Ukraine Import Data of Cold Seal | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cold Seal

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cold seal collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cold seal imports.

Cold Seal Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cold Seal

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of cold seal. Get Ukraine trade data of Cold Seal imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/20178081080901.Vyroby plastic, battery art.B07350350 cold 2h400 -800sht. It is a sealed plastic product filled with liquid. After freezing is used to maintain the required temperature of the thermo-bags and bags holodylnykah.Torhovelna Brand: Koopman.Vyrobnyk: Koopman International BV.Krayina production: EU. .POLAND0UA205020195006240.000105 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20173923509000"1 PRODUCTS sealing PLASTIC -ZASOBY disposable, for glass bottles with cold SPYRTOVMISTKYMY food product in stock: -PROBKA polymer PP A8 TM 29 * 12 / 19,2 RADA, T-shaped, decorated aluminum -206.700 Thousand. pcs. (THAT BY 400526378.010-2010), packed in 138 KART.YASCHYK and concluded on 3 DER.PALETAH. -KRYSHKY decorative polymer, size 58 * 42 mm, GRAY -92.260 ths. pcs. (THAT BY 400526378.011-2011), packaged in a 385 card. box. and concluded on 8 DER.PALETAH.VYROBNYK Product -YNOSTRANNOE proizvodstvennoe UNYTARNOE enterprise "" ALKOPAK. ' "Product Country of BILORU B, BY.. "BELARUS0UA902050331818941.76035
19/Apr/20173923509000"1 PRODUCTS sealing PLASTIC -ZASOBY disposable, for glass bottles with cold SPYRTOVMISTKYMY FOOD, THAT BY 400526378.010-2010: -PROBKA polymer PP A8 T * 23.5 10 / 16.2 mm PEREPELKA -600.000 ths. Cars. , UPAK.V 240 KART.YASCH.VYROBNYK Product -YNOSTRANNOE proizvodstvennoe UNYTARNOE enterprise "" ALKOPAK. ' "production of goods BELARUS COUNTRY, BY.."BELARUS0UA902050234014100.23983
19/Apr/20179028200000"1. Liquid counters: -CV-UX counter-cold water meter -L-110-DN-10 model with AM anti-magnet, in the assembled condition, quantity-500pcs. Composition: brass case L-110mm DN-10-500sht, diaphragm-500pcs 500 pcs. Filter, 500 pc impeller, 500 pc impeller, 500 pc rubber seal, 500 pc sealing ring, 500 pc locking loop, 500 pc lid, 500 pc counting machine, 500 pc rubber pad, 500 pc rubber, 500 pc anti-magnet; -110-DN-10 model KVM-U-G, with AM anti-magnet, in the assembled condition, quantity-400pcs Composition: brass case L-110mm DN-10-400sht, diafr Gma-400sht, 400-piece filter, 400-pin impeller, 400-pin impeller, 400-pc rubber seal, 400-stroke gasket, 400-pc sealing ring, 400-piece cap, 400-pc screw mechanism, 400 pcs gasket, 400 pc rubber seal, 400 pc antimagnet; C-water-L-80-DN-10 model KVM-UX, with anti-magnetic AM, in the assembled condition, quantity-50pcs Composition: brass case L-80mm DN-10-50sht, daphtha-50pcs, filter-50pcs, impeller- 50pcs, rubber gaskets of the case-50pcs, antifreeze seal-50pcs, locking ring-50pcs, casing of countingmechanism-50pcs, counting mechanism-50 Piece, rubber gasket of counting mechanism-50pcs, anti-magnet-50pcs; -Water water meter-L-80-DN-10 model KVM-U-G, with AM anti-magnet, in the assembled condition, quantity-50pcs. Composition: brass case L-80mm DN-10-50sht, diaphragm-50pcs, filter-50pcs, impeller-50pcs, rubber sealing case-50pcs, antifreeze seal-50pcs, locking ring-50pcs, counting machine-50pcs, counting mechanism-50pcs , Rubber gasket of counting mechanism-50pcs, anti-magnet-50pcs; The cost of water meters includes the cost of packing material: cardboard box 440х290х200мм-50шт, cardboard box140х84х90мм-1000шт, cardboard box 280х100х90мм-5шт.Краина производства-IT.Торгова марка-Maddalena.Виробник-Maddalena SpA "ITALY1000UA1001104344975.736785
18/Apr/20177320208190"1 compression springs, spiral, made cold WAY ROUND wire cross-section steel grade SS304: - brand spring - spring-G 28-95-2 - 20 pcs., Length - 95 mm diameter - 28 mm markings on A PRODUCT FOR THE PRESENCE OF TRADEMARK NO, the manufacturer - SHANGHAI BURGMAN SEAL CO., LTD, manufacturing country - China. Regenerated packed cards. pACKAGING, LABELING ON pACKAGING - MANUFACTURER: SHANGHAI BURGMAN SEAL CO., LTD; ADD: NO. 1 YANGHEBANG ROAD , HIGT-TECH PARK, JIUTING TANG, SONGJIANG DISTRICT, SHANGHAI, CHINA; COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: CHINA; AGENT: SHANGHAI SONGHAI INDUSTRIAL TRADING CORPORATION; MADE IN CHINA; abbreviations.. "CHINA0UA9010100.4139.11672875
12/Apr/201732141010901.Nabuhayuchyy sealant for sealing cold joints in concrete, designed for creation elastic, vibration, sealed zuyuchyh shviv.Poliuretanova pastapolimery zuyucha prykontakti water, not aerozo lniy package. (Ukomplektovaninasadkamy) Polyurethane paste polimeryzuyucha in contact with water, napovnyuvachialiphatic pojyisocyanate 5-10%, gamma-butyrolacto ne 3-5%, not aerozolniyupakovtsi. art.69318 SikaSwell S-2 (unipak 600ml) -100sht. (Ukomplektovaninasadkamy) Manufacturer Sika ItaliaKrayina production - IT.Torhovelna Sika brand. .ITALY0UA10013080.4577.5587869
10/Apr/201784186900901.Kompresorno Condensing units (blocks) Medium touse in refrigeration, in which heat exchanger is a condenser (notcontains ozone-depleting substances), not containing refrigerants, refilled with nitrogen, sealed condensing units OP-MGZD108MTA02E art. 114X5069-20sht.Torhovelna Brand: OptymaKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: Rivacold SRL.ITALY0UA100120211023664.0146
05/Apr/201784552100001. State the combined rolling (hot and cold) for metalworking, machine Profilezhynayucha arched corrugated / K SPAN ROLL FORMING MACHINE / Model BH-1000-700 (line for the production of steel roofing for the building frameless arched structures), a new size: 8.9h2. 23h2.3m, white, main engine power - 18.9KW, forming power 7.5KW, bending power - 4.0KW, 4.0KW power cutting, bevel capacity - 3KW, Working speed: straight sheet - 16m / min, arched letter - 13m / min, Folding - 6m / min, roller forming stage 13 stages, feeding width: 1000mm effective w Irina: 700mm, depth of groove: 175mm, thickness of sheet: 0.8-1.5mm, utilization panel: 70%, the largest span - 30m, the thickness of the coil - 0.6-1.5mm, material cutter Cr12 moV, unassembled, consisting of: system walls between which is metal Unwinder for rolled steel sealing machine / combine arched corrugated / steel trimming device. Management System Manual. The length of the finished sheet is measured by mechanical measuring device. Cutting: Mechanical rizannya.Usi component are an integral part of the state (1 set with accessories) for civilian use / to their needs / requires performance engineering works and installation, installation, adjustment in place ekspluatatsiyiTorhovelna mark BOHAIvyrobnyk YINGKOU BOHAI MACHINERY EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURE CO., LTD.Krayina made in China. CNCHINA0UA5000101300020000
05/Apr/201784135069001.239888 pump FIRE-BALL 50: 1 3001 pcs., Is pnevmopryvodnym piston pump, the main part piston pump for pumping oil pneumatic 50: 1 in the kit. It uses compressed air to pump liquid medium that moves as a result of periodic changes in the volume occupied by the cavity. Changes in volume produced reciprocating working parts (piston). Workflow in the pump based on the displacement of fluid from the working chamber, sealed detachable from the suction and discharge traktiv.Pryznachenyy for supplying coolant to the technological tools of cold rolling pylherovanyya KPW-25.Osnovni technical harakterystykyArtykul 239888Typ FIRE-BALL 300shvydkist office. flow 0.82 l / hvtysk fluid output 579 bartysk air inlet 2,1-9,7 barVytrata air at 7 bar around 0.65 m3 / min. .UNITED STATES1UA110140121872.703935
04/Apr/20173403199090"1.Avtohimiya. Solvent rust - prevents corrosion and oxidation stops and prevents rust, neutral to plastic, metal and paint surfaces, displaces moisture. It is used in various areas: in manufacturing, service stations and cars, free of drugs and psychotropic drugs and precursors in aerosol packaging for 500 ml, contains no ozone-depleting substances. Ref .: 6002081 CMB / means for removing rust / - 1 unit, in part includes: Gas / oil hidrodesulfurovanyy- 50-70% (CAS: 64742- 81-0) Butan- 5-15% (CAS: 106-97-8), distillates (petroleum), naphthenic Light hidroochyscheni- 5-15% (CAS: 64742-53-6), Propan- 2,5-5% (CAS: 74-98-6), Carbon vuhletsyu- 1-2,5% (CAS: 124-38 -9) Petrol-solvent with a slight zapahom- <1% (CAS: 64742-95-6) .Vytyskuvach moisture from ignition systems (spray for bad electrical) from penetrating lubricant. Improves the reliability of the electricity the car. It has vodovidshtovhuvayuchi properties neutral plastic, rubber and paint (cleans, displaces moisture and protects against corrosion). It is used in everyday life, services, industry, cars, free of drugs and ODS in aerosol packaging. Ref .: 60091703 CMB / bad electrical spray (500 ml) / - 1 unit; As part includes: Gas / oil hidrodesulfurovanyy - 50-70% (CAS: 64742-81-0), Bhutan - 5-20% (CAS: 106-97-8), distillates (petroleum), light naphthenic hidroochyscheni - 5 -10% (CAS: 64742-53-6), Propane - 2,5-5% (CAS: 74-98-6), carbon Dioxide - 1-2,5% (CAS: 124-38-9), 2 etilheksanova acid in combination with dodetsylaminom (1: 1) - <1% (CAS: 85068-69-5), Gas / oil, hidrodesulfurovanyy> 30% aliphatic hydrocarbons - 15-30% .Zasib for cleaning brakes without acetone . Designed to clean brake parts from dirt and grease. Wash the dirt lot of pressure. Dries quickly, leaving a completely clean surface. Can also be used for cleaning bicycles and motorcycles chains. Can be used for degreasing of metal surfaces prior to applying adhesives and sealants free of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors and ODS in aerosol packaging (500 mL). Ref .: 6026452 CMB / Brake Cleaner / - 6 pieces; Ref .: 60358542 CMB / spray bad electrical / - 3 pieces; Ref .: 60358542 CMB / spray bad electrical / - 1 unit; As part includes: Oil hidroochyschena, light - 50 -80% (CAS: 64742-49-0), Bhutan - 10-20% (CAS: 106-97-8), carbon dioxide - 2.5 -5% ( CAS: 124-38-9), Propane - 2,5-5% (CAS: 74-98-6), aliphatic hydrocarbons? 30% .Silikonovyy spray prevents jamming of parts under high (900 ° C) temperature, corrosion, prevents cold welding of parts under load, shocks and vibrations when sliding. Prevents "" prykypannya "" vypuskonoho collector pins, wheel bolts. Optimal use as a lubricant and separation agent for highly heated and heavy structural elements. Ref .: 6071851 CMB / Universal white grease / - 1 unit; Free of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors and ODS in aerosol "GERMANY0UA100110727.81054726
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Cold Seal Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cold Seal Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Address
08132, Україна, Київська обл., Києво-Святошинський р-н, м. Вишневе, вул. Промислова 5
Exporter Name F.H.U. SAD-TRANS Sp.j.
Product Description
1.Vyroby plastic, battery art.B07350350 cold 2h400.........
HS Code 808108090Value 6240.000105
Quantity 0Unit UA205020
Net Weight 19500
Origin Country POLAND

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