Ukraine Import Data of Cr Sheets | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cr Sheets

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cr sheets collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cr sheets imports.

Cr Sheets Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cr Sheets

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of cr sheets. Get Ukraine trade data of Cr Sheets imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201712122100001.Vodorosti kind of dried pressed Porphyry (Porphyra), including Porphyratenera types and Porphyra yezoensis, r Laminaria. The final product is suitable dlyaspozhyvannya man made, then drying and crushing seaweed nasittsi, packaged in packs of 50 sheets * 80 pack. in box 200 of cardboard boxes 16000sht.upakovok. packaged in packs of 100 sheets * 40 pack. a box, cardboard boxes 250, 10000 sht.upakovok. Shelf life - 18 misyatsivTorhivelna Brand: HOSHIVyrobnyk: QINGDAO SUN-GROWING TRADE CO., CN China LTDKrayina production.CHINA0UA10001050407308.009848 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20177318159090"1.Kripylni ferrous metals: Screw Wood hockey RAL painted wood zshestyhr.holivkoyu 4,8h35mm, art.P14035OFA7024 - 30000sht; Hvyntsamonariz hex head galvanized metal 4,8h16mm without washers, art.P150153PL - 20000sht; Screw concrete-headed screw 6.3 / 7,0h160mmdlya sandwich panels hockey galvanized coated "" gRey.coat "", art.P150160R0PL - 7000sht, Wood-headed screw head on galvanized metalu4,8h19mm without washers, art.P150173PL - 20000sht, concrete screw head izshestyhrannoyu 6.3 / 7,0h190mm for sandwich panels coated with hockey wimples "" gRey.coat "", art.P150190R0PL - 7000sht, Wood Screw with shestyhrannoyuholivkoyu 4,8h25mm coated metal without the puck art.P150233PL - 10000sht; Screw Wood hockey painted with RAL shestyhr.holivkoyu metal 5,5h25mm, art.P150250PL1015A - 10000sht, screw concrete-headed holivkoyu6,3 / 7,0h310mm for sandwich panels hockey galvanized coated "" gRey.coat "", art.P150310R0PL - 100 pieces; Wood-headed screw head pometalu 5,5h35mm reinforced with galvanized washer art.P150350PL - 20000sht; Samonariziz screw washer painted RAL hex head 4,8h20mm dlyaskriplennya metal sheets art.P15048200PL9003 - 20000sht; Wood screw head izshestyhrannoyu reinforced metal coated 5,5h67mm "" gRey.coat "", art.P15067R0PL - 6000sht; Wood-headed screw head on galvanized metalu5,5h70mm without washers, art.P150703PL - 7000sht; Wood Screw pometalu fat. to 12mm hex head 5,5 / 6,3h150mm for sandwich paneleyz hockey coated art.P1551500PL - 6000sht; Wood, metal screw 12mm hex head 5,5 / 6,3h175mm for sandwich panels shayboyuotsynkovanyy, art.P1551750PL - 4000sht; Screw Screws for metal thicknesses. 12mm head to izshestyhrannoyu 5.5 / 6,3h200mm for sandwich panels hockey coated art.P1552000PL - 7000sht; Wood-headed screw head 6,3h40mm pometalu to 16mm galvanized coated "" gRey.coat "" hockey, art.P157040GC0PL -20000sht; Wood screws with a semicircular head with TORX presshayboyu otsynkovani8,0h380mm, art.P1313800PL - 300sht; Wood-headed screw head pometalu 4,8h19mm coated with washer art.P2594190PL - 20000sht; Samonariziz screw washer painted with RAL shestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL3005 - 30000sht; Wood screw with washer painted RAL zshestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL5005 - 30000sht; Hvyntsamonariz hockey painted with RAL shestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL7024 - 30000sht; Wood screw with washer painted RAL zshestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL8017 - 40000sht.Torhivelna brand Gunnebo Fastening.Vyrobnyk Gbo Fastening Systems Sp. zo.o.Krayina production TW. "TAIWAN0UA100110252311117.31927
28/Apr/201748081000001.Vyroby kartonu.Kartonna wall corrugated cardboard with bahatosharovohohofrovanoho hladkymyzovnishnimy laminated sheets not perforated, varkushah without inscriptions printed for packing of finished products, the size -110 * 90sm.bez labeling and deposited lohotypiv.Tovar be used dlyavyrobnychyh needs. .HUNGARY0UA305210218403.2498711
28/Apr/20177007290000"1.Sklo transparent, multilayer laminated safety: Glass laminated 6 (3.1.3) Lamicon cristal Gomel, size 3210h2250mm - 1155,60m2 (160 sheets) Producer OAO" "Homelsteklo" "Republic BelarusKrayina production BYTorhovelna mark Gomel Glass."BELARUS11556UA125110178207449.620177
28/Apr/201748119000001. Paper and cardboard from cellulose volokonderevyny with colored surface layer not coated, nekleykyy without watermarks, paper sheets for training children creativity - 2000sht.Torhovelna mark - Not available. Country of origin - China, CN. Manufacturer -BEIJING USLON TRADING CO., LTD. .CHINA0UA100110220576.4000938
28/Apr/20173919900010"1. plates, sheets, strips, tapes, film and other flat shapes with plastmasysamokle yni, in rolls or in rolls, subjected to further processing, krimobroblennya claim overhni or cut into shapes other than martial or quad pryamokutnoyiNabir termokleyovyh crystals. Number: 100 pcs. art. 110902010 - 672 pcs., origin - KytayKrayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - KoopmanVyrobnyk - Koopman International BV. "CHINA0UA1251106206.2403139
28/Apr/201749030000001.Kantselyarski paper products, coloring album A4 + stickers - 6000 sht.Albom coloring sheets of A4 8 - 5040 sht.Albom coloring sheets + 18 + stencil stickers - 2112 sht.Knyzhka educational coloring pages for 6 complete with marker - 2640 sht.Rozmalovka-roll in 3m complete with crayons, markers - 432 pieces, coloring-in roll 5m complete with crayons, markers - 300 sht.Torhovelna mark - vidsutni.Vyrobnyk information: Shinerichy Ind.Krayina manufacturer: CN .CHINA0UA50001018763846.050158
27/Apr/201748025890001. Office paper for writing and printing white clay pulp, xerographic, uncritical, without fibers obtained by the chemical-mechanical method 0%, single-layered, without watermarks, without embossing and without drawings, in sheets of one side 600mm, another 840mm in packs on 200 sheets, density 1m2-190g, MAESTRO PRINT -6 pallets, 2873kg. Article 180046328.1. Paper office for writing and printing white, pure, pulp, xerographic, uncritical, without fibers obtained by the chemical-mechanical method 0%, single-layered, without watermarks, without embossing and without drawings, in sheets of one side 600mm, another 840mm in packs of 250 sheets , Density 1m2-170g, MAESTRO PRINT -6 pallets, 2570kg.Article 180046294..SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA20408055094559.450351
27/Apr/201776069100001.Zahotovky (Rondeli) with undoped alu iniyu, flat discs, not scrap zavtovsh ing 3.8-4.2mm, grade EN AW-1070 A: Aluminium slug diametr 18.75mm * 3.8mm-1000.7kh, Aluminium slug diametr 18.75mm * 4.0mm -993.5kh, Aluminium slug diametr 24.8mm * 3.6mm -5161.3kh, Aluminium slu g diametr 24.8mm * 3.8mm -1089.3kh, Aluminium slug diametr 24.80mm * 4.0mm -2050.3 kg, Aluminium slug diametr 24.80mm * 4.2 mm-7102,0kh, Aluminium slug diametr 34,8mm * 4.0 - 3164,7kh. shlyahomvyrubuvannya made of sheets for manufacturing aluminum tub.Torhova mark AWW.Vyrobnyk: Aluminium-Werke Wutoschingen AG & Co KG production Nimechynna.Krayina DE. .GERMANY0UA80719020561.862785.58184
27/Apr/20177006009000"1.Vyroby sheet made of polymer material, a protective film for touch screens (smartphones), in sheets, with one side coated with adhesive material, self-adhesive, in a package for retail, complete with a microfiber cloth: Glass Screen (AP +) for iPhone 6 (Black) - 42komp; Glass Screen (AP +) for iPhone 6 (White) - 31komp; Glass Screen (AP +) for iPhone 6+ (White) - 10komp; Glass Screen (AP +) for iPhone 7 (Black) - 21komp ; Glass Screen (AP +) for iPhone 7 (White) - 21komp; Glass Screen (AP +) for iPhone 7+ (Black) - 21komp; Glass Screen (AP +) for iPhone 7+ (White) - 31komp; Glass Screen (H) for Huawei Honor 6X / GR5 (2017) - 20komp; Glass Screen (H) for Huawei P8 Lite (2017) - 20komp; Glass Screen (H) for Samsung A3 (2017) / A320 - 30komp; Gla ss Screen (H) for Samsung A5 (2017) / A520 - 30komp; Glass Screen (H) for Samsung A7 (2017) / A720 - 20komp; Glass Screen (H) for Samsung J5 (2016) / J510 - 30komp; Glass Screen (H) for iPhone 5 / 5S - 70komp; Trademark: NILLKINVyrobnyk: SHENZHEN NI LLKIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTDKrayina production: CN "CHINA0UA10001029.9661258.342775
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТАМАРІН"""
Importer Address
65011, Одеська обл.м.Одеса, вул.Рішельєвська буд.38, оф.503
Product Description
1.Vodorosti kind of dried pressed Porphyry (Porphy.........
HS Code 1212210000Value 7308.009848
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 5040
Origin Country CHINA

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