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United States  
DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
27/Apr/201787141000001.Chastyny ​​to motorcycles: Set steering lever - BLACK HAND CONTROL LEVER KIT, art. 41700421 - 1. Clutch cover - CLUTCH COVER, 110, CHROME DERBY, art.60709-07A - 1. The axis thrust gear - SHIFTER SHAFT LEVER, GEAR, art. 33709-82A - 3 pieces. The equalizer set - COMPENSATOR ASY, art. 36500034A -1 units. Set lever steering - HAND LEVERS, BLACK, VRSC, art. 42275-07A - 2 sht.Pedal gear - SHIFTER PEG, VINTAGE WHITE, Art. 33600071 - 2 sht.Vazhil gear - BILLET SHIFT LEVER, CHROME, art. 34539-00 - 1 sht.Komplekt brake pads disc brake bike - BRAKE PAD KIT, art.42850-06B - 2 pcs. Lever traction gear - LEVER, GEAR SHIFT, art.33718-82B - 3 pieces. Set washers compensator - SPRING-PACK SUB-ASY, art.83936-09A - 1. Pad on the brake pedal - DIAMOND BLACK BRAKE PEDAL, SMALL, art. 41850-08 - 1. The back - CUSTOM MEDIUM LOW SISSY BAR, GLOSS BLACK, art.54256-10 - 1. Trunk - LUGGAGE RACK, GLOSS BLACK, Art. 4263-10 5 - 1 sht.Bahazhnyk - STEALTH RACK, DETACH CHROME, art. 53472-09A - 2 pcs. Bow back -UPRIGHT, MED-LOW, CHROME, art. 52540-09A- 1 pc. Windscreen - KIT, QUICK REL WINDSHIELD, FXDF, CLEAR, art. 57338-08- 1 pc. Rudder - KIT, H-BAR, TALLBOY, CHROME, art. 55800550A - 1 pc. The back driver -ADJ RIDER BACKREST, COMFORT STITCH, art. 52423-09A - 1 pc. The back - ADJ RIDERBACKREST, SMOOTH, art. 52501-09A - 2 pcs. Wheel -KIT-HANDLEBAR, TALLBOY, BLACK, ROAD GLIDE, art. 55800551A - 1 sht.Krayina production - USTorhovelna brand - Harley-DavidsonVyrobnyk - Harley-Davidson Motor CompanyUNITED STATES0.00UA12518037.022,488.17 ***** 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20174009110000"1. Parts and accessories for agricultural machinery and hoses nezatverdeloyi vulcanized rubber, not reinforced, without fittings, rubber radiator hose engine art. 364360C2 - 50 pcs., Engine radiator hoses Art. 87445129 - 1 pc., Clutch engine air cleaning systems (set (packaged together) tube rubber, metal clamp, 2 tubes 2, M8 nut, bolt M8) art. 84402639 - 1 pc., pneumatic rubber hose tractor art. 87364042 - 1 pc., Clutch air purification system engine (kit (packaged together) tubes, metal clamp, 2 pcs., Plastic tubes Island -2sht., M8 nut, bolt M8) art. 84402639 - 1 pc .;. "UNITED STATES0.00UA11016023.551,262.54 *****
25/Apr/20177320208990"1.Zcheplennya in drawing up and its parts, not for industrial assembly of transport, which means, for cars: 2101-1601130 vedomyy clutch disc assembly in up.- 50sht, 2106-1601130 '' LUX '' vedomyy clutch disc in the collection. in up.- 300sht, 2109-1601130Dysk clutch vedomyy in the collection. up.- in 166 pieces, 2110-1601130 clutch disc vedomyy TSZ. up.- in 30sht, 2107-1601085 '' LUX '' disc cheplennya push in the collection. in up.- 108sht, 2103-1601085 disc clutch push up h. pruzh. in the collection packs (Pauk) -150sht, 2109-1601 085 disc clutch push of nages. pruzh. zb.v in up.-100 pieces, 2112- 1601085 PRINCIPLES FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE disc coupling with push nages. pruzh. in the collection. up. in-33sht, clutch disc 21076-1601085 oh nazhymn in the collection. up.- in 61sht, 2121-1601085 Dyskz cheplennya yn- push in the collection of 10 pieces, 2101-16 01000 '' LUX '' Kit clutch Coll. p.- 35kompl vu, coupled 2101-1601000 Set ting ( Pauk) in the collection. up. in-20kompl, 2106-1601 000 '' LUX '' Kit clutch b / coupling in the collection. up. in-15kompl, 2106-1601000 "" LUX "," K omplekt clutch Coll. in pack .- 20kompl, 2106-1601000 clutch kit (Pauk) b / IUF you in the collection. in up.- 10kompl, 2106-1601000Komplekt clutch (Pauk) in the collection. in up.- 3 0kompl, 2109-1601000 Set zcheplennyab / coupling in the collection. in up.- 20kompl, 2109-160100 0 Set clutch in the collection. in up.- 53kompl, 2110-1601000 clutch kit b / IUF you in the collection. in up.- 10kompl, 2110-1601000Kom plekt traction in the collection. in up.- 33kompl, 211 2-1601000 Set zcheplennyab / coupler to be with. in up.- 10kompl, 2112-1601000 Set of grip in the collection. in up.-15kompl, 2121-1601 000 '' LUX '' Kit clutch in the collection. in up.- 40kompl, 21213-1601000 '' LUX '' Kit zche prisoners in the collection. up.- 10kompl.Vyrobnyk LLC "" A WTO LTD "," PT Boats m.Naberezhni Russian Federation torhovelnamarka-AUTO LTD, country was production-RU. "UNITED STATES0.00UA1001200.0724.12 *****
25/Apr/201784836020001. Devices for the connection of steel for civil use, industrial assembly nedlya to s / htehniky: J AA48708 clutch kit (muftakontrpryvoda) -5sht.Rozfasovano and packaged for wholesale rozdribnoyita torhivli.Vyrobnyk brand John John DeereTorhovelna production DeereKrayina US.UNITED STATES0.00UA50417014.95878.81 *****
24/Apr/201773181650901.Traktory for agricultural activities and forestry, wheel, new diesel engine with a capacity of more than 25 kW but not more than 37 kW of spare parts kit that does not have some kind of receivers and transmitters, -TRAKTOR FT 354.2 with a set of spare parts and technical documentation, 1pc., in the following configuration: engine Laidong 4L22BT-1F3 capacity 25.7kVt, Vdv. = 2160sm3, roll cage, sun visor, front load, 8 + 2 transmission, two-disc clutch, PTO shaft vosmyshlitsevyy, red koloru.Rik year - 2017., range - 2005. №kuzova: FTTE24A0KGW001117, engine number: L160758645B.Torhovelna mark - FOTONVyrobnyk - Shandong Lovol Heavy Industry International Trading Co., LtdKrayina production - CN.UNITED STATES0.00UA1001200.011.44 *****
24/Apr/201784335985001.Traktory for agricultural activities and forestry, wheel, new diesel engine with a capacity of not more than 18 kW of spare parts kit that does not have some kind of receivers and transmitters, -TRAKTOR FT 244 with a set of spare parts and technical documentation, 1pc. in the following configuration: engine power 17.6kVt Laidong KM385, Vdv. = 1532sm3, roll cage, sun visor, front load, 8 + 2 transmission, two-disc clutch, PTO shaft vosmyshlitsevyy, red koloru.Rik year - 2017., range - 2005. №kuzova: FTTE24A0AGW001110, engine number: L160758720B.Torhovelna mark - FOTONVyrobnyk - Shandong Lovol Heavy Industry International Trading Co., LtdKrayina production - CN.UNITED STATES1.00UA2050202,150.008,189.69 *****
18/Apr/20174016930090"1. Vulcanite neporystoyihumy to s / g technology: laying art.PM300G- 2 pcs; art.RE523985- 24sht Seal, Gasket Set art.RE530493- 1pc, 2 pcs Set art.AA27477- seals, seal art.H154216- 13sht , laying art.RE54368- 3pc, engine front cover gasket art.R104623- 3pc, Set 1pc art.AN302301- seals, gasket art.R174948- 1pc, 2 pcs art.R505480- gasket, seals art.T65643- 1pc, Ring art. T77814- 10pcs, 2pcs art.R504669- seals, cylinder seals kit art.AHC13485- 1pc, 6pcs art.AH128391- seal, seal art.AH131860- 3pc, seal art.AH136497- 3pc, a set of rubber rings (4 pcs.) art.AH142893 - 1 pc; omentum art.AH161527 - 2 pcs; Seal art.AH161528- 1pc, 10pcs art.AH164325- Clutch cylinder, a set of seals art.AH214615- 4 pieces, 4 pieces art.AH225672- set of seals, gaskets art collection .AH225673- 6 pieces, seal art.AH87141- 2 pcs, 10pcs art.AH89023- seal, seal art.AH90963- 3pc, a set of seals (8 pieces). art.AN206653 - 1 0sht; Seal art.AR26480- 24sht; Seal art.AT12820- 3pc; set of seals (2 pcs.) art.AT195723 - 2 pcs; art.E53699 seal - 10 pieces; art.E65288- sealing ring 10pc; ring sealing art.F3353R- 10pc; Seal art.H137188- 4 pieces; Seal art.H158676- 3pc; ring sealing art.H223849- 2 pcs; art.H36256- ring 10pc; Ring art.H87193- 12p; sealing ring art.N153493 - 8 pieces; sealing ring art.P47889- 4 pieces; sealing ring art.P48347 - 20pcs; Seal art.RE14439- 10pc; set of 4 pieces art.RE153242- seals; Seal art.RE154869- 10pc; Seal art.RE158066- 10pc; art.RE186599- 20pcs seal; Seal art.RE208256- 7sht; Seal art.RE235800- 4 pieces; art.RE238667- 20pcs seal; Seal art.RE26738 - 3pc; set of rings (2 pcs.) art.RE279692- 5pcs; Seal art.RE300803- 8 pieces; Seal art.RE308406- 6 pieces; Seal art.RE32442 - 6 pieces; gaskets set art.RE43889- 30sht; Seal art.RE44574 - 1am; art.RE47392- sealing ring set 4 pieces; art.RE49315- 10pcs seal; Seal art.RE520036- 4 pieces; art.RE524105- 5pcs gasket; Seal art.RE538097- 3pc; laying art.RE54368- 6 pieces; Seal art.RE574720- 3pc; Seal art.RE577392- 2 pcs; art.RE60720- 3pc sealing ring; seal art.RE65591- 4 pieces; Seal art.RE70230- 7sht; art.RE71181- 5pcs seal; art.R106663- 20pcs ring; Seal art.R107466- 15sht; Seal art.R112954- 10pc; 5pcs art.R113229- ring; Seal art.R119207 - 6 pieces; laying art.R119383 - 5pcs; Seal art.R120839- 2 pcs; Seal art.R123226- 6 pieces; art.R123575- 20pcs sealing ring; Gasket Set art.R125855- 2 pcs; Seal art.R126556- 18sht; art.R132239- 10pcs kit seals; laying art.R132860 - 4 pieces; art.R134224- 3pc sealing ring; ring sealing art.R135000- 4 pieces; Seal art.R135001- 4 pieces; art.R151701- 20pcs sealing ring; ring sealing art.R183410- 10pc; art.R26448- 25sht ring; ring sealing art.R29463- 5pcs; ring sealing art.R30200- 4 pieces; art.R31378- 10pcs kit seals; art.R37287- sealing kit 8 pieces; laying ar "UNITED STATES0.00UA20401037.936,730.56 *****
18/Apr/20174016930090"1. Parts and accessories for agricultural tractors, parts of vulcanised rubber, unsteady, not porous, free of metal parts, not for the industrial assembly of MTZ: Clutch pump sprayer (1kompl .: rubber ring - 1pc., Rubber seals - 2 pieces. ), art. 87269847 - 1 pc; rubber seals, art. J915800 - 2 pcs; Clutch Hydraulic (3 rubber rings), art. 86508168 - 2 pcs; rubber rings, art. 93196C1 - 2 pcs; Pylnyk rubber steering pivot tractor art. 87455748 - 4 pcs; Sealing rubber hood tractor art. 87374635 - 2 pcs; rubber rings, art. BN303204 - 10 pieces; Remkomplek t cylinder hidravlychnoho (1 set of 3 rubber rings, 5 rubber seals), art. 136 440 - 1 pc; Rubber seals, art. 9620579 - 1 pc; Rubber rings, art. 394692A1 - 2 pieces; Rubber seals, art. 401905R91 - 1 piece, seals glass cockpit rubber, art. BN54031 - 20 pieces; rubber rings, art. 14457080 - 5 pcs, ring rubber sealing, art. 87016959 - 4 pcs; rubber seals, art. J903475 - 3 pieces; rubber rings, art . 1986628C1 - 10 pieces, Rings rubber, art. 87635379 - 30 pc; Lining rubber tractor transmissions, art. 362580A1 - 3 pieces; rubber seals, art. 1997618C4 - 14 units, rubber seals, art. 1997617C4 - 16 pieces; seals kit engine hydrostatics combine (1komplekt: Rubber rings -5sht), art. 140747C92 - 1 pc; variator Clutch combine (2 bushings, rubber seal 3), Art. 87400246 - 2 pcs; Rubber rings, art. 93196C1 - 2 pieces; Rubber rings, art. 238-7162 - 10 units; "UNITED STATES0.00UA1101605.951,301.34 *****
13/Apr/20174016930090"1.Vyroby Vulcanite nonporous soft rubber; Purpose: used telescopic loaders and backhoes: -REPAIR KIT / Clutch art.SAW / 113388-10sht.-DIAPHRAGM KIT / Clutch art.SAW / 113389-10sht.Vyrobnyk : no data. Trade mark: SAW-TRAK czesci zamienne.. "UNITED STATES0.00UA2050902.16686.97 *****
13/Apr/20178424900000"1.Chastyny ​​devices for spray paint to spray application stores: art.521012A valve spray for cleaning the G-groove (Kit, Tip Relief Valve" "G" ") - 10 pieces; art.553217 Nozzle Tip Trade 3217 (Trade Tip 3217) - 3pc, art.553517 nozzle Tip Trade 3517 (Trade Tip 3517) - 4 pieces; art.502144 Clutch gun, carving 7/8 "" (Repair kit for 7/8 "") - 5pcs, art .507254 Prime - Spray valve assembly (Prime / Spray valve assy) - 2 pcs; art.553213 nozzle Tip Trade 3213 (Trade Tip 3213) - 5pcs, art.553215 nozzle Tip Trade 3215 (Trade Tip 3215) - 3pc; art.553219 nozzle Tip Trade 3219 (Trade Tip 3 219) - 6 pieces; art.553300 adapter with thread type G to F (Adapter "" G "" thd to "" F "" thd) - 3pc, art. nozzle Tip 553,521 Trade 3521 (Trade Tip 3521) - 15sht; art.553523 Nozzle Tip Trade 3523 (Trade Tip 3523) - 5pcs, art.556077 extension nozzle, 60 cm, G-thread with the holder (Tip extension assy. 60cm G-thread) - 20pcs, art.999054 Ploskostrumeneve rehulyuyeme nozzle 28 (Adjustable fa n tip 28) - 5pcs; art.296393 coloring gun AG 08, G-thread 1/4 '', inc. 3 TradeTip state. nozzles (Gun AG-08 f-thre with holder w.tip pkgd) - 5pcs; art.556038 Clutch gun AG 08 carving 7/8 "" (Repair kit AG-08 g-thread) - 5pcs; art.502119 coloring gun AG 14, incl. state. TradeTip nozzle 3 (Gun AG-14 g-thread 7/8 "") - 2 pcs; art.508423 nozzle gasket (Seal) - 50sht; art.297007 seals the nozzle (Thrust element) - 20pcs; art.296343 spring (Pressure spring) - 10 pieces; art.538041 coloring gun Vector Pro, G-thread 1/4 '', inc. state. TradeTip nozzle 3 dvuhpaltsevyy trigger (Wagner Vector Pro 2 Finger) - 5pcs; art.538042 coloring gun Vector Grip, G-thread 1/4 '', inc. state. TradeTip nozzle 3 dvohpaltsevyy trigger (Wagner Vector Grip 2 Fing-Hold w / o Tip) - 1pc; art.538905 protective disk (Wagner Speed ​​Shield) - 2 pcs; Nozzle Tip art.553513 Trade 3513 (Trade Tip 3513) - 5pcs; art.296345 handle assembly (Handle assy) - 2 pcs; art.2306478 Extension 30 cm (Tip extension 30cm, packaged) - 30sht.Torhovelna mark: "" WAGNER "" Manufacturer: J.Wagner GmbH LTD.Krayina production: USA / US "UNITED STATES0.00UA50006025.276,049.11 *****
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