Ukraine Import Data of Clip Beam | Ukraine Import Statistics of Clip Beam

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of clip beam collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of clip beam imports.

Clip Beam Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Clip Beam

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of clip beam. Get Ukraine trade data of Clip Beam imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178432301900"1.Mashyny agriculture, for the preparation or processing of soil, sowing, seeding pneumatic trailer combination (drill) Compact-Solitair 9/600 K HD 125 - 1am. Do not knead composed radioobladnannya.Seriynyy number: 284697, new, 2017 issue .Maye following characteristics and packaging: Clip 6 m wide, hydraulically folding, fertilizing and seeding electronic control computer Solitronik 48 OptiDisk coulter spacing of 125 mm and a hydraulic pressure control, seed hopper 5000 l 2x2 technology track series , track width 1800 MI-MI Co. Leah tractor track width technological MI-MI 1670 (2x2, 2x4, etc.) for dvohdyskovyh Cepphus 48 shovels, 48 ​​Cepphus for pryzhymnyh spots, hydraulically compiling markers trace, right side guard D500, kat.3 shaft gear control, gear steel wheel D550, without brake, with leveling harrow beams, lighting equipment before and behind, working lights, including lighting hopper sieve for Bunka era air filter, 4 sets of fingers rozmishuvacha grass tires 420/65-R20. Manufacturer - LEMKENTorhovelna mark - LEMKENKrayina production - DE "GERMANY1UA1001101093895745.81994 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
18/Apr/20178431310000"1. Component parts for passenger elevators: (400kg, 1M / C 25/25/25) (1000kg, 1.6M / C, 25/25/25) (450kh, 1M / C, 7/7/7) ( 1000kg, 1M / C, 7/7/7) - Drive the door of cage NV31-005 (700 * 2000MM, CO) - 12sht.- elevator shaft door drive NV31-005 (700 * 2000MM, CO) - 300sht.- Drive door of cage NV31-005 (1200 * 2000MM, CO) - 6sht.- elevator shaft door drive NV31-005 (1200 * 2000mm, CO) - 150sht.- drive of doors of the lift NV31-005 (700 * 2000MM, CO) - 1sht.- elevator shaft door drive NV31-005 (700 * 2000MM, CO) - 7sht.- drive of doors of the lift NV31-005 (1200 * 2000MM, LO) - 1sht.- elevator shaft door drive NV31-005 (1200 * 2000mm , LO) - 7sht. It is a metalevubalku which are fixed elements (carriages, rollers, k ntakty) that vidpovidayutza opening and closing doors. Also drive of cage door is withthrough electric motor and frequency converter that meets zaplavnist door opening. speed limiter tensioning pulley NV52-240 -24sht. He is responsible for stopping the elevator in case of excess speed The installed Pa consists of a metal casing, pulleys and elements of jamming and switch zprovodkoyu.- catcher NV51-210A - 26sht. It is used to stop the lift if avariynoyisytuatsiyi consists of a metal casing which houses working elementy.- Thrust hanging rope NV26-Q001 (8mm) - 1360sht. Pull-rope suspension NV26-Q001 (10mm) -100sht- slider door to NV31-005 -200sht. It is a metal shoe izplastykovoyu insert serves to retain the door leaf. Spare parts dodverey lift NV31-005 top spot beams for doors kabiny- 10pc; Lower spot beams for doors kabiny- 10pc; Clip for cable tension of doors, 10pc; The top spot for doors shahty- 10pc; Lower roller doors for mines, 10 pieces; Roller doors for tension rope mine-door contact 10pcs Square 10pcs zprovodkoyu-; Dvernoy contact with the wiring oblong-10pc; Lock doors shahty- 10pc, spring closing doors shahty- 10pc; Tension koleso- 10pc; bistabilnyy10sht sensor; Elevator floor NV32F-728: 450kh for 1200 (W) 1100 (D) -1sht; for 1000kh1800 (W) 1300 (D) -1sht. Furniture for cab NV32C-805-2: 1219 * 2500 * 10 1.2mm- sht.Napravlyayucha for fotozavisy (700mm, CO) - 5pcs; Guides fotozavisy (1200mm, LO) - 5pcs. Brake for cabin lift 400kg, 1,6M / S 1sht.Vyrobnyk: SUZHOU NOVA IMP. & EXP.SO., LTDTorhivelna mark: "" SUZHOU NOVA "" Country of origin: CN. "CHINA0UA1000201940761845.20002
12/Apr/20177326909890"1. Parts and accessories for agricultural machinery, ferrous metals: Axle Suspension Parts prykatuyuchoho art. 06407125 -4sht, belt tensioner calipers combine art. 185414C2 -1sht, Lever reshitnoho mill combine art. -2sht 84128519; Thrust regulating Reaper art. 84228553 -2sht, brake metal bracket balloon art. 86985993 -4sht, the locking finger art. -1sht 87016629, metallic clip art. -2sht J917717, exhaust system clamp metal art. 31-1316 -2sht, metal sleeve art. 516327R1 -1sht; The plug metal art. 575098R1 -3sht, Finger metal art. 86992947 -1sht, Lever rack wheels and drills prykatuyuchoho t. 87516659 -10sht; axis bracket wheel cultivator art. -1sht 14816348, Axle cultivator frame art. 14892649 -4sht, metal sleeve art. -1sht 176181A2; metal panel combine art. -3sht 84581120; protyvorizhuchyy beam chopper art. 87323280 -2sht ; metal header bracket art. 87342627 -4sht, plate metal shaft konsulnoho reaper art. -1sht 87441009; metal bushing combine art. 87599206 -3 pieces; metal plate combine art. 87642389 -7sht, metal sleeve art. 87740697 -1sht, clamp metal art. J917749 -4sht, Lattice art. 87754961 -1sht; metal bracket art. 06400080 -1sht; metal bracket rehulirovky wheels sowing depth prykatuyuchyh art. 87516670 -40sht, Lever inclined chamber art. 143225A3 -1sht, brake metal bracket balloon art. 86985993 -1sht, metal sleeve art. 222355A1 -1sht, Nave elevator shaft combine art. 87470287 -4sht; Overlay metal body grain elevator art. 1317437C1 -2sht, Nave gear PTO combine art. 196482C3 -4sht, exhaust system clamp metal art. 31-1316 -2sht, steel bracket art. 468647C2 -2sht; metal bracket Lantern art. 47638870 -1sht, finger locking metal art. 637428 -30sht, clamp metal art. 82033463 -8sht, clip art axle cultivator. 86984888 -7sht, metal sleeve art. 87036418 -1sht, metal sleeve art. 87036419 -3sht, clamp metal art. 87041091 -21sht, Cap gearbox inclined chamber art. 87282017 -1sht, plate metal body grain elevator art. 87622917 -4sht, Corpus roller cover cleaning fan art. 87682772 -1sht; pulley bracket combine art. 87730813 -6sht, plate metal art. J917716 -10sht, clip art. J917717 -3sht, plate metal art. 1318476C1 -1sht, belt tensioner calipers combine art. 185414C2 -1sht, plug the drive rotor metal art. 193941C1 -20sht, Axis satellite gear onboard art. 302196A1 -5sht, propeller shaft bushing steel art. 302958A1 -20sht, Rip belt tensioner rod metal art. 363449A2 -2sht, calipers engine fan art. 47416168 -1sht; Metal Lever Bushing reshitnoho state combine art. 47900948 -2sht, metal sleeve art. 575098R1 -1sht, metal locking finger combine art. 637428 -10sht, metal header bracket art. 84324323 -7sht, plate steel gear control art. 84514710 -10sht, plate metal fingers protyvorizhuchyh reaper art. 86512826 -8sht, metal header bracket art. 87342627 -1sht, calipers Cepphus drills Art. 87462380 -9sht; cha "UNITED STATES0UA110160556.54111332.41305
07/Apr/201773089098001.Chastyny ​​metal rack designs painted and exposed tehnolohichnymoperatsiyam for further assembly and permanent installation to the floor vtorhivelnyh halls hypermarkets (art. Name, number): A50_10020, pidbazu 15H6H33mm Support for installation on adjustable feet, 20pcs. R50_10153, Baza470H140Nmm from the installation element for supports, fastened to the rack perforovanoyiz step-50mm 4 pieces. 13739, legs, adjustable galvanized 60N M10mm (8107315) -44sht. R50_10155, 670H140Nmm base of the installation element for supports, fastened to the rack perforated 50mm with step-16sht. A50_10069, Reliance otsynkovana37H55H15mm during the post-rack 80H30mm 4 pieces. A50_40130, 1333H100mm Panel rear, mounted on a rack in increments of 50 mm, 6 pcs. A50_40136, Ekonom reinforced, schoznimayetsya 1333H100Nmm, fastened to the rack in increments of 50mm-12sht.A50_80459, galvanized substrate 95H115H1mm resistance stands at L50mm, forestablish floor-16sht. A50_80460, galvanized substrate 95H115H2mm pidoporu L50mm rack for installation on vile-gu 16sht. A50_80702, Diahonalfarbovana 10H1090H35Nmm, mounted on a frame of the warehouse rack-L55 R974mm 30sht.A50_81366, Stand 55H40H3000Nmm 1-sided perforation 50mm with step-12sht.A50_81375, Reliance 115H95H28Nmm rack 55H40mm C with 3 holes for mounting dopidlohy-16sht. A50_81656, Traverse 10H907H35Nmm painted, mounted on a rack ramuskladskoho L55-R974mm 24sht. A50_81364, Stand 55H40H2500Nmm C1-sided perforation in increments of 50mm, 4 pieces. A50_80258, 200H25H4mm dlyazyednuchoyi plate rack panel tortsovoho-4 pieces. A50_82004, 1333X19X100mmdlya face panel connecting section of the island shelf-4 pieces. A50_90091, lock bar 17H45mmdlya shopping rack-24sht. R50_10118, 80H30H1410mm Rack with 2 storonnoyuperforatsiyeyu increments of 50mm-12p. R50_50381, perforate shelfs dvomapidsylennyamy step 1333H470H25-8sht 50mm. R50_50383, perforate shelfs dvomapidsylennyamy step 1333H570H25-36sht 50mm. R25_50596, zkriplennyam perforated shelf for Tsennikoderzhatel 1000H300H25 R1mm-12p. R50_50373, shelf perforovanaz 1st amplification step 1000H370H25-12sht 50mm. R25_50644, perforate shelfs 1 mpidsylennyamy with the letter Tsennikoderzhatel mm 1333H300H25-1sht. R50_50376, Polkaperforovana one amplification step 1333H370H25-1sht 50mm. A50_80149, Fiksator34H38mm to reverse L-eminent beams 50mm step-164sht. R50_80040, Balkareversyvna 3000H40H100mm-18sht. R50_80044, Beam reversing 3000H60H40mm with bracket-60sht.R50_80122, Reliance Intermediate 40H40H974mm coupler wooden shelves 19Nmm, attached to the beam-90sht. R50_80193, Reliance Intermediate 40H40H1074mm for navisnoyiderevyanoyi 19Nmm shelf, mounted on a beam-180sht. R50_80639, Beam reversyvna2666H40H100N mm, 4 pieces. R700168, Beam Series VPA 40H2994H140mm, with bracket, thickness 2mm steel, 4 pieces. 6230 clip galvanized, 3.5mm thickness, 32sht.R700176, Beam Series VPA 40H2994H100mm with brackets 2mm thick steel-12sht.A50_10020, resistance at 15H6H33mm base for mounting on adjustable feet-24sht.R50_10155, 670H140Nmm base of the mounting element support secured dostiykyRUSSIA0UA1001103810.947752.921127
04/Apr/201784329000001.Zapasni parts tahruntoobrobnoyi seeding equipment HORSCH company: Disc coulter d.340-2,5 convex zpidshypnykom 100 pieces. art.00310970 -2 pieces. petal disc 620x8 left otvorivart.00311106 -2 6 pcs., petal disc 620x8 right 6otvoriv art.00311107 -2sht., Wheel prykotuyuche 7.50-16, 6otvoriv TS08HD, filled poliuretanomart.00330326 -10 pcs., Rama showers disk system. ext. 12DC art.23021100 -1 pieces. Frame disk system rights. ext. 12DC art.23021300 -1 pieces. Cepphus mounting plate loaded NM art.23245700 -200 pieces. The front coulter long starr 2003 art.23250100 -25 pieces. Hrablyna TurboDisc 150mm art.23250303 -400 pieces. Hrablyny clip art. 23250700 -200 pieces. tube drills fertilizer coulter right art.23298800 -20 pieces. Cepphus compactors for Pronto 50x50 Profil art.23470702 -150 pieces. The tip hub Drill pipe D = 60 -10 133 x14.2 art.23487002 items ., the average frame front compactors Pronto 7/8/9 DC art.23783900 -1 pieces. Pull drawbar traction art.23900900 -1 8/9 SW pcs., angle clamp fastening tape art.23922412 -10 pieces. Cepphus fertilizer Shovel Dungereinleger Horsch art.24015601 -24 pcs., for Cepphus Forest depth visivu CC. art.24017315 -48 pieces. prykotuyuchoho roller lever mounting art.24114800 -1 pcs., Case coulter without dust protection under maize art.24141300 -1 pieces. Cepphus originator direct seeders Fertilizer Maestro art.24145707 -48 pc. bracket clearing var.3 stars (Cepphus) Horsch art.24249900 -1 pcs. mounting brackets Joker RT harrows CC art.28072700 -50 pcs., Rama compactors disk harrow Joker 6/8/12 RT average art.28124900 -1 pcs., carrying light beam left Tiger cultivator 4m starr art.95153142 -1 pcs., Re-sowing hub DC + SW cone under art.96120143 -2 pieces. Set reinforcement frame compactors showers. Drill 6TD 3P art.96161044 -1 from 2015 pieces. Set reinforcement frame compactors rights. Drill 6TD 3P art.96161045 -1 from 2015 pieces. In its composition does not contain radio transmitters and receivers. Trademark HORSCHVyrobnyk HORSCH Maschinen production GmbHKrayina DEGERMANY0UA1252703554.63830128.56194
03/Apr/201790211090001-implants for osteosynthesis in the operations on supporting-unit The walking man: 010 020 006 1/3-Tubular plate, titanium, 6 holes 4sht.010020007 1/3-Tubular plate, titanium, 7 holes 7sht.010020008 1/3-Tubular plate , titanium, 8 holes 3sht.010140006 Pelvic reconstructive plate, titanium, 6 holes 1sht.010140008 Pelvic reconstructive plate, titanium, 8 holes for 1sht.010501010 titanium mesh skull, 100x100 mm., thickness 0.6 mm. 3sht.010601006 back bent pelvic plate, titanium 6 holes left pelvic 1sht.010612011 bent front plate, titanium 11 holes, right 1sht.010620022 plate fixation symphysis, 4 holes, titanium, length 55 mm. 2sht.010770000 1,8mm diameter fixing clip for cable serklyazhnoho, titanium 13sht.017820500 I Serklyazhnyy cable diameter 1,8mm, length 500 mm., An alloy of Co-Cr, with ergonomic tip and proximal humeral constraint 13sht.020060003 I plate with angular stability , titanium, 3 holes 30sht.020072003 lateral distal humeral plate with angular stability, combined holes, titanium, 3 holes 1sht.020072009 right lateral distal humeral plate with angular stability, combined holes, titanium, 9 holes, right medial distal 1sht.020081004 shoulder plate with angular hundred stability of combined openings, titanium, 4 holes left 1sht.020090004 T-beam plate with angular stability, titanium, 4 holes 2sht.0202040202 Extra thin plate CMF II system 1.0mm. thickness 0.2mm. type 2, 60 * 60 mm. 1sht.020231015 second heel plate with angular stability, titanium, 15 holes, length 75 mm., The left heel 5sht.020232015 second plate with angular stability, titanium, 15 holes, length 75 mm., Right 3sht.020370000 Cap Cable spacer II 5,0mm diameter, titanium alloy 2sht.020400011 wide straight plate with limited contact with angular stability combined holes titanium alloy 11 holes 2sht.020410007 narrow straight plate with limited contact with angular stability combined holes alloy of titanium, 7 holes 2sht.020410008 narrow plate with limited direct contact with a corner with tabilnistyu combined holes alloy of titanium, 8 holes 2sht.020410009 narrow straight plate with limited contact with angular stability combined holes titanium alloy, 9 holes 6sht.020421004 proximal femoral plate with angular stability combined holes 4 holes titanium alloy, left 2sht.020421008 The proximal femoral plate with angular stability combined holes, 8 holes titanium alloy, left 1sht.020431005 distal-lateral femoral plate with angular stability combined holes 5 holes titanium alloy, left distal-cord 1sht.020431007 Flax femoral plate with angular stability combined holes, 7 holes titanium alloy, left 3sht.020431008 distal-lateral femoral plate with angular stability combined holes, 8 holes titanium alloy, left 1sht.020431009 distal-lateral femoral plate with angular stability combined holes alloy titanium 9 holes left 2sht.020432005 RemoteCHINA0UA11008081.764348.56594
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Clip Beam Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Clip Beam Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП із 100% іноземним капіталом ""ЛЕМКЕН-УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
03143, м. Київ, вул. Академіка Заболотного, б.150-Г, офіс 112м. Київ, Україна
Exporter Name LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG
Product Description
"1.Mashyny agriculture, for the preparation or pro.........
HS Code 8432301900Value 95745.81994
Quantity 1Unit UA100110
Net Weight 10938
Origin Country GERMANY

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