Ukraine Import Data of Cooling Unit | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cooling Unit

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cooling unit collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cooling unit imports.

Cooling Unit Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cooling Unit

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20178418690090"1.Holodylni compression type machines (with refrigeration units) for stvorennyaholodu in commercial refrigeration equipment, cooling medium monoblock machine is designed as a single unit, evaporation of which is set in the internal volume of the refrigerator, filled with refrigerant (R404A Halocarbon): Monoblock MMN106 -1sht; Trademark - "" MCM (MARYHOLODMASH) "" Producer - OAO "" Contact "" Country of origin - RU;. "RUSSIA0UA10011055399.69564 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20178418501900"1.Holodylni windows (with holodnylnym unit) tucked refrigerant R404A and R-134a are not ozone-depleting used for trade and public catering, contains in its structure radiobladnannya: Refrigerating new 1.0-VHS (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., V = 150) -2sht.Vitryna new refrigerator VHS-1,2 (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., V = 180) -4sht.Vitryna new refrigerator-VHS 1.5 ( temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., V = 230) -6sht.Vitryna cooling VHS-Tair 1.2 (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., V = 250) -2sht.Vitryna cooling Tair VHS-1,5 (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., V = 280) -2sht.Vitryna cooling Ylet BU -1.8 (static) (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., V = 420) -2sht.Vitryna cooling Ylet VHS-2.1 (static) (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S. , V = 490) -2sht.Vitryna cooling Veneto VS-0,95, krashennaya new (temperature +5 ... + 12 gr.S., V = 280) -2sht.Vitryna cooling Veneto VS-1,3 krashennaya new (temperature +5 ... + 12 gr.S., V = 380) -2sht. Trademark - "" MCM (MARYHOLODMASH) "" Producer - OAO "" Contact "" Country productions and - RU; "RUSSIA24UA100110288010373.26695
28/Apr/20179032108900Electronic 1.Termostaty no water, no puskohovoho device used to automatically adjust the water temperature in the cooling system of refrigeration unit mounted on trailer trucks: art.117702-thermostat-1am. .UNITED STATES1UA1251800.066.626379355
28/Apr/201784133080001. Spare parts (parts) for automobiles: liquid pumps for internal combustion engines: 2-unit cooling system pump. Manufacturer (trademark): EGON VON RUVILLE GMBH (Ruville).POLAND2UA40003012101.6110116
28/Apr/20178708913500"1.Radiatory for avtomobiliv- 6 pcs. Ref .: A ST 5038 / radiators / - 1 unit; Ref .: A ST 5038 / radiators / - 2 pcs, Art .: A ST 5038 / radiators / - 3 pieces; Trading brand AVA. Country of origin CN. Manufacturer company Ava Quality Cooling.. "CHINA0UA10011021.88250.547117
28/Apr/201787089135001.Radiatory, regulations are used in the cooling of internal combustion engines with compression ignition used in refrigeration units mounted on trucks, art.672970-Radiator 1am. .CHINA0UA1251804.5240.7747704
28/Apr/201787071090201. A fully-equipped body to a car car. W0L0VBP3531128879. Brand - OPEL, model - OMEGA, 2003 edition. Body type - station wagon. You wereIn use. 1pc There are no used parts: power unit, front and rear suspension, wheels, exhaust system, gearbox, transmission, ignition system, fuel system, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel tank, brake system, battery, front and Rear lighting, expansion tank, cooling system, radiator, washer tank, steering wheel, steering rack, air conditioner, measuring instrument shield. .GERMANY1UA205090960489.645143
28/Apr/20177411101000"1. Pipes made of copper (refined copper) Direct: 1122-060256trubka copper (from refined copper) capillary, straight, soft, 2,20h1h0,605mm size (outer diameter x wall thickness x vnutrishniydiametr) Number of 50kg, mass fraction of 99.96% copper. used for making heat exchange element konturutsyrkulyatsiyi refrigerant in the cooling unit. Trade mark: "" Konveyor "". Producer: "" Konveyor Beyaz Esya ve Otomotiv Yan SanayiTicaret AS "". Country of origin: TR.. "TURKEY0UA12506050823.9115953
28/Apr/20178415109000"1.Nastinni split-system air conditioning and in offices, hospitals and other public places containing the device to switch" "cold-warm" "ukomplekti with remote control, we supply element and fastening elements, Yakin equipped with ducts through which served chilled air from vyparnykado zone cooling: Wall split systems: power consumption 2.780 kWh. (1komp.) External power conditioning system MU-GF80VA-E1 - 1am, Vnutrishniyblok wall type MS-GF80VA-E1 - 1am, Wall split systems: Spozhyvnapotuzhnist 2.780 kW. (1 comp.) AC system kondytsionuvannyaMU-GF80VA-E1 - 1am, Domestic block wall type MSZ-EF22VE3W-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: Power consumption 0.710 kWh. (16 Comp.) External bloksystemy conditioning Indoor Unit wall type MSZ-DM25VA-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: power consumption 1,020 kW. (3 comp.) External bloksystemy conditioning MUZ-DM35VA-ER1 - 1am, Domestic block wall typuM SZ-DM35VA-ER1 - 1am, Wall split -system: power consumption 0.545 kWh. (8komp.) External power conditioning system MUZ-EF25VE-ER5 - 1am, we Vnutrishniyblok innoho type MSZ-EF25VE3B-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: Spozhyvnapotuzhnist 0.545 kW. (9 comp.) AC system kondytsionuvannyaMUZ-EF25VE-ER5 - 1am, wall type Indoor Unit MSZ-EF25VE3S-ER1 - 1am, split wall-mounted Wall system: power consumption 0.545 kWh. (5 comp.) External bloksystemy conditioning MUZ-EF25VE-ER5 - 1am, Domestic block wall typuMSZ-EF25VE3W-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: power consumption 0.910 kWh. (6komp.) AC conditioning system MUZ-EF35VE-ER5 - 1am, krayinavyrobnytstva - TH, wall type Indoor unit MSZ-EF35VE3B-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems we: Power consumption 0.910 kWh. (6 Comp.) External bloksystemy conditioning MUZ-EF35VE-ER5 - 1am, Domestic block wall typuMSZ-EF35VE3S-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: Power consumption 1,280 kW. (3komp.) AC conditioning system MUZ-EF42VE-ER5 - 1am, Vnutrishniyblok wall type MSZ-EF42VE3B-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: Spozhyvnapotuzhnist 1,280 kW. (1 comp.) AC system kondytsionuvannyaMUZ-EF42VE-ER5 - 1am, Domestic block wall type MSZ-EF42VE3S-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: power consumption 1,560 kW. (3 comp.) External bloksystemy condition nuvannya MUZ-EF50VE-ER3 - 1am, Domestic block wall typuMSZ-EF50VE3W-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: Power consumption 1,660 kW. (2komp.) External power conditioning system MUZ-SF50VE-ER2 - 1am, Vnutrishniyblok wall type MSZ -SF50VE3-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems: Spozhyvnapotuzhnist 0.485 kW. (2 comp.) AC system kondytsionuvannyaMUZ-FH25VEHZ-ER4 - 1am, wall type Indoor unit MSZ-FH25VE2-ER1 - 1am, Wall split systems, consumable power of 0.485 kW. (7 comp.) External bloksystemy conditioning MUZ-FH25VE-ER4 - 1am, Interior wall unit typuMSZ-FH25VE2-E "THAILAND0UA100010739791774.13718
28/Apr/20177039000001. Onion-schnitzel or onion-tribal (Alli um schoenoprasum) fresh, commercial gradeI packed in plastic. CONT. And individual packages of 1kg-15 units that are non-condensed with ice and containers (bottles) with a cooling fluid.The harvest in 2017, the date of packing 04/2017, the shelf life of 14 days. Net weight 15kg. Vir-kArava Export Growers Ltd Trading. Arava brand produced by IL.ISRAEL0UA12510015169.4999517
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Cooling Unit Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ГУДЕР"""
Importer Address
04073, м. Київ, вул. С. Скляренка, буд. 5
Exporter Name "ОАО ""Контакт"""
Product Description
"1.Holodylni compression type machines (with refri.........
HS Code 8418690090Value 399.69564
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 55
Origin Country RUSSIA

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