Ukraine Import Data of Climatic | Ukraine Import Statistics of Climatic

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of climatic collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of climatic imports.

Climatic Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Climatic

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20172715000091"1.Sumish modified bitumen for road paving, grade B; THAT BY 300577484.015-2013; B V.2.7-313 ISO: 2016 Pour point - 36 ° C, at 20 hrad.S- density 9649 kg / m3 Depth of penetration ihly (penetration) at 25 ° C, 0.1 mm, not less than - 400; ihly Depth of penetration (penetration) at 25 ° C, 0.1 mm after distillation at reduced pressure - 68; weight fraction of solids - 0.1% Scope: construction, reconstruction and repair of roads, bridges and airfields in all climatic zones. Weight - 25.640, nalyvKrayina production: BYVyrobnyk: in N "" Neftebytumnыy plant "." "BELARUS0UA101120256406127.959927 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/20178501538100"1.Elektrodvyhun 4MTN 400 U1 M10 (132/600) IM1003 -1sht.Yavlyaye a three-phase asynchronous elektrodvyhunkranovoho appointment with a phase rotor type 4MTN 400.Zastosovuyetsya in the steel industry in differenttypes cranes (cranes, gantry, portal, bridge, etc.) .Pryznachenyy to operate from AC withfrequency 50Hz, voltage 380V. Power - 132kVt, the number of revolutions per minute - 600, climatic vykonannya- U1, constructive response - on the feet of the shaft end odnymrobochym IM1003.Vyrobnyk: ZAO "" Siberian factory of electrical "" , RF.Torhovelna mark A: No data. ".RUSSIA1UA700060190011964.54881
20/Apr/201785444290981.Shynoprovid EAE and KAR Group QAM used in buildings, where applicable power consumption 25-63 A. busbar KAM designed to power the lighting via plug otvetvyteley.Shynoprovid KAR used for the purposes of energy distribution to devices with small loads, such as sewing machine. Build straight sections of the line carried one directed to each other advance, followed by mechanical fixing due to electrical z'yednuvan with spring contacts. Bus conductors along the entire length covered with heat-resistant insulating material. Contacts groove boxes are made as forky spring. In the bus QAM / CAR springs compress data conductor system storin.Shynoprovody two QAM / CAR manufactured using the latest technology in the world according to ISO 9000 for a documented quality system. Products designed and tested to IEC 60439-2.Korpus manufactured using pre-galvanized steel sheet metal, which provides essential grounding. Case line provides very high mechanical strength, particularly suitable for industrial applications and use in severe climatic conditions. Leaders in electrolytic copper, tinned and izolovani.Postachayutsya for installation on sewing production disassembled vyhlyadi.Kabeli for busbars 4 * 6 * 10 KABEL4 NYY NYY NYM KABEL4 * 2.5 KABEL16 KABELKabel supplied in coils, black and gray 8 small and 1 large . The cable is designed for installation on busbars kompleksi.Postachayetya disassembled packed in cardboard boxes, on pallets, wrapped in shrink wrap. Assembled all positions poperednozmontovani and are installed busbar.TURKEY0UA5080102202.3421208.09463
20/Apr/20178418308090"Investing contribution to the authorized capital: 1. Chest freezer model UDD 600 SC CONSERVATOR (is a freezer chest type" "chest", "a new flat slide glass and aluminum upper frame Sliding glass curtain with integrated lock with special hardened glass showcase teplovidbyvnym covered with posylynymy diameter 70mm wheels and locking stoporamy.Pryznachenyy for storage, display and cooling of freezing food. Installed in institutions of trade and public harchuvannya.Tehnichni harakt rystyky climatic class 4, temperature -12 / -22 ° C, voltage-230V, frequency-50 Hz, power consumption, 7,15kVt / 24h, net capacity (net) -620l, Brutus-capacity 670l width -2055mm depth, 629mm, 893mm height-wheels-4 pieces, refrigerant R404a, contains no ozone-depleting substances. -100sht cooler. Serial numbers: 100000482714,100000482718,100000482719,100000482720,100000482721,100000482727100000482731,100000482732,10 0,000,482,733.100000482734, 100000482735,100000482736,100000482737,100000482740,100000482741,100000482742,100000482743,100000482744,100000482745,100000482746,100000482747,100000482748,100000482749,100000482751,100000482752,100000482717,100000482689,100000482690,100000482691,100000482692,100000482693,100000482694 , 100000482695,100000482696,100000482697,100000482698,100000482699,100000482700,100000482701,100000482702,100000482703,100000482704,100000482705,100000482706,100000482707,100000482708,100000482709,100000482710,100000482711,100000482713,100000482772,100000482771,100000482770,100000482773,100000482774,100000482775,100000482769 , 100000482768,100000482767,100000482766,100000482764,100000482763,100000482776,100000482777,100000482778,100000482779,100000482780,100000482781,100000482782,100000482783,100000482784,100000482785,100000482786,100000482787,100000482788,100000482765,100000482712,100000482715,100000482716,100000482722,100000482723,100000482724 , 100000482725,100000482726,100000482728,100000482729,100000482730,100000482738,100000482739,100000482750,100000482753,100000482754.100000482755,100000482756,100000482757,100000482758,100000482759,100000482760,100000482761,100000482762.Firma manufacturer "" UGUR SOGUTMA MAKINALARI SANAYI VE TICARET AS "" Trading mark "" UGUR "". Country of TR. "TURKEY100UA504170990032572.19879
19/Apr/20178432295000"1.FREZY FOR aggregated mini-TRAKTOROMTA MOTOBLOKOM.FREZA dirt FR-00.010, ZAVODSKYYNOMER 10595-1sht. DIMENSIONS 655h680h475mm., Width 0,44-0,61m., Maximum depth of tillage 12cm. INTENDED FOR continuous tillage soil, can operate in all climatic zones on Earth C / Household PRYZNACHENNYA.FREZA tillage FR-00.700-B serial number 06109-1sht. DIMENSIONS 910h1000h585mm. SHYRYNAZAHVATA 0,44-0,95m. INTENDED FOR continuous tillage can work in all climatic zones on Earth C / Household appointments NO DANYHVyrobnyk Ya.Torhovelna mark of "" SMORHONSKYY Aggregate Plant "," production m.SMORHONKrayina BY. "BELARUS2UA902030125730.2801245
18/Apr/201785015381001 - Electric motors 4MTN400L10U1 (160/600) IM1004, in quantities of 1 piece. Serial number: 552. The three-phase asynchronous motor with slip-ring motors type 4MTN400. Designed for use in AC 50 Hz, voltage 380 V. Power 160 kW electric motor, the number of revolutions per minute - 600 Climatic U1.Rik production: 2017. Designs - on the feet with two working ends of the shaft - IM1004. Used as electric steel ahrehativ.- electric motor type 4MTN400M10U1 (132/600) IM1004, in quantities of 1 piece. Serial number: 551 three-phase asynchronous motor with slip-ring motors type 4MTN400. Designed for use in AC 50 Hz, voltage 380 V. Power 132 kW electric motor, the number of revolutions per minute - 600 Climatic U1.Rik production: 2017.Konstruktyvne performance - on the feet of a working shaft end - IM1004. Used as electric steel units. .RUSSIA2UA700050401628031.03887
18/Apr/201784198998001.Obladnannya laboratory for processing materials by temperature changes, new. Climatic chamber CC 1450 TOPINOXG- 3pc volume chamber 1460l, temperature range -10 ... + 60 ° C, power 2200Vt. Vykorystovuyetyasya industrial laboratories. Producer POL-EKO-APARATURA sp.j. Trademark POL-EKO-APARATURA. Country of PL. .POLAND0UA100080700.213074.90011
15/Apr/20178414308990"1.Compressor, exclusively for the installation of climatic systems of heating and air conditioning in passenger compartments, with a power of 2.8 kW, working pressure up to 25 bar, air conditioning compressor: art.7E0820803J-1; Manufacturer: Volkswagen AG; Trademark: Volkswagen; Country Production: JP; "JAPAN1UA3052004.54415.3034992
11/Apr/20178432295000"1.FREZY FOR aggregated mini-TRAKTOROMTA MOTOBLOKOM.FREZA tillage FR-00.700-B Serial number: 05896, 05925-2sht.HABARYTNI DIMENSIONS 910h1000h585mm. SHYRYNAZAHVATA 0,44-0,95m. INTENDED FOR continuous tillage MAY work in all climate zones on Earth C / Household PRYZNACHENNYA.FREZA dirt FR-00.010, Serial Number: 10585, 10586-2sht. DIMENSIONS 655h680h475mm., width 0,44-0,61m., maximum depth of tillage 12cm. INTENDED for continuous tillage, can work in all climatic zones on Earth C / Household AP NO DANYHVyrobnyk YZNAChENNYa.Torhovelna mark of "" SMORHONSKYY Aggregate Plant "," production m.SMORHONKrayina BY. "BELARUS4UA9020302501460.559834
10/Apr/20174016930090"1.Zapasni parts designed exclusively to HVAC equipment (water heaters), sealing gaskets, silicone: 353320200053 sealing ring for heating element, sealing gasket for water heaters," "Zanussi" "Series Symphony - 45sht., 17451000A00282 sealing ring for heating, sealing gasket for water heaters "" Zanussi "" Symphony Series Slim - 15sht .; silicone, water heaters for uschilnyuyuchaprokladka "" Zanussi "" Splendore series - 30sht.Torhovelna mark - vidsutnya.Vyrobnyk: "" FOSHAN SHUNDE BIG CLIMATIC MANUFACTURE CO., LTD "" Country of origin - CN.. "CHINA0UA1250409.37518.38289063
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Climatic Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Climatic Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з Обмеженою Відповідальністю ""КВАНТ ЕНЕРДЖІ"""
Importer Address
04119, м.Київ, вул.Мельникова, буд.46- А, Україна
Exporter Name "СП ООО ""НЕОНАФТА"""
Product Description
"1.Sumish modified bitumen for road paving, grade .........
HS Code 2715000091Value 6127.959927
Quantity 0Unit UA101120
Net Weight 25640
Origin Country BELARUS

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