Ukraine Import Data of Copper | Ukraine Import Statistics of Copper

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of copper collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of copper imports.

Copper Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Copper

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of copper. Get Ukraine trade data of Copper imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20177419999000"1. Products from copper sleeve to s / htraktoriv: 245-1004115-A plug top HOLIVKYSHATUNA -9sht.Rozfasovano and packaged for wholesale rozdribnoyita torhivli.Vyrobnyk profile" "CALL". "Trademark RU DZVKrayina production."RUSSIA0UA5041700.94514.49977144 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/20176807900090"1.Hnuchka glass tiles based on petroleum bitumen, on applying fine-grained nude napoverh a stone granules used to oblashtuvannyapokrivel houses: -Hnuchka tile RoofShield R-M-17 Premi um-Modern- Copper -324 m2, 108 Patsch - shingles RoofShield FI-S-49 Femy Lee Eco Light Brown Standard zvidtin ennyam -756 m2, 252 Patsch, -Hnuchka tile RoofShield FI-S-50 Femy Lee Green Eco Light Standard zvidtinenn pits -378 m2, 126 Patsch; tile -Hnuchka RoofShield FI-S-51 Femy Lee Eco Red Light Standard zvidtinen tion -378 m2, 126 Patsch, -Konky eaves Hip & Ridge HR-32- Almonds tion - 237.6 2 -36 Patsch, -Konky eaves Hip & Ridge HR-1- Midnyy- 118.8 m2 -18 Patsch, -Konky eaves Hip & Ridge HR-16- sandals tion - 118.8 m2 -18 pach.Torhivelna Brand: RoofShieldVyrobnyk by "" IPC "" HRH "". "RUSSIA0UA805080155445488.018302
30/Apr/201774199990001. Spare parts for gas turbines Solar TAURUS 70: -art.199515-1 GASKET Copper gasket -24 sht.Krayina production - USTorhovelna mark - SolarVyrobnyk - Solar Turbines Inc. .UNITED STATES0UA2092001.19342.0712983
30/Apr/20178538100000"1. Konstruktiv Sivacon S8 (2 panels included) - 1 sht.Shafa introductory SIVACON S8 is designed to connect and control supply line assembly designated feeders, as well as to accommodate lead-breaker to supply the main engine of the 4th husk pellet. Case introductory cabinets and side walls are made of metal. In the case vstavnovleni: - copper bus - 1 kompl.- CLE - 1 kompl.Shafa comes installed automatically without entering obladnannya.U cabinet will be installed: - circuit breaker 3WL with nom. current 800A, voltage up 690V AC leads I'm moving engine - Low prystroyi.Oblast application -masloekstraktsiynyy zavod.Napruha - 400V.Krayina production - Russian federatsiya.Torhova mark - Sivacon.Vyrobnyk - Servismontazhintehratsiya.. "RUSSIA0UA1120803804115.582676
30/Apr/20176807900090"1.Hnuchka glass tiles based on petroleum bitumen, on applying fine-grained nude napoverh a stone granules used to oblashtuvannyapokrivel houses: -Hnuchka tile RoofShield C-M-16 Classic -Modern- Brown-shadowing of 432 m2, 144 Patsch; -Hnuchka tile RoofShield R-M-17 Premium Modern- Copper -324 m2, 108 Patsch, -Hnuchka tile RoofShield PM-28 Premium Modern -Barhitno- Chornyy- 324m2-108 Patsch, -Hnuchka tile RoofShield PM-44 PREMIUM Modern -Kashtan - 324m2 -108 Patsch, -Hnuchka tile RoofShield FI-S-49 standard Femyli Eco Light Brown zvidtinennyam -378 m2, 126 Patsch, including -Hnuchka repytsya RoofShield FI-S-50 Femyli Eco Light Green Standard zvidtinennyam -126 m2, 42 Patsch, -Hnuchka tile RoofShield FI-S-51 Femy Lee Eco Red Light Standard zvidtinen tion -378 m2, 126 Patsch, -Konky eaves Hip & Ridge HR- 15- brown tion of shadowing - 79.2 m2 -12 Patsch, -Konky eaves Hip & Ridge HR-21 Barhitno-Black - 52.8 m2 -8 Patsch, -Konky eaves Hip & Ridge HR-1- Midnyy- 52.8 m2 - Patsch 8; -to nky eaves Hip & Ridge HR-2- brown tion - 52.8 m2 -8 pach.Torhivelna brand: RoofShieldVyrobnyk by "" IPC "" HRH "" "RUSSIA0UA805080200806839.947705
29/Apr/201774112900001.Trubky are made of copper were owed conducted: Vertical Adapter 450sht.Torhovelna Brand: HPEOKKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: HPEOK.CHINA0UA10011062.4685.7899641
29/Apr/201784749010001.Zapasni parts prosivalnyh ma- tires: sieves with tensioning folds of provolkyiz Copper plated spring steel that contains 0,25-0,60 wt.% Of carbon: Size: Spi-1800mm, GI-FI-1480mm 1480mm, yacheya 30 , 0h30,0mm, d 6,00mm - 5.328 m2.- 2 pcs., containing 0,60-0,85 wt.% of carbon: Size: Spi-1480mm, GI-FI-1220mm 1220mm, yacheya 50,0h50, 0mm, d 10,00mm - 7.224 m2.- 4 pcs. Size: Spi-1480mm, GI-610mmFI-610mm, yacheya 50,0h50,0mm, d 10,00mm - .903 m2.- 1 pc., Sita vyhotovlenizhidno GOST 3306-88 and TU VU 590906674.001-2012. .BELARUS0UA1010203131248.017952
29/Apr/20178484100090"1.Prokladka art. (51-02-107-01SP) -100sht., Between the block and the cylinder head dyzelyaD-180, copper-asbestos, of T10 tractor. For the civil vykorystannya.Vyrobnyk company" "CTZ Uraltrak" "trade mark uncertain country of production RU. "RUSSIA0UA10011054.2602.9470402
29/Apr/20177229200000"1.Drit coated copper brand HTW-50: -in barrels to 250 kg: diam.0,8mm- 10000kh, diam.1,0mm- 2000kh, diam.1,2mm- 2000kh.-on plast.katushkah (D200) to 5kg diam.1,0mm- 2200kh; -on plast.katushkah (D270) in 15kg diam.1,0mm- 2160kh, diam.1,2mm- 5400kh. (kremniyevomarhantsevoyi of steel, chemical composition: C: 0,06 -0,08%, Mn: 1,46-1,50%, Si: 0,81-0,87%, P: 0,009-0,011%, S: 0.008-0,009%, Cr: 0.020-0,060%, Ni : 0.020%, Cu: 0.11%, Mo: 0.005-0,006%, V: 0.001-0,002%, Al- 0.006-0,010%, Ti + Zr- 0.007-0,008%. lot №564370301, 5067970308.standart: AWS A5. 18: ER70S-6, DIN8559: SG2) .Vyrobnyk: HIT WELDING INDUSTRY CO., LTD, country of China.. "CHINA0UA1120802376023387.63984
29/Apr/201774121000001. refined copper fittings are ovuyutsya Apply with external units systemyko ndytsiyuvannya air intended for mgr ment multiple indoor units ymahistrali water coolant: - art. MSDD-50AR-E hub refrigerant line (set) - 1 sht.- art. MSDD-50AR-E hub refrigerant line (set) - 2 sht.- art. MSDD-50TR-E hub refrigerant line (set) - 1. .JAPAN0UA1001504.05992.95423493
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТЕХНОТОРГ-ДОН"""
Importer Address
54025,м.Миколаїв,пр.Героїв Сталінграду 113/1
Exporter Name "ОАО ""Управляющая компания холдинга ""Минский моторный завод"""
Product Description
"1. Products from copper sleeve to s / htraktoriv:.........
HS Code 7419999000Value 14.49977144
Quantity 0Unit UA504170
Net Weight 0.945
Origin Country RUSSIA

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