Ukraine Import Data of Condo | Ukraine Import Statistics of Condo

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of condo collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of condo imports.

Condo Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Condo

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201740141000001.Medychnyy product: Latex condoms lubricated with silicone Latex condoms withsilicone lubricant cap: Latex condoms lubricated with silicone ShapkaClassic, Classic 3pc: -3sht in 1up, 48up. 1 box-960up. (1korob.) Marking the existing legislation and vidpovidayeustanovlenym standartamVyrobnyk: Pleasure Latex Products Sdn BhdTorhovelna Brand: ShapkaKrayina production: MY.MALAYSIA0UA10005014.08288.0000578 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/201784213100001. Hygienic or pharmaceutical products made of vulcanized rubber, sheath contraceptives, medical products: latex condoms, classical. Latex condoms, contours. Latex pre-constructions, contour rebito-puhitchaty.Prezervyty lateksnye, XXL.Prezervyty lateksnye, ribisti.Perezvety lateksnye, especially strong . All condoms requiring testing, processing, packing into individual protective multi-layer barrier film and individual cardboard packaging. Not packed for retail trade. Condoms are poured into polyethylene bags, and bags are put in corrugated boxes. Manufacturer: CPR GmbH, Im Kirchenfelde 8, Sarstedt, Germany, 31157 Brand: Not available.SPAIN0UA1001104.063107.2271571
19/Apr/20174014100000"1.Vyroby medical devices: shell latex contraceptives (condoms): - Latex condoms SICO Extra Safe with thick walls (3pc) -360up. - Latex condoms SICO Pearl dot corrugation (3pc) -600up. - Latex condoms SICO ribbed ribbed: (3pc) -600up., (12p) -108up. - latex condoms SICO Safety classical (3pc) -600up .; (12p) -180up. - latex condoms SICO Sensitive contour (3pc) -840up ., (12p) -360up. - latex condoms SICO color color flavored (12p) -108up.; Trademark: "" SICO "" - latex condoms VIZIT classic classic: (3pc) -1800up .; (12p) - 720up. - condom You latex VIZIT Color Color Flavored: (3pc) -600up., (12p) -72up. - Latex condoms VIZIT Dotted with puhyrchykamy: (3pc) -600up .; (12p) -180up. - Latex condoms VIZIT Large enlarged (3pc) -360up. - latex condoms VIZIT Ribbed with rings (3pc) -600up.; Trademark: "" VIZIT "" Manufacturer: "" CPR GmbH "", NimechchynaKrayina production: DE. "GERMANY0UA125030170.996955.039864
19/Apr/20174014100000"1.Vyroby medical devices: shell latex contraceptives (condoms): - Latex condoms VIVA classic (3pc) -9600up. - Latex condoms ribbed VIVA: (12p) -180up .; (3pc) -4800up. - Latex Condoms VIVA with dots (12p) - 180up. - latex condoms ultra VIVA (12p) -180sht .; (3pc) -7200sht. - latex condoms flavored colored VIVA (3pc) -4800up., trademark: VIVAVyrobnyk " "Karex Industries sdn.bhd" ", MalayziyaKrayina production: MY."MALAYSIA0UA125030377.77263.770453
13/Apr/201784814090001. Exhaust valves: pressure relief valve / relay / type MDR -201137 AEV3-W (1 pc.) 10pcs. Brass, provide release of compressedair, components to industrial air compressorsProducer: Condor Pressure Control GmbHCategory of production: DE Trademark: Condor.GERMANY0UA8072100.331.78376458
13/Apr/20178536490090"1.Electricity equipment -Rellet, for voltage not more than 1000V- Pressurized CONDOR type MDR: 262831 type MDR-2 GFA AAAA 080A100 DEE XXX -20pcs / MRS-2/11; F4 G3 / 8"; E / A ; EV W; PG-1 (20pcs); 271482 type MDR-3 GFA AAAA 080A100 DEEXX-10pcs. MDR-3/11; F4G 3/8 "; E / A; EV W; PG; R3 / 10 -6 (64pcs) 271505 MDR-3 GFAAAAA 080A110 DEE JXX -10pcs / MDR-3/11; F4 G 3/8 "; E / A; EV W; PG; R3 / 16 - 8A (80s); voltage 220V, 380V. Electric pneumatic relay in a plasmaschamber, used as components for industrial air compressors, whichprovide connection / disconnection of electrical contacts, depending on the pressureair; not related to radio electronic equipment and radiationinyuvalnyhprystroyiv and contain some kind of transmitters and receivers or transmitters; ukartonnomu packaging for plywood piddoni.Vyrobnyk: CONDOR PRESSURE CONTROL GmbHKrayina production: PLTorhivelna Brand: CONDOR. "POLAND0UA807210112.74049.838607
12/Apr/20174014100000"1.Medychni products. Sheath contraceptives in stock: Condoms lateksniz silicone grease Contex® Dotted (with dots) 3pc / Pack, 12 upakovokv box art.3004616 - 4410korobok. Latex condoms with silicone zmazkoyuContex® Lights (especially thin), 12p / pack, 6 packs in korobtsiart.3004638 - 3102korobok. art.3004638 - 3038korobok. latex condoms lubricated zsylikonovoyu Contex® Lights (especially thin), 3pc / pack, on 12upakovok in the box art.3004636 - 6020korobok. latex condoms zsylikonovoyu grease Contex® classic (classic) 12pcs / pack, 6 pack kovok vkorobtsi art.3004623 - 2263korobok. art.3004623 - 3276korobok. Prezervatyvylateksni with silicone grease Contex® Classic (classic) 3pc / Pack, on 12upakovok in the box art.3004620 - 3001korobok. art.3004620 - 6562korobok.Prezervatyvy latex with silicone grease Contex® Extra Large (velykohorozmiru) 3pc / per pack, 12 packs per box art.3007310 - 1960korobok.Nanesene of relevant markuvannya.Vyrobnyk: Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare (UK) Ltd at the plant: SSL manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd.Krayina production : THTorhivelna mark "" Contex "" "THAILAND0UA1001204169.62507657.0602
12/Apr/20174014100000"1.Medychni products. Sheath contraceptives in stock, zsyntetychnoho Condoms latex with silicone grease Durex® Real Feel (naturalnividchuttya) 3pc / per pack, 12 packs per box art.3004575 - 1976korobok.Prezervatyvy synthetic latex with silicone grease Durex® Real Feel (natural feeling) 12p / per pack, 6 packs in a box art.3004573 -1004korobok. Applied corresponding markuvannya.Vyrobnyk: Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare (UK) Ltd at the plant: SSL manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd.Krayina production: THTorhivelna mark " "Durex" "."THAILAND0UA100120402.38487893.75984
12/Apr/201757033018001.Kylymy floor, made of polypropylene, tufted, carpet LASER-2013 172, polypropylene, width of 2 m art.11377422, barcode 8718787022833-68,6m2. KovrolinLASER-2013 194, polypropylene, width of 4 m art.11377695, bar kod8717388947583-145,6m2. Carpet B-SPINT 52 sahara, polypropylene, width 4 mart.11377646, barcode 8717388924072-23 2m2. Carpeting LASER-2013 194, en pipes, width 4m art.11377695, barcode 8 717388947583-100m2.Krayina production -NLTorhovelna mark - CARPETSVyrobnyk CONDOR - CONDOR CARPETS.NETHERLANDS5462UA1000201007.692519.225167
11/Apr/20178532100000"1.Kondensatory permanent capacity, designed for power grids frequency of 50 / 60Hz and designed for reactive power at least 0,5kVA: Trade mark" "ETI" ". Krayinavyrobnytstva ES Prospect: RTR ENERGIA, SLKOND. LPC 12,5 kVAr, 400V, 50HZ -20sht, condo. LPC 50 kVAr, 400V, 50HZ -20sht, condo. LPC 40 kVAr, 440V, 50HZ -30sht, ".SPAIN0UA100010283.593238.348849
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Condo Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Condo Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ОЛФАРМА"""
Importer Address
01014,м.Київ, вул. Болсуновська,8
Product Description
1.Medychnyy product: Latex condoms lubricated with.........
HS Code 4014100000Value 288.0000578
Quantity 0Unit UA100050
Net Weight 14.08
Origin Country MALAYSIA

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