Ukraine Import Data of Computer Processor | Ukraine Import Statistics of Computer Processor

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of computer processor collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of computer processor imports.

Computer Processor Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Computer Processor

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of computer processor. Get Ukraine trade data of Computer Processor imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201784715000001.Chastyny ​​to PPC company ASUS (electronic modules) that do not contain radioperedavalnyhprystroyiv: Motherboards processor X540LJ MB._4G / I3-5005U / AS, 90NB0B10-R00090 - 9sht., Motherboards processor ZC500TG MB._2G / MT6580, 90AZ00V0-R00020 - 9sht., Motherboards processor ZE551MLMB._4G / Z3580 / WW / LTE, 90AZ00A0-R03000 - 7sht. Motherboards with protsesoromX541SA MB._2G / N3060 / AS, 90NB0CH0-R00050 - 8 pieces. Motherboards with protsesoromZB500KG MB._1G / MSM8212 (1.2G), 90AX00B0-R00010 - 1pc., Motherboards zprotsesorom ZB452KG MB._1G / MSM8212, 90AX0140-R00011- 2 pcs., Motherboards processor X540LJ MB._4G / I3-4005U / AS, 90NB0B10-R00020 - 3pc., Motherboards processor K501UWMB._8G / I5- 6200U / AS, 90NB0BQ0-R00030 - 1pc. Motherboards with protsesoromX540SAA MB._4G / N3060, 90NB0B30-R000B1 - 1pc. Motherboards with protsesoromX302UA MAIN_BD._4G / I7-6500U / AS, 90NB0AR0-R00030 - 1pc., Fee parent zprotsesorom X555UB MAIN_BD._4G / I5-6200U / AS, 90NB0AQ0-R01400- 2 pcs., Motherboards processor X555LJ MAIN_BD._4G / I3-4005U / AS, 90NB08I0-R00180 - 1pc., Motherboards processor UX360CA MB._8G / M7-6Y75,90NB0BA0-R00030 - 1pc., Motherboards processor E502NAMAIN_BD._4G / N4200 / AS, 90NB0DI0-R00030 - 1pc. Motherboards with protsesoromUX305CA MB._8G / M7-6Y75 / AS, 90NB0AA0-R00020 - 1pc ., Motherboards zprotsesorom Z300CMAIN_BD._2G / C3200 / AS, 90NP0230-R00051 - 1pc., fee materynskaz processor K501UW MB._8G / I5-62 00U / AS, 90NB0BQ0-R00030 - 1pc., Platamaterynska processor X555LJ MAIN_BD._4G / I3-4005U / AS, 90NB08I0-R00180 - 1pc., Motherboards processor E402NA MAIN_BD._2G / N3350 / AS, 90NB0C50-R00040 -1sht ., Motherboards processor Z170CG MAIN_BD._1G / C3230 / AS, 90NP01Y0-R00010 - 4pcs., Motherboards processor Z170CMAIN_BD._1G / C3200 / AS, 90NP01Z0-R00010 - 2 pcs., Motherboards from protsesoromUX305CA MB._8G / M7 -6Y75 / AS, 90NB0AA0-R00020 - 1pc., Motherboards zprotsesorom E502SA MAIN_BD._2G / N3050 / AS, 90NB0B70-R00040 - 1pc., Platamaterynska processor X541SC MB._4G / N3060 / AS, 90NB0CI0-R00040- 1pc., Motherboards processor X541UV MB._8G / I5-6198DU / AS, 90NB0CG0-R03300 - 3pc., Motherboards processor UX330UAKMB._8G / I5-72 00U / AS, 90NB0CW0-R00030 - 2 pcs., Motherboards from protsesoromUX330UA MB._8G / I5-6200U / AS, 90NB0CW0-R00020 - 1pc., Motherboards zprotsesorom E502NA MAIN_BD._4G / N4200 / AS, 90NB0DI0-R00030 - 4 pieces. , Platamaterynska processor X751SV MB._4G / N3710 / AS, 90NB0BR0-R01100- 2 pcs., Motherboards processor Z380M MAIN_BD._2G / MT8163, 90NP00A0-R00010- 2 pcs., Motherboards processor Z300CG MAIN_BD._2G / C3230, 90NP0210 -R00041- 1pc., Motherboards processor X541UV MB._4G / I5-6198DU / AS, 90NB0CG0-R01300 - 2 pcs., Motherboards processor X541SC MB._4G / N3710 / AS, 90NB0CI0-R00010 - 3pc., Country of - CNTorhovelna mark - ASUSVyrobnyk - ASUSTeK Computer INCCHINA81UA1002305.5267202.02996 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20178471300000"1 mobile computer Zebra SymbolMC92N0-G90SYEQA6WR, core1GHz Dual processor, memory RAM 1GB / 2GB, lazernyyskaner support wireless interfaces WiFi and Bluetooth, display size of 3.7 '', Weight 0,900kh, vykorystuyetsya in Warehouse Management , transportation, service -62sht.Vyrobnyk: Zebra Technologies UK Limited.Torhivelna brand: Symbol.Krayina production: MX.. "MEXICO62UA1001107175223.00228
26/Apr/20178471410000"1.Panelnyy industrial computer with IRS SR3216-0010 control panel that is integrated into a car trunk automatic data processing system to a linear track products in the supply chain (Track and Trace), included: Windows 10e, 15.6" " touchpad processor i5 2 cores, software TwinCat, Solid State drive 120GB SSD, 8 GB RAM, power supply, mounting support, USB connector, including network cables, adaptation supporting bracket to the existing system T & TLS, supporting bracket, including a set of remote n ystroyiv / O, signal tower with an optical / sound signals, including odnodvernyy compact housing, with mounting plate, including testing software equipment. Contains composed of transmitters and receivers or transmitters - 1 pc .;. "GERMANY1UA1021805612614.62824
26/Apr/20178517620000"1. An apparatus for the reception, conversion and transmission or restore the voice and image of other information for processing video in TV studios, Systemavideokonferents communication Skype, TalkShow MS Computer Hardware, informatsiyuza passes through a fiber optic cable network, working permanently in TV studios is an online AV processor for use prypidklyuchenni video calls to Skype PROFESSIONAL televiziynohoobladnannya language, converter IP stream video and audio, and video and audio in IP flow software and hardware kit used exclusively for televisionbroadcasting is not a device for receiving television programs for obrobkyvideosyhnalu in TV studios that can send or receive calls withany kind desktop video-enabled notebook, mobile, conference room, Internet TV running software zabezpechennyaSkype allows to manage all aspects of the call, when upravlinnyamprohramnoho software, without antenna and includes: software zabezpechennyaSkype TX, 2 channels (1 out of 1) HD-SDI I / O, a professional XLR and SDI-embedded sound, call control and management interface for recording call-povnapropuskna ability, Pro Audio Tools, auto color and controls Procpidsylyuvachiv, video on IP over TriCaster, audio over IP via Dante nedlya military and not for medical purposes, does not contain skladiradioelektronni its facilities and emitters do not nelezhyt to spetsialnyhtehnichnyh means, TalkShow 100 MultiSandart Computer Hardw are, NewTek TalkShowMulti-Standard, 1RU Broadcast Ready Integrated Hardware and Software System (TSVS-100MS), mod. TSVS-100MS, all - 1 pc., Country of origin - US; trade mark - NEWTEK; Producer - NEWTEC, INC. "UNITED STATES0UA1250606.83434.892808
26/Apr/20178473302000"1.Chastyny ​​computers and accessories. Electronic modules for cars avtomatychnohoobroblennya informatio graphics card with cables 90-C1CSI0-L0UANAYZart.210-SL-TC1GD3-L .; -100sht graphics card with cables 90YV0940-M0NA00 art.710-2-SL -40sht .; motherboard 90MB0L40-M0EAY0 art.A68HM-PLUS -10sht .; materynskaplata 90MB0R30-M0EAY0 art.A88XM-E / USB 3.1 -10sht .; plata90MB0H50 parent-M0EAY0 art.A88XM-PLUS -30 pc motherboard .; 90MB0IR0-M0EAY1 art.AM1M -10sht .;-A motherboard 90MB 0G50-M0EAY5 art.B85M -10sht-G.; maternal ka fee 90MB0HR0-M0EAY5 art.B85M-K -10sh t .; kabelyamy90YV09X5 card with 0-M0NA0 art .DUAL-GTX1060-3G -24sht .; card with kabelyamy90YV09X4-M0NA00 art.DUAL-GTX1 060-6G -24sht .; video card with cables 90YV09X3-M0NA00 art.DUAL-GTX1060-O3G -24sht., a graphics card with cables 90YV09X0-M0NA00art.DUAL-GTX1060-O6G -24sht .; graphics card with cables 90YV09T4-M0NA00 art.DUAL-GTX1070-8G -8sht .; video card with cables 90YV 09T1-M0NA00 art.DUAL-GTX1070-O8G -8sht., a graphics card with cables 90YV09L0-M0NA00 t.DUAL al-RX460-2G -20sht .; video card zkab elyamy 90YV09L2-M0NA00 art.DUAL-RX460-O2G-20pcs .; video card with cables 90YV0A82-M 0NA00 art.EX-GTX1050-2G -20sht., with cables and videokar 90YV0A52-M0NA00 art.EX-GTX 1050TI-4G -20sht .; video card zkabelyamy 90YV0A54-M0NA00 art.EX-GTX1050TI-O4G -20 pcs .; video card with 00-M0NA kabelyamy90YV06K0 art.GT730-2GD3 -100sht .; video card with cables 90YV06N1-M0NA00art.GT730-2GD5- BRK -20sht .; video card with cables 90YV06 M0-M0NA00art.GT730-4GD3 -10sht .; videoka PTA with cables 90YV06P0-M0NA00 art.GT730-SL-2GD3-BRK -40sht .; motherboard 9 0MB0R60-M0EAY0 art.H110M-A / M.2 -50sht.; m aterynska fee 90MB0NY0-M0EAY0 art.H11 -50sht 0M-C .; parent plata90MB0PH0- M0EAY0 art.H110M -1000sht-K .; motherboard 90MB0PN0-M0EAY0art.H110M-PLUS -10 pcs .; motherboard 90MB0QN0-M0ECY0 and rt.H110M-R / C / SI-200sht .; maternal and plastic 90MB0NC0-M0EAY0 art.H170-PRO -30sht .; materynskaplata 90MB0GI0-M0EAY0 art.H8 1M-PLUS -10sht .; motherboard 90MB0J Y0-M0ECY2art.H81M-R / C / SI -100sht .; Mater ynska payment processor 90MB0JH0-M0EAY Mart.J1900I -100sht-C .; Motherboard and 90MB0MY0-M0EAY0 art.M5A78L-M LE / USB3 -20sht .; motherboard 90-MIBI40-G0EAY 0GZ art.M5A78L-M LX3 -40sht., motherboard 90-MIBJP0-G0EAY0MZ art.M5A97 LE R2 .0 -10sht .; materynskaplata 90MB0LG0-M0 EAY0 art.M5A97 PLUS -10sht .; plata90 parent-MIBJK0-G0EAY0MZ art.M5A97 R2.0-10sht .; motherboard 90MB0SE0-M0EAY 0 art.MAXIMUS IX CODE -5sht .; videokartaz cables 90YV09U0-M0NA00 art.MINI-R736 0-2G -10sht .; motherboard withprocess rum 90MB0LP0-M0EAY0 art.N3150I -20sht-C .; video card with kabelyamy90YV0AA0-M0NA00 t.PH al-GTX1050-2G -100sht .; video card with belyamy90YV0A70 ka-M0NA00 art.PH-GTX1050TI- 4G -100sht .; motherboard 90MB0T10-M 0EAY0art.PRIME -100sht B250M-K .; mother's lic fee 90MB0S90-M0EAY0 art.PRIME H270-PLUS -200sht .; video card with 90 cables YV0AJ0-M0NA00art.ROG-STRIX-RX570-O4G-GA MING -32sht .; video card with cables 90YV0 AG0-M0NA00art.RX550-4G -20sht .; maternal ka fee 90MB0RA0-M0EAY0 "CHINA0UA1251201902.31225812.7608
26/Apr/20178542319000"1. Electronic integrated circuits: processors and controllers dlyaelektronno computers: -Protsesor Intel CPU DesktopCeleron G3900 (2.8GHz 2MB LGA1151) box, art. BX80662G3900SR2HV-100 pieces; -Protsesor Intel CPU Desktop PentiumG4400 (3.3GHz 3MB LGA1151) box, art .BX80662G4400SR2DC-62sht; -Protsesor Intel CPU Desktop Core i3-6100 (3.7GHz 3MB LGA1151) box, art.BX80662I36100SR2HG-40sht; -Protsesor Intel CPU Desktop Core i3-7100 (3.9GHz 3MB LGA1151) box, art.BX80677I37100SR35C-150sht ; trade mark: Intel; Manufacturer: Intel Corporation, VN.. "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA205090105.625327.79989
26/Apr/201785423190001. Electronic integrated circuits, CPUs of computers (servers): - Intel Xeon Processor E5-2630 v4 10C 2.2GHz 25MB Cache 2133MHz 85W / processor -00YD965 art, Nb-3pc., Trademark LenovoVyrobnyk Lenovo PC HK LimitedKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA1001301.532384.099975
26/Apr/20178471300000"1.Kompyutery tablet personal brand of NOMI radiomodulemsystem cellular GSM-900/1800 and UMTS equipment and radio (IEEE 802.11 interfeysperedachy data and Bluetooth), located one of the PC case in indyvidualnoyupakovtsi for retail torhivli.Novi.Model: ST-1046M.Tablet PC Nomi C10105.White Gold - 540sht.Diahonal DISPLAY - 10.1 inches, resolution - 1280x800 pixels, wireless technologies: 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi; processor - MediaTek MTK6580 Quad core (4 core ), RAM - 2GB, built-in memory - 16Hb.Komplektnist product supply, install Lena manufacturer: Tablet computer - 1 piece, AC charger - 1 piece cable USB - 1 piece, manual (instruction) manual - 1 piece, warranty card - 1shtuka.. "CHINA540UA100210533.631320.00007
26/Apr/20178542319000"1. Electronic integrated circuits: processors and controllers dlyaelektronno computers: CPU Server -Protsesor 10-Core Xeon E5-2640V4 (2.4 GHz 25M Cache LGA2011-3) box, art.BX80660E52640V4SR2NZ-2 pcs; -Protsesor Intel CPU Atom Processor E660T (512K Cache 1.30 GHz) tray, art.CT80618003201ABSLJ38-190sht; Trademark: Intel; Manufacturer: Intel Corporation, MY.. "MALAYSIA0UA2050902.113015.80017
25/Apr/20178471300000"1. Processing Machines informatsiyiportatyvni weight not exceeding 10 kg, for provedennyaklinychnyh research protocol 000174: Portable computer Lenovo L460 ThinkPad PC HKLimited diagonal 14" "processor Intel Core i3, China Model: 20FVS0DC00. Cables and connectors, instruction Manual andshipping materials (eg waybills, courier envelopes) - 1 sht.Vyrobnyk: Lenovo PC HK Limited; trade mark: Lenovo; Country of origin: CN;. "CHINA1UA1002303638.0510358
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Computer Processor Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Computer Processor Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Ф1 ПРОДАКШН"""
Importer Address
03680, м.Київ, б-р І. Лепсе буд.8, корп.12, Україна
Product Description
1.Chastyny ​​to PPC company ASUS (electronic m.........
HS Code 8471500000Value 7202.02996
Quantity 81Unit UA100230
Net Weight 5.526
Origin Country CHINA

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