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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
28/Apr/20173918109000"1 Modular dirt floor products from household goods Framing PVH.Modul Tetra Gray 20 (250h37,5h15) - 9946sht.Yavlyaye an element of modular flooring and is used for exterior and prevent crushing the edges. Framing modules (with relief - ribs) without an underlying cause are products of rectangular shape in which one end or grooves cast or cast holes to connect the modular coating as a whole, by '' puzzle ''. Modultne cover designated as dirt barrier 1st and 2nd levels in residential homes and prom Word enterprises. According passports as: Unit covering "" Module Framing Tetra "" TU 22.2-32136930-003: 2012.Zovnishniy shape - rectangular module with relief ribs without pidosnovy.Material - 60% polyvinyl chloride, dyes, fillers -40 % .Rozmir module - 250h37,5 0,5mm.Tovschyna +/- - +/- 15 0,1mm.Kolir - gray.. "UKRAINE9,324.00UA7000401,094.066,931.47 ***** 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20173915300000"1.Vidhody obtained by pererobtsiinozemnyh goods subject to processing on the customs territory Ukrayiny.Ne usable, waste plastic products from PVC, connections, poles, cable belts, caps, socket received in the preparation of electric power cars. Manufacturer Ltd. "" Kromberg End Shubert Ukraine "," UA.Torhovelna mark no data. ".UKRAINE0.00UA2050904,687.792,343.89 *****
24/Apr/20174410111000"1. Feed driving a car with trapezoidal poperechnohoperetynu ends connected with vulcanized rubber, with length range over 180cm but not exceeding yak240sm, streams, reinforced with textile materials, part numbers: 7PK1855 (L = 185,5cm) -5sht; 6PK1870 ( L = 187cm) -5sht; 7PK1970 (L = 197cm) -5sht; 6PK2013 (L = 201,3cm) -20sht; 6PK2100 (L = 210cm) -10sht; 6PK2245 (L = 224,5cm) -5sht; 6PK2285 (L = 228,5cm) -10sht; 6PK2370 (L = 237cm) -5sht. tarozdribnoyi packaged for wholesale torhivli.Krayina production - DE.Torhovelna brand - ContiTech. The company manufacturer - ContiTech Antriebssysteme GmbH.Krayina origin - DE.. "UKRAINE2,697.00UA20607015,900.007,953.48 *****
24/Apr/20177323990000"1.Universalnyy set of interchangeable tools to the router to work with wood and drywall - cleaning, cutting, grinding and polishing tips. Total - 13 pieces in a box made of durable plastic PWRBOX, art.109193 - 4 sets; wood cutter to drill two cutting edges width of 2 mm sheet routing connections art.754020 - 12 pcs .; wood cutter to drill with two cutting edges width of 4 mm for cutting sheet connections art.754040 - 12 pcs .; Slot Cutter on tree to drill for milling grooves in width 10 mm art.754420 - 12 pcs .; Slot Cutter on a tree ing to drill for milling grooves width of 6 mm, art.754620 - 18 pcs .; Slot Cutter tree to drill for milling slots width 8 mm art.754820 - 12 pcs .; Slot Cutter tree to drill for milling grooves in width 20 mm art.755020 - 12 pcs .; wood cutter to drill with two cutting edges for cutting V-shaped grooves width 14 mm art.755120 - 12 pcs .; wood cutter to drill two zhuchymy groove edges for milling semicircular 12.7 mm wide grooves, art.755820 - 12 pcs .; Wood cutter to drill to drill with two cutting edges and bearings for milling ends width of 25.7 mm, art.755920 - 12 pcs .; Wood cutter to drill to drill with two cutting edges and bearings for rounding the ends under 1/4 circle width of 25.4 mm, art.756320 - 12 pcs .; Wood cutter to drill to drill with two cutting edges and bearings for rounding edges width 32 mm, art.756420 - 12 pcs .; Wood cutter to drill to drill with two cutting edges and bearings for rounding edges width of 25.7 mm, art.756620 - 12 pcs., Trademark: KWBKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: KWB Tools Gmbh & Co. CG "UKRAINE0.00UA10005023.0335.65 *****
05/Apr/20174016999790"1.Hazozbirnyk humovotkanevyy MR-G-3-150yemnistyu gas 300m3 - 2 pcs. (Main system-elementhazourivnyuyuchyh withstorage tanks of petroleum products at filling stations and prytransportuvanni) TU 25.1-14373271-001-2003. It is a closed elastic membrane, which is made of a cushion ofseveral individual nylon fabric, coated on the inside storonymaslobenzostiykoyu and weatherproof the outside humoyu.Hazozbirnyk equipped with fittings for connection hazourivnyuyuchoyi system that connects the cavity of gas tanks with gasoline in a single breath systemu.Pry small (with increasing ambient temperature, differential pressure, intensity of solar radiation) is moving excess amount of steam mixed with PBC in soft revervuar MR-G-C, while it is inflated, the reverse inspiration is stated ( lowering the temperature) is mixed with steam flow flexitank back RVS.Vyrobnyk LLC NVIK '' STAR '' Country of UA Packing: roll in the bag. "UKRAINE0.00UA1120802,100.0025,000.00 *****
03/Apr/201785369010001.Z'yednuvachi and kontaktni elements for wires i kabeliv not contain inits composition transmitters or receivers and transmitters :: CA APP, APP PVO: - 753 series connector E105667 E105740 -10sht.- Connector differential -1sht. Trademark: no danyhKrayina production: UAVyrobnyk: no data.UKRAINE0.00UA1001102.038.23 *****
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