Ukraine Import Data of Cover Shield | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cover Shield

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cover shield collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cover shield imports.

Cover Shield Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cover Shield

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of cover shield. Get Ukraine trade data of Cover Shield imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201785364900901. Parts for automatic shoe cover machine: Thermal shield for voltage over 60V- 2 pc. Trademark: QuenProducer: Zhejiang Quen Technology Co., Ltd Country of origin: CN.CHINA0UA1000200.10.799956221 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201740169300901. Products made of vulcanized rubber, not porous, not for industrial assembly of transport vehicles, to cars (gaskets, gaskets, gaskets): art.1118.5206062 Edging of glass wind-top -10sht. Art1118.6103298-01Slider of the glass door front right-2 pc. Art 1118.6103299-01 Condenser compartment front left-2pcs.Art 1118.6203290-01 Sealant rear. Right-glass-2pcs. Art 1118.6203291-01 Sealant rear. Left glass 2pcs.Art.1118.6203292-01 Sealant of the rear window of the right upper door -1 piece.Art.1118.6203293-01 Sealant of the rear window of the left upper door is 1 piece.Art 1118.8402200Heat hood rear 2pcs.Art 1118.8403370 Seal of the front of the shield -1 pc. Art 2101.1005034-02 Crankshaft Front Cylinder -2091p.Art.2101.3502058-01 Cuff ZTTS-5649sht. Art 2101.6203292-02 Sealant of the rear axle blade -75 pc.2101.6207024 Sealant door-36pcs. Art2104.6303018 Rear Sealant -71 pcs. Art2105.3726087Proof repeater-2030pcs.Art 2106.3726087 P roducer repeater-2200pcs. Art 2108.1003270-01 Gasket of valve cover 8-way valve -265pcs.Art.2108.6103292 Sealant of glass of ouphon right (top) -89pcs. Art2108.6103321Planking -25 pcs. Art2109.6103292 Sealant of the owls. FrontRight -36pcs. 2109.6103293 Sealant of the owls. Front Left-33 pc Art2109.6203293Slatter Sealant rear left -67 pc. Art 2110.6103299-01 Compactor top left -4pcs. Art 2110.6107034-01 Sealant threshold-21pcs. Art2121.6303018 Sealant of the rear window glass -14 pc. Art2110.6207028Death door threshold rear.-5 pcs Art 2111.6207020 Upper right seal (gutter) -86pcs. Art 2111.6207021 Top-left drain (gutter) -88pcs. Trademark: LADAKraina of production: RUProducer: OAO AvtovazRUSSIA0UA807170444.0371957.834171
27/Apr/20178708299000"1.Chastyny ​​bodies for a / m Lada: * Transverse rear floor assembly (cataphoresis) -4 art.11180510127670 pcs * mud guards left (cataphoresis) -4 art.11180840326570 pcs * Left door assembly (cataphoresis) , art.21090620001570 -6 pcs * trunk lid assembly (cataphoresis) art.21099560401070 -10 pcs * Overlay lower sidewall (cataphoresis) art.21100540110220 -2 pcs * Power spar (cataphoresis) art.21100840334310 - 2 pcs * Panel assembly backward (cataphoresis) art.21120560108210 -12 pcs * left front wing (cataphoresis) art.21140840301170 -10 pcs * poll bar (cataphoresis) art.21214510127020 -2 pcs * grates right wing (cataphoresis) -1 art.21214840326040 items * Bryzh Hovik front left (cataphoresis) art.21214840326140 -5 pcs * front wing (cataphoresis) art.21230840301170 -2 pcs * right rear wing (cataphoresis) art.21710840401010 -7 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * Cree lo front right assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pc; * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art .21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21 093840301000 pcs -10 * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front wing right in the congregation art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * front right wing assemblies art.21093840301000 -10 pcs * Power shield front end assembly, art.21080530110200 - 40 pcs * front left wing assemblies art.21093840301100 -3 pieces * Connector rear spar and front skirt, art.21080510128600 -2 pcs * manhole cover filler neck assembly, art.21080541301001 -20 pcs * Facing the wind window frames, art.21100821271010 -47 pcs * Facing the wind window frames, art.21100821271010 -16 pcs * Support battery assemblies art.21080840340000 -22 pcs * Handle upholstery rear door left, art.21700620218700 -4 units * cover hatch filler neck of the fuel tank assembly, art.21100841301000 -12 pcs * Overlay rear door art.11180620345101 -20 pcs * Overlay door backward amplifier assemblies art.21710821251200 -4 pcs * Panel angle backward foreign law ( cataphoresis) -4 art.21213560101210 pcs * front right door (cataphoresis) art.21100610001470 -5 pcs * Facing right front door (LADA 4x4 Urban), art.21214820138450 -6 pcs * facings I right front door (LADA 4x4 Urban), art.21214820138450 -4 pcs * Facing the front left door (LADA 4x4 Urban), art.21214820138550 -1 pcs * Wheel arch left, art.21080510124110 -4 pcs * bar rear skirt, art.21099510127510 -1 pcs * front left door assembly (cataphoresis) art.21214610003143 -5 pcs * front left door assembly (cataphoresis) art.212146100031 "RUSSIA0UA1251801082.7355717.916439
27/Apr/201739263000901.Kripylni plastic, furniture or the like for motornyhtrans Portnoy means (for cars and): front left mud guards art.868311F010 -1sht. hood damper art. 864603K000 -2sht. Fan Diffuser art.253501M000 -2sht. Radiator diffuser art. 253503X000 -4sht. Cap art.9781139200 -8sht. Cap art. 986233E000 -2sht. Cap towing hakaart. 865173S500-1sht. Plug valve cover art. 2245027003 -4sht. Protection livyyart radiator. 291352 -4sht. Protect left radiator art. 291362W000 -2sht. Protection radiatoralivyy art. 291363X000 -4sht. Zashchita engine perednyaya, Central art.291102S000 -1sht. Clip Art mud guards. 8659028000 -70sht. Clip art. 811741D000-10sht. Ignition distributor cover art. KK13718V00 -4sht. Krыshka art.976121C000 -2sht. Krыshka wheel hub art. 529603X300 -2sht. Molding lobovohoskla / bottom / art. 861502E010 -1sht. Overlay windshield left art.861801G000 -1sht. Overlay plastic body art. 291343X000 -2sht. Nakladkamoldynh a windshield / left / art. 861502H010 -1sht. Overlay moldings lobovohoskla / right / art. 861602H010-1sht. Tumannoy right headlight edging art. 865242BAA0 -1sht. Edging right farytumannoy art. 865242BAA0 -1sht. Drier konditsionera art. 9780217000-8sht. Pidkrylok front right Art. 868123S500 -1sht. The air intake art.282102S000 -4sht. The air intake art. 282133W000 -1sht. The air intake art.282142F000 -2sht. Podkrыlok pravыy Rear (rear) art. 868223X100 -1sht.Rasshyrytel (cover) levoho zadneho wing art. 877412E000 -2sht. Rasshyrytelkrыla right zadneho art. 877422P000-1sht. Rasshyrytel wing peredneho levoho art. 877112P010 -1sht. Rezonatorvozdushnoho Art Filters. 281902S100 -5sht. The cavity of the air filter art.282301D400 -1sht. The cavity of the air filter art. 282302G200 -2sht. Reshetkabampera art. 865122B700 -1sht. Lattices bumper art. 865603X000 -2sht. Reshetkaventylyatsyonnaya art. 861502H000 -1sht. Ventylyatsyonnaya lattices (tselnaya) art.861503X000 -1sht. Radiator grille art. 863503S100 -1sht. Radiator grille / hood molding / art. 863553S100 -1sht. Extender wing rear left art.877412P000 -1sht. Handle opening hatches tank art. 815701G000 -1sht. Internal Ruchkadvery took hold of the front art. 826102S010CR -1sht. Sdvyzhnoyart door handles. 836604A500 -1sht. Corner Mirror naruzh pravыy art. 861901C000 -1sht.Torhovelna brand: HYUNDAI MOBISKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBISKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA12525036.74163.477012
27/Apr/201739263000901.Kripylni products, accessories or analog Ichnya plastic motornyhtran to interchange vehicles (passenger cars in): Absorber air art.282103X010 -6sht. The plug art. 565211H000 -4sht. Play bumper art. 865611R000-6sht. Grille art. 863501M600 -1sht. Grille art. 863502H000-2sht. Diffuser fan art. 253501M000 -2sht. Diffuser radiator oholodzhennyadvyhuna art. 253501E050 -3sht. Radiator diffuser art. 253503X000 -4sht. Zahlushkaart. 986233E000 -2sht. Motor protection Art. 0K2A156121A -3sht. Protection dvyhunaperedniy art. 291103Q000 -2sht. Motor protection front art. 291103X000 -12sht.Zahyst engine front, center art. 291101R000 -4sht. Protection livyyart radiator. 291352E000 -4sht. Lower bumper Zashchita plastykovaya art. 291102H200 -8sht.Zaschyta engine perednyaya, Central Art. 291102S000 -1sht. Zashchita dvyhatelyapravaya art. 0K2A156111B -3sht. Klypsa threshold kreplenyya art. 877562E000 -100sht.Klip Sparks art. 8659028000 -100sht. Decorative wheel caps / center / art. 529603 -20sht S110. Headlight casing art. 921403K000 -30sht. Kolpak kolesadekoratyvnyy art. 529601E700 -1sht. The case of the air filter art. 281101R100-4sht. Housing air filter art. 281103X000 -1sht. Rozpodilnykazapalyuvannya cover art. KK13718V00 -4sht. Upper timing belts Krыshka art. 2136026002 -6sht.Moldynh DOORS front pravoy art. 877221E000-2sht. Molding DOORS front left to collect art. 877211C500CA -3sht. Moldynhlobovoho bottom glass art. 861601C100-4sht. Molding windshield glass art. 861302S000 -2sht. Moldings front left art.877211E000 -2sht. Overlay rear bumper / bottom / art. 866502W000 -1sht.Nakladka front bumper art. 8651056000 -1sht. BACK DOORS Overlay levoyart. 877702B000 -2sht. Drier konditsionera art. 9780217000 -8sht. Pidkrylok art.868123S000 -2sht. Pidkrylok front / left / art. 868112S001 -2sht. Pidkrylokperedniy / right / art. 868123L000 -4sht. Pidkrylok front / right / art.868202B001-4sht. Pidkrylok front / right / art. 868202B200 -6sht. Pidkrylok front / left / art. 868102B200 -2sht. Pidkrylok front left art. 8681117000 -4sht.Pidkrylok front left art. 868111C500-10sht. Pidkrylok front left art. 868111R000 -12sht. Pidkrylok front livyyart. 868112C700 -3sht. Pidkrylok front left art. 868113S000 -2sht. Pidkrylokperedniy right art. 868123S500 -4sht. Pidkrylok front right Art. 868124A001-4sht. Pidkrylok right art. 868202B000 -4sht. Pidkrylnyk front / left / art.868112H010 -5sht. Pidkrylnyk front / right / art. 868122L000 -4sht. Pidkrylnykperedniy / right / art. 868123K000 -2sht. Pidkrylnyky front / left / art.868102B000 -10sht. Podkrыlok front levыy art. 868112C500 -4sht. Podkrыlokperednyy levыy art. 868114A001 -4sht. Podkrыlnyk front / levыy / art. 868113K500-4sht. Rasshyrytel (cover) levoho zadneho wing art. 877412E000-1sht. Rasshyrytel wing zadneho levoho art. 877412E001 -1sht. Rezonatorvozdushnoho Art Filters. 281902S100 -3sht. The cavity air filter art.281901R000 -2sht. Lattices bumper art. 865603X000 -2sht. ReshKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA125250177.11610.0652769
27/Apr/20176403400000"1. clothing. Footwear with uppers of leather, soles of polimernyhmaterialiv (double polyurethane), a metal plate and subsock: art.9AGAH36, AGATE Protective boots-20par. Art.9AGAH37, AGATE Protective boots-30par. Art.9AGAH38, AGATE Protective boots-30par. art.9AGAH39, AGATE Protective boots-40par. art.9AGAH40, AGATE Protective boots-50P al. art.9AGAH41, AGATE zahystnicherevyky al-50P. art.9AGAH42, AGATE Protective boots-50P al. Ref. 9AGAH43, AGATEzahystni shoes al-60P. art.9AGAH44, AGATE Protective boots-40p, AGATE Protective boots-30P al. art.9AGAH46, AGATE zahystnicherevyky al-20P. AGATE June wiki top - leather, polyurethane sole pod War, withmetal toe and metal plate art.9COBH39, protective boots COBALT-8par. art.9COBH42, protective boots COBALT-6p al. art.9COBH44, boots zahysniCOBALT 10 pairs. art.9COBH45, shielding shoes COBALT-11 pairs. art.9COBH46, protective boots COBALT-5p al. art.9COBH47, protective boots COBALT-4P ar.COBALT you soki top protective boots and leathers with nylon inserts (textiles) and polyurethane soles / Tpoliuretan, but with a metal and a metal skom plastynoyuart.9MARH40, MARBLE protective boots 1H-ara. art.9MARH41, MARBLE zahysnicherevyky 1H-ara. art.9MARH42, MARBLE protective boots 1H-ara. art.9MARH43, MARBLE protective boots-3p AR. art.9MARH44, MARBLE protective boots-2P, MARBLE protective boots 1H-ara. Shoes with nubuck korychnevohovodonepronyk tion, the sole TPU / PU (polyurethane) with a metal plate, a metal sock S3 art.9RUBH36 protection, protective boots RUBIS-3par .art.9RUBH37, protective boots RUBIS-5par. Shoes with black nubuck, pidoshvapoliu retan with a metal plate, metal n sedges, brand protection S3Torhivelna: "" COVERGUARD "". Producer: "" SACLA "". Country of origin: FR. "FRANCE481UA1000107136554.896867
27/Apr/20173921906000"1.Three material: a fabric made of polypropylene tape thread, completely covered on both sides with solid layers of non-porous polyethylene (product polyaddition), which is visible to the naked eye, in rolls, without drawing and stamping: NovaShield AK410U-RU88X-6-4mil, PE / PE 410 g / m2, width 366 cm (blue / white) art.01041050.366 (22451900204) - 458 m (2 rolls, 1676.28 m2), NovaShield AK410U-RU88X-6-4mil, PE / PE 410 g / m2, Width 366cm (white / white) art.01041000.366 (22451900604) - 914m (2 rolls, 3345.24 m2) rolls in polyethylene film, with cardboard core inside. Used for production of tent windowsHangar type rites, commercial name NovaShield. "CANADA0UA1101502059.37213810.80908
27/Apr/201785129090901.Chastyny ​​blades that appear on the use of motor transportnyhzasobah (f i cars): lever Wiper art. 98810-4D001-2sht. Lever Wiper art. 98810-4D001 -2sht. Lever brush skloochysnykazadniy art. 98811-1F001-4sht. Rear wiper lever brush art. 98810-1C000 -2sht. Vazhelyaskloochysnyka rear sleeve art. 98723-26000-3sht. Bushing wiper blades Art. 98712-29600 -4sht. Cap stekloochystytelyaart. 98380-2E001 -4sht. Cap stekloochystytelya art. 98380-2E001 -4sht. Kolpachokpovodka stekloochys art. 98812-2E000 -10sht. Cap leash stekloochys art.98812-2E000 -4sht. Wiper lever cover art. 98812-1F000 -2sht. Kryshkavazhelya wiper art. 98812-07100 -2sht. The lid wiper lever art.98812-1F000 -2sht. KEYSTONE stekloochystytelya art. 0K082-67-360 -2sht. Schetkazadneho glass art. 98850-3W000 -1sht. Schetka stekloochystytelya zadneho art.98850-1F000 -4sht. Schetka stekloochystytelya windshields (drive). Art.98350-2B010 -1sht.Torhovelna brand: HYUNDAI MO BISKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBISKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1252504.5322.75124379
27/Apr/201787141000001.Chastyny ​​to motorcycles: Set steering lever - BLACK HAND CONTROL LEVER KIT, art. 41700421 - 1. Clutch cover - CLUTCH COVER, 110, CHROME DERBY, art.60709-07A - 1. The axis thrust gear - SHIFTER SHAFT LEVER, GEAR, art. 33709-82A - 3 pieces. The equalizer set - COMPENSATOR ASY, art. 36500034A -1 units. Set lever steering - HAND LEVERS, BLACK, VRSC, art. 42275-07A - 2 sht.Pedal gear - SHIFTER PEG, VINTAGE WHITE, Art. 33600071 - 2 sht.Vazhil gear - BILLET SHIFT LEVER, CHROME, art. 34539-00 - 1 sht.Komplekt brake pads disc brake bike - BRAKE PAD KIT, art.42850-06B - 2 pcs. Lever traction gear - LEVER, GEAR SHIFT, art.33718-82B - 3 pieces. Set washers compensator - SPRING-PACK SUB-ASY, art.83936-09A - 1. Pad on the brake pedal - DIAMOND BLACK BRAKE PEDAL, SMALL, art. 41850-08 - 1. The back - CUSTOM MEDIUM LOW SISSY BAR, GLOSS BLACK, art.54256-10 - 1. Trunk - LUGGAGE RACK, GLOSS BLACK, Art. 4263-10 5 - 1 sht.Bahazhnyk - STEALTH RACK, DETACH CHROME, art. 53472-09A - 2 pcs. Bow back -UPRIGHT, MED-LOW, CHROME, art. 52540-09A- 1 pc. Windscreen - KIT, QUICK REL WINDSHIELD, FXDF, CLEAR, art. 57338-08- 1 pc. Rudder - KIT, H-BAR, TALLBOY, CHROME, art. 55800550A - 1 pc. The back driver -ADJ RIDER BACKREST, COMFORT STITCH, art. 52423-09A - 1 pc. The back - ADJ RIDERBACKREST, SMOOTH, art. 52501-09A - 2 pcs. Wheel -KIT-HANDLEBAR, TALLBOY, BLACK, ROAD GLIDE, art. 55800551A - 1 sht.Krayina production - USTorhovelna brand - Harley-DavidsonVyrobnyk - Harley-Davidson Motor CompanyUNITED STATES0UA12518037.022488.16836
26/Apr/20178433900000"1.Zapasni parts for combines, parts of machines or mechanisms for harvesting or threshing crops: Set bitters (Molotylnohobarabanu) art.0001747630-1sht; art.0001747640-14sht, bottom drum (beater) art.0004958321-1sht, KIT bitters (elements combine molotylnoyikamery) art.0005088440-4sht, bitters (elements combine threshing chamber) art.0005088480-2sht; art.0005088490-2sht, frame Screens (threshing element kamerykombayna) art.0005535022-1sht, consoles (Part grain harvesters) art.0006614083-1sht, tooth (chaff spreader) art.0007351141-4sht, cover (grain Element ing harvesters) 1,5X177,6X279,1art.0007353390-1sht, shield (elements combine harvesters kukuruznoyi) art.0007355392-2sht, shield (elements combine threshing chamber) art.0007408330-1sht, shield (elements combine threshing chamber) 1, 5X187,1X1659,2art.0007494670-1sht, stepped LP (grain cleaning systems) 328,5 X 1864,4art.0007551333-4sht; DISK (Element combine threshing chamber) 0,8X0210X0210art.0007572420-1sht; L SEGMENT IVYY (grain harvesters ) 6X 103X179art.0009842520-2sht; CONUS left (Element kukuruznoyi harvesters) art.0009905553-1sht; CONUS rights (Item grain harvesters) art.0009905563-1sht, focusing divider (Item grain harvesters) art.0009909930-1sht; SEGMENT Uploaders (elements combine threshing chamber) LINKSart.0009911662-2sht; SEGMENT downloader (elements combine threshing chamber) RECHTSart.0009911672-2sht; divider (Part kukuruznoyi harvesters) art.0009957173-28sht, DISC discharger (kukuruznoyi Header element) D 730X 5art. 0009965390-4sht; PROTYRIZ (threshing chamber) 8X 68X 190art.0009966011-1sht; Rods feeder (elements combine threshing chamber) 5X 110X 565 art.0009966431-4sht, scrapers PLATE (Kukuruznoyi Reaper) 3X 103X 572art.0013132591-18sht; Producer: CLAASTorhovelna brand: CLAASKrayina production: DE "GERMANY0UA125180703.3599477.63113
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Cover Shield Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cover Shield Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name ТОВ «СМАРТ ТД»
Importer Address
02121, м. Київ, проспект Миколи Бажана, дом № 7-Ж
Exporter Name Zhejiang Quen Technology Co.,Ltd
Product Description
1. Parts for automatic shoe cover machine: Thermal.........
HS Code 8536490090Value 0.799956221
Quantity 0Unit UA100020
Net Weight 0.1
Origin Country CHINA

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