Ukraine Import Data of Crem | Ukraine Import Statistics of Crem

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Crem Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Crem

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20176908909100"1.Plytka ceramic facing with kam'ya term ceramic, glazed, vasortymenti with a layer of coating on the front surface that the chemical composition tazabarvlennyam differs from the back and on the" "volume keramiky.-Plytka podlogowa Crema Marfil POL 59,8x59 , 8x1 Gat.1 -48,62m2.Torhovelna brand: TUBADZINKrayina production: INVyrobnyk: TUBADZIN MANAGEMENT GROUP Sp. z oo. "INDIA4862UA1001101088537.8204028 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20176908909300"1.Plytka ceramic facing, with her fine ceramics, glazed in stock, with a layer of coating on the front surface that the chemical composition and zabarvlennyamvidriznyayetsya from the back and on the" "volume keramiky.-BLANCO BRILLO BISEL EUR / 87- 10x30- 88,74m2.-PETRA PLATINUM BRILLO BISEL - 10x30-72m2.-PALMIRA GOLD BRILLO - 10x30 -72m2.-PALMIRA RELIEVE GOLD BRILLO - 10x30-72m2.-PALMIRA PLATINUM BRILLO -10x30 -72m2.-BELVEDERE BLANCO BRILLO -10x30 -72m2 .-BELVEDERE RELIEVE BLANCO - 10x30 -72m2.-PALMIRA SILVER BRILLO EUR / 87 - 10x30-88,74m2.-PALMIRA RELIEVE SILVER BRILLO EUR / 87-10x30 -88,74m2.-PALMIRA RELIEVE PLATINUM BRILLO EUR / 87-10x30 - 88,74m2.-ANTIQUE GRIS EUR / 87 -10x30 -88,74m2.-CREMA BRILLO BISEL EUR / 87 - 10x30-88,74m2.-ANTIQUE BLANCO MATE - 20x20 -96m2.-ANTIQUE MATE - 20x20 -96m2.-ANTIQUE SKY - 1 0x20 -96m2.Torhovelna Brand: MonopoleKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Monopole LAB SL. "SPAIN125244UA10011016497.5410810.55187
28/Apr/201769089091001.Plytka coated with ceramic stone, interior finish, wall tapidlohy. Ceramic tiles 33x33 cm. Art. PELDANO NATURAL -0,88m2.Torhovelna mark: Gres de AndorraKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Gres de Andorra, SL Ceramic tile 33x33 cm. Art. PELDANO FIOR.SILEX MERKURIO -3,27m2. Ceramic tiles 15x33 cm. Art. TABICA MUDEJAR VEGA OCRE-2,97m2. Ceramic tiles 33x33 cm. Art. PELDANO FIOR SILEX LAVA PZ 4 -2,61m2.Plytka ceramic 16x67 cm. Art. SILEX LAVA -8,89m2. Ceramic 33,5x33,5sm. Art. CARTABON FIOR. ML. MAVERICK SIENA -0,99m2. Ceramic 33,5x33,5sm. Art. CARTABON FIOR.VEGA ROJO LISO -0,77m2. Ceramic tiles 33x33 cm. Art.MAVERICK CANELA -48m2. Ceramic tiles 33x33 cm. Art. PELDANO FIOR. ML.MAVERICK CANELA -20,91m2. Ceramic tiles 33x33 cm. Art. PELDANO FIOR. ML.MAVERICK SIENA -20,91m2. Ceramic tiles 33x33 cm. Art. PELDANO FIOR. GRAFITOMEDITERR -10,45m2. Ceramic tiles 33x33 cm. Art. PELDANO FIOR METALICA CHERRY-10,45m2. Ceramic 16x 67 cm. Art. NATURA CRETA-44,44m2. Ceramic tiles 33x33 cm. Art. PELDANO FIOR. NATURA CRETA-10,45m2. Ceramic tiles 33x33 cm. Art. PELDANO FIOR. TAIGA EBANO -20,91m2.Plytka ceramic 33,5x33,5 cm. Art. CARTABON FIOR.VEGA CAMEL LISO -0,33m2.Plytka ceramic 39,5x17,5 cm. Art. ZANQUIN 9ACM TAIGA EBANO DCHO. FI-0,42m2. Ceramic tile 33,5x33,5 cm. Art. CARTABON FIOR. TAIGA EBANO DCHO.-0,66m2. Ceramic 9x33 cm. Art. RODAPIE TAIGA EBANO -0,09m2. Plytkakeramichna 39,5x17, sm.5 art. ZANQUIN 9ACM TAIGA EBANO IZQD. FIOR. -0,42m2.Plytka ceramic 33,5x33,5 cm. Art. CARTABON FIOR. TAIGA EBANO IZQD.-0,66m2. Ceramic tiles 33x33 cm. Art. PELDANO FIOR.VEGA ROJO LISO 48-20,91m2.Torhovelna Brand: ExagresKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Exagres, SA Ceramic tile 20x20 cm. Art. MOVING BLACK-20m2. Ceramic tiles 20x20 cm. Art. TREND MARFIL -4,2m2. Facing keramichna20x20 cm. Art. COOL WHITE -84m2. Ceramic 20x59,2 cm. Art. CORTEN NACAR-13,91m2. Ceramic 20x59,2 cm. Art. DELICE AQUA ORNATO -11,77m2. Plytkakeramichna 31,6x59,2 cm. Art. ELEGY CREMA ORNATO -45,12m2. Ceramic 3x20sm. Art. SYMBOL GOLD MOLD -0,82m2. Ceramic 6x20 cm. Art. SEDUCE AQUA CF-0,56m2. Ceramic 6,5x20 cm. Art. SYMBOL GOLD CF -0,49m2. Plytkakeramichna 14x20 cm. Art. SYMBOL GOLD ZOCALO -1,51m2. Ceramic tiles 20x20 SEDUCE AQUA ZOCALO -1,88m2. Ceramic tile 31,6x59,2 cm. Art. SENSATIONACERO -7,52m2. Ceramic tile 42,6x42,6 cm. Art. TIDE IVORY-4,32m2. Ceramic tile 31,6x59,2 cm. Art. MITRA BEIGE -35,72m2. Plytkakeramichna 3,5x31,6 cm. Art. OCEAN AZUL LISTA -0,02m2. Ceramic 4x31,6sm. Art. CHISEL GOLD MOLD -0,02m2. Ceramic 20x59,2 cm. Art. ENIGMATITANIUM -2,14m2. Ceramic tile 25,1x75,6 cm. Art. STATUARIO BLANCO-17,29m2. Ceramic tile 49,1x49,1 cm. Art. INSTANT BEIGE GRES -2,88m2. Plytkakeramichna 50x100 cm. Art. ISEN GREY NATURAL -4,5m2. Ceramic 50x100 CARPET VESTIGE NATURAL -162m2. Ceramic tiles 50x10SPAIN84821UA100020181507497.765188
28/Apr/20176908909100"1.Plytka ceramic glazed ceramics for izkam'yanoyi oblytsyuvannyapidlohy: Floor tiles Pulpis CremaPOL 59,8x59,8x10 Gat.1 -1021,02m2;."INDIA102102UA2091802199110188.00704
28/Apr/20171905906000"1. Samples. Finished products, confectionery with added sweeteners, frozen desserts in primary packaging: Dessert - Mini patries assortiment (mini cakes in the range) net weight 420 -8 December sht.Dessert - Creme Brulee (Dessert - cake creme brulee) in box 2 pcs x 120 g, net weight of 240 gr sht.Dessert -12 - Orange sherbets (orange sherbet dessert -tistechko) net weight of 270 g - 6 sht.Dessert - Shocolate Lava cake (Dessert shokolodnyy Lava cake) in box 18 pcs x 95 g, net weight 1710 g - 1 sht.Dessert - Mini chocolate lava cake (chocolate cake Mini Lava) in box 48 x 26 grams, net weight 1248 g - 1 sht.Dessert - Cruncy Choccola te Halzenut Cake (chocolate with hazelnuts Perigot) net weight of 2100 g - 1 sht.Tovar delivered in primary packaging cardboard boxes 29, all 29 boxes of goods packed in two large cardboard boxes inside the foam, thermo foil and ice cubes to maintain temperature control during transport and zberihannya.To rhovelna mark PROLAINAT; The manufacturer PROLAINAT SAS; Country of FR "FRANCE0UA10029012.918565.8119727
27/Apr/2017603198090"1. Cut flowers fresh from 01.11 to 31.05-cut other colors: Agapanthus / Agapanthusatlantic ocean- 60sht., Akvilehiya / Aquilegia: - 60sht., Aquilegia- 60sht., Aquilegia- 100 pieces.; Aquilegia blue lady- 80sht., Astilbe / Astilbe europa- 80sht., Bovardiya / Bouvardia en majestic hotpink- 50sht., Kampanula / Campanula medium champion lavender- 50sht., Konvalariya / Convallaria white- 100 pieces., Delphinium / Delphinium du mix- 60sht., Detsentra / Dicentra alba- 80sht. , Freesia / Freesia: du versailles- 200sht.; Freesia en mix- 100 pieces.; Fritilariya / Fritillaria: garland star- 20pcs.; Fritillaria green dreams- 24sht.; Fritillaria per ivory bells- 30sht., Gerbera / Gerbera: mix op rij - 50sht.; Germini mix op rij- 60sht., Heleborus / Helleborus: magnificent bells- 50sht.; Helleborus magnificent bells- 60sht., Hyacinth / Hyacinthus: delft blue- 100 pieces.; Hyacinthus fondant- 50sh t.; Hyacinthus purple star- 50sht., Hidranhiya / Hydrangea: green shadow- 10pc.; Hydrangea mag amethyst- 10pc.; Hydrangea mag crystal milka- 30sht.; Hydrangea mag emerald classic- 20pcs.; Hydrangea m ag opal- 10pc. ; Hydrangea marsepein- 10pc.; Hydrangea marsepein milka- 20pcs.; Hydrangea pastel light pink- 10pc.; Hydrangea rodeo purple- 10pc.; Hydrangea san tropez- 10pc.; Hydrangea schneeball- 40sht.; Hydrangea schneeball- 20pcs.; Hydrangea sibilla red- 10pc., Hydrangea verena- 10pc., Hydrangea verena- 20pcs.; Hydrangea verena blue- 20pcs., Ixia / Ixia spotlight- 100 pieces.; Latirus / Lathyrus: blue wedding- 100 pieces.; Lathyrus odor red- 100 pieces., Lathyrus winter elegance midblue- 200sht., Leukazemum / Leucanthemum vulgare- 60sht., eustoma / eustoma (Lisianthus): du alissa green- 40sht.; Lisianthus du echo champagne- 80sht.; Lisianthus du excalibur blue picotee- 100 pieces.; Lisianthus du reina champagne - 80sht.; Lisianthus du rosita white- 160sht.; Lis ianthus du rosita white- 160sht.; Lisianthus en cadence misty blue- 50sht., Matrikariya / Matrecaria victory enkel- 50sht., Matiola / Matthiola: aida white- 80sht.; Matthiola iron marine- 50sht.; Matthiola iron white- 100 pieces .; Matthiola jordyn light pink- 60sht.; Matthiola white- 100 pieces.; peony / Paeonia: alertie- 80sht.; Paeonia command performance- 120sht.; Paeonia coral charm- 50sht.; Paeonia coral sunset- 120sht., Paeonia gardenia- 80sht .; Paeonia monsieur jules elie- 160sht.; Paeonia red charm- 120sht.; Paeonia sarah bernhardt- 100 pieces.; Ranunkulusy / Ranunculus: aazur deep pink- 180sht.; Ranunculus aazur pink- 80sht.; Ranunculus aazur white- 150sht.; Ranunculus aazur white - 80sht.; Ranunculus elegance pink- 100 pieces.; Ranunculus elegance pink- 100 pieces.; Ranunculus hot pink- 60sht.; Ranunculus reinette mix- 120sht., Skimiya / Skimmia: kew green per bunch- 10pc.; Skimmia kew green per bunch- 10pcs.; Skimmia rubella per bunch- 10pc.; Skimmia rubella per bun ch- 5pcs.; Skimmia rubella per bunch- 1pc.; Skimmia rubella per bunch- 4pcs., Spereya / Spiraea grefsheim- 30sht., Sirinha / Syringa: madame florent stepman- 80sht.; Syringa michel buchner- 50sht., Trolis / Trollius orange globe- 100 pieces., Tulipa / Tulipa: du ice cream- 75sht.; Tulipa fra gudoshnik double- 40sht.; Tulp du columbus- 150sht.; Tulp du creme super- 100 pieces.; Tulp du double price- 150 "NETHERLANDS0UA100010959.51467.857836
27/Apr/20176908909300"1. Ceramic Glazed manuf Aisne of fine ceramics. Revet walls concealed 20 * 20 * 0,8 AMARILLO MATE - 16,00 m2, 20 * 20 * 0,8VERDE-PASTEL - 3,00 m2, 10 * 20 * 0,8 DIAMOND Y-GREEN - 5,00 m2, 15 * 30 * 0,8 MATTBLANCO - 1,00 m2, 20 * 20 * 0,8 LIVORNO BLANCO - 100,00 m2, 20 * 20 * 0,8 RAVENA CREMA -20,00 m2, 7.5 * 30 * 0,8 SET.BISSEL BLANCO BRILLO - 7, 00 m2, 10 * 20 * 0,8 VERONA-10ICE - 150,00 m2, 10 * 20 * 0.8 VERONA-10 GRIS - 100,00 m2, 20 * 20 * 0,8 ANTIQUA - 50,00m2, 10 * 20 * 0,8 TREVISO GREY - 40,00 m2, 10 * 20 * 0,8 BISSEL BLANCO - 300 m2,20 00 * 20 * 0,8 DECOR ZEN VERDE - 5,00 m2, 15 * 30 * 0,8 DECOR MINERVA - 10,00 m2,10 * 20 * 0,8 LEGNO BLANCO - 35,00 m2, 10 * 20 * 0,8 DECOR LEGNO - 15,00 m2, 20 * 20 * 0,8ART TITANIUM - 10,00 m2, 20 * 20 * 0,8 LIVORNO BLU - 20,00 m2, 15 * 15 * 0.8 SOHO BLANCO- 10,00 m2, 20 * 20 * 0,8 COLONIAL MANGO - 10,00 m2, 20 * 20 * 0,8 COLONIAL MIX - 10,00m2, 20 * 20 * 0,8 COLONIAL CAOBA - 10,00 m2, 20 * 20 * 0,8 ART IND IAS - 10,00 m2,20 * 20 * 0,8 ART FERRO - 10,00 m2.Krayina production ES.Torhivelna mark MAINZU.Vyrobnyk MA NUFACTURA INDUSTRIAL AZULEJER A SL ( "" MAINZU SL "") "SPAIN947UA125250123969854.750536
27/Apr/20176908909100"1.Plytka ceramic facing with kam'ya term ceramic, glazed, vasortymenti with a layer of coating on the front surface that the chemical composition tazabarvlennyam differs from the back and on the" "volume keramiky.-AQUARIUS BEIGE ELEWACJA 24,5X6,6 G1-140,58m2.-AQUARIUS BROWN ELEWACJA 24,5X6,6 G1-140,58m2.-CLOUD BROWN ELEWACJA 24,5X6,6 G1-70,29m2.-CLOUD ROSA ELEWACJA 24,5X6,6 G1-70,29m2 .-CLOUD BROWN KLINKIER 30X30 G1 -41,58m2.-CLOUD BROWN STOPNICA PROSTA 30X30 G1-37,8m2.-CLOUD BROWN KLINKIER DURO 30X30 G1-83,16m2.-COTTO CREMA ELEWACJA 30X8,1 G1-39,84m2.- COTTO CREMA KLINKIER 30X30 G1 -83,16m2.-COTTO CREMA STOPNICA PROSTA 30X30 G1-37,8m2.-KERAMO BEIGE KLINKIER 30X30 G1-124,74m2.-SANTERA BEIGE GRES SZKL. MAT. 45X45 G1-35,64m2.-SANTERA BEIGE GRES SZKL. POLYSK 45X45 G1-106,92m2.-VIVIDA VERDE SCIAN A 30X60 G1 -18m2.Torhovelna mark: "" CERAMIKA PARADYZ "" Country of origin: PLVyrobnyk: "" CERAMIKA PARADYZ "" Sp. Z oo. "POLAND103038UA100110212355758.766051
27/Apr/20176031200901.Svizhi cut flowers suitable for bouquets assembly, from 1 November to 31travnya: -Carnation dianthus st Divers / pink 65 cm -80sht.-Dianthus br mix per bunch / diantus 60 cm 50sht.-Dianthus st antigua / diantus 65 cm -80sht.-Dianthus st antigua / diantus 65 cm 80sht.-Dianthus st apple tea / diantus 65 cm 80sht.-Dianthus st apple tea / diantus 65 cm 160sht.-Dianthus st diletta / diantus 65 cm 80sht.- Dianthus st diletta / diantus 65 cm 80sht.-Dianthus st diletta crema / diantus 70 cm 20sht.-Dianthus st everest / diantus 65 cm 80sht.-Dianthus st everest / diantus 65 cm 20sht.-Dianthus st everest / diantus 65 cm 320sht.-Dianthus st goblin / diantus 65 cm -80sht.-Dianthus st goblin / diantus 65 cm -80sht.-Dianthus st hypnose / diantus 70 cm 40sht.-Dianthus st jodie / diantus 65 cm -80sht.- Dianthus st jodie / diantus 65 cm -80sht.-Dianthus st lege marrone / diantus 65 cm 80sht.-Dianthus st lege marrone / diantus 65 cm 80sht.-Dianthus st pink montezuma / diantus 65 cm -80sht.-Dianthus st pink montezuma / diantus 65 cm -80sht.-Dianthus st prado mint / di Anthousa 65 cm 80sht.-Dianthus st prado mint / diantus 65 cm 80sht.-Dianthus tr florigene moonberry / diantus 65 cm -30sht.-Dianthus tr florigene moonvelvet / diantus 65 cm -30sht.-Dianthus tr lilac melissa / diantus 60 cm 10sht.-Dianthus tr lilac melissa / diantus 65 cm 25sht.-Dianthus tr pearl lady / diantus 65 cm 30sht.-Dianthus tr pearl lady / diantus 65 cm -10sht.-Dianthus tr pearl lady / diantus 65 cm 20pcs. Total: 2125 pcs. Net weight: 74 kh.Torhovelna Brand: No danyhKrayina production: NLVyrobnyk: OZ Export BVNETHERLANDS2125UA10001074108.6913189
27/Apr/201769089091001. Ceramic Glazed manuf Aisne of stoneware. Dlyavnutrishno revet second floor: 75 * 75 * 1,0 GARDAYA - 61,20 m2, 75 * 75 * 1,0 TIPASA- 122,40 m2, 75 * 75 * 1,0 MANAOS - 61,20 m2, 75 * 75 * 1,0 RECIFE - 61,20 m2,51,5 * 51,5 * 1,0 HIMALAYA - 119,04 m2, 20 * 60 * 0,9 MADERA BEIGE - 207,36 m2,51,5 * 51 5 * 1,0 HIMALAYA - 59,52 m2. For internal walls revet 7 * 28 * 0,9CHELSEA CREMA - 128,26 m2, 7 * 28 * 0,9 CHELSEA UMBRAL - 128,26 m2, 7 * 28 * 0,9 CHELSEAORANGE - 128,26 m2.Krayina production ES.Torhivelna mark NEXO.Vyrobnyk NEXO EUROAMERICA, SL.SPAIN10767UA125250177448367.29503
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Crem Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""КОМПАНІЯ ""КЕРАМХОЛЛ"""
Importer Address
04201 м. Київ, вул. Полярна, 12
Product Description
"1.Plytka ceramic facing with kam'ya term ceramic,.........
HS Code 6908909100Value 537.8204028
Quantity 4862Unit UA100110
Net Weight 1088
Origin Country INDIA

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