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Corps Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Corps

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201739269097901.Vyroby cast plastic headings 3901-3914, made no sheet. Plate-ramyopryskuvacha 10pc, catalog number 921398, lever-kranaopryskuvacha 11sht, catalog number 929791, dlyapromyvnoyi liquid tank sprayers, 1pc, catalog number 931805, Planck limit naklonu sprayers rod-12p, 942,280 №po directory, plug-sprayers 2 pcs, pokatalohu number GE073, Finger-5pcs drills, catalog number 965126 on Corps Drill sowing device D9 -41sht, in katalohu958134 number, device Reel seed drills, 35 pcs, pokatalohu number 955397, Reel Drill sowing device, 2 pcs, catalog number 3363500. Brand -AMAZONEN-WERKE H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG, torh.marka-AMAZONE. .GERMANY0UA40003034.281224.789468 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/201784219900001.Chastyny ​​liquid and air filters of vehicles, new art.P501133AY - CORPS AIR FILTER nyzhn.-1pc., Origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor Corporation.JAPAN0UA2050200.83714.42557588
28/Apr/20173926909790"1. Plastic. CORPS to electronic compact DOZATORAart.425159-25sht.Torhivelna mark:" "ANIOS" "Manufacturer:" "Laboratoires ANIOS" "Country of origin: FR."FRANCE0UA10011025329.5989112
28/Apr/201773269098901. Production of ferrous metals, steel, used in the borehole equipment: - art. 0302-GS-250-04-03 Corps lifting tool GS Pulling Tool, a diameter of 2.5 inches - 1pc. .UNITED STATES0UA1251000.45426.4953033
27/Apr/201785129090901.Chastyny ​​electrical lighting, signaling equipment, chastynyskloochysnykiv to VAZ: art. 1118.3714010 ceiling lighting Salon 1am. Art. 1118.5205065 lever sklooch .livyy-7sht. Art. 1118.5205066 lever sklooch .pravyy-7sht. Art. 2108.3716014 right rear lamp housing -420sht. Art. 2108.3716015Kozhuh lamp rear left -419sht. Art. Fee 2108.3716096 rear lihtaryaprava -68sht. Art. 2108.3716097 fee -67sht left tail light. art.2108.3718010 Hidrokorrektor -122sht. Art. 2110.8212512 reflect boot-lid 36sht. Art. 2111.6313200 lever rear sklooch la -57sht. Art. 2111.8212512Nakladka door backward-18sht. Art. 2112.8212512 reflect trunk lid -68sht.Torhovelna Brand: LADAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OAO Avtovaz art. 2108.3716020 Corps lantern back right -99sht.Torhovelna Brand: DAAZKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: DAAZ.RUSSIA0UA807170263.3091021.087917
27/Apr/20174016930090"1. linings, gaskets, seals, washers, etc. from vulcanized rubber to not porous agricultural machinery: Upper Gasket Set (catalog number with the seller CU-4025271) - 1pc, lower set of pads (lining of the pallet) 6CT8.3 Cummins (No. catalog merchant of CU-3802389) - 1pc, front cover gasket ST 6CT8.3 Cummins (vendor number from CU-3938737) - 50sht, exhaust manifold gasket SPX-3310 (a number from the seller CU-3927154) - 36sht, Gasket final collector (vendor number from CU-3929012) - 240sht, crankshaft seals CT front Cummins (number of cat alohu seller CU-3921927) - 90sht; Gasket thermostat (vendor number from CU-3914310) - 110sht, Construction turbocharger (without partitions) (vendor number from CU-3911941) - 20pcs, crankshaft stuffing box (a number from the seller CU- 3933384) - 8 pieces; seals the inlet / exhaust valve (a number from the seller CU-3927642) - 560sht, Laying pipes drain oil from the turbine (number of cat alohu seller CU-3937706) - 50sht, Laying pipes maslozabornyka (a number from the seller CU -3914302) - 30sht; Construction corps seal crankshaft (vendor number from CU-3914301) - 40sht; Proklos ka front cover DIC SPX-3310 (a number from the seller CU-3938156) - 5pcs, Laying pipes maslozabirnyka (a number from the seller CU-3938157) - 10pc; Gasket Oil coolers (a number from the seller CU-3942914) - 10pc; padding ( vendor number from CU-3917779) - 10pc, Upper Gasket Set (catalog number with the seller CU-4025271) - 10pc; ring sealing nozzle (T80 .., Mag310) (vendor number from CU-4890926) - 300sht, oil coolers Construction (vendor number from CU-3929011) - 10pc; kit (SEM) front crankshaft seals (a number from the seller CU-3925343) - 65sht; Gasket exhaust manifold (vendor number from CU-3932063) - 6 pieces; seals nozzles (vendor number from CU-3909356) - 36sht. "CHINA0UA11015047.761854.455224
27/Apr/20178431390000"1.Chastyny ​​boot equipment installed on grain and forage harvester RSM-COVER -2sht, (screw cap vyvantazhuyuchoho) body RSM-10B.01.50.460 {3} -3sht, RSM-BUILDING ELEVATOR {4} In -4sht, augers -2sht BUILDING, BUILDING -1sht, bottom hinged -1sht; -2sht augers, augers VERTICAL -4sht, BUILDING ELEVATOR 142.50 .02.010 -1sht; CORPS -1sht, directing 3518060-18110V -32sht, (elevator chain guides) Shells RSM- {4} -4sht, RSM-neck {4} -4sht; augers RSM- {3} -6sht; Producer: Ltd. "" combine plant "" Rost elmash "". "RUSSIA0UA1100401110.1094815.76205
26/Apr/20178538909900"1.Vizok-rozyednuvach automatically switch art.59433-2sht, art.59477-2sht, Vtychni contacts to high-acha vymyk zkriplennyam, art.59396-2k, and (po3sht), Head button switch (metal / plastic) art .ZB6Z1B-15sht, head button switch with LED indicator (metal / layer ik) art.ZB4BW363-1sht, additional klemmnyj unit for starter (metal / pVC) art.LUFN11- 1pc, screws final avt.vymykacha (metal / plastic) art.XCSZ03-10sht, Z'yednuv tial block for avtomat.vymykacha (metal / pVC) art.GV2AF3-5sht, cassette to switch Evolis High-tnoho in kompl.zshynoyu ground and Protective iNTO Kami (metal /pvh),art.59317-19sht, Komplektdlya Comte ktora (mechanical + Electric Lock + tire) art.LAD9R1V-10pc, Set Connect yuchennya avt.vymykacha (+ tips blown DKI) (metal / PVC), art .LV431563-4k, and (3 pieces), contact to the switch unit (metal / pVC) art.ZBE102-95sht, art.ZBE101-30sht, al t.ZBE101-30sht Corps buttons (metal / plastic teak) art.ZB4BZ102-5sht, art.ZB4BZ102-2sht, the opening mechanism for the highly shtorokkasety to ovoltnoho switch (metal) art.59435-2sh t Mounting panel (metal) for avt.vymyk acha art.03502-1sht, panel mounting ( metal) for rozpodilchohoschyta, art.NSYMM66-1sht, art.03170-2sht, circuit board A relay vrozpod.shafu (metal) art.LA7D902-14sht, Mont tazhnyy kit for contactors (metal / PVC) art.GV7AC08-4sht, Basis for buttons art.ZB4BZ009-40sht, distribution cabinet, understaffed equipment, art.NSYS3D1063 0P-3pc, distribution panels, neukomplektov anyy equipment, art.08109-1sht, pen (tal IU / plastic) for vymykachaart.59449-8sht.Krayina production - FR.Torhovelna mark - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.Vyrobnyk- "" SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES SAS "". "FRANCE0UA100010166711486.84289
26/Apr/20178543900090"1.Korpus (shaft) lamps with LED (230V) art.DL2EDM3SB-5pcs, 5pcs art.DL2EKM4SB-Corps (handle) LED lamps (24V) art.DL2EKB4SB-1sht.Krayina production - ID.Torhovelna mark - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.Vyrobnyk - "" SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES SAS "".. "INDONESIA0UA100010146.89726189
26/Apr/20178421310000"1.Filtry intake air to internal combustion engines and / m Lada: Elementfiltruvalnyy air filter art.21010110910002 - 3pc. Povitryanohofiltra Corps, art.21120110 901110 - 1sht.Korpus air filter art.21120110901110 - 5pcs. Housing tion air filter art.21120110901110 -14sht. air filter assemblies art.212141109 01000 - 4sht.Filtr air vzbori and rt.21214110901000 - 1sht.Krayina pro va - RUTorhovelna mark - LADA stones to - "" Avtoagregat "" OAO g Lyvnы. "RUSSIA0UA12518025.87189.1631038
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Агро-Гарант Україна"""
Importer Address
Черкаська обл., Золотоніський р-н, с .Піщане, вул.Коробченка,15.Україна.Україна.
Exporter Name Heinrich Schroder Landmaschinen KG
Product Description
1.Vyroby cast plastic headings 3901-3914, made no .........
HS Code 3926909790Value 1224.789468
Quantity 0Unit UA400030
Net Weight 34.28
Origin Country GERMANY

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