Ukraine Import Data of Coil | Ukraine Import Statistics of Coil

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of coil collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of coil imports.

Coil Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Coil

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201739199000101.Plivka transparent, flat shape, protective, plastic adhesive to the a / m beznapysiv, not in coils, art.68195-15H00-EYT - Sticker-1sht.Krayina origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - SUZUKIVyrobnyk - Suzuki Motor Corporation. .JAPAN0UA2050200.018.669582038 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/201739199000101.Plivka transparent, flat shape, protective, plastic adhesive to the a / m beznapysiv, not in coils, art.BHS2504P2 - Stickers THRESHOLD (R) -4sht., Art.BP4K508V1A -NALIPKA semi-1pc., Art.BP4K508V3B - Stickers Body-1pc., art.GHK1508W4 00 -NALIPKA semi-1pc., art.GHP9504P2A - Stickers THRESHOLD (R) -6sht., art.GHP9508W2 00- sticker semi-1pc., art.GS1D504P2A - Stickers THRESHOLD-1pc., origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor Corporation.JAPAN0UA2050201.31474.65843771
30/Apr/201748182099001. Colored paper towels, not in coils, sheets rest. .CHINA0UA50012024991449.420113
30/Apr/201748182091001.Kuhonni hand towels, cellulosic, 2-ply, in coils (not flavored and impregnated) art.5110046 paper kitchen towel (2h47 sheet) - 1280kor. Trademark: Veltie.Vyrobnyk: Velvet CARE sp. z ooKrayina production: PL.POLAND0UA2050203376.646374.35021
29/Apr/201772107080001.Prokat flat carbon steel plate width 1250mm. on the one hand pokrytyypoliestrovym coil coating, thickness 0.5 mm: D -4970kh 6005, D 3011-4955kh, D -4870kh 3009, D 8019 -5625kh. Mark Steel: DX51D + Z., DE. .GERMANY0UA2091802042020147.75274
29/Apr/20177208390000"1.Stal hot-rolled, neprotravlena, non alloy, without further treatment, thickness 2 mm, in coils, EN 10025-2-04, S235JR steel grade, size 2h1180mm -6rul.Torhovelna mark SeverstalKrayina production RUVyrobnyk PAO" "Severstal", "Russia. "RUSSIA0UA1000705702028053.83984
29/Apr/20174811419000"1.Papir stick coils, bezmalyunku, layer, layer prosochenyytermochutlyvym, giving chornezobrazhennya not corrugated, nekalandrovyy, the fiber otrymanyhmehanichnym way 60% density 73h / m2: - AA2760100 RADIANT PINK S2000N-BG40BR- 994,5m2; - AA2760019 RADIANT PINK S2000N-BG40BR- 2830,5m2 density 71h / m2: - AF0980073 THERMAL 200LL FSC S2000N-BG40BR- 4994,72m2; - AF0980057 THERMAL 200LL FSC S2000N-BG40BR- 23019,36m2 density 74h / m2: - BD4090011 THERMAL ECO FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 3939,375m2; - BD4090066 THERMAL ECO FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 2139,2m2; - BD4090006 THERMAL ECO FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 4181,632m2; - BD4090002 THERMAL ECO FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 4231,205m2; - BD4090003 THERMAL ECO FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 14509,929m2, Manufacturer: AVERY DENNISON; brand: Fasson; Country production: LU.. "LUXEMBOURG0UA1001108941.422970.28754
29/Apr/20174802552500"1. Offset paper, white in coils, uncoated, made zbilenoyi cellulose used for printing, not containing fibers oderzhanyhmehanichnym or chemical-mechanical means, without watermarks, not corrugated, punched, without pressure, without krepovanyy not painted, without images, uncoated, single layer, trademark MAESTRO PRINT: density of 60 g / roll 700 mm m2format that invoysuyetsya weight 5013 kg., 11 .; rul density of 60 g / m2format roll 640 mm weight 4994 kg which invoysuyetsya., 12 rul . density of 70 g / m2format roll 840 mm weight that invo suyetsya 10233 kg., 19 rul .; weight: 20240 kg / 20240 kg 42 rulona.Vyrobnyk: Mondi SCP as, Slovachchyna.Torhovelna mark: MAESTRO PRINT.Krayina production: SK.. "SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA3051002024015450.67195
29/Apr/20174818101000"1.Papir Toilet cellulose, three-stratified, with a mass of 1m2 each layer less than 25g, coils, impregnated balm and not flavored, art.4100598 toilet paper made from pulp fiber (8rul.h162ark.) - 720kor, art. 4100401 toilet paper made from pulp fiber (4rul.h162ark.) - 640kor.Torhivelna brand: Veltie.Vyrobnyk: Velvet CARE sp. z ooKrayina production: PL. "POLAND0UA2050206047.849401.241054
29/Apr/20174811419000"1.Papir stick coils, bezmalyunku, layer, layer prosochenyytermochutlyvym, giving chornezobrazhennya not corrugated, nekalandrovyy, the fiber otrymanyhmehanichnym way to 60%, density 80g / m2: - BC9390021 MC PRIMECOAT FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 3424,65m2 - BC9390010 MC PRIMECOAT FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 3524,15m2; - BC9390809 MC PRIMECOAT FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 3767,43m2; - BC9390047 MC PRIMECOAT FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 4610,35m2; - BC9390015 MC PRIMECOAT FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 4057,8m2 ; - BC9390016 MC PRIMECOAT FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 4156,375m2; - BC9390022 MC PRIMECOAT FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 12745,53m2; - BC9390017 MC PRIMECOAT FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 4458,3m2; - BC9390099 MC PRIMECOAT FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 9477 , 08m2; - BC9390025 MC PRIMECOAT FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 4824,215m2; - BC9390026 MC PRIMECOAT FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 2514,72m2; - BC93902 28 MC PRIMECOAT FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 2715,175m2; - BC9390239 MC PRIMECOAT FSC S2000NG-BG40BR- 3479,325m2, Manufacturer: AVERY DENNISON; Brand: Fasson; Country of origin: LU.. "LUXEMBOURG0UA1001109552.0418033.74264
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП ""АВТО ІНТЕРНЕШНЛ"""
Importer Address
04073 м.Київ, Україна, пр-т Московський, буд. 22-А
Exporter Name Suzuki Deutschland GmbH
Product Description
1.Plivka transparent, flat shape, protective, plas.........
HS Code 3919900010Value 8.669582038
Quantity 0Unit UA205020
Net Weight 0.01
Origin Country JAPAN

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