Ukraine Import Data of Construction Car | Ukraine Import Statistics of Construction Car

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of construction car collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of construction car imports.

Construction Car Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Construction Car

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of construction car. Get Ukraine trade data of Construction Car imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20177210708000"1.Prokat flat carbon steel, galvanized, coated, vrulonah for use in construction work, width 1246mm, rozmir0,5h1246mm mark S220GD + Z, zinc - 225hr / m2: - Color D3009 - 4160,00 kg - color D6020 - 4770,00 kg - color D8017 - 4970,00 kg - color D8017 - 4980,00 kg - color D8017 - 4990,00 kg Total net - 23870,00kh.Torhivelna brand: ARCELORMITTALVyrobnyk: ARCELORMITTALKrayina production: PL.. "POLAND0UA2050202387019869.30433 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20172509000000"1. Raw materials for domestic production - technical chalk (carbonate of lime CaCO3) is the product of pomoludo obtaining the necessary granulation lime kamenyu.Sklad: SaSO3-98,03%, Fe2O3 - 0,045%, 0,13% humidity. Zastosovuyetsyau the manufacture of paints, varnishes and glues construction promyslovosti.Torhivelna mark: Trzuskawica Producer: "" Trzuskawica SA "" Country of origin: PL. "POLAND0UA205020192871919.936359
29/Apr/20173214101090"1. Fillers for bonding, sealing and sealing that vykorysovuyutsya in the construction industry, polyurethane foam based on polyurethane (composition: izotsyonat 35-60% LPG 5-15% other additives 30-50%) in metal containers, contains no ozone-depleting substances, TM "" Akfix "": 850 Mega Foam 850Ml 65L-1440 pcs .; Maximum Foam 850Ml-1440 pcs .; 960 PU Adhesive Foam 800Ml-600 pcs .; 805P Professional Foam 750Ml-2880 805 pcs .; Foam 750Ml-2880 805 pcs .; Foam 500Ml-3840 805 pcs .; Foam 300Ml-TM 4320 pcs .; "" Hercul "": M65 Mega Foam 850Ml 65L-4428 pcs .; M70 Mega Foam 850Ml-Max 2940 pcs .; Maximum Foam 850Ml-2700 pcs .; Manto PU Adhesive Foam 800Ml-1440 pcs .; Pro Professional Foam 750Ml-2880 pcs .; Multi Reusabl Valve PU Foam 750Ml-1476 pcs .; STD Foam 750Ml-2976 pcs .; Midi Foam 500Ml- 2016 sht.Zamazky in plastic tyubikah without aerosol packaging, a paste sealant (silicone, akrilovyy) TM "" Akfix "": 100E Silicone 280Ml bil.-7680 pcs .; 100E Silicone 280Ml chorn.-2400 pcs .; 100E Silicone 280Ml proz.-23040 pcs .; 100 E Tube Silicone 50Ml proz.-9504 pcs .; 100E Tube Silicone 50Ml bil.-4752 pcs .; P645 Sealant Sousage 600Ml chorn.-180 pcs .; TM "" Hercul "": Universal Silicone 280Ml chorn.-600 pcs .; Universal Silicone 280Ml prozor.-2640 pcs .; Universal Silicone 280Ml bil.-5376 pcs .; Strong Acrylic Flexi Nail 280Ml-2928 pcs .; Acrylic Sealant 280Ml Mastic (mastic) bil.-1920 pcs .; High Tack 290Ml Sealant bil.-120 pcs .; Wood Adhesive 500Gr-960 sht.Vyrobnyk: AKKIM YAPI KIMYASALLARI SANAYI VE TICARET AS Country of origin: Turkey. "TURKEY0UA10001038713.3433697.99988
29/Apr/20178606300000"1. Rail cars for transportation of goods by tracks, non-self-propelled, self-unloading: new: Wagon-hopper for transportation of cement, model 19-9862-1, factory number 00002250, construction date 2014, number 1 wheel pair0029516966., 0029516543, number 2 Wheel coupling 0029516320., 0029517024, Trade mark: MVZ.Producer: SZAO "Mogilevsky car factory" "Country of production: BY."BELARUS1UA1010202095029800.00002
29/Apr/201744187900001.Vyroby construction wood floors for coatings ttya: flooring, a 2-CBW Kiv grooves and clips from pryhovanoy commits yey size: 2200 * 140 * 18mm-379kv.m, spakova or in cardboard boxes on paletah.Torhivelna Marco SinoVyrobnyk-Sinoresource IMP & EXP Co., LimitedKrayina production-CN.CHINA379UA50009076518569.120116
28/Apr/201739013000001.Spivpolimery ethylene vinyl acetate art.FR3830 markaNaturel Colour EVA Based HFFR Granul Plastic -1000kh. Isa bezhalohenovyy flame retardant cable compound in form of granules (primary form) natural color izslabkym ether-like odor, is made of polymer schomistyt monomer units of ethylene and vinyl acetate, the addition of mineral filler - carbonate kaltsiyuta other substances (compounds of aluminum, zinc). Content: polimerpoliolefiny - a 20% mineral filler mensh80%. Density - 1.524 g / cm3. Mass fraction zoly- (45.40 +/- 0.05) wt.%. Used in industries - automotive industry, in the production of household goods and footwear, construction, healthcare and more. .TURKEY0UA11015010001735.987481
28/Apr/201768091100001.Plyty of gypsum building cardboard covered on both sides with no ornamentation. Letter waterproof type H2 (GKBI) conversation. 5.12 * 1200 * 2500 (mm.) -2,400 meters, marked, 50 sheets in a pack. Manufacturer Saint-Gobain Construction Products Polska Sp. z oo Brand Rigips. .POLAND2400UA209180211201749.024291
28/Apr/20178419310000"1.ZERNOSUSHARKA for agricultural products is new, with burners supernatural FUEL WITHOUT Systems of dust collecting, dismantled TRANSPORT-TYPE" "STRAHL" "18000FR / 14 -1sht. Constant 14 modular construction in stages forthe drying temperature, -180 tons PERFORMANCE / h ZZAVANTAZHUVALNYM OB "" EMOM -246 tons of installed capacity 275.5 kW engine power upper four fan-45.0 kW each, three fans LOWER POTUZHNISTDVYHUNA 30.0 kW each, VYVANTAZHUVALNOHOTRANSPORTERA Power 5.5 kW POSTAVLYAYET Be disassembled includes SEBEELEMENTY Technical Data: ALYUMOTSYNKOVI-panel INTERNAL, EXTERNAL PANEL -HALVANIZOVANI, -Internal MOBILE PANEL, VERTICAL cage part that comes SAFETY-profile U, C, L, Z- shaped, -OSNOVA taking with chain conveyor for unloading , -PNEVMATYCHNI flaps, -channels, -C burner -METYZY for assembly (bolts, screws, nuts staples) - insulation panels -VENTYLYATOR 30,0kVt-3pc. - FAN 45,0kVt-4 pieces. - PANELS P OLUM "" YAZAHYSTU, -DATCHYKY level, -DATCHYKY PRESSURE CONTROL -PULT, -UPAKOVKY With thermal insulation materials, -KOMPLEK TUVALNI AND WITH "" YEDNUVALNI details. manufacturer "" OFFICINE MINUTE srl "" ITALIYatorhova mark "" STRAHL "" Country of IT packed in n / ethylene film vkartonnyh unpacked boxes and 255 places for 8 cars zhidnovidvantazh.spetsyfikatsiy of 1,2,3,4, 5,6, 7.8 of 04/20/2017. "ITALY0UA125270102605362051.7536
28/Apr/201773269040001.Vyroby metalliv.Piddony of black steel carrying goods used in the preparation and transportation of construction formwork, new (not for goods from glass): Doka stacking tray 1,55h0,85mart.586151000-Count-1am. Doka pallet for shtabelyuvannya1,55h0,85m art.586151000-Count-1sht.Doka tray dlyashtabelyuvannya 1,20h0,80m art.583016000-Count-2sht.Vyrobnyk: Doka Gmbh Country of HU. Trade mark Doka Die Schalungstechniker.HUNGARY0UA100040158299.4807855
28/Apr/20173006400000"1. Tooth" "cements" "inshistomatolohichni and materials for plombuvannyazubiv, and reconstruction (vidnovlennyakistok) art.2740 Dental Material" "Success CD A1" "ukartrydzhi 50 ml, 80 pcs., Art.2741 Materialstomatolohichnyy" "Success CD A2" "50-mist cartridges 150 pcs., art.2742 Materialstomatolohichnyy" "Success CD A3" "50-mist cartridges 80 pcs.,."GERMANY0UA1251005714085.49958
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ФІАЛ ГРУП"""
Importer Address
04119 м.Київ, вул.Деревлянська, 8 офіс 34/19
Product Description
"1.Prokat flat carbon steel, galvanized, coated, v.........
HS Code 7210708000Value 19869.30433
Quantity 0Unit UA205020
Net Weight 23870
Origin Country POLAND

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