Ukraine Import Data of Condensed | Ukraine Import Statistics of Condensed

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of condensed collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of condensed imports.

Condensed Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Condensed

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20177039000001. Onion-schnitzel or onion-tribal (Alli um schoenoprasum) fresh, commercial gradeI packed in plastic. CONT. And individual packages of 1kg-15 units that are non-condensed with ice and containers (bottles) with a cooling fluid.The harvest in 2017, the date of packing 04/2017, the shelf life of 14 days. Net weight 15kg. Vir-kArava Export Growers Ltd Trading. Arava brand produced by IL.ISRAEL0UA12510015169.4999517 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173917330090"1.Trubky hnuchki polypropylene rozraho Wani pressure less than 27,6 MPa, reinforced, not combined with other materials, with F itynhamy: D40 Hnuchkez'yednannya 400mm, diam.40h40 \ 5 0 (LSC040) -200sht; D80 Flexible 800mm connection, diam.40h40 \ 5 0 (LSC080) -240sht; D120 Flexible connection 1200mm, diam.40h40 \ 50 (LSC120) -200sht; D45 400mm Flexible connection, diam.40h40 \ 5 0 nut 11 \ 2 "" (diam.40) with condensed ring him (LSC045) -300sht; D85 Flexible z'yednannya800mm, diam.40h40 \ 5 0 nut January 1 \ 2 "" (diam.40) with condensed ring him ( LSC085) -240sht; D220 800mm Flexible connection with prykruchuva yuchym release 11 \ 2 "" (diam.40) with screw 6h80 from nerzh.chashkoyu diam.40h40 \ 50 (LSC220) -1 60sht, D230 Flexible connection with 1200mm prykruchuv ayuchym Issue 1 1 \ 2 "" (diam.40) with screw 6h80 from nerzh.chashkoyu diam.40h40 \ 50 (LSC230) -210sht, designed to connect with washbasins and sinks kanalizatsiyeyu.Torhivelna brand: LOTOS.Vyrobnyk: OOO "" NPP "" YUNYKORN "" Country of origin: RU.. "RUSSIA0UA807170161.4999.5004793
28/Apr/20174015031001.Overs not condensed, not containing added sugar, with a fat content of more than 21% by weight and not more than 45% by weight, in immediate packings of a net content of not more than 2 liters: Cream sterilized 35,1% 1 liter (E & V EXCELL WHIPP CREAM 35.1 % FAT 1LX12) (fat% -35.1, cacao% -not, starch% -not, sugar% -becomes, term use - until 11/09/2017) art.28906305 - 1728pcs. Pastry confectionery 35.1% 2L (E & V PERF UNIVERSAL CREAM 35.1% FAT 2LX6) (fat% -35.1, cacao% -substance, starch% -not, sugar% -, use expired - until 20/12/2017 ) Art.29962403 -2160l. Cream cooked sterilized 35.1% 1L (E & V CREAM EXCELL COOK 35.1% FAT1L X12) (fat% -35.1, cacao% -substance, starch% -not, sugar% -becomes, use term - until 22/12 / 2017) Art.29319601 - 864pcs. Trademark - ELLE & VIRE Producer - ELVIR SAS.FRANCE0UA1000104702.3213579.76944
27/Apr/2017402993100"1.Vershky sweetened condensed, zhyrnististyu-19% in net weight zh.bankah 360h-1200 shtuk.HOST 31688-2012, TU RB 400046241.164-2015Chysta weight is 432 kh.Vaha zh.bankamy of 482 kg. (Empty jar zhestyana 0,042kh / unit) production date: 08/04 / 2017.Termin life: at t from 0 to 10hrad.S and relative vohlohosti air not above 85% is suitable for 10 mis.Torhivelna mark "" Rogachev "" Manufacturer: OAO "" Rogachevskij ICC "" Country of-BY.Tovar in primary packaging.. "BELARUS0UA1000204321036.118638
27/Apr/2017402991000"1.Moloko condensed milk with sugar, fat 8.5% wt.% In net zhestyanyh bankahmasoyu 380g-43260 units GOST 2903-78Chysta weight is 16438,8kh.Vaha of zh.bankamy 18097,1kh. (Zhestyana empty jar 0,038kh / unit) production date: 01/04 / 201.11 / 04 / 2017.Termin life: at t from 0 to 10hrad.S and relative air vohlohosti notabove 85% fit within 12 mis.Torhivelna mark "" Rogachev "" Manufacturer: OAO "" Rogachevskij ICC "" Country of-BY.Tovar in primary packaging.. "BELARUS0UA10002016438.827840.91813
26/Apr/20174016930090"1.Prokladky and other rubber seal (with nonporous rubber) for a / m Lada: Vtulkaramky hydrojacks, art.212 14100720630 - 30sht.Prokladka condensed natruby Radiators, art.210108 10133210 - 600sht. O-ring, art.21080101007500 - 120sht .Salnyk reduk torus rear axle, art.21010240205203- 10sht.Salnyk gearbox and front axle with spring assemblies art.21210230205201- 10sht.Vtulka ramp art.21214100720631- 84sht.Kiltse o ting rod Include gears art.21210180302500 - 85sht .Salnyk gear selection rod with a spring assembly NBR, art.21080170304212 - 7sht.Salnyk crankshaft front and with pruzh ynoyu to collect (red) NBR, art.2108010 0,503,483 - 20sht.Salnyk crankshaft front of the spring assembly (red) N BR, art.21010100503402 - 10sht.Salnyk co linchatoho back zpruzhynoyu shaft assembly (red) NBR , art.21010100516002 - 20sh t.Krayina production - RU trade mark - LADAVyrobnyk - "" Vэlkont "" g OAO Kirovo-Chepetsky. "RUSSIA0UA1251803.569146.3748344
24/Apr/201784799020001. chocolates that do not contain alcohol, stuffed, -art.5960 Candy toffee covered with milk chocolate 52h. - 288yasch. (5184sht). Ingredients: sugar, glucose, milk chocolate 19%, condensed milk, palm oil is partially hydrogenated, concentrated butter, dried egg white, flavoring, salt. Total cocoa content of at least 36%. The total content of dairy products at least 26.5% Trademark: ALLEGRO.Vyrobnyk: IMPERIAL-PRODUTOS ALIMENTARES, SAKrayina production: PT. .GERMANY0UA209180191.48320.212862
21/Apr/201729332990001. A compound is heterocyclic only with a nitrogen heteroatom (s) containing the non-condensed imidazole ring structure: - Xylometazoline hydrochloride (Xylometazoline HCl) - 1 kg. Crystal powder (substance) in dual polyethylene bags for pharmaceutical use. Case number 1218-35-5. Chemical molecular formula: C16H25CIN2. Party No. 16322080. Does not belong to narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors. Producer: Siegfried PharmaChemikalien Minden GmbH. Trademark: no data. Production area: Germany. .GERMANY0UA80719011220.000169
19/Apr/20173809930000"1.Spetsialnyy wetting agent for fabric leather fur skins pryposhytti clothes before pravkoyuSOFTONE EL: -540kh. (Skimmed sumishalifatychnyh condensed amines) .In a liquid light amber color. Not aerosol upakovtsi.Vyrobnyk: Company" "LEDERPLUS QUIMICA SL" " Trade mark "" LEDERPLUS "". Country of manufacturer ES.. "SPAIN0UA8071705401215.745571
19/Apr/20173302109000"1.Sumishy aromatic substances for use in the food industry (not for making beverages) consisting of aromatic substances in solution or propylene glycol tryatsetyni.Bez ethanol or ethanol containing no more than 1.5% starch, restoring sugars: 200048 orange -100kh, expiry date 18/03 / 2018r, orange -175kh 613414, expiry date 17/03 / 2018r, Barberry -125kh 613906, expiry date 15/06 / 2018r, 647100 Elder -75kh, expiry date 13/09 / 2018r , 655089 Cherry -50kh, expiry date 12/03/2019, 836218 Pear -100kh, expiry date 13/09 / 2018r, 225675 Strawberry -300kh, thermo fitness 18/03 / 2018r, -75kh 652745 Yogurt, expiry date 15/06 / 2018r, Caramel -25kh 203061, expiry date 17/03 / 2018r, 101465 Strawberry-Banana -75kh, expiry date 17/03 / 2018r, 109201 Circles -300kh, expiry date 17/03 / 2018r, Coffee -200kh 980281, expiry date 12/03 / 2018r, Menthol -300kh 648398, expiry date 12/03/2019, 627031 Mint -150kh, expiry date 12/03 / 2019, 875 980 Hazelnut -150kh, expiry date 13/09 / 2018r, 647100 Elder -75kh, expiry date 18/03 / 2018r, 218,856-vanilla cream -850kh, expiry date 03/02 / 2018r, 654067 vanilla -500kh the term fitness 24/12 / 2018r, 345449 Vanilla cream--125kh shelf life 02/11/20 19r, sour cherry -125kh 219271, expiry date 15/02 / 2018r, 604075 Cherry -25kh, expiry date 15/06 / 2018r, 613415 Cherry -50kh, expiry date 30/08 / 2018r, 653109 Cherry -75kh shelf life 13 / 03/2019, 652586 Pear -200kh, expiry date 19/02/2019, 836218 Pear -150kh, expiry date 13/09 / 2018r, 225675 Strawberry -300kh, expiry date 18/03 / 2018r, Caramel 203,061 -25kh the term fitness 17/03 / 2018r, Coffee -250kh 980281, expiry date 12/03 / 2018r, berries -100kh 211375, expiry date 17/03 / 2018r, Lemon -50kh 210322, expiry date 17/03 / 2018r, 654574 Lemon - 75kg, expiry date 25/02/2019, 652,945 oil-vanilla -225kh, the period during datnosti 17/03 / 2018r, Menthol -700kh 648398, expiry date 12/03/2019, 627031 Mint -175kh, expiry date 12/03/2019, 691718 Plombir -1000kh, expiry date 17/07 / 2018r, 389759 Rum -75kh, expiry date 13/09 / 2018r, condensed milk -300kh 203776, expiry date 07/02/2019, 288471 -100kh condensed milk, Baked milk -1200kh 675995, expiry date 10/03 / 2018r, 653 548 Black currant -75kh , expiry date 08/05 / 2018r, 29/06 / 2018r, -150kh 221106 Blueberries, expiry date 03/08 / 2018r, Apple -125kh 208152, expiry date 12/02 / 2018r, 675995 Baked milk -1000kh shelf life 10 / 03 / 2018r, Cocoa -75kh 225962, expiry date 28/10 / 2018r, 200345 Bourvanil -25kh, expiry date 15/03 / 2018r, 648483 Strawberry -25kh, expiry date 10/03/2019, 200357 Lime -25kh, expiry date 08/03 / 2018r manufacturers "" Symrise "", Nimechchyna.Krayina production DE.Torhivelna mark Symrise "GERMANY0UA12505010450136547.741
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Condensed Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Condensed Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
02140 Київ пр.Григоренка 43 УКРАЇНА
Exporter Name Arava Export Growers Ltd
Product Description
1. Onion-schnitzel or onion-tribal (Alli um schoen.........
HS Code 703900000Value 169.4999517
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 15
Origin Country ISRAEL

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