Ukraine Import Data of Clip On Hinge | Ukraine Import Statistics of Clip On Hinge

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of clip on hinge collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of clip on hinge imports.

Clip On Hinge Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Clip On Hinge

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of clip on hinge. Get Ukraine trade data of Clip On Hinge imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201739263000901.Kripylni products and accessories for plastic design outlets and mistsprodazhu: Big plastic back support BACK-XL art.254206-200sht., Velykaplastykova back support with magnetic base BACK-XL-TM art.270077-150sht., Perforated profile Vstavkav UNITRACK UNI-LINE, art.282020-1000-50sht length 1000 mm., insert a color list holders cOLOR-INSERT39, color zelenyyart.195023-07-10sht., insert a color list holders cOLOR-INSERT39, kolirchervonyy (RAL 3020) art. 195023-06-13sht., insert a color TsinnykoutrymuvachiCOLOR-INSERT39, color blue (RAL 5010) art.195023-08-9sht., Holder CARDHOLDER-VL, 27 mm (p / p) art.202140-7 00sht., Holder CARDHOLDER-VL, 27 mm, black (p / p) art.202140-10-500sht., Holder CARDHOLDER-VL, 50 mm, black (p / p) art.202141-10-500sht. , Holder transparent CLAMP art.102220-80sht., Holder CLIPLARGE-VL, black art.202009-10-1000sht., Holder frame at an angle of 75 hradusivnastilnyy BASE-75 (A6-A2) art.102095-600sht., holder frame 90 degrees ivnastilnyy BASE-90 (A6-A2) art.102097-1000sht., Holder with variable angle nahyluHINGE art.400031-16-10sht 16 mm., holder plastic tubes STD-12 color siryyart.400075-03- 1300sht., clamp-holder DELI-CL, color prozoryyart.202033-00-400sht., Clam CARDCLAMP-VL art.202013-6400sht., Capture pryamyypoperechnyy SGKLG-00, 25mm art.254 054-200sht., Capture corner camokleyuschiysya SGT-2525h25 art.251018-10000sht mm., Plastic needles DELI-STICK, color bilyyart.102181-01-2000sht., Plastic needles DELI-STICK, color chornyyart.102181-10-300sht. , frame for making cassettes prices A4 color chornyyart.501531-10-1000sht., Carman hanging from soft PVC FW A6 art.171063-2000sht., pocket-protector anti-glare plastic PP A3 art.101013-200sht., Karman- PP A4 plastic protector anti-glare art.101014-5000sht., Quick-zamokvelykyy LARGE SNAP-38 art.251066-300sht., B-CLIP Clip art.102195-80sht., KlipsaH-CLIP-SW A6-A2 art.102047-300sht ., plastic Clip HM, length 50, consoles b single plastic length 100 mm SINGLE HOOK 100art.254244-100sht., fasteners for plastic pipes 20 mm stand kolirchornyy art.400030-10-6sht., bracket connecting DELI-UNBO 40mm, color bilyyart.102182-01 -200sht., Hook F-CLIP-SW (A6-A2) art.102051-440sht., Hook dlyapidvishuvannya frames UP-CLIP art.102193-700sht., self-adhesive hook-hanger HANGTAB 4-color transparent art.253004-15000sht ., suspended plastic tape CLIPSTRIP-W art.254064-600sht. limiter plastic cutting height of 30 mm ST-profile L-RAIL30-TF, length 1000 mm ext. art.270031-00-1000-100sht cattle. limiter plastic front height 80 mm T-profile L-RAIL80-TF, dovzhyna1250 mm ext. art.270009-00-1250-470sht velocity., 16h20 mm Adapter dlyateleskopichnoyi pipe, black art.400317-10-300sht., loop pidvishuvannyaplastykovoho profile CLICKER HOOK, white art.252040-01-40sht., to hinge PidstavkaFOT Price list holders art.202126-2500sht., Stand FOT dlyasharnirnoho list holders, black art.202126-10-300shRUSSIA0UA1000102972.827594.38928 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20178412310098"1.Tsylindry linear performance to a / m LADA: Gas emphasis on backward metalevymyoboymamy door and hinge fingers 360N LADA 4x4 / 110 / Samara, art.21213630801000 -10sht. Gas emphasis doors backward with polyamide cage and fingers hinge 360NLADA 4x4, art. 2121382310100 5 - 20sht.Hazovyy focus backward from the door was amidnymyoboymamy hinge 28 and toes 0H LADA 4x4 / 110 art.21210823101005 - 28sht.Hazovyy focus backward from the door poliami dnymy hinge clips and fingers 280N LADA4x4 / 110 art.21210823101005 - 48sh t . Gas emphasis doors myoboymamy backward from polyamide and fingers hinge 280N LAD A 4x4 / 110 art.21210823101005 - 2sht.Hazovyy emphasis doors backward with polyamide cage and fingers hinge 280N LADA 4x4 / 110 art.21210823101005 - 2sht.Krayin and production - RUTorhovelna mark - L ADAVyrobnyk - "" Set SAAZ "" g Chu lkovo company. "RUSSIA0UA12518036.6399.4246434
24/Apr/2017302329000"1.Tsylindry linear performance to a / m LADA: Gas emphasis on backward metalevymyoboymamy door and hinge fingers 360N LADA 4x4 / 110 / Samara, art.21213630801000 -10sht. Gas emphasis doors backward with polyamide cage and fingers hinge 360NLADA 4x4, art. 2121382310100 5 - 20sht.Hazovyy focus backward from the door was amidnymyoboymamy hinge 28 and toes 0H LADA 4x4 / 110 art.21210823101005 - 28sht.Hazovyy focus backward from the door poliami dnymy hinge clips and fingers 280N LADA4x4 / 110 art.21210823101005 - 48sh t . Gas emphasis doors myoboymamy backward from polyamide and fingers hinge 280N LAD A 4x4 / 110 art.21210823101005 - 2sht.Hazovyy emphasis doors backward with polyamide cage and fingers hinge 280N LADA 4x4 / 110 art.21210823101005 - 2sht.Krayin and production - RUTorhovelna mark - L ADAVyrobnyk - "" Set SAAZ "" g Chu lkovo company. "SRI LANKA0UA1251002162581.199935
20/Apr/20178302300090"1.Zapasni of the passenger and / m" "PEUGEOT" "" "CITROEN" ": Fittings fasteners, fittings and similar products for vehicles, contain some kind of transmitters and receivers or transmitters, -petlya hood, Art. 98 032 225 80 - 1. - spacers mount amplifier bumper art. 98006456 80 - 1. - a set of fasteners bumper art. 16132729 80 - 3 pcs. - stopper front, art. 9181 N2 - 1 pc. - a set of fasteners bumper art. 16092920 80 - 2 pcs. - hinge hood, art. 7912 E0 - 1 pc. - a set of fasteners front bumper, art. 16104379 80 - 1 pc. - spacers dill spare pilsylyuvacha bumper art. 98006553 80 - 1. - a set of fasteners, art. 16104382 80 - 1. - a set of percussion caps, clips and bolts for attaching the bumper art. 16131818 80 - 1 pcs. - door handle exterior, art. 9101 KH - 1 pc. - lock metal, art. 6973 47 - 10 pcs. - latch lever bonnet, art. 7928 43 - 10 pcs. - napryamlyayucha headrest seat art. 8911 N7 - 4 pcs. - electric caliper mounting kit, art. 16089993 80 - 1. - lock, art. 16257813 80 - 2 pcs., Trademark: PEUGEOT CITROEN Brand: PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN AUTOMOBILES Country of origin: FR "FRANCE0UA1001103.611284.4598751
20/Apr/20178302490090"1. Spare parts for farming: R107495 clip clamping = 4 pieces. Material - steel. Purpose - fastening details. Use - hinged mechanism traktora.VYROBNYK: JOHN DEERE INTERNATIONAL GMBH; Trademarks: John Deere.Krayina US production."UNITED STATES0UA9010100.5120.8063648
20/Apr/20174016995290"With 1.VYROBY-metal cuffs NEZATVERDILOYI porous vulcanized rubber, ZAPASNICHASTYNY for cars, not for the industrial Volyn NGO DRAWING VEHICLES: art. 150RU repair kits for vases buffer to collect -51sht bumper. Art. REMKOMPLEKT164RU (2 pcs 1118-2906050R stabilizer VULKANYZYROVANNAYA rubber KOMBYNYROVANNAYAS metal;) - 60sht. art. 176RU repair kits for Lada grant hinge stretching Near PIDVISKYZADNOYI -20sht. art. Repair kits for vases 79RU Rack stabilizer SUSPENSION 2108-306sht. art. Repair kits for vases 80RU Rack stabilizer SUSPENSION -126sht. art.REMKO PLEKT 9RU-21 for vases lever front suspension MBYNYROVANNAYA SMETALLOM 2121; 2101-2904040REMR NYZHNEHO hinge lever front suspension 4 rubber KOMBYNYROVANNAYA C SHTVULKANYZYROVANNAYA metal;) -100sht. Art. REMKOMPLEKT9RU01V (2101-2904180REMR VERHNEHO hinge lever 4 VT VULKANYZYROVANNAYA C REZYNAKOMBYNYROVANNAYA metal;) -80sht. art. 9RU21N repair kits for vases VAZHELPEREDNOYI SUSPENSION -60sht. art. 1118-1001033-10RU SUPPORT SUSPENSION sur face ZADNYAUNIVERSALNA VAZ-1118 and VAZ-2190 -30sht. Art. 2101-2202120R Mufti ELASTYCHNAPEREDNOHO drive shaft -300sht. Art. 2105-2202078RU POLE PIDVISNOHOPIDSHYPNYKA drive shaft -300sht. Art. BRACKET MOTOR 2108-1001015-10RU PEREDNOYIOPORЫ -120sht. Art. 2108-1001031-10RU BRACKET back support PIDVISKYDVYHUNA -100sht. Art. INTERNAL 2108-3414070R hinge rods RULOVOY trapezoid-500sht. Art. 2110-1001242LRU engine mounts, 40sht. Art. 2110-1001242PRU engine mounts, 40sht. Art. 2110-1001286RU engine mounts, 100 pieces. Art. 2110-1703190RU pillows (PILLARS SHAROVOY clip lever PPC) Near 2121-1001020RU PILLOW engine mounts to collect -100sht. art.2123-2202120R Clutches Elastic front propeller shaft -10sht. art.3302-2202081RU POLE drive shaft assembly (GAZELLE) -175sht. Art. PROTECTIVE 2101-2904070RCHOHOL layer finger-2000sht front suspension. Art. 2101-3003074R PROTECTIVE CAP layer -3000sht fingers. art.REMKOMPLEKT 20R MUFFLER SUSPENSION FOR VAZ 2101-2107 -1200sht. Art. 2101-2905448RVTULKA ISOFIX top shock absorber rod in the collection, 100 pieces. Art. 2108-2904040R hinge lower link front suspension 2108-2904050R silent blocks stretching the front suspension bracket, 100 pieces. Art. MOUNTING 2108-2914054-10R hinge lever rear suspension MOUNTING 2110-2914054R hinge lever rear suspension -400sht. art.2123-2915446R Shock rear suspension bushings -500sht. Art. 2190-2904040RSHARNIR front suspension lower link -1000sht. Art. 2190-2904046R SHARNIRPEREDNOYI stretching Suspension rear -200sht. Art. 3110-2904172R SAYLENBLOKVERHNOHO lever 3110 GAZ (Volga) -50sht. Art. 3302-2902027R SHARNIRHUMOVO-metal RESSORY front suspension (GAZELLE) -100sht. Art. REMKOMPLEKT218R (2108-2915446-01R Shock rear suspension bushings 2 Rubber SHT.VULKANYZYROVANNAYA metal KOMBYNYROVANNAYA C) -150sht. Art. 2101-1001045RPODUSHKA rear engine mount -150sht. Art. 2107-1001045R PILLOW ZADNOYIPIDVISKY MOTOR -150sht. Art. 2121-1001045-01R summarized PILLOW "RUSSIA0UA8071702709.84816196.61367
19/Apr/20178302300090"1.Armatura fasteners, fittings and similar articles of nedorohotsiynyh metalivdlya a / m Lada: Moldings hood, art.21700840210250 - 14sht. Hood moldings, art.21700840210250- 17sht. Bracket receiving pipe art.11183120304000 - 2 pcs. Petlikryshky trunk mobile Lanka law art.21150560502200 - 2 pcs. Hinge bonnet assemblies art.21050840701000 - 15sht. cushion clip stabilizer, art.2101029060480 0 -100sht. Bracket generator bottom art.21082370165200 - 10pc. Bracket guiding stud lock the door art.2111063 0615000 - 20pcs. Loop hood, art.212108 40701001 - 36sht. lock door locks DKA assemblies art.21213630506400 - 3pc. K Ronchamp Ein guiding stud lock the door art.21110630615000 - 20pcs. Lock term drain crankcase ventilation tube, art.21010 101 420 500 - 10 pieces. Bracket mounting Ave yymalnoyi pipe art.21214120302520 - 4sh v. Arm generator art.11189104103 400 - 1sht.Skoba mount ing traction control to heater, art.21010810914000 - 7sht. Tyahavymykacha lock the front door left, art.21090610513700 - 10pc. Bracket generator art.21100104103420 - 5pcs. Cro nshteyn guide shlanhaper ednoho upper left brake, art.21210350607500- 10pc. Cho mounting bracket protective hla, art.21210350804500 - 1sht.Kronshteyn oil tank steering, art .21214341010001 - 2 pcs. Lentakriplennya b aka oil, art.21214341010500 - 10pc. Datchykashvydkosti right arm, al t.21230353841001 - 10sht.Krayina product Twa - RUTorhovelna mark - LADA stones ik - "" Sэd-Syzran "" signature g Syzran "RUSSIA0UA12518045.039423.4914272
19/Apr/20177307991090"1.Fitynhy metallic thread, parts maslozaminnoho equipment: -art. 00 4241 Head for konsistentnyh lubricants - 1pc. - Art. 00 4227 valves for lubricants ES 15 - 5pcs. - Art. 00 4226 Capture Clip lubricants ES 15 - 5pcs. - art. 00 4224 Capture Clip lubricants ES 22 - 5pcs. - art. 00 4221 Trojno hinge connections 1/4 '' - 2 pcs., Manufacturer: Flexbimec International srlTorhivelna mark: Flexbimec Country of origin: IT. "ITALY0UA1000102.789.01559507
19/Apr/20178302300090"1.Armatura fasteners and hardware tools doavtotransportnyh new znedorohotsinnyh metals., Elementkriplennya: art.4E0825429-4sht; zahlushkadvernoyi loops: art.8T0837947-1sht; klemashlanha: art.N 10772201-1sht;: art.7L0616029-2sht; clip kriplennyaobshyvky : art.4A0867276B-2 pcs; komplektkriplennya bumper: art.4M0098623-1sht; bracket: art.8T0827199A-1am;: art.1J0971830H-1am;: art.4H0853232-1sht;: art.3G0821142A-1am;: art.7L6941291- 1 piece, mounting bracket grille: art.4H0853795C-1pc, mounting bracket sun visor: art.3B0857561BY20-1sht, mounting bracket lights: art.7L6941292-1sht; maslyanohofiltra bracket: art.06D115397K-1am; ronshteyn plate: art.3AA807287 9B9-1sht;: art.3AA807287 9B9-1sht, bracket base, art.8K0412392F-1am; kriplennyakomplekt: art.5N0898057-1sht, spring fastening, art.2H0599193C-1am;: art.2H0599193C- 1 piece, mounting sunblinds: art.1K9898912B-1am; kriplennyafary: art.8R0805607B-1am; guide: art.4L0807454A-1pc, guide roller door: art.7E0843398G-1am;: art.2K0843397B-1pc, pal ets shock trunk: art.8J8827439-2sht, underlay plate: art.7M3499349A-2 pcs;: art.7M3499349A-4 pieces; ruchkadveri outdoor: art.8T0837205A GRU-1am; Lifters: art.3G0837461C-1pc, clip, art.1H5863849A 01C-2 pcs ;: art.7P6853910A-2 pcs;: art.N 0152612-200sht, spring clip, art.2K0801658-2sht; fiksat p door: art.2K0843414A-1am; clamp: art.N 10518801-1sht;: art.N 91152101-1sht;: art.N 10518901-1sht, clamp hose: art.N 10279501-1sht, clamp zmetalu: art. N 10551701-1sht;: art.7L0422379-1sht;: art.7L0422379-1sht;: art.N 10575201-2sht;: art.N 10563201-2sht;: art.N 10563201-2sht;: art.N 10563201-2sht ;: art.N 10551701-3sht, oil-collar: art.2E0131483C-1pc, double clamp zmetalu: art.1K0253141AA-1am;: art.1K0253141M-1am;: art.1K0253141M-2 pcs;: art.1K0253141L-3pc; hinge door: art.8X4833408B-1am;: art.8X4833406B-1am;: art.8X0831404B-1am;: art.8X0831404B-1am; Producer: Volkswagen AG; trade mark: Volkswagen, Country of origin: DE; "GERMANY0UA30520017.25692.2271701
19/Apr/20173924900090"1.Pryladdya cleaning PLASTYKOVIdlya Housewares nemedychnohopryznachennya: 00000865 plastic base Wet system 50x13 cm plastic base 20sht00000868 Wet systemlight 40x11 cm plastic base 280sht00000868Y Wet systemlight 40h11 cm with locking-60 sht00000877 plastic base 40x11 Blik Blik sm140sht00000877Y plastic base with locking 40h11sm -20sht 00001900 Zatyskuvachmopa plastic, gray-00001905 100 pieces mopa plastic clamps, clamps 100sht00001908 blue-green-plastic mopa 50sht 00003360 plastic bucket 4 l, yellow 10 pcs 00003361 plastic bucket 4 l, red 20pcs 00003362 Plastykovevidro 4 liters, blue -20 pieces 00003505 Plastic bucket 6 l chervone- 20pcs 00003506Plastykove yellow bucket 6 l, 24 pcs 000 003 515 Plastic bucket 28 liters synye- 10sht00003688 plate "" Caution Wet Floor "," English / Ukrainian language-15 Plastic sht00003720 spin TEC, gray - 4 pieces 00005040 Plastic bucket 14 liters Easy zvidzhymom red-40sht 00005616 dustpan chornyy- 8pcs Clip 31Sovok 000056 Clip yellow bins with aluminum handle with delight, with cover 100sht00005636 dustpan Clip black aluminum handle with delight, with kryshkoyu68sht 00,008,391 Basis fixed to mopa for windows 35 cm, 50 pcs 00008700 Trymachpadu Terfir under the handle in plastic, 24 pieces 00008700Y pad holder Terfir pidrukoyatku with blocking pad holder plastykovyy24sht 00008701 Terfir plastykovyy24sht 000B3501 plastic bucket 15 l blue-28sht 000R3501 Plastic bucket 15 lchervone- 28sht 000R3502 Plastic bucket 12 liters chervone- 24sht 0B003210 Plastykovevidro 28l, blue-10pc S030091 yellow clip to the base, 100 plastic pieces S030569Zhovta button to lock the foundations for Wet System-Light, plastic-100shtS030584 yellow plastic clamp for the base unit 40h11-30 00008882 Plastykovyytrymach Bendy dust brush with handle, 60 cm bucket 12p 0V006410 Squizzy 15 l zrolykovym green spin-25sht From 0V006415 at Squizzy 15 liters roller vidzhymomna wheels green-32sht 00008540 Hinge for telescopic handles, 10pcs S080043Plastykova basket Split 45 liters with cap without inserts green-4sht S080044Plastykova basket Split 45 liters with cap without inserts gray-4shtVyrobnyk: TTS CLEANING SRLTorhivelna Brand: TTSKrayina production : IT "ITALY0UA100010818.41310575.84107
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Clip On Hinge Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Clip On Hinge Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЄВРОПОС"""
Importer Address
02088, м.Київ, вул.Лугова,9
Exporter Name "ООО ""Европос Групп"""
Product Description
1.Kripylni products and accessories for plastic de.........
HS Code 3926300090Value 27594.38928
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 2972.8
Origin Country RUSSIA

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