Ukraine Import Data of Crank Shafts | Ukraine Import Statistics of Crank Shafts

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of crank shafts collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of crank shafts imports.

Crank Shafts Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Crank Shafts

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20178483102190"1. Transmission shafts articulated steel for agricultural machinery: Crank shaft (6CT8.3 Cummins) (vendor number from CU-3918986) - 10pc, Val ICE distribution (number from the seller CU-3923478) - 4 pieces; Crank shaft engine T-8040 (2388New) (vendor number from CU-3965006) - 5pcs.. "CHINA0UA1101501252.46671.11389 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201784831021901.Zapasni parts for trucks, articulated shafts of iron or steel: Shaft cranked art. 006-CRS-7106-20sht.Torhovelna mark: AJANTA ENGINEERINGKrayina production: INVyrobnyk: Lumax Auto Technologies Ltd. .INDIA0UA1250109005667.32757
27/Apr/20178483308090"1.Pidshypnyky for sliding shafts for use in a passenger / m" "Great Wall" ": Insert upper engine crankshaft Ref. 1002111-EG01-01 - 4 pcs., Insert the crankshaft of the engine upper Ref. 1002111-EG01 -03 - 4 pcs., insert the crankshaft of the engine lower Ref. 1002112-EG01-01 - 4 pcs., insert the crankshaft of the engine lower Ref. 1002112-EG01-03 - 4 sht.Torhivelna mark: GREAT WALL. Manufacturer: "" GREAT WALL MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED "". Country of origin: China, CN.. "CHINA0UA5000300.3916.22106929
27/Apr/20178483308090"1.Pidshypnyky for sliding shafts, shaft Vtulkarozpodilnoho 1, ME051187 -1sht, camshaft bushing 2, ME051188 -1sht; Bushing camshaft 3,4, ME051189 -2sht; Bushing camshaft 5,6 ME051190 -2sht, camshaft bushing 7 ME051191 -1sht, bearing sharykovyy MH040033 (MH040026) -1sht, plug 3090402200 -12sht crank, bearings sharykovi- -1sht MS556185, MS556065 -1sht. Designed for six-cylinder diesel engine 6D220 MITSUBISHI crane KATO NK200. Civil purpose (to have a magnetic suspension). Firm-vyrobnyk- Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. Trademark-Mitsubishi. Country of-JP.. "JAPAN0UA1250601.79193.3665793
26/Apr/20178483109590"1. Spare parts for farming: SJ29930 Val = 1 pc. Material - steel. Transmission shafts, cams and cranks. Use - transmission traktora.VYROBNYK: JOHN DEERE INTERNATIONAL GMBH; Trademarks: John Deere.Krayina production MX."MEXICO0UA9010109.535432.9826052
26/Apr/201784831021901. Spare parts for agricultural machinery Claas, new shafts kolinchastiz iron or steel: crankshaft art. -1sht.Torhovelna 6005028696 Brand: ClaasKrayina production: FRVyrobnyk: CLAAS Service and Parts GmbH.FRANCE0UA12525058.0042338.013021
26/Apr/20178483308090"1.Pidshypnyky for sliding shafts: (to the shaft to reciprocating internal combustion engines with compression ignition engines for use with self-propelled agricultural and construction equipment, complete with steel halves / inserts) art.3781N042 damper (for crankshaft vibration, mechanical part) -1sht; Manufacturer Perkins Engines Company LimitedTorhovelna mark PerkinsKrayina production GB. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA1002000.00426.44579614
26/Apr/20178708999798"1.Chastyny ​​and accessories for a / m Lada: electronic accelerator pedal, art.21214110850001 - 2sht.Zahlushka in the cylinder block D16, art.00001000158601 -14sht.Bryzhov IK engine right, art.11180280202220 - 2sht.Trubka parovidvidnaopalyuvacha metal art .21100810120900 - 5pcs. tank washer, art.21900520810200 -1sht. tank washer, art.21900520810200 - 4 pieces. Arm human pidviskydvyhuna second pillar, art.111801001 15700 - 11sht. tensioner shoe chain art.21213100609082 - 150sht. natyazh ytelya shoe chain , art.21010100609082 -99sht. tensioner shoe chain art.2101010 0,609,082 - 401sht. vidvidnaradiator a metal pipe, art.21070130301800 - 6 pcs. Kp onshteyn odushky shtanhypidvisky engine top art.21120100129200 - 12p. ubok final rounds systemyoholodzhennya engin on metal art.21010130301400 - 18sht. shka Cree pryvodarozpodilchoho shaft art.2121 4100205800 - 1pc. cylinder head cover IP art.21230100326000 - 1pc. Mastylovid okremlyuvach crankcase ventilation, art.21210101420000 - 4 pieces. nyk Sal rear holder and crankshafts, art.21010100515300 - 4sht.N atyazhytel circuit assemblies art.212141006 06,031 - 20pcs. Cable pryvodaakseleratora shell, art.11110110805400 - 20pcs. Drive right perednohokolesa assemblies art.11180221501011 - 1pc. First Drive right front wheel vzbori, art.217002 21501011 - 2 pcs. Drive shaft right front count IC assembly, art.11180221509201 - 3pc. Intermediate shaft drive, art.212132 20201010 - 11sht.Zaspokoyuvach chain t.21030100610082 al - 48sht. Lan marine tsyuha, art.21030100610082 - 402sht. Auto matic chain tensioner "" Pylot "" LADA 2101-06, art.21010100606082 - 4 pieces. Bryzho browsing engine left, art.11180280202310 -30sht. Cap the cylinder block, art.2121 4100204600 - 70sht. Bracket pidviskyro zdatkovoyi box assemblies art.212101801 01,082 - 12sht.Krayina production - RU rhovelna That mark - LADAVyrobnyk - "" Arzam AQIS plant radyodetaley "" g OAO Arzamas "RUSSIA0UA125180276.0962804.323788
26/Apr/20178483109590"1. Transmission shafts (including cam and articulated) and cranks: Val brake drum (shallow slot 33T) (a number from the seller WN-236378A1) - 3pc, Val starred with performances (a number from the seller WN-87642397) - 10pcs , Val starred with performances (a number from the seller WN-87642397) - 5pcs, Val shestyhranyy inclined chamber L = 1756 mm (a number from the seller WN-389071A1) - 10 pieces; shaft hexagonal drive sieve and screw (a number from the seller WN -1322616C1) - 1pc; shaft-gear fan speed control (a number from the seller WN-142848A1) - A 2sht.Vykorystovuyutsya I agricultural equipment. for own production needs Ltd. CPSU "" Imex Group ".". "UNITED STATES0UA110150431.598955.816859
25/Apr/201784831021901.Kolinchati stamped steel shafts to forklifts, moving at a speed not exceeding 25 km / h, new, crankshaft 1DZ I II katal.№ 13411-78201-71 = 1pc, crankshaft 2Z katal.№ 13411-78701-71 = 1pc, 4D92E crankshaft katal.№ YM129900-21050 = 1pc, crankshaft 4D94LE / 4D98E katal.№ YM129902-21050 = 1pc, crankshaft katal.№ 4Y 4Y = 1pc, crankshaft 5FG15 5K 4P katal.№ 13411-76006-71 = 1pc, crankshaft C240PKJ katal.№ Z-8-94139-669-0 = 1pc, cranked shaft K15 K21 katal.№ N-12201-FU400 = 1pc shaft K25 crankshaft katal.№ N-12201-FY500 = 1pc, cranked shaft K15 K21 catalyst. number N-12201-FU400 = 1pc shaft K25 crankshaft katal.№ N-12201-FY500 = 1pc, on pallet with plywood.CHINA0UA209180175985.8599653
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Crank Shafts Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Crank Shafts Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ВКП ""ІМЕКС-ГРУП"""
Importer Address
49101, м. Дніпропетровськ, вул. Мініна, буд.19, кв.75
Product Description
"1. Transmission shafts articulated steel for agri.........
HS Code 8483102190Value 6671.11389
Quantity 0Unit UA110150
Net Weight 1252.4
Origin Country CHINA

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