Ukraine Import Data of Crank Assembly | Ukraine Import Statistics of Crank Assembly

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of crank assembly collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of crank assembly imports.

Crank Assembly Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Crank Assembly

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of crank assembly. Get Ukraine trade data of Crank Assembly imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20177318158190"1. ferrous metal from nanesenoyurizboyu, bolts, hex head, with a limit of tensile strength 450MPa, with steel nekoroziynostiykoy not forindustrial assembly to s / htraktoriv: 240-1002047-01 25sht bolts. Bolt 50-1005054 crankshaft-10pc. KOLINCHASTOHOVALU 245-1005054 bolt-11sht. 245-1005054-B-bolt crankshaft 1am. 50-1005127-A-flywheel Bolts 171sht. 245-1005127 Bolts flywheel-120sht. A bolt-D18-051 TURNING Angles-40sht. 36-1104787-01 bolt-fitting 20pcs. 240-1104787 bolt-fitting 50sht.Rozfasovano and packaged for retail and wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk OAO " "VHF" "MMP" "Trademark BY MMZKrayina production."BELARUS0UA50417029.035334.7406261 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178483608000"1.Zcheplennya assembly for the" "Unity shaft (the crankshaft of the engine crankshaft compressor) used in refrigeration, mounted on trailer trucks: art.1070443-clutch 24VDC PV8 119DIA-2 pcs.."CHINA0UA1251804.7687.13496772
28/Apr/20178409910000"1.Parts for piston engines with spark ignition for automobile vehicles: 04-1006050 Kit shoe" Mach Resource "406,405,409 -5 pcs. 05-1006050Tension tensioning device RODOS-002 (72/92) 406,405,409 -3 pcs 04-1006100Automatic tensioner of the chain 21214 -10pcs. 406-1006100-10 Hydrauliccharger of the chain -10pcs. 05-1006100 Automatic tensioner of the chain "" Russianbogatyr "" 406,405,409-7pcs. Crankshaft bushing 406,405,409-2pcs. Brand: RUSMAShKaraina of production: RUProducer: OOO "" RUSMASH "" ROSTECO chain tensioner shoe in a box2103-1006090 -50 pcs. Brand: ROSTECO TECHNOLOGY KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" business priorities "," marine circuit assembly (ROSTECO) in pak.2103-1006100 -300sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" resource-AUTO "." "RUSSIA0UA80717039.704333.076687
28/Apr/20178483502000"1.Shkivy not cast flywheels and not words, industrial assembly of motor transportnyhzasobiv to the a / m purpose: torsional damper kolebaniy21100100505804-6sht, 21213100511500-31sht flywheel assembly, flywheel in zbori21010100511500-31sht, the flywheel assembly 21090100511501-30sht, crankshaft pulley valu21080100506000-30sht manufacturers - JSC "" AVTOVAZ "," Trade mark - LADA, Country of origin - RU.. "RUSSIA0UA807200640.331772.836311
28/Apr/20178703221000"1.Novyy utility vehicle, RV 2017, Model Year: 2017, 'FIAT FIORINO COMBI 1368cc bn' №kuzova (identification number): ZFA22500006F63396, №shasi: No data. The internal combustion engine with spark ignition and with kryvoshypno- crank mechanism (gasoline) №dv.: 1,920,933, V IR. = 1368sm3. Purpose: Utility. Categories: M1. The total number of seats, including the driver: 5. axle configuration - 2x4. Type-trailers. Mark accordance with directory: FIAT; Model: FIORINO. Country of TR. Producer - 'FIAT GROUP AUTOMOBILES SPA' (assembly plant - TOFAS TURK OTOMOBIL FABRIKASI AS). Torhovel Marc FIAT. Not equipping radio electronic devices and emitters for special purposes. ".TURKEY1UA50011012807725.510163
28/Apr/20178703221000"1.Novyy utility vehicle, RV 2017, Model Year: 2017, 'FIAT FIORINO COMBI 1368cc bn' №kuzova (identification number): ZFA22500006F64196, №shasi: No data. The internal combustion engine with spark ignition and with kryvoshypno- crank mechanism (gasoline) №dv.: 1,887,543, V IR. = 1368sm3. Purpose: Utility. Categories: M1. The total number of seats, including the driver: 5. axle configuration - 2x4. Type-trailers. Mark accordance with directory: FIAT; Model: FIORINO. Country of TR. Producer - 'FIAT GROUP AUTOMOBILES SPA' (assembly plant - TOFAS TURK OTOMOBIL FABRIKASI AS). Torhovel Marc FIAT. Not equipping radio electronic devices and emitters for special purposes. ".TURKEY1UA50011012807725.510163
28/Apr/20178703229010"1. Car PASSENGER being in use: Make accordance with the guide - CHEVROLET, according to the reference model - TRAX LT. KL7CJLSB0FB129019 identification number. Producer -" "GM KOREA COMPANY" ", Korea (KR). Engine type - petrol working cylinder volume 1364 cm3., with an internal combustion engine with spark ignition and crank mechanism. engine room - not determined. body Type - sedan designed for the transport of persons, number of seats, including the driver - 5 number of doors - 4 . Color - gray. Category - M1. 2x4 axle, drive - ne Ref. Car CHEVROLET TRAX LT, VIN # KL7CJLSB0FB129019, is in a damaged condition. vehicle damaged: the front bumper (in the gathering), the left and right rear lights (destroyed left, fasteners since right), front body panel (room), hood (hall, break metal), motor protection, fixing radiators, heaters (room), left and right rear Lever, rear traction, front caps, grille, left front pidkrylok, left front wing, left front longeron airbags (in assembly ). In violation of the vehicle, the front suspension (chassis) lakofarbovane coverage. Calendar year - 01/2015. Model year - 2015. unloaded from the container TCNU9301459. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF1UA5006301272.332899.999861
28/Apr/201787032390311.Poshkodzhenyy passenger car for the conditioning, transportation of people and using public orogen pod with engine of internal combustion iskrovymzapal copying, and with crank mechanism IOM (petrol) was uvykorystanni brand FORD, Model MUSTANG - 1am. VIN 1FA6P8TH6F5367007 typdvyhuna - petrol, V-2264sm3, power - 231 kW, Euro 5 engine room -nemaye data, the total number of seats, including the driver - 4 calendar year - 2015, model year - 2015, the body -compartments color - yellow, wheel formula 4x2. Data on the nature poshkodzhenavtomobilya according to expert opinion, spoiler Lane Draft (not painted) b -zmischenyy of local attachment to the deformation and damage of material bryzhovykyDVS front - sight tion of fixing destroyed, bars mper rear bracket rear bumper, trunk lid cover, lantern left, rear left reshitkaventylyatsiyi overflowing g orlovyna assembly, cap fuel tank, rear pidkrylok showers s, and the left boot trim, upholstery panels -zruynovani backward, backward panel assembly - zmische not difficult deformed with utvo rennyamvyh yniv back towards the left forward areas of the printout, power rear bumper -zmisch enyy difficult to form a strain curves toward the back of the left forward part boot lid - biased, distorted with Comme adno utvorennyamvyhyniv direction back to front, the entire surface loop -deformovani trunk lid, cover the outer sides of the left (left wing by dnye) - biased, distorted difficult to form bends toward the rear of the front, zlivanapravo, the entire surface of the panel inner sides of the left - shifted and skladnodeform of Old to form Whigs bers in the direction back to front, left eg ABO, onall surface repair kits for insert of glasses - according to [8], to be replaced incase dismantling glass windows The side yny left and glass windows rear, the deputy inibokovyny left, muffler left - zmisch enyy difficult deformed, the front bumper - removed from fixing has to shkodzhennya as deformatsiymaterialu the left side of and in front of us zhniy panel on the floor zadnoyi- deformova in the back left side of the formation in yhyniv in places spoluchennyaz back panel ca panel inner sides of the left, the car body (kryshkybahazhnyka) - as a result of emergency actions au obilya body was skewed pootvoru would cover ahazhnyka.Krayina production: US.Torhivelna Brand: FORD.Vyrobnyk: Ford Motor Co.UNITED STATES1UA8071901602.098194.389964
28/Apr/20178703239011"1.Lehkovyy car, a used - 1 piece: - Mark - AUDI - Model - Q3 Premium Plus 2.0T - Body number (VIN) - WA1EFCFS2GR009281; - engine room - no data - chassis number - no data - Total number of seats, including the driver - 5 - Purpose - to transport people - from internal combustion engines with spark ignition and with a crank mechanism - cylinder capacity engine - 1984 cm3 - Power - 132 kW - Calendar year - 2015 .; - Model year - 2016 .; - body type - wagon - axle configuration - 4x4 - Meets frozen o Am EURO 5 - Technical condition - the car in a broken state. damaged (deformed), hood, front left fender, the upper and lower locking beams, fixing lights, visible shift units toward the engine compartment. None: both headlights, front bumper in assembly, grille, front shock absorber, radiators - cooling oil, climate system, cooling system depressurization. Multiple colors perimeter damage the vehicle body; - Trademark - AUDI; - Country of origin: Germany, DE; - unloaded from the container - PONU8129345. "GERMANY1UA50062019439538.000048
28/Apr/20178703239031"1.Poshkodzhenyy, passenger car, to transport people, used for personal use - 1pc .: stamp - SUBARU model - WRX 2.5L ZhidnoVysnovoku expert №t490 / 17 of 26.04.2017r. Brand, modifications -SubaruWRX STi number body / VIN - JF1VA2V64G9802221 number of the engine - no data typdvyhuna - petrol engine power - 221kVt, environmental regulations - YEVRO5, working on the "" volume cylinder - 2457 cm3, number of seats, including the driver - 5; calendar year - 2015; rikvyhotovlennya model - 2016, axle 4x4. Color - red. Products for zova - sedan.KTZ damaged. According to expert opinion №t490 / 17 of 26.04.2017r., Poshkodzhenita be replaced: front bumper, front bumper grating, napravlyayuchabampera left and right, cover the left and right front bumper, kronshteynvnutrishniy left and right front bumper, bracket front bumper, front bumper lower bracket, front bumper damper assemblies ґratkaradiato Dr. bracket lattice radiator, front bumper protection, hood, hood and right sharnirlivyy, insulation of the engine compartment, hood lock, lock lord ikapota, flexible thrust forward, seal the top lattice radiator uschilnyuvachkapota, facing wing front left and right, hood air intake, air channel central, lamp left and right wing of the front left and right wing front left bottom, cover the upper wing left, pidkrylok perednoholivoho and right wings, facing left front wing, power paneliperedu, front panel assembly, wheel arch left and right, locking panelkolisnoyi arches front left and right, front beam left and right collection, cover spar front left and right panel fairing left, windscreen washer assembly panel front door front left, extension porohalivoho sensor airbags front left and right, airbag vodiyata knees of the driver, the control unit airbags, airbag systems, pasbezpeky left and right, front left drive wheels, radiator cooling vzbori of mounted parts, expansion tank, shroud, krylchatkaventylyatora, engine fan, facing the engine crankshaft pulley shaft wedge belt generator casing toothed belt assembly element povitryanohofiltra, block the front and rear air filter, rubber cushion left andlegal engine, lower engine protection, curtain front engine compartment, zahysnyykozhuh top front, Bank, facing the battery, the alarm high tanyzkoho tone fuse box. Skewed front spars, broken otvirperednoyi left door. In the area of ​​possible damage to hidden defects. Povnyyperelik spare parts, repair work and painting are given in Appendix №1 to conclusion №t490 / 17.Torhovelna Brand: SUBARU.Vyrobnyk: Fuji Heavy Industries.Krayina production: JP. Unloaded from container CAIU8295872. "JAPAN1UA8071901632.938329.999869
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Crank Assembly Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Crank Assembly Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТЕХНОТОРГ-ДОН"""
Importer Address
54025,м.Миколаїв,пр.Героїв Сталінграду 113/1
Exporter Name "ОАО ""Управляющая компания холдинга ""Минский моторный завод"""
Product Description
"1. ferrous metal from nanesenoyurizboyu, bolts, h.........
HS Code 7318158190Value 334.7406261
Quantity 0Unit UA504170
Net Weight 29.035
Origin Country BELARUS

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