Ukraine Import Data of Crusher | Ukraine Import Statistics of Crusher

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of crusher collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of crusher imports.

Crusher Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Crusher

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of crusher. Get Ukraine trade data of Crusher imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201784749010001.Zapasni of metallic, cone crushers Sandvik H4800, C12 +: armor plate fixed cheek tooth type high, 1M18% art. J4250000 / M -1sht, bronovanak Ladko moving cheek tooth type high, M18% art. J4260000 / M -1sht, bronovanakladk a real cone MF-EC2 / M M18% art. 4 52-1216-002 -1sht, my bronovanakladka movable cone, B M18% art. 442-7989-02-1sht, cover arms art. 442-7492-01-1sht, plug & ekstsentrika 32-36-40 and 44mm Hg. -1sht 442-9406-01, reference kiltseart. 442-7110-01 -1sht. .CHINA0UA2091803419.513069.02865 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201740169300901.Chastyny ​​cone crushers for Sandvik CH430 / Telsmith SBS44 rubber: uschilnyuyuchekiltse art. 442-7931-01 -1sht, labyrinth seals art. 10P71 -4sht, prokladka0, 8xD1000 / 9 Art. 442-7170-01 -1sht, washer g condition art. 53-469-827-000 -4sht, thin, etc. okladka t = 0,1 mm art. 442-7168-01 -1sht, thin strip t = 0,5 mm 2 art.442-7168-0 -1sht, thin strip t = 0,7 mm art. 44 2-7168-03 -1sht, tonkaprokladka t = 1.0 mm art. 442-7168-04 -1sht. .UNITED KINGDOM0UA20918013.5401.5113598
28/Apr/20174009220000"1.Vysokonapirni hoses: 2SN50x1700 / SFLxHF-L / SFL poz.21 3-896-3008 / 03 -5sht., 2SN10x6500 / DKOL 18x1,5 / DKOL18x1,5 / 90 poz.17 3-896-3008 / 03 - 3pc., 2SN12x6500 / DKOL 22x1,5 / DKOL 22x1,5 / 90 poz.18 3-896-3008 / 03 -3sht., 2SN40x4000 / DKOL 52x2 / DKOL 52x2 / 90 poz.19 3-896-3008 / 03 - 3pc., 2SN32x4000 / DKOL 52x2 / DKOL 52x2 / 90 poz.20 3-896-3008 / 03 -3sht., 2SN16x700 / DKOL 26x1,5 / DKOL 26x1,5 / 90 poz.61 3 OCH-20020 2 / 2 -4sht., 2SN16x700 / DKOL 26x1,5 / 90 / DKOL 26x1,5 / 90 poz.72.1 3 OCH-20020 2/2 -2sht., 2SN16x1500 / DKOL 26x1,5 / DKOL 26x1,5 poz.72.2 ; 72.3 3 OCH-20020 2/2 -4sht., 2SN25x1500 / DKOL 36x2 / DKOL 36x2 poz.59.2 3 OCH-20020 2/2 -2sht., 2SN25x2000 / DKOL 36x2 / DKOL 36x2 poz.59.1 3 OCH-20020 2/2 -2sht., 2SN32x1300 / DKOL 45x2 / 90 / DKOL 45x2 / 90 poz.57.1 ​​3 OCH-20020 2/2 -2sht., 2SN32x2000 / DKOL 45x2 / DKOL 45h2 / 90 postures .57.2 3 OCH-20020 2/2 -2sht. with soft vulcanized rubber, with fittings and a Language not a metal wire. By hydraulic crusher for iron ore.. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA112100181.56875.923224
28/Apr/20178413603900"1.Nasosy that drives plug 1 1/2" "- ZOP-125-10-LO-02 -8sht., 1 1/2" "- ZOP-50-85 -4sht. Pump KV2P / 110D0012 code IP4702 PBBA poz.15 3-896-3008 / 03 -2sht. Volume, rotary, shesterenchasti, non-forcible pumps to crushers used for its production of non-military purposes, in particular for crushing iron ore.. "CZECH REPUBLIC14UA112100132221773.25548
28/Apr/201784749010001.Zapasni parts, metal cone crushers for Sandvik cone crushers: sleeve traverses art. 442-6473-01 -1sht in the shelter of the main shaft of the art. 442-7913-01-1 units, vidpalyuvalne ring art. 442-7911- 01 -1sht, foot ring art.442-8425-01-1sht. .UNITED KINGDOM0UA2091802463153.277902
28/Apr/201784335200001. CLAAS 716, year 2011, serial number 716 3957, packing 1 pcs., Country of production: HU; Brand: Claas; Manufacturer: CLAAS KGaA mbH; 1. Crusher system for grain harvesters: . "HUNGARY1UA125120300010371.80564
28/Apr/201784749010001. Parts of equipment for grinding minerals are: - 1 Armor Belt kr.1242.19.01SB.A: - 43 sht.- belt kr.1242.02.036A Armor II: - 30 sht.Broni are cast steel products from steel marhantsevystoyi 110H13L mark. Mounted on crushing equipment and crusher used for plating efficiency 1500/180 type as a protecting removable parts. .RUSSIA0UA1100902018032103.20769
28/Apr/201740091100001. Part Sandvik cone crushers N38 00: rubber connecting pipe near Language not not combined with other mothers ialamy: art. 442-6508-00 -1sht. .UNITED KINGDOM0UA20918018342.2106504
28/Apr/201784749010001.Vtulka protective 4,735,002 / 158D1 -1sht., Laying 4,735,004 lower / 4D1 -1sht., Laying the upper 4,735,004 / 19D1 -2sht., Laying the lower cylinder 4735004 / 259E1 -1sht., Laying steel 4735004 / 278E1 -1sht., Fixed cheek 101810 / 303V2 -1sht., mobile cheek 101810 / 202B1 -2sht., cheek central mobile 101 810 / 203B1 -1sht. Steel parts of crushers used for its production of non-military purposes, in particular for crushing iron ore. .CZECH REPUBLIC0UA112100511152144.72624
28/Apr/201785389091001.Modulnyy processor without programs KDH1500GS №4735-003 SLC5 / 03 -1sht. The electronic processing module commands to control the sequence on or off valves in the hydraulic system of the crusher, used for its production of non-military purposes, in particular for crushing iron ore. .CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1121000.52010.956763
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Crusher Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Crusher Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""КРАСТ 54"""
Importer Address
49055, м. Дніпропетровськ, вул. Шинна, 11, Україна
Exporter Name Crusher Manganese Steels Ltd.
Product Description
1.Zapasni of metallic, cone crushers Sandvik H4800.........
HS Code 8474901000Value 13069.02865
Quantity 0Unit UA209180
Net Weight 3419.5
Origin Country CHINA

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