Ukraine Import Data of Control Mechanism | Ukraine Import Statistics of Control Mechanism

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of control mechanism collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of control mechanism imports.

Control Mechanism Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Control Mechanism

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20178433510000"1.Zernozbyralnyy Equipment (fully equipped) b / w - 1 sht.-mark: CLAAS, -model: LEXION 570 -kalendarnyy year: 2006 -modelnyy year: 2006 -№ basket: 58500821, Engine -type diesel, engine -ob'yem: 12503 cm3, -potuzhnist: 290 kW -Number of seats including the driver: 1, according to the documents -katehoriya vehicle manufacturer, T3, -type vehicle, harvester fully staffed. -Kolisna formula: 4x2. -Pryznachennya: for agricultural robit.-Header Width 7600 mm.-size grain silo LA-10500 Technical condition: damaged unloading auger Bunka but the timing of the engine, gearbox, threshing mechanism, control valve, the CVT. Manufacturer: "" CLAAS KGaA mbH "", DE.Torhovelna mark: "" CLAAS "".. "GERMANY1UA2050901800047542.00006 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20178708999798"1.Poluvis art.24-16-4-4sht., Plug art.50-15-20-5sht., Transmisiyitraktora parts (gear turning control mechanism controls muftoyzcheplennya), steel, machined pidvlasnyy new spare chastynytraktoru T10 . For civil vykorystannya.Vyrobnyk company "" CTZ-Uraltrak "" brand uncertain RU country of production. "RUSSIA0UA10011042.46128.5293125
28/Apr/201783023000101.Armatura fasteners, hardware products from taanalohichni nedorohotsinnyhmetaliv industrial skladannyaavtobus ZAZ type A07 chassis TATA LP 613/38 (Euro-II): Z-shaped cable management zaslonkoyuopalyuvacha 264183300108-8sht, Z-obraznyytros opalyuvacha264183300108-8sht control flaps, Z- shaped cable management flaps opalyuvacha264183300108-8sht, Z-shaped cable management flaps 264183300108-8sht heater, hood zaschilka 264175200107-16sht, zaschilka kapota264175200107-16sht, zaschilka kapota264175200107-16sht, zaschilka 264175200107-16sht hood, fastening 265158904021-8sht jack, jack mount 265158904021 -8sht, fasteners 265158904021-8sht jack, jack mount 265158904021-8sht finger 264129106702-8sht clutch pedal, a clutch pedal 264129106702-8sht finger, finger 264129106702-8sht clutch pedal, a clutch pedal 264129106702-8sht finger, the finger rolling 264129106703-8sht Lever brakes, movable thumb Lever halmiv264129106703-8sht finger movable brake Lever 264129106703-8sht finger moving halmiv264129106703-8sht Lever, Lever vzbori 265483500109-8sht, in zbori265483500109-8sht Lever, Lever vzbori 265483500109-8sht, in zbori265483500109-8sht Lever, Lever left 264172306001-8sht, Lever livyy264172306001-8sht, livyy264172306001-8sht Lever, Lever livyy264172306001-8sht, clip aschilky 264175200122-16sht hood, zaschilkykapota 264175200122-16sht clip, clip zaschilky 264175200122-16sht hood, hood 264175200122-16sht zaschilky clip, wire rope over 265983300178-8sht heater, wire heater 265983300178-8sht drive, rope drive 265983300178-8sht heater, heater cable drive 265983300178-8sht, pull 252550100291-16sht fittings, tyahaz'yednuvalna252550100291-16sht, pull z'yednuvalna252550100291-16sht, tyahaz'yednuvalna252550100291-16sht, the thrust of foreign ruchky264172306003-8sht, tyahazovnishnoyi ruchky264172306003-8sht, the thrust of foreign ruchky264172306003-8sht, tyahazovnishnoyi ruchky264172306003 -8sht, pull kapota264175200125-8sht, tyahakapota264175200125-8sht, thrust 264175200125-8sht hood, pull kapota264175200125-8sht, pull handles internal 264172306004-8sht left, pull the left vnutrishnoyiruchky 264172306004-8sht, pull the left internal 264172306004-8sht handle, pull handle livavnutrishnoyi 264172306004-8sht, the thrust mechanism opalyuvacha265983300159-8sht, tyahamehanizma heater 265983300159- 8 pieces, thrust mechanism 265983300159-8sht heater, heater 265983300159-8sht thrust mechanism, focusing door assembly 265872300182-8sht, focusing door assembly 265872300182-8sht, doors in emphasis zbori265872300182-8sht, upordverey in zbori265872300182-8sht, fyksator dOORS 17DIA 269881900102- 32sht, fyksatordvery 17DIA 269881900102-32sht, fyksator DOORS 17DIA 269881900102-32sht, fyk satordvery 17DIA 269881900102-32sht manufacturers TATA MOTORS LIMITED. Trade mark TATA MOTORS. Country of IN.INDIA0UA112080287.7761175.034376
28/Apr/20178703239033"1. The car with an internal combustion engine with spark ignition with crank mechanism (petrol), which was in use - 1am: Brand Car - BMW; Model car - X5; body number (VIN) - 5UXZV4C51DL992966; engine room - no data number chassis - not available, the total number of seats, including the driver - 5; purpose - to transport people; cylinder capacity engine - 2979sm3, power output - 225kVt, axle configuration - 4x4, calendar year ( release) - 2012., model year - 2013., body type - niversal, color - white, Car damaged, whack, broken and damaged, door front right, inner lining the front right door fixing belt safety front right, door rear right, center pillars complete with threshold right pad right, hinge supports right module controls the right side impact, head airbag Passenger front, rear head airbag Passenger, pass the security front right, rear right security pass, inner lining the roof, plastic plate right rear arches on dkrylok right rear arches. Scratches, dents, chipped around the perimeter of the container body avtomobilya.Vyvantazheno MSKU0669727. Trade mark - BMW. Manufacturer - BMW. Country of origin - USA, US. "UNITED STATES1UA5006302249.8210269.99991
28/Apr/201791070000001.Chastyny ​​household washing machine brand new SATURN - mechanical timers with clockwork assembly to control in time, to enable a mechanism within the specified time washing timers, model DXT-15-85 - 5000 pcs. - often. 1250 kor.taymery centrifuge model DXT-5-70-5 - 5000 pcs. - often. 1250 kor.Torhovelna mark - no danyh.Firma- manufacturer - no danyh.Krayina production - CN. .CHINA10000UA5001409778824.999897
27/Apr/20178708309198"1.Zapasni parts for cars and trucks / m: halmivnohosuporta control mechanism, art.096.031-24sht .; Flange Disc art.075.164-1sht .; Kolodkyhalmivni for disc brakes (block - 4 pieces, springs - 4 pieces, pin - 4 pieces, 2 pcs shtyft-, washer - 2 pcs, plug) art.096.613-1sht., Country of origin - TRTorhovelna mark - SampaVyrobnyk - Sampa Otomotiv San. ve Tic.AS. "TURKEY0UA10011028.01155.7918432
27/Apr/20179006910000"1.Prystriy of remote control (no equipment to radio) for z'emkyfotohrafiy mobile phone in a comfortable position during beloved corner. Soboyumetalevyy is wired with state mechanism and remote shutter button from schozapuskae camera phone with odnieyi hand and dlyamobilnoho phone holder on the other side . 6009638 selfipalka with masks, 25sht. (metals 30%, plastics 30% Paper 40%) 6,009,660 selfipalka with masks, 31sht. (metals 30%, plastics 30% Paper 40%), Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - SMIKIVyrobnyk - SMYK SA. "CHINA0UA10001020.1292.1443539
27/Apr/20178708999798"1.Zapasni parts for tractors: art.52-2301058 swing axle MTZ 82, 900, 100 (2323866932) -240sht; art.40-3001022 front bush bar. MTZ, UMZ (2330898817) -960sht ; art.70-4202026 axis satellita MTZ PTO (2342898821) -100sht; art.50-4605049 finger traction mechanism gear control back. Johnston (2346898827) -900sht; art.F50-4605084 finger gear control mechanism rear. MTZ lower (2346898830) -2000sht; art.50-4605068-B1 hub axle fur. gear control back. Johnston (puck) (2346898832) -1000sht; art.50-4605100-B plug bracing MTZ 012 < control> (2346898833) -300sht; art.80-4607075 NSH32A3 pipe-A-R80 MTZ (2347809346) -150sht; Trademark - DKVyrobnyk - NINGBO EASTPOWER IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD. "CHINA0UA4010502302.83751.069056
27/Apr/201790318034001.Kontrolno and measuring electronic device used to control and ustanovkyvyvirky a pulley mechanism and machines: TKBA20-1sht. .UNITED STATES0UA2091801.5681.8471755
27/Apr/20178703239031"1.LEHKOVYY cars of being in use: Make accordance with the guide - HYUNDAI, according to the reference model - SONATA. 5NPE34AF2HH454420 identification number. Producer -" "Hyundai Motor Company" ", the United States (US). Type of engine - gasoline, working cylinder capacity 2359 cm3., with an internal combustion engine with spark ignition and crank mechanism. engine room - not determined. body Type - sedan designed for the transport of persons, number of seats, including the driver - 5 number of doors - 4 . Color - gray. Category - M1. axle configuration - 4x2, drive - n Ref. Car HYUNDAI SONATA, VIN # 5NPE34AF2HH454420, is in damage condition. vehicle damaged, interior, engine (moisture by flooding), transmission (moisture by flooding), electrical wiring (moisture by flooding), block ABC (in replacement), the engine control unit (replacing) control unit comfort cabin (replacing) airbag control unit (replacing) airbag in the collection (replacement). No vehicles on the move - drowned. Calendar year vyhotovleennya - 06/2016. Model year - 2017Vyvantazheno container BSIU9473418. "UNITED STATES1UA5006301474.186738.000132
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Control Mechanism Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
43000 Волинська область., м.Луцьк., вул. Вахтангова, буд. 10В.
Exporter Name “APACE LIMITED”
Product Description
"1.Zernozbyralnyy Equipment (fully equipped) b / w.........
HS Code 8433510000Value 47542.00006
Quantity 1Unit UA205090
Net Weight 18000
Origin Country GERMANY

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