1am; JACKADDICT / E62-Matte Silver / Matte Gold Plated-White Ebony Piano Varnish-Lens: MG-100-CR-6-ZI -1sht; KLOSTERFUCK (57) / E57-Black / Gold Plated- Lens: G-100-CR-6-ZI-1am; KLOSTERFUCK (57) / E57-Black / Shiny Silver- Lens: MG-100-CR-6 -ZI-1am; KLOSTERFUCK (57) / E57-Matte Butterscotch Tortoise / Matte Black- Lens: G-100-CR-6-ZI-1am; MOIST / E52-B lack-Gold Plated- Lens: M-213-CR-6-ZI-5pcs; MOIST / E52-Black-S hiny Silver- Lens: MG-100-CR-6-ZI-5pcs; MOIST / E52-Crystal-Gold Plated- Lens: M-216-CR-6-ZI ML Rose Gold Mirror 6Base-4 pieces; ORALGAMI / E50-Brushed Silver- Lens: MG-400-NY-2-ZI Blue Gradient SilverFlash Mirror Nylon Base-2 4 pieces; ORALGAMI / E50-Brushed Silver-White Ebony Wood Piano Varnish- Lens: MG-100-NY-2-ZI Dark Gray Gradient Silver Flash Mirror 2 Base-2 pcs; ORALGAMI / E50-Matte Black- Lens: M-116-NY-2 -ZI Super Ivory Mirror Nylon 2Base-3pc; ORALGAMI / E50-Matte Black / Gold Plated- Lens: M-213-NY-2-ZI Mahogany FadeGold Flash Mirror Nylon Base-2 3pc; SLURPSTICK / E60-Matte Black / Gold Plated - Lens: M-213-CR-6-ZI-2 pcs; SLURPSTICK / E60-Shiny Silver- Lens: G-401-CR-6-ZI-2 pcs; SLURPSTICK / E60-Shiny Silver / Gold Plated- Lens: M- 116-CR-6-ZI Super IvoryMirror 6 Base-9sht; BELLA / E45-Black / Gold Plated- Lens: M-213-CR-6-ZI-2 pcs; BELLA / E45-Desert Rose / Gold Plated- Lens: G -500-CR-6-ZI-2 pcs; BELLA / E45-Juicy Fruit / Antique Silver- Lens: M-116-CR-6-ZI Super IvoryMirror 6 Base-1am; BELLA / E45-White Pearl / Rose Gold Plat- Lens: M-216-CR-6-ZI ML Rose GoldMirror 6-2sht; OVARYEASY / E53 -Black - Plastic- Lens: M-116-CR-6-ZI Super Ivory Mirror 6Base-5pcs, included In: case, cleaning cloth for passport producer. "JAPAN67UA125100923178.92308
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Crystal Plate Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Crystal Plate Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""НОВУС УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
04112, м. Київ, вул.Дегтярівська 52
Exporter Name Koopman International BV
Product Description
"1. plates, sheets, strips, tapes, film and other .........
HS Code 3919900010Value 206.2403139
Quantity 0Unit UA125110
Net Weight 6
Origin Country CHINA

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