Ukraine Import Data of Crash Cart | Ukraine Import Statistics of Crash Cart

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of crash cart collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of crash cart imports.

Crash Cart Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Crash Cart

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of crash cart. Get Ukraine trade data of Crash Cart imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
25/Apr/20174819200000PACK EUROPALLET / Carton boxes / - 16 pcs .; Art .: PACK CRASHPALLET / Carton boxes / - 5 pcs .; Art .: PACK EUROPALLET / Boxes of cardboard / - 2 pcs; VAG trademark, manufactured by CZ, manufactured by Volkswagen AG. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA10011023129.5673412 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20179018319000PACK EUROPALLET / Carton boxes / - 18 pcs .; Art .: PACK CRASHPALLET / Carton boxes / - 9 pc .; Art .: PACK EUROPALLET / Boxes of cardboard / - 3 pcs; Trade mark VAG. Country of manufacture of CZ: Manufacturer: Volkswagen AG.CHINA0UA5000600.94312.0000988
08/Apr/201739263000901. Part for the brand'SKODA ': Broscopy plastic, Art .: 5E0821821A 9B9-12 pieces. Plastic brass, artistic: 5E0821822A9B9-12 pieces. Backsplash rear plastic (t, 2 pcs.), Art .: 565075101- 3pcs. Brizkovki the rear plastics, to-t (2pcs.), Art .: 5JA071101A-20pcs. Brizkoviki the plastic (kt 2 pieces), art .: 565075111-8шт.Бризоваки передпластмасовыми (кт 2 шт), арт. : 565075111-20шт.Бризоваки передня пластиковая, кт (2шт.), Art .: KEA075003-10шт.Бризоваки передні пластикові, кт (2шт.), Арт.: KEA600002-10шт.Бризоваки передні, кт ( 2pcs.), Art .: 5JA071111-20sht.Vidsik for plastic rubbing, art .: 5JA061107 9B9-2pcs. Plastic bag holder, and T: 5E0065191-2st. Reflex reflector of the interior, art .: 1Z0819701A 9B9-1 st. Reflektor obduvalasolona, ​​art .: 4A0819181A-1шт.Фефлектор подувок салона пластический, art .: 1Z0820951B9B9-1шт.Дефлектор air flow on the radiator plastic, art. : 1Z0121283B-5шт. Reflector of airflow on a radiator plastic, art .: 3T0121284A-2шт.Заглосугабэмпера, art .: 1Z5807741A GRU-1шт.Заглушка бампера ас пласт, арт.: 1Z5807441 B41-10шт.Загнув пластик бампера, арт .: 5J0807241 -6шт.Клипса крепижна, art .: 1U0971787A-5шт.Ковпак колес пластиковий, арт.: 5E0601147 Z31-5шт.Коспаренний колеспластмасова, арт.: 6В0601147 Z31-5шт.Коссус паркувального сенсора пласт Owl, art .: 5E0919485C-2pcs. Plastic parking sensor, art .: 5E0919486C-2pcs. Mounting shelf for trunk, art .: 5J6867378F-3pcs. Trimming trunk lid, art .: 3T5868886B 1BS-1pc. Crash lining plastic, art .: 3T5867769 6V0-1sht.Moulding bumper protective plastic, art .: 5E5064711B-1шт.Накладка дверкізуна пластикова, арт.: 1U4853516C 01C-1шт.Накладка на капот пластикова, арт.: 5J0853633C 2ZZ-3шт.Накладка направляючого сиденья, арт. : 5J7881477 47H-2pcs. Molding of the plastic trunk, art .: 1Z5863459A 47H-1pcs. Molding of the trunkplastmass, art .: 3T5863459C 9B9-1pcs. Mass, art .: 3T0862531 9B9-1sht.Panel of mounting of license plate, art .: KEA075004-10шт.Пластиклолокера arches of a wheel, art .: 1U0809962D-2шт.Локерика локера wheel arches, art .: 1Z0809957C-1шт.Локарь пружина арки колеса, арт. Art.: 1Z0810969-1.Plastic wheel locks, Art.: 3T5810970A-1pc. Lacquer polisher wheel arches, art .: 5E0810969B-1pc. Lacquer polisher wheel arches, art .: 6V0809957B-1pc. Plastic air cartridge, art .: 1U0805825A- 10pcs. Plastic antifoam, art .: 1U0805826A-10pcs. Panel panel switch of the plastic salon, art .: 1Z0858069ACBE9-1st. Lattice of the radiator grille, art .: 3U0807953-4pcs. Plastic radiator lattice, art .: 1U0853653A 01C- 3pcs. Opening cowl plastic, art .: 3U0823463-2 st.Spoiler bamperplastic, art .: 1Z9807521 9B9-1 st.Spoiler of plastic bumper, art .: 5JH807521-2 st.Spayler of a bumper plastic, art .: 5JJ807521-2 st.Spoiler of protection of the engine, Art.: 3U0862613A-1шт.Спойлер локира колесной арки пластиковая, art .: 3T0853833A-1шт.Спойлер локера колесной арки пластической, art .: 3T0853834A-1шт.Фиксатор упор-шток капота, арт.: 6Y0823397A 209-10шт.Посуда для мелочей In the salonplastic, art .: 1Z0881577E 47H-1pcs. Bag for small things in baconCZECH REPUBLIC0UA204040752030.400668
04/Apr/20174819200000"1.Packing boxes for auto parts from non-corrugated cardboard: boxes - 2 pcs.Ap .: PACK EUROPALLET / Carton boxes / - 1 pc .; Art .: PACK CRASHPALLET / Carton boxes / - 1 pc; Trademarks VAG. Country of production CZ. The manufacturer is Volkswagen AG. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA100110214.60852077
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Crash Cart Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Crash Cart Importer Sample

Date 25/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Еліт-Україна"""
Importer Address
03026, м.Київвул. Пирогівський шлях, 135
Exporter Name ELIT CZ,
Product Description
PACK EUROPALLET / Carton boxes / - 16 pcs .; Art ..........
HS Code 4819200000Value 129.5673412
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 23

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