Ukraine Import Data of Corrugated Plastic | Ukraine Import Statistics of Corrugated Plastic

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of corrugated plastic collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of corrugated plastic imports.

Corrugated Plastic Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Corrugated Plastic

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of corrugated plastic. Get Ukraine trade data of Corrugated Plastic imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173923509000"1. Plastic products for transporting and packing of goods. Covers for baking: Art. 005151 Covers for salad bowls without dowel D150mm transparent / hall. 500pcs / corrugated BOPS serial / 005151 Lid for S alad Container w / ologo, D 150mm , Domed, transperent, for cold food -6000pcs art. 002094 Cover for container D90mm (93mm) transparent 500pcs / flat flat PP / 0 02094 Lid forContainer D 90mm (93mm), tr ansperent, flat, PP -2000piece art 004091 Cover For container D98mm transparent 500pcs / piece flat PP / 004091 Lid for Container, flat, 500 pcs / box, D 98mm, PP -7000pcs. Trademark - PapperskopP Producer - "PAPERSKOP RUS" LLC "Country of production - RU."RUSSIA0UA10011081.81649.8186747 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173923301000"1.Vyroby plastic products for packaging capacity of not more than 2 liters: 250 ml korpusflakona. K / B 250 / 78.40-9021 brown - 20250 pcs. Body bottle ml.K 500 / B 500 / 133.40-01 White - 20400 pieces. 300 ml bottle body. K / B 300 / 92.2-01 bilyy- 20,345 pcs. 400 ml bottle body. K / B 400 / 125-2018 gray - 20020 pcs. Beznapysiv with smooth corrugated surface. not for medical or farmatsevtychnohopryznachennya. Figurative trademark posluh- available. not intended for usage ting food industry chyproduktsiyi agriculture. Non-alcoholic drinks. for use in lasnomu production for packaging cosmetic and hygienic produktsiyi.Torhovelna mark "" Hromyn "". Country of origin: BY.Vyrobnyk: OOO "" Hromyn ".". "BELARUS81015UA10102021938730.883391
28/Apr/201739231000001. Plastic for transportation and packaging of products for clinical trials according bahatotsetrovyh protocol GLPG0634-CL-205: - art. 500177 packaging for simultaneous transport of samples of laboratory tests at ambient temperature and in a frozen state, comprising: a box of foam rectangular 20h20h33sm with lid, volume 4 l, which is enclosed in a box made of corrugated cardboard - 1am, pet pack of rectangular shape for inserting samples - 2 pcs. holodoelementy plastic gel inside - 2 pcs., plastic pocket with 6 branches with absorbent lining for inserting tubes - 2 pcs. - 6 komplektiv.Torhovelna mark - THERAPAK. Manufacturer - THERAPAK PHARMA SERVICES LTD. Country of production GB. .UNITED KINGDOM0UA1002006126.3185107
28/Apr/20173923100000"1. Plastic for transportation and packing of goods under Protocol A3921104: - Styrofoam box with a rectangular shape with a lid, 4l capacity that is embedded in a box made of corrugated cardboard, for transporting samples of laboratory tests at ambient temperature and frozen type FDCE - 4 pieces; Producer: COVANCE CLS Geneva SA Trade mark: COVANCE. Country of origin: US.. "UNITED STATES0UA100200239.7868998
28/Apr/20173917221000"1.Truby corrugated polypropylene for zovn.kan.v complete with humov.uschilnyuv.: 200h6000-61sht; 300h6000-76sht; 400h6000-4sht; 500h6000-4sht; 600h6000-4sht.Vsoho-mark 149sht.Torhovelna" "Plasticor" ".Vyrobn." "Plastimex Sp. z oo" ". Country of PL.."POLAND0UA1000204230.756936.912643
28/Apr/20173911909900"1. The resin CORAGUM WP50 - 4536kh, neionoobminna ketonaldehidna used in the manufacture of packaging kleyivdlya manufacture of corrugated cardboard, packed in plastic cubes on 1134kh reinforced with metal on metal trays. Trademark:" "CORAGUM" ". Producer:" "Ingredion" " . Country of origin - US (United States). ".UNITED STATES0UA100010453610743.78265
27/Apr/201739229000001. Sanitary-technical PLASTIC: 1012 - Siphon for sink - 150sht.1011 - Siphon for sink - 450sht.1033 - Siphon washing - 300sht.1047 - Siphon washing - 1520sht.1048 - Siphon for sink - 100 pieces. 1050 - siphon for sink - 5640sht.1060 - siphon washing - 900sht.1164 - siphon washing - 40sht.1191050 - siphon washing - 50sht.1195050 - siphon washing - 20sht.1200009 - corrugated to siphon - 150sht.1200010 - Bumps to siphon - 500sht.1200011 - corrugated to siphon - 500sht.1203006 - corrugated to siphon - 1500sht.1203007 - corrugated to siphon - 500sht.1203001 - corrugated to siphon - 1500sht.1203003 - corrugated to siphon - 500sht.1520 - siphon for bath - 100 sht.1521 - Siphon for bath - 900sht.1621 - Siphon for shower trays - 300sht.1622 - Siphon for shower trays - 1100sht.4080 - flushing tank - 20sht.4121 - flush cistern fittings - 600sht.4122 - flush cistern fittings - 1000sht.4130 - flush cistern fittings - 40sht.4140 - flush cistern fittings - 40sht.4263 - flush cistern fittings - 210sht.7000 - flush cistern fittings - 1500sht.7009 - Cork-release for siphon - 1000sht.7017 - Float valve - 1000sht.7023 - Float valve - 3850sht.1541 - Siphon for bath - 325sht.5056 - plumbing trap - 500sht.5057 - plumbing trap - 100sht.5066 - Trapp Plumbing and - 150sht.5067 - plumbing trap - 50sht.7012 - corrugated toilet - 600sht.7013 - corrugated toilet - 1620sht.7014 - pipe sewage - 300sht.7015 - pipe sewage - 360sht.7152 - Pid'yednuvach to the toilet - 140sht .VYROBNYK: DORA ITHALAT IHRACAT LTD STIKRAYINA production: Turkey (TR)TURKEY0UA206010722134872.0999
27/Apr/20173920629000"1. Tapes made of plastics, non-porous, not reinforced, non-laced, not lined, and unassembled in a similar manner with other materials of polyethylene terephthalate, of a thickness of more than 0,35 mm: Tapes of polyester packing corrugated, green, for packing industrial cargoes, in rolls, Made from PET flex (secondary raw material): Brava's specimen: size 19.0 * 1.0 mm; TU2259-007-75624126-2011. "RUSSIA0UA11018064968200.137907
26/Apr/20173923100000"1. Plastic for transportation and packing of goods, according to the protocol ALK8700-A301: - Styrofoam box with a rectangular shape with a lid, 4l capacity that is embedded in a box made of corrugated cardboard, for transporting samples of laboratory tests at ambient temperature and frozen type FDCE - 10 pieces; FD0E - 20 pcs .; RD0E - 10 pcs., Manufacturer: COVANCE CLS Geneva SA Trade mark: COVANCE. Country of origin: US.. "UNITED STATES0UA10020018238.301293
26/Apr/20178421990000"1.Zminni Filter elements consisting of corrugated cardboard or filter paper in a plastic OBO the steel frame: Part tsenrefuhy -Vstavka for sewage sludge ARS 25 B-60 - 6 pieces; trade mark no data. Manufacturer ROSLER KROMAS MAKINE SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI. Country of TR.. "TURKEY0UA1101905.4965.5742046
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Corrugated Plastic Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Corrugated Plastic Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АЛЬФА ПАК ТРЕЙД"""
Importer Address
04210, м.Київ, Оболонська набережна буд.7, корп.3, офіс 1, Україна
Exporter Name "Общество с ограниченной ответственностью ""ПАПЕРСКОП РУС"""
Product Description
"1. Plastic products for transporting and packing .........
HS Code 3923509000Value 649.8186747
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 81.81
Origin Country RUSSIA

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