Ukraine Import Data of Cr Target | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cr Target

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cr target collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cr target imports.

Cr Target Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cr Target

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201795030081001.Ihrashkova weapon that is not true emitatsiyeyu weapons without transmitting and receiving devices, with and without batteries: Sets arrows on suckers, crossbow, target, bow. Total 4746 sets. Trade mark LIMO TOY. Manufacturer MAXLAND INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES LIMITED. Country of CN. .CHINA0UA5000104179.8516803.35988 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178481809900"1.Ventyli Expansion: - PXVBM10S06000-PXV BODY 10 12mm ORIF N6-6sht; - PXVBM10S04000-PXV BODY 10 12mm ORIF N4-16sht; - PXVBM10S05000-PXV BODY 10 12mm ORIF N5-16sht These products are not used for making weapons, targets, the creation of any type of weapons that could harm humanity, not itsof include transmitters and receivers, television and radio equipment elektronniprylady, WI-FI.. "ITALY0UA125020111897.064396
27/Apr/20179001900090"1.Optychni details (unmounted) to the pipe optychnoyi.Komplekt eyepiece optical components with rotary systemoyumod.ON-1M2-K -500kompl. Increase (1 +/- 0.5mm) Hviddalennya target pupil 16 + - / 1mm diam.vyhidnoyi pupils 14mm linear field of view of the lens optical parts 17mm.Komplekt mod.OB-K-27 - 500kompl.fokusna distance of 27 + - 0.5 mm. aperture 1: 1,2mm. linear field of view in space optical image 18mm.Komplekt parts (lenses) okulyaramod.OK-K-27 - 400kompl.fokusna distance of 27 + - 0.5 mm. vyhidnoyizinytsi distance of 25 + - 2mm.diam.vyhidnoyi zinytsi14mm.liniyne sight 18mm.Vyrobnyk: Hap Optics Tech nology LtdKrayina production: KytayTorhovelna mark: Hap Optics Technology. "CHINA0UA50020097.49399.999835
26/Apr/201742021990001. Boxes are empty for reverse shipment, rectangular with lid and foam inserts: art. FDOE (size-20x25x12cm, volume-6dm3) -138pcs, art. SDOC (size-20x25x12cm, volume-6dm3) -138pcs, protocol of clinical trial -1927PCR3003Target mark - COVANCE CLSCoVance CLS manufacturer produced by the US.UNITED STATES0UA10020089.281169.227111
24/Apr/201773066192001. Paints and varnishes based on acrylic polymers, dispersed or dissolved in water, not in aerosol packaging: acrylic paints for art works and decorative arts (aqueous acrylic dispersion with additives (plasticizer, thickener, antiseptic, antyvspinyuvacha, Coalestsents). The content of acrylic dyspersiyi- 87-95% content targeted dobavok- 6-10%, not containing precursors, not aerosol packaging: damarnyy lacquer glossy finish, packed in plastic jars for 10ml - 28sht., matt lacquer damarnyy packaged in plastic ban ochkah to 250ml - 18sht., varnish acrylic glossy in aerosol packaging, packaged in jars in 400 mL - 20pcs., paint Fixative in aerosol packaging, packaged in jars in 400 mL - 20pcs., varnish drier in aerosol packaging, packaged in jars in 400 mL - 20pcs..CHINA0UA1000107673.47667.290495
20/Apr/201790153010001.BUDIVELNYY ELECTRONIC LAZERNYYNIVELIR complete with (BS150 Tripod IVKLADKOYU BL-BOXX) GLL 2-80 P art.0601063205-5sht.BUDIVELNYY ELEKTRONNYYLINIYNYY laser levels in KOMPLEKTITRYMACH VM1, PRYYMACHLR2, batteries, target plastic suitcase) GLL 3-80 Part. 0601063305-12шт.БУДІВЕЛЬНИЙЭЛЕКТРОННЫЙ ЛАЗЕРНЫЙ НИВЕЛИР В КОМПЛЕКТИЗ (СТАТИВОМ BS150) GLL 3-80 P art.0601063306-7шт.БРУГОВЫЙ ЭЛЕКТРОННЫЙLАЗЕРНЫЙ НИВЕЛИР GLL 3-15X арт.0601063M00-1шт. Art.0601063M00-1s Art.0601063M00-1sart.0601063M00-1sht.BUDIVELNYY ELECTRONIC laser levels VKOMPLEKTI (protective case Laser target MOUNTING RM1, 3 AA batteries) GCL 2-15art.0601066E00-3sht.BUDIVELNYY ELECTRONIC laser levels included (ZAHYSNYYCHOHOL, laser target MOUNTING RM1, 3 BATAREIKI AA, TRIMACH BM3) GCL 2-15 art.0601066E02-5 st. Art.0601066E02-1ST. CONSTRUCTION ELECTRONIC LASER NIVELIRQuigo art.0603663521-120pcs. CONSTRUCTION ELECTRONIC LASER NIVELIR Quigo Plusart.0603663600-1STT. Trademark BOSCH Producer ROBERT BOSCH Powe r Tools GmbHCreated by CNCHINA0UA125110182.2377077.062742
19/Apr/20173208209090"1.Lakki, soils and enamels based on acrylic polyol in non-aqueous media, not in aerosol packaging: - Enamel ARMOPUR Topcoat 111 Base TR 1 to 14 kg - 812kg - Enamel" ARMOPUR "" Topcoat 111 white 19 , 4 kg - 310,4 kg; Country of manufacture - BYTarget brand - ARMOPUR Producer - Foreign Unitary Enterprise "ART ART Industry". "BELARUS0UA1000101122.44755.711864
18/Apr/201730042000001.Veterynarni means of mixed products terapivtychnoho schomistyt Application of antibiotics, put up for retail sale. Not ayerozolniyupakovtsi: 2042283001 ZACTRAN 100ML-200sht. Party: GYP050BA. Ingredients: 1 ml preparatumistyt: active ingredient: hamitromytsyn, 150 mg, Excipients: filler (succinic acid monotiohlitserol formal hli tseryn) to form the volume of 1 mg. The pharmaceutical (drug) form Pharmacological properties ATC-code vetklasyfikatsiynyy: QJ01FA95 - macrolide antibiotic. Farmakodynamika.Hamitromytsyn is a azalides th, 15 cal membrane napivsyntety antybiotykhrupy macrolide combination of UNIQA cial nitrogen atom in the 7 membr Anne laktonekiltse. These specific chemical characteristics spry yayut rapid absorption pH tadovhotryv aliy action in target tissues, lungs. M akrolidy has bakteriostatychnuta bacteria tsydnu effect through blocking protein synthesis of bacteria. .FRANCE0UA11011032.1817341.78219
13/Apr/201721069092001. Dietary biologically active additive to the diet, without glucose, sucrose, gluten, not in aerosol packaging, does not contain products of animal origin. Dietary supplement FITOLIZIN ® nephrocapsule No. 30 / composition: extract of grass sporizh, extract of leaves of the leaves. Extracts of rhizomes of pear trees, extraction of parsley , Extracts of the herb of the horsetail, extracts of the horsetail, extracts of the roots of the livestock, the extract of the grass to the goldsmith / Manufacturer: Ltd. Herbapol Warsaw, PolandDiotic additive AciDOLAK lyophilizate oral to 3 g in sachets (10x3 g) in cardboard boxes / Manufacturer: Master Pharma Po LSKA Ltd., Poland, for the Pharmaceutical Plant "POLFARMA" SA, PolandTarget Mark: PolpharmaProduct Production: PL.POLAND0UA11012095.339433.999992
11/Apr/20173209100000"1.Farby and varnishes (including enamels and lacquers) based on acrylic or vinilovyhpolimeriv, dysprehovani or dissolved in water, not aerozolniyupakovtsi not containing precursors used for external and vnutrishnihrobit: -hrunt-enamel on rust, brown, Latex 3 1 "" chief technologist "," bucket 2.4 kg-4sht.-ground-enamel on rust, dark gray latex 3 in 1 "" chief technologist "," bank-0,8kh 18sht.-ground-enamel on rust , dark gray latex 3 in 1 "" chief technologist "," vidro2.4kh -12sht.-ground-enamel on rust, black latex 3 in 1 "" chief technologist "," bank and 0.8 kg-6sht.-ground-enamel on rust, black latex 3 in 1 "" chief technologist "," bucket 2.4 kg-4sht. warehouse: voda- 25% dispersion akrylatna- 40% thickener 1.5 % Coalestsents-0.6%, mineral napovnyuvachi- 13%, 2.5% anticorrosive pigments, antifreeze (ethylene glycol) - 4% inhibitor instant koroziyi- 0.8% preservative 0.2% target dobavky- 12 4% -farba for windows, doors and sills "" chief technologist "," bucket 1 kg -18sht.-paint for windows, doors and pidvik onnya "" chief technologist "," vidro2.4 -12sht.-kg composition: water distilled - 22%, mineral spirit- 2% butyldihlikol- 2%, 3% etylenhlikol- dioxide tytana- 18% for eyda- 10%, 43% latex akrylatnyy- .- nail Furniture and flooring "" chief technologist "," glossy bucket 1 kg -72sht. varnish for Furniture and flooring "" chief technologist "," glossy bucket 2 kg -60sht. varnish for Furniture and flooring "" chief technologist "," glossy bucket 5 kg -60sht. varnish for Furniture and flooring "" chief technologist "," semi bucket 1 kg-90sht. varnish for Furniture and parquet "" chief technologist "," semi bucket 2kg-80sht. varnish for Furniture and flooring "" chief technologist "," semi bucket 5 kg-80sht. warehouse: voda- 23%, 62% dispersion akrylatna- thickeners, 0.5%, 0.5% koalestsent-, plastic fikator-1.4% kontservant plivochnyy-0.2% target dobavky- 12.4% .- floor enamel, acrylic, white, "" chief technologist "," 0.8 kg tin, enamel for -12sht. flooring, acrylic, white, "" chief technologist "," bucket 2,4 kg -8sht. warehouse: voda- 25% butildihlikol- 2% ethyl enlikol - 4% phosphate tsynku- 2% titanium dioxide - 17 % talc - 5% di Persia acrylate 45% Trademarks: Chief tehnolohKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: ZAO "" Novbythym "" "RUSSIA0UA10011013584925.337801
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Cr Target Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cr Target Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Product Description
1.Ihrashkova weapon that is not true emitatsiyeyu .........
HS Code 9503008100Value 16803.35988
Quantity 0Unit UA500010
Net Weight 4179.85
Origin Country CHINA

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