Ukraine Import Data of Copper Rail | Ukraine Import Statistics of Copper Rail

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of copper rail collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of copper rail imports.

Copper Rail Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Copper Rail

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201784841000901.Prokladky sheet metal combined with other materials (asbestos Asbestos, copper) are used to seal in refrigeration, mounted on trailer trucks: art.331738-exhaust manifold gasket, intake gasket -3sht. .JAPAN0UA1251800.3226.96311949 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20173916200090"1.Zahlushky of base metal (Zamak - an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, copper) (plug) for furniture profiles: Profile 22.26.050-0 Cap for H-Glass Rail, Model" "8600" ", Zamak, chrome plating 4036-158-06 100 sht.Torhovelna mark 'SISO'. Producer 'SISO'.. "GERMANY0UA10005015037.81728082.1527
21/Apr/20178544429098"1-trolley busbar (troleya) Art. 0780224/00 VKS10-8 / 100-4000HSA POWERAIL VKS10-8 / 100-4 HS 4 M SECION COPPER CROSS SECTION 3X25 SQMM AND 5X16 SQMM-4 pieces, (components of the system conductors (Track y) with high insulation tamaksymal noyi security, which is equipped with a connecting device designed for work on napruhudo 690V supplied in early rozib condition for robotykraniv, aerial, electric, power, etc.) trademark '' VAHLE "" Producer: Paul Vahle GmbH & Co.KGKrayina production-DE. "GERMANY0UA80717026.811805.2253313
20/Apr/201771171900011. Bijouterie of non-precious metals, not covered with precious metals, having parts of glass: NON-WOMAN. Art.4647 / 023-3 size M - 4 pc. Composition: 65% COPPER 20% ZINC 10% REDUCED 3% ACRYLIC 2% SHARKS OF WOMEN. Art.4660 / 023-3 size M - 4 pc. Ingredients: 60% REDUCED 25% GLASS 10% CINC 5% ACRYLBRAILLE WOMEN. Art.4660 / 023-5 size M - 4 pc.Composition: 60% REDUCED 20% GLASS 10% ACRYLIC 10% CINCABLE WOMEN.Art.4690 / 023-4 size M - 6 pc.Composition: 95% CINC 5% WOMAN CLOTHING. Art.4690 / 023-4 size S - 8 pc.Composition: 95% CINC 5% WOMAN CLOTHING. Art.4701 / 023-1 size M - 30 pc. Ingredients: 90% REDUCED 5% BRASS 5% WOMAN SCRAP. Art.4701 / 023-1 size S - 12 pc. Composition: 90% REDUCTION 5% BRASS 5% WIDTHS OF WOMEN.Art.4715 / 023-1 size M - 12 pc.Composition: 90% CINCA 10% SCREWS OF WOMEN. Art.4717 / 023-1 size M - 36 pc.Ingredients: 50% CINC 20% GLASS 20% REDUCED 10% ACRYLIC SHARKS OF WOMEN. Art.4733 / 023-2 size M - 2 pc.Composition: 55% CINC 35% BRASS 5% STEEL 5% WOMAN SCALE. Art.4735 / 023-1 size M - 2 pc. Composition: 90% CINC 7% SIZE OF 3% WOMEN'S SKIN CONTENT.Art.4735 / 023-2 size M - 2 pc. Ingredients: 60% REDUCED 40% SCREWS OF WOMEN.Art.4735 / 023-3 size M - 2 pc.Composition: 60% CINC 35% GLASS 5% REDUCED WOMEN. Art.4736 / 023-1 size M - 90 pc. Composition: 55% CINC 15% ACRYL 10% SMOKE 10% GLASS 10% REDUCTION OF WOMEN. Art.4739 / 023-1 size M - 24 pc. Composition: 95% CINC 5% SCREWS OF WOMEN. Art.4743 / 023 size M - 6 pc. Composition: 70% CINC 15% ACRYLIC 10% GLASS 5% GRAINING MARKING BERSHKA Producer BERSHKA BSK ESPANA SACare produced by CNCHINA0UA2050200.86459.11165668
19/Apr/20178302490090"1.Kronshteyny, fittings, fasteners, fittings of base metal dlyaelektrorozpodilnyh shafSZ to-kt. Art.1199100-3sht.Ruchka to connect AE nikelirovana art.2452000-2sht.Krepizh 10mm 4pcs art.2508010-2k-kt.Kriplennya wall-to AEart.2508100-5k kt.Ruchka art.2533000-7sht.Montazhni tires 23h23 12p art.4169000-1k kt. Mounting profiles for mounting on the door art.4596000-1k kt. Side rails 80kg D500 art. 5501430-3k kt. Wall mounting swivel art.6341000-1k kt. Telescope. guides, 400mm art.7061000-2k kt. art.7163560-2sht Articulated holder. art.7200800-1sht handle. The support rollers 4 pieces of art. 7495000-1k kt.'s profile tires 19 "" 47VE art.7827221-2k kt 2 pcs. Adapter 4pcs art.7827300-2k kt. Handle "" comfort "" art.8611020-1sht. Handle "" comfort "" art.8611290-1sht. Profile for 30h25mm input cable 2 pcs art.8802060-3k kt. Profile for cable entry 25h30mm art.8802085-2k kt. holder copper tires SV MAXI-PLS art.9660980-1sht. Country of origin DE Trademark brand Rittal Rittal GmbH & Co.KG. "GERMANY0UA10011039.098716.3777006
19/Apr/20178419500000"1 copper-aluminum heat exchangers, new refrigerant does not contain: - Heat Exchanger, ENEL300000.175 code - 10156680: - 1 pc. - Heat Exchanger, ENEL300000.175-01 code - 10156683: - 1 pc. - Exchanger code ENEL300000.176 - 10156686: - 1 pc. - heat Exchanger, ENEL300000.176-01 code - 10156685: - 1 pc., is a heat exchanger designed to zminytemperatury (heating or cooling) in gases withoutchange their state, intended for industrial use (for ventilation systems and air conditioning in passenger cars railways). Common pryznachennya.Vyrobnyk: OOO "" SЭST-LYUVЭ "" Comm ovelna mark: SEST-LUVEKrayina manufacturer: RU. "RUSSIA0UA807170841651.234409
19/Apr/20179403208000"1.Mebli metalevi for dining and living room, art.81159 Table Egg Leather46x50cm -2sht; art.81911 Steele Steamboat Econo 160x80cm (disassembled state dlyazruchnosti t ransportuvannya: art.81911-1 top table St eamboat Econo 160x80cm, art.81911 -2 STR bases this table Steamboat Econo 160x80c m, art.81911-3 pravanizhka table Steambo at Econo 160x80cm, art.81911-4 left legs and table SteamboatEcono 160x80cm) -1sht; art.75615 Steel Railway D37cm-2 pcs; art.75616 table RailwayMove D75cm-1am; art.79361 table Manor House 160x76cm (in the district ozibranomu state dlyazruchnosti transport ents: art.79361-1 top table Manor Hou se 160x76cm taart.79361-2 base table Manor House 160x76cm) -1sht; art.81295 Table WeaveCopper-2 pcs; art.81465 Table Macchia Gold-1am; art.81942 Table Scissors160x80cm-1am; art.81296 rack Weave Copper-1am; art.79127 rack Scissors 200cm (rozib in early position for easy transpor tion: art.79127-1 polytsyaScissors 200cm and art.79127-2 rack Scissors 200cm) -1sht; art.79130 StilScissors 180x90cm-1am; Table art.81172 Cleopatra-1am; art.76362 Wall polytsyaDrop Big-8 pieces; Table art.80875 Troja D53cm-1am; art.80218 Steele Ranger 180x90cm (vrozibranomu condition for ease of transportation: art.80218-1 Ranger180x90cm table top and table base art.80218-2 Ranger 180x90cm) -1sht.Torhivelna Brand: KARE Design GmbH.Vyrobnyk: KARE Design GmbH.Krayina production : IN. "INDIA0UA125220553.853106.4674
10/Apr/201774071000001.Brusky from refined copper without technological holes: art.UM32A midna30h5mm Rail length 495mm, 1pc., Trademark: hagerVyrobnyk: Hager Electro Gmbh & Co. KGKrayina production: DE.GERMANY0UA1000100.4859.333063197
10/Apr/201784139100901.Vtulky with brass rails: Art.19517619 napravlyayuscha PMDRE6d20x25mm bushings, brass -180 pieces. Art.93590220 sleeve d20x20mm, latun- 180sht., Art.95430202 plug G1 / 8, brass-360 pcs. Art.19511005 napravlyayuscha dlyaMDR M17 plug-d20x25mm, brass -20 pcs. Plugs of brass (an alloy of copper) mehanichnoobrobleni for piston pumps. Designed as components detaliVyrobnyk Baumer hhs GmbHTorhivelna mark hhsKrayina manufacturer DE.GERMANY0UA8072105.961568.775408
07/Apr/20178544499100"1.Provody of electrical copper conductors insulated with heat-resistant asbestovoyu dlyamontazhu electrical voltage to 660V, without precious metal content, device bezz'yednuvalnyh conductive wires with a diameter of 1.78 mm, grade: Wires PAL2,5 660V TC 16-505.656-74 - 0,263 km ; PAL Cable 660V TC 2.5 16-505.656-74 -0.250 km; PAL Cable 660V TC 16-505.656-74 2.5 - 0.237 km; PAL Cable 2.5 660VTU 16-505.656-74 - 0,225 km PAL Wires 2.5 TU 16-505.656-74 660V - 0.215 km; PAL Cable 660V TC 16-505.656-74 2.5 - 0.201 km; PAL Cable 660V TU16-505.656-74 2.5 - 0.200 km; PAL Cable 2.5 TU 16-505.656-74 660V - 0.200 km; PAL Cable 660V TC 16-505.656-74 2.5 - 0.200 km; 2.5 660V wires PAL U16-505.656-74 - 0.200 km; PAL Cable 660V TC 16-505.656-74 2.5 - 0.200 km; PAL Cable 660V TC 16-505.656-74 2.5 - 0.187 km; PAL Cable 660V 2.5 TU16-505.656 -74 - 0.186 km; PAL Cable 660V TC 16-505.656-74 2.5 - 0.168 km; PAL Cable 660V TC 16-505.656-74 2.5 - 0.168 km; PAL Cable 2.5 TU16-505.656-74 660V - 0.163 km railway lane PAL TU 16-505.656-74 660V 2.5 - 0.157 km; PAL Cable 660V TC 16-505.656-74 2.5 - 0.157 km; Wires 660V TU16-505.656-74 PAL 2.5 - 0.154 km; Wires PAL TU 16-505.656-74 660V 2.5 - 0.154 km; PAL Cable 660V TC 16-505.656-74 2.5 - 0.106 km; Wire PALO 660V TU16-505.656-74 2.5 - 1.421 km; Wire PALO 660V TC 16-505.656-74 2.5 - 1.394 km PALO Wires 660V TC 16-505.656-74 2.5 - 1.296 km; Termoelektrodnyydvozhylnyy conductive wires with an alloy conductors Chromel-Kopel, izpolietylentereftalatnoyi insulation film and oplittsi of polyester yarn, pryznachenyydlya joining thermocouples: Cable P 2h2,5 TAP THAT 16.K19-04-91 - 0.134 km TDC Cable P 2h2,5 TU 16.K19-04-91 - 0.134 km; TDC Cable P 2h2,5 TU16.K19-04-91 - 0.103 km; TDC Cable P 2h2,5 TU 16.K19-04-91 - 0,097 km; ProvidPTP P 2h2,5 TU 16.K19-04-91 - 0.077 km; TDC Cable P 2h2,5 TU 16.K19-04-91 -0.060 km.Krayina production: RU.Vyrobnyk: JSC "" Uralkabel "". "RUSSIA0UA112080418.612746.90976
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Copper Rail Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Copper Rail Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
пров.Чорновола,1,с.Софіївська Борщагівка,Київська обл,08131
Product Description
1.Prokladky sheet metal combined with other materi.........
HS Code 8484100090Value 26.96311949
Quantity 0Unit UA125180
Net Weight 0.32
Origin Country JAPAN

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