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Contact Us Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Contact Us

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201739263000101.Kripylni products and farnitura zplastmasy skladannyamotornyh for industrial vehicles to the a / m ZAZKorpus mounting pads 96651096-9sht, granulated plastic material. The method of manufacturing injection molding. Designed to mount on its pads and wiring harness installed on the body avtomobilya.Plastyna 085222-1-350sht blocking plate blocking dev'yatyhnizdovaAK39194-155sht, blocking p'yatyhnizdova AK39196-925sht Plate, Plate blokuyuchadev'yatyhnizdova AK39203-200sht, granulated plastic material . The method of manufacturing injection molding. Designed for fixing the block contacts and relays zapobizhnykiv.Skoba 368121-1-419sht, staples AK8758-200sht, granulated plastic material. The method of manufacturing injection molding, designed for installation on the harness pad for further consolidation of the wiring harness pads in seats or on the bracket body avtomobilyaZamok 085223-1-350sht contacts, contacts 174355-7-422sht Castle, Castle MG630695-3-100sht contacts, Castle contacts ing AK39179-140sht three-lane, single-row Zamokkontaktiv AK39180-200sht Castle MG630788-7-1600sht contacts, Zamokkontaktiv PH815-06120-400sht, method of manufacturing injection molding. Designed to secure the electrical contacts in kolodkah.Zamok 15344855-900sht cables, wires MG630334-7-230sht Castle, granulated plastic material. The method of manufacturing injection molding. Designed for fixing the block contacts and relays zapobizhnykivHomut AK63085-350sht - Material plastics hranulyrovannaya. Production Method Under pressure casting, prednaznachenы for installation on Primary shaft zhhuta wires or ego bends to posleduyuscheho zakreplenyya barrel zhhuta wires ego or bends in the landing place on the bracket or block the jumpers Body avtomobylya.Kryshka AK39169-179sht - granulated plastic material. The method of manufacturing injection molding. Designed for installation in power relays and fuses to protect kontaktiv.Krayina production KRVyrobnyk- no data.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1120807.7447.8621189 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/201785364900901. Spare parts for gas turbines Solar TAURUS 70 itsof not include transmitters and receivers or transmitters, -art.190377-905 MOTOR STARTER starter motor-reserve oil pump relay (contactor) with a trigger pin set in the case of povorotnymvmykachem / switch for voltage 120 -2 sht.Krayina production - USTorhovelna mark - SolarVyrobnyk - Solar Turbines Inc. .UNITED STATES0UA20920010.411463.41106
30/Apr/201739269097101.Vyroby plastic for industrial assembly of motor vehicles tov.poz.8703: desyatykontaktna174465-1-50sht nest pad, pad shtyrovadvokontaktna 176143-2-125sht, Kolodkahnezdovaya p'yatnadtsatykontaktnaya 1-85262-1-193sht pads hnizdovadvokontaktna AK4238-200sht , Kolodkahnizdova chotyrohkontaktnaMG610047-277sht pads hnizdovadesyatykontaktna MG610056-46sht, Kolodkahnizdova dev'yatykontaktna MG610154-99sht pads simykontaktna MG610203-164sht pads dvokontaktna MG610320-320sht nest, nest chotyrohkontaktnaMG610396 -400sht block, block nest MG610398-350sht, Circle DKA dvadtsatidvuhkontaktna MG610415-595sht nest, nest dvadtsatiodnokontaktnaMG610688-100sht Block, Block shestykontaktna MG620401-112sht pin pads hnizdovaMG620403-50sht, Connector pin dvadtsatikontaktna MG620572-550sht, Kolodkahnizdova dvadtsatidvuhkontaktna MG620787-50sht pads dvadtsyatykontaktna MG621500-5-487sht nest, nest Block chotyrohkontaktna MG610331-138shtprednaznachenы for deployment in their electric contacts. Material plastics hranulyrovannaya. Production Method pod casting davlenyem.Kolodka nest dvenadtsatikontaktnayaMG630080-58sht designed to contain electrical contacts. Granulated plastic material. The method of manufacturing injection molding. In another shoe bracket installed. Granulated plastic material. The method of manufacturing injection tyskomKrayina production KRVyrobnyk- no data.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA11208033.7799.0131463
30/Apr/20178544300091"1. Complete conductors with contact elements for industrial skladannyaavtomobiliv: Wire Art: 000979227E 5pcs, 5pcs 000979237E;."GERMANY0UA3051600.17539.22873825
30/Apr/20178536699010"1. Electrical apparatus for connecting electrical circuits voltage not exceeding yak1000V for the industrial assembly of cars, electrical connector, datchykatemperatury, with lock contacts 8K0973702 5pcs;."CHINA0UA3051600.036.613197402
29/Apr/20178418509000"1 Cabinets refrigerators with built-in refrigeration equipment, refrigerant R404A tucked no ozone-depleting used for trade and public catering, contains incorporates radio, refrigerator cabinet Capri P-390M (VO, controller) (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., internal V = 390l) -2sht, cooling cabinet Capri 0,5SK (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., internal V = 500l) -2sht, cooling cabinet Capri 0,7SK (0 temperature. gr.S. .. + 7, the inner V = 700l) -2sht, cooling cabinet Capri 0,7UM (temperature -6 ... + 6 gr.S., internal V = 700l) -1sht, cooling cabinet srednetemperaturnыy W X 0,80S compartment (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., internal V = 870l) -2sht, cooling cabinet Veneto RS-0,4, krashennыy (temperature +2 ... + 10 gr.S. , the inner V = 400l) -1sht, cooling cabinet Veneto RS-0,4, stainless steel (shelf-lattice) (temperature +2 ... + 10 gr.S., internal V = 400l) -2sht; Trademark " "MCM (MARYHOLODMASH)" "Manufacturer: OAO" "Contact" "Country of origin - RU;."RUSSIA12UA10011015205858.110665
29/Apr/201739201025001.Plivka plastic, non-porous, reinforced, nesharuvata, nesamokleyna not print, unlined and not poyednanapodibnym manner with other materials, with polietylenupytomoyu density 0.53 g / cm3, not focused, beztvist effect designed to protect car's power contacts, rectangular shape, size 200mm x 310mm, thickness 0,05mm. art.999993004 plastic plates - 10000sht. .POLAND0UA40303016.559.24722839
29/Apr/201784198180901.Promyslove equipment for cooking and heating food for use vzakladah catering, contact hryl- 90sht.Krayina gas production - TRTorhovelna mark - no danyhVyrobnyk - MCS IC VE DIS TIC PAZ MEHMET CAN SARIKAYA.TURKEY0UA8071901435.058610.300159
29/Apr/20178418501900"1.Holodylni windows (with holodnylnym unit) tucked refrigerant R404A and R-134a are not ozone-depleting used for trade and public catering, contains in its structure radiobladnannya: Refrigerating new 1.0-VHS (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., V = 150) -2sht.Vitryna new refrigerator VHS-1,2 (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., V = 180) -4sht.Vitryna new refrigerator-VHS 1.5 ( temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., V = 230) -6sht.Vitryna cooling VHS-Tair 1.2 (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., V = 250) -2sht.Vitryna cooling Tair VHS-1,5 (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., V = 280) -2sht.Vitryna cooling Ylet BU -1.8 (static) (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., V = 420) -2sht.Vitryna cooling Ylet VHS-2.1 (static) (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S. , V = 490) -2sht.Vitryna cooling Veneto VS-0,95, krashennaya new (temperature +5 ... + 12 gr.S., V = 280) -2sht.Vitryna cooling Veneto VS-1,3 krashennaya new (temperature +5 ... + 12 gr.S., V = 380) -2sht. Trademark - "" MCM (MARYHOLODMASH) "" Producer - OAO "" Contact "" Country productions and - RU; "RUSSIA24UA100110288010373.26695
29/Apr/201785369010001.Elektrychna apparatus for connecting electrical circuits, wires contact elements, terminal mass, total 2,500 units. Trade mark VITA. Manufacturer no data. Country of CN. .CHINA0UA100110596.72250.000028
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Contact Us Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Contact Us Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПАТ ""Запорізький Автомобілебудівний Завод"""
Importer Address
69600 Україна м.Запоріжжя пр.Соборний 8
Exporter Name ZEM w ELK Sp z.o.o.
Product Description
1.Kripylni products and farnitura zplastmasy sklad.........
HS Code 3926300010Value 447.8621189
Quantity 0Unit UA112080
Net Weight 7.7

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