Ukraine Import Data of Cnc Mill Turn | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cnc Mill Turn

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cnc mill turn collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cnc mill turn imports.

Cnc Mill Turn Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cnc Mill Turn

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of cnc mill turn. Get Ukraine trade data of Cnc Mill Turn imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
19/Apr/20178465920000"1.DEREVOOBROBNYY Duplicating FREZERNYYVERSTAT mark" "CNC Router" ", CNC NOVYY.pryznachenyy vyhotovlennyachastyn for stringed musical instruments with wooden pieces by their frezeruvannya.Verstat has 6 milling heads 21,0kVt total capacity (in 3,5kVt each) Turn .Ploscha working stola- 2500h2000h200mm. shaft rotation speed milling -18000ob / hv.Habaryty 3000h2500h1500mm.Vaha machine machine -2000,0kh.Napruha connection 380,0Volt.Robota machine-made for a given prohramoyu2.Shlifuvalnyy machine model R-RP630, machine designed for grinding ting flat wooden surfaces (parts for stringed musical instruments) .Habaryty 1800h1200h2100mm.Vaha Machine Machine-1200,0kh.Zahalna installed capacity of electric machine-20,37kVt.Shyryna-machined surfaces machined surfaces 500-630mm.Tovschyna-3,0-100mm .Shvydkist podachi- 6-30m / hv.Diametr 190,0mm tension drums.. "CHINA1UA20601015006813.555945 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20178458112000"1.Verstat turning, multi, metal, revolver, machine, CNC FANUC Oi-TF, spindled, horizontal modeliDOOSAN" "LYNX 220LYC" "- 1pc., Dlyatokarnoho processing parts ukomplekti with accessories in a disassembled state dlyatransportuvannya serial nomerML0270-000319, new, rikvyhotovlennya-2017r.Tehnichni specifications: dimensions (mm) -Height / length / width-1920/2880/1710; rotation diameter over bed-600mm, the diameter of rotation of the caliper, 400mm, recommended turning diameter, 210mm; maximum diameter of 300mm, turning, turning -510mm maximum length; di ametr processed rod, 65mm, 210mm diameter chuck-; move on axes X / Z / Y (mm) -205/560/105 (+ - 52.5), spindle speed, 4500ob / min spindle taper (ASA) -A2- 6, the diameter of the bearing spindle-110 mm, the diameter of the hole of the spindle, 76mm, type revolving head-BMT45P, the number of stations tool-12st (24 indexing positions) tool square section, 20h20mm the diameter boring holder-32 / 20mm, power engin on the drive tool -3,7kVt; Tool-speed drive 6000ob / min; torque drive tool-23.5N.m; collet chucks drive tool-ER20 (D2-13) mm; while turning revolving head (1 step) -0,11s; pinole 65mm diameter-; pinole cone-MT4 (Live); moving pinole-80mm; accelerated progress on axes X / Z / Y-30m.hv / 36m.hv / 10m.hv; main spindle motor (15 min / continuous) -15/11 kW; maximum torque spindle-169N.m; servomotors axes X / Z / Y-1,8 / 2,5 / 1,8 kW; COP-0,4kVt pump; control system FANUC Oi-TF; connecting electricity (rated power) -3-phase AC380V / 50Htsh28,22kVA. Precision machine: positioning on the axes X / Z / Y-0,01 / 0,02 / 0,02mm. Package for "" LYNX 220LYC "": COP-supply system 1komplekt; bryzhozahystne fence-1komplekt; footswitch opening / closing chuck-1komplekt; electromagnetic door lock bryzkozahysnoho barrier-1komplekt; Tool kit Operator-1 set; hidravlychna system-1komplekt; leveling set screws and spacers for installation 1 kit; automatic lubrication system 1 set; set of tool holders (2rad., 2 (90 degrees AKC. milling head) -1 set, lighting the working area, 1 set; Automatic tool-dimensional binding 1komplekt, programmable tailstock with rotating center MT # 4-1komplekt the interface connection podatchyku rod-1 kit, parts catcher box-type 1komplekt, a device for removing oil from COP-1komplekt.Posibnyky: instruction manual "" LYNX 220LYC "" (in English) guide service "" LYNX 220LYC "" (on English) electrical drawings "" LYNX 220LYC "" (to be presented in English kiy language) user system FANUC Oi-TF (in Russian), guide service system FANUC Oi-TF (in Russian), drawing the foundation for "" LYNX 220LYC "" (in English). Producer: "" DOOSAN MACHINE TOOLS CO., LTD ""; country of production-KR. Trade mark "" DOOSAN "". "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF1UA110030405060335.44026
19/Apr/20178458112000"1.Verstat turning, multi, metal, revolver, machine, CNC FANUC Oi-TF, spindled, horizontal modeliDOOSAN" "LYNX 300M" "- 1pc., Dlyatokarnoho processing parts ukomplekti with accessories in a disassembled state dlyatransportuvannya serial nomerML0032-000536, new, rikvyhotovlennya-2017r.Tehnichni specifications: dimensions (mm) - height / length / shyryna- 1715/3035/1785; rotation diameter over bed-651mm, the diameter of rotation of the caliper, 461mm, recommended turning diameter, 254mm; maximum diameter of 370mm, turning, turning -712mm maximum length; di ametr processed rod, 76mm, 255mm diameter chuck-; move on axes X / Z / C-255mm / 790mm / 360 (0,001) degrees, spindle speed, 3500ob / min spindle taper (ASA) -A2-8; diameter bearing 120mm-spindle, spindle-hole diameter 86mm, type revolving head-BMT55P, number of stations, 12st instrument, tool-square section 25h25mm, boring diameter 40mm-holder, the drive motor power tools for entu-5,5kVt; Tool drive speed 5000 rev / min; torque drive tool-46N.m; collet chucks drive tool-ER25 (D2-16) mm; while turning revolving head (1 step) -0,31s; pinole diameter - 80mm; pinole cone-MT4 (Live); moving pinole-120mm; accelerated progress on axes X / Z / C 24m.hv / 30m.hv / 200ob.hv; main spindle motor (30 min / continuous) -15/11 kW, maximum torque spindle-191N.m; servomotors axes X / Z-1,8 / 1,8 kW; COP-0,4kVt pump; control system FANUC Oi-TF; connecting electricity (rated power) -3-phase AC380V / 50Htsh32,62kVA. Precision machine: positioning on the axes X / Z / C 0.01 / 0.02 / 0,0167mm. Package for "" LYNX 300M "": COP-supply system 1komplekt; pedal for clamping patronu- 1komplekt; security lock front dveri- 1 set; High-1komplekt bryzhozahystne fences; set of hand tools, operator 1 set; leveling set screws and spacers for installation 1 kit; nameplate 1komplekt-security measures; lubrication system 1 set; hidravlychna system-1komplekt; kit '' raw '' cam-1komplekt; set of tool holders (vkl.2rad. 2 and AKC. milling head) -1komplekt; working area illumination, 1 set; oil removal system with COP-1komplekt; Auto-dimensional binding instrument 1komplekt; podatchykom interface to control rod LNS-1 komplekt.Posibnyky: instruction manual "" LYNX 300M "" (English); Guide to the care and maintenance "" LYNX 300M "" (English); electrical drawings "" LYNX 300M "" (English); user system FANUC Oi-TF (in Russian); guide service system FANUC Oi-TF (in Russian); drawing foundation for "" LYNX 300M "" (in English). Producer: "" DOOSAN MACHINE TOOLS CO., LTD ""; Country of-KR. Trade mark "" DOOSAN "". "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF1UA110030435054979.2868
18/Apr/20178456100000"1-machines for sheet material removal with a laser beam -system laser cutting CNC TRULASER 3030 (L20) = 1 SHT.SERIYNYY NUMBER A1220A2288TRULASER 3030 - Mark; -type L20 2017. ISSUE. NOVA.POSTAVLYAYETSYA disassembled. COMPOSITION: MACHINE bed, automatic shuttle desktop, PORTAL LM, exhaust fans, cooling devices; high-frequency electrical, control cabinet (CNC) hydraulic device, LASER DEVICE, a set of adaptations to change PALET.TRANSPORTER Cleaning Milk FRAGMENTS AND WASTE In the bunker. SYSTEM laser cutting CNC Series TRULASER 3030 (L20) does not apply to turning, milling, grinding and wireless Machine for ELECTRO-spark TREATMENT BECAUSE intended for thermal sharply with a laser beam of sheet metal billets and pipes. SPEED AND ACCURACY PROCESSING achieved by rolling IS THE PORTAL LMYAKYY multi-welded construction that moves on direction VLYAYUCHYM roller and ball bearings and has BEZZAZORNYY DRIVE "" Reiki-pinion "" On both BOKIV.POTUZHNIST LASER - 3200 Vt., Network - 400 V / 50 Hz., Installed capacity - 73.0 kVA., The control voltage - 24 volts, AIR inlet pressure (MAX.) -12 BAR.; NITROGEN inlet pressure (MAX.) -33 BAR .; inlet pressure of oxygen (MAX.) -21 BAR.; NUMBER gas used l / hour (CO2 / N2 / HE): 1/6 / 13TOCHNIST positioning LASER + _ 0.05 mm Maximum speed positioning (PO axes X; Y) (mm / min.): 140MAKSYMALNA manufacturing WEIGHT LETTER - 900 kg .; The maximum thickness of the workpiece of carbon steel (MM) - 20MAKSYMALNA THICKNESS workpiece NERZHAVIBCHOYI STEEL (MM) - 12MAKSYMALNA THICKNESS billet aluminum alloy (MM) - 8MAKSYMALNYY diameter of the machined tube (mm) - 370 minimum diameter of the treated tube (mm) - 15 markings on A PRODUCT: TRUMPF; TRULASER 3030; TYPE L20; Serial number, year; Laser power; CHAIN; Inlet pressure; TRUMPF MASCHINEN GRUSCH AG; SHVEYTSARIYABUDE used for cutting (cutting out) the details to the C / D technicians with metal sheets with thickness up to 20 MM.VYROBNYK - firm TRUMPF MASCHINEN GRUSCH AG; Country of origin - SHVEYTSARIYA.TORHIVELNA MARK - TRUMPF "SWITZERLAND1UA90101012767683413.3381
10/Apr/201784561000001.Verstat for sheet metal materials by removing material with a laser beam. Laser cutting machine (CNC) series Bystronic ByStar 3015, 4400Vt, 2008 production, harvester, machine number 3166 - 1 piece. (Unassembled (for two cars) including: main unit Machine -1 pcs., Pallet changing device - 2 pcs., Laser control cabinet - 1 pcs., Case management machine - 1 pc., Cooling unit - 1 w t ., chimney - 1 pc., accessories, covers - 1 complex. accessories, pipe - 1 complex. The machine is supplied as standard co mplektatsiyiyi with a set of spare parts and technical documentation. The machine laser cutting of sheet blanks CNC Bystronic ByStar 3015, 4400Vt CO2 does not apply to turning, milling, grinding and wireless machines Electrical discharge machining, as intended second thermal cutting by the laser beam to Help the only sheet metal blanks are fixed motionless on the desktop and have settled rotation. movement of an instrument system (laser) is made in the same plane, precision laser pozitsiyuvannya +/- 0.1 mm. Size cutting zone: 3000h1500mm. obroblyuyemoho maximum thickness of sheet: steel 25mm, stainless steel 25mm, aluminum 15mm. Maximum speed pozitsiyuvannya (both axes in x and y): 200/300 m / min. Maximum laser power - W 44000. The system was located in service for up to 2017. Manufacturer Bystronic Laser AG. Trademark Bystronic. Country of CH.SWITZERLAND1UA10011015375115352.0837
05/Apr/20178458112000"1. Lathe CNC machining center NLX 2000/500 - 1kompl serial number NL203170210, new year vyhotovl.2017 disassembled state. It is a bahatotsilovyytokarnyy Metal-cutting machine, horizontal with revolving head, odnymtokarnym spindle. Designed for turning bodies of revolution shlyahomrizannya metal and performs operations such as turning, milling, drilling, threading. specifications: -peremischennya on axes (mm): X-260mm, Z-590mm, Y-100mm; maksym.diametr tokarnoyiobrobky-386mm, turning standartn.diametr 260mm-processing; maksym.dovzhy natochinnya-515mm. Precision positioning axes for more 5,0mkm. Not obladnanyyprystroyamy for simultaneous '' contouring control '' in two or more osyamy.Pryznachenyy for use in domestic production caps for plyashokz to serve tool presform.Krayina production - JP. Manufacturer - "" DMG MORI CO.LTD "", Japan Trading "" DMG MORI "". "JAPAN1UA8071705880174253.5916
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Cnc Mill Turn Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cnc Mill Turn Importer Sample

Date 19/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Product Description
HS Code 8465920000Value 6813.555945
Quantity 1Unit UA206010
Net Weight 1500
Origin Country CHINA

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