Ukraine Import Data of Console Box | Ukraine Import Statistics of Console Box

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of console box collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of console box imports.

Console Box Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Console Box

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/20178537109990"1.Pulty, panels, consoles for the distribution of electric current that is not programmed to the voltage over 1000V with regulators and switching devices tovaronoy pozitsii 8536, mounted in the housing ednomu: Box Distribution REFUsol 40K ... 46K, 934R210 model, serial number 80182171 , 80182172, 80182195, 80182204 - 4 sht.Krayina production: DE. Trade mark: "" REFUsol "". Producer: "" REFU Elektronik GmbH "".. "HUNGARY0UA110190181192.815984 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20173926300090"1.Vyroby hardware and plastic for a / m Lada: Visor Holder, art.21900820409600 - 10sht.Ornament backward right, art.00008450 000,268 -1sht.Ornament backward left, art.0 0008450000269 - 1sht.Klavysha kryshkyrechovoho lock box, art.21100530305700 - 20sh t.Ornament backward left in the collection, art.1118 3821221100 - 10pc. right backward Ornament "" Priora "", art.21700821217200 -10sht. Con teyner Upholstery roof assemblies art.21700570 234000 - 4sht.Skoba kriplennyaupora hood but art.21900840714600 - 44sht. Tip traction throttle, art.0000100515 3580 - 250sht.Znak factory, art.111808 21206010 - 10sht.Kronshteyn gas pedal, art.21010110803900 - 129sht.Ramka switch s n and panelipryladiv, art.2103037096800 3 - 420sht.Hayka armrest mounting, art.21050681609600 - 40sht.Kovpachok wiper arm nuts, art.21100520517600- 100 pieces. The hood lining console dashboard, art.21100532602200 - 20sht.Skoba mounting traction lock art. 21100610 509400 - 45sht.Ornament left backward, art. 21120821220400 - 10sht.Rukoyatka re hulyator and lighting devices art.2114037103490 0 - 30sht.Knopka mounting mats vile gi, art.21210510911200 - COVER 42sht.Vis and clothing box, art.21230530303800 - 20sht.Fiksator fuse box cover, art.21700532532400 - 40sht.Ornament zadkapravyy, art.21920821217000 - 8 pieces. Upholstery door handle front right, art.21214681608600 - Upholstery 5sht.Ruchka front yard era left, art.21214681608700 -1sht.Korpu s clothing box, art.21720530301400 - 2sht.Ruchka switch heaters, art.2108 0370967100 - 20sht.Ruchka door backward their domestic, art.11190630221200 -2sht.Vtulka in ICI pendulum, art.21010300309 400 - 448sht.Trymach uporakapota, art.212 30840713800 - 50sht.Zahlushka switch t.21700371060401 -10sht al. Tip traction throttle, art.00001005153580- 100sht.Shnur luggage racks, art.111705 60710000 - 10sht.Knopka kriplennyashumoizo lyatsiyi, art.11190500772200 - 150sht.Skoba mount brake tube, art.2101035060 4500 - 25sht.Kovpachok nut lever sklooch ysnyka, art.21100520517600 - 20sht.Piston fixing moldings, art.21230821233000 - 9sht.Piston fixing moldings, art.2123 0821233000 - 191sht.Zahlushka, art.21720370971400 - 6sht.Oblytsyuvannya protective, art.2 1101110428640 - 4sht.Krayina vyrobnytstva- RUTorhovelna mark - LADAVyrobnyk - "" Saturn-TP "" ZAO g Tolyatti "RUSSIA0UA12518011.4478288.8404486
18/Apr/20178708299000"1.Chastyny ​​to car bodies: Art. 2121-8406140 drive cable lock kapota2121 -50sht. Art. 2101-8406140-F cable lock actuator hood -300sht.Torhovelna 2101 Brand: AVPKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO" "Avtopartner" "Art . 2102-5004210 / 10/31/2102 33 Obivka trunk (CT 3 items) -10kt. art. 2104-5004210 / 10/31/2104 33 Obivka trunk (CT 3 items) -25kt. art. 2101-6102012 / 13 Obivka door in 2101 without moldings (CT 4 pieces) 2106-6102012 / 13 Obivka doors with moldings 2101 (kt 4 pieces) -50kt. art.2106-6102012-13 Obivka door 2101 (4 items CT) -102kt . art. 2121-6102012 / 13 Obivkadveri 2121-40kt. art. 2121-6102012 / 13 Obivka 2121-10kt door. art. 21-213 6102012/13 Obivka door 2121-80sht. and Hg. 2101-8204010 / 11 Kozyrok Sun 2101 (soft) perfarirovannyy-20kt. Art. 2106-8204010 / 11 Kozyrok Sun 2106 (soft) perfarirovannyy-14kt. Art. 2121-5004102 Obivka ceilings 2121-14sht. Art . 2103-5607010 luggage shelf 2103-2106 (usylenna) -10sht.Torhovelna brand: no danyhKrayina production: RUV yrobnyk: OOO "" DЭL "" art. 1118-8403602 / 03 protective casing front wing 1118-5kt. Art. 2105-3403070 / 72 2105-100kt rudder casing. Art. 2114-3403070 / 72 2114-30kt rudder casing. Art. 2170-3403065 / 68 2170-30kt rudder casing. Art. 2108-8204010 / 11 Kozyrok Sun 2108 (zhostkyy Mirror) -50kt. Art. 2108-8204010 / 11 Kozyrok Sun 2108 (zhostkyy) -30kt. art.2110-8204010 / 11 Kozyrok Sun 2110 (zhostkyy Mirror) -10kt. Art. 21213-8204010 / 11 Kozyrok sun 21213 (zhostkyy Mirror) -20kt. Art. 21213-8204010 / 11 Kozyrok sun 21213 (zhostkyy) -10kt. art.21213-5109069-01 Obivka bokoviny Chuck 21213-21214 feet left -50sht. art.21213-6302010 Obivka door backward upper part -40sht 21213. Art. 21213-5602046Oblitsovka 21213 -10sht backward horizontal bar. Art. 2108-5402114 / 15 Oblitsovka stoykyvetrovoho windows 2108 -20kt. Art. 2108-5402208 / 09 Oblitsovka rack Chuck 2108verhnya -20kt. Art. 2108-5109050 Oblitsovka tunnel floor -30sht 2108. art.2114-8415122 / 23/42/2114 43 Obtekach threshold front + rear (CT 4 pieces) -12kt. Art. 21213-5004098 / 99 Support luggage racks 21213 -10kt. art.2110-8212710 / 31 2110 Frog 20pcs-assembly. Art. 2110-3403070 / 72 2110-30kt rudder casing. Art. 2108-5303020 rechevoho box lid assembly -10sht.Torhovelna 2108 Brand: No danyhKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" Avtoplast "" Art. 2101-8101020 pechky 2101 Housing upper part-10sht.Torhovelna Brand: No danyhKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO KynelAhroPlast art. 21083-5303020 cover rechevoho box 21083 vzbori -10sht. Art. 2112-5325124 Guard dashboard -10sht 2112. art.2107-5325212 panel 2107 radio console in the semi-collecting -200sht. art.2110-5325124 Guard dashboard -10sht.Torhovelna 2110 Brand: No danyhKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" Master M "" "RUSSIA0UA8071701909.114760.779273
13/Apr/20178414808000"1.Inshi ventilation or exhaust recirculation hoods or cabinets with fan, filter or without him -system circulation = 1sht.V disassembled into: rastrubom pipes and fastening elements, control cabinets fan Ventylyatory.Systema air circulation consists of: 4 axial fans mounted in the tube with high vlahozahyschennistyu and box terminals for connecting IP 55, incl. fastening console galvanized profiliv4 suction and exhaust channels alyuminiyu2 devices made of air emissions from the wall fan volohosti5 sensor with high axial fans and vlahozahyschennistyu box terminals for connecting IP 55 Teh.harakterystyky: power - 2.2 kVtKilkist speed depending on your network power from 1430-1745 rev / hvStupin protection IP 55Robocha voltage of 220 - 460 VoltChastota network - 50 - 60Hz (depending on the power supply used) current strength of 4,01-8,22 a (depending on your network and connection diagrams) .1 central control cabinet for control and safety devices including ventilators. vytyazhkoyuSposib management of the system of circulation of warm and humid air is sucked in at the top of racks and using pipes and fans filed under the first floor. Thus, the temperature and humidity in the chamber vyrivnyuyetsya.Systema air emission controls humidity sensors in the chamber and limit it to a certain given value (eg, 90%). The system is not equipped with air circulation system of heating, cooling and zvolozhennya.Ne relates to: equipment and specially designed components and accessories for it, are specifically designed for the development of any equipment telecommunication transmission or switching obladnannya.Obladnannya specially designed for the production of UAVs and soup nih system.Kompresory and blowers Especially designed or prepared axial, centrifugal or bulky compressors or blowers with volume capacity at the inlet of 1 m3 / min or more of UF6 and with pressure at the outlet to several hundred kPa (100 lb / sq. inch ) .Kompresory and blowers especially designed or prepared axial, centrifugal or bulky compressors or blowers made of materials corrosion resistant to UF6, or by coating such material with a volume capacity at the inlet 2 m3 / min or more mixtures of UF6 and carrier gas (hydrogen or Elia) .Kompresory UF6 / carrier gas (MLIS) .Hazoduvky and compressors odnostupenevi, malonapirni (with pressure of 0.2 MPa or 30 lb / dyuym2) centrifugal blowers or compressors for hydrogen sulphide hazu.Vakuumni circulation pumps having all of the following characteristics: a) log diameter of 380 mm or more; b) pumping speed of 15 m3 / s or more; tac) can create a threshold vacuum better than 13.3 mPaTurborozshyryuvachi or units turborozshyryuvach type compressor having all the following characteristics: a) designed to operate at output 35 K (-238 ° C) or below; tab) designed to operate with a capacity for hazopodib "GERMANY1UA110050153527751.17838
13/Apr/201784323011001.Sivalka air, precision seeder for seeding dotted calibrated and sorted seeds tilled crops and their incorporation into the soil using a coulter disk simultaneously, separate the seeds from the introduction of granular fertilizers and wrapping in the ground, with a central drive model SK-6DF, factory №12, production date 07.04.2017r., new, 6-row, aisle width of 70 cm., the type of support wheels pneumatic, rotary type prykatuyuchyh wheels V-shaped, rozpredilennya seeds pneumatic verykalnym disc with a hole type eq shautera centered system with adjustable suction drive ekshautera mechanical PTO from the tractor speed drive ekshautera min. (Rev / min) 536-540, created a vacuum in the chambers sowing machines 0,003-0,007 MPa-type marker with a rotating mechanical disk capacity nasinovoho hopper, dm3, not less than 30 fertilizer hopper capacity, dm3, not less than 250 system fertilization (distance fertilizing on a number of plants to 70mm, Ch ybyna fertilization 0-12sm) operating speed km / h-6-8, no more transport speed km / h-15 performance over time principal, ha / h no less, 1.3, overall dimensions: 2200mm * 4350mm * 2800mm. It consists of a frame on which are set seed hopper, fertilizer hopper, coulter, supporting pillars, console box speed ekshautera (centered fan) sowing sections device for fertilizing, markers with hydraulic drive. In item number 1 in a disassembled state.MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF1UA401070147511228.27073
10/Apr/201739263000901.Zapasni made of plastic, and passenger / m Prospect Island group Renault, new art.620724436R - bok.nakladka-1am. art.668220006R - plug-1am. art.668220005R- plug-1am. art.261528359R - bok.nakladka-1am. art.628107790R - - Mudflap (KT) -2sht. art.788135343R - Mudflap (KT) - clip-plast. 1am. art.631433758R - clip-plast. - krepizh-1am. art.628102032R - mounting - Cover-1 pc. art.6001549323 - Cover-1 pc. art.620257603R -kozhuh-1am. art.620248105R - housing, 1pc. art.215581554R - - BRACKET-fixing 1am. art.769370007R - KRIPLENNYAPLASTYKOVE-1am. art.849B83689R- boxes for small-peq 1am. art.6001546901 - console-1am. art.767490015R -PIDKRYLOK-1am. art.638537420R - Mudflap (KT) -5sht. art.638537420R -bryzkovyk (KT) -2sht. art.638537420R - Mudflap (KT) -3sht. art.215596207R -deflektor-1am. art.788121885R - Mudflap (KT) -5sht. art.788121885R -bryzkovyk (KT) -2sht. art.78812188 5R - Mudflap (KT) -3sht. art.543200001R -krepizh-1am. art.622543229R - plate-1pc. art.849510092R - plating Salon 1sht.Krayina origin - RumuniyaKrayina production - ROTorhovelna mark - RenaultVyrobnyk - Renault SASROMANIA0UA12519019.37727.1770459
10/Apr/201787084099981. Part of the mechanical and automatic gearboxes to the a / m, new, art.04000-19112 -actuator of coupling-2pcs. Art.04004-49273 - repair kit Кпп-2шт. Art.33554-33100 -Curtain case CPR-1pc. Art.58808-12300-B0 - casing of the CST-1 console. Origin of origin - JapanPrice of production - JP Trade mark - ToyotaProducer - Toyota Motor Europe NV / SA. .JAPAN0UA12519024.438469.2400959
10/Apr/20178538100000"1.Pulty, panels, consoles, desks, switchboards, not equipped with appropriate equipment that does not contain some kind of transmitters and receivers or transmitters: -SURFACE DISTRIBUTION BOX / ROZPODILNISCHYTY without equipment - 0.3 (100 pcs) Country of : TRTorhivelna brand: NILSONVyrobnyk: RAINAS ELEKTRIK VE AYDINLATMAMALZEMELERI IMALAT VE SAN.S.TIC.LTD.STI. "TURKEY0UA10011036.9878.02996924
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Console Box Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Console Box Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Address
49033, м. Дніпро, вул. Героїв Сталінграда, б. 147
Exporter Name REFU Elektronik GmbH
Product Description
"1.Pulty, panels, consoles for the distribution of.........
HS Code 8537109990Value 1192.815984
Quantity 0Unit UA110190
Net Weight 18
Origin Country HUNGARY

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