Ukraine Import Data of Clay Pot | Ukraine Import Statistics of Clay Pot

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of clay pot collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of clay pot imports.

Clay Pot Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Clay Pot

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
25/Apr/201769149000001.Hranulovani pottery without any coverage obtained by high-temperature firing special clays fractionated - hydraulic fracturing proppants are used in the oil industry to improve the impact wells using hydraulic fracturing technology (GDP). Not with coarse ceramics. It is used to store constant cracking obtained during hydraulic fracturing. Ceramic hydraulic fracturing proppants (Lite 30/50), 688.50 t., packed in polypropylene bag 459. .CHINA0UA806020688500199920.1899 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni drugs (not in aerosol packaging in plastic containers): Moisturizing lotion, conditioner body, washed with oil nasinnyamyhdalyu" "deeply Power '' series AVON Nutra Effects, 250 ml art.F0673000-216sht (6 cor) ; Perfumed body lotion series AVON Alpha for Her, 150 mlart.F0685400-65 items (1 Cor), body Scrub "" Ripe strawberries "," series AvonNaturals, 200 ml art.F1238100-55 items (1 Cor); SPA Cleansing mask "" Turkish bath "" extract of clay and amber series AVON Planet Spa, mlart.F1271900-1400 75 pieces (10 corr), Two-phase tool for removing eye make up, seryyAVON Nutra Effects, 200 m l art.F1345300-80 unit (2 Cor) Viscous tonic for oblychchyaproty "" black spots "," series Clearskin, 100 ml art.F1517300-432 unit (6 corr) Moisturizing cream "" Primary Care " "Series Avon Men, 50 mlart.F1753000-140 items (1 Cor) Cream for hands, nails and cuticles '' Intensyvnadopomoha" "series AVON Care, 100 ml art.F1767600-1350 unit (15 corr) mask dlyaoblychchya" "Petals of roses. Syay in the "" series AVON Naturals, art.F1986400-140sht 75 ml (1 Cor); Facial Wash "" Spring water and celandine "" series Naturals, 100ml art.F2375200-72 items (1 Cor); Lotion Spray Body "" Exotic coconut ikarambola "" series AVON Naturals, 100 ml art.F2549200-616 pieces (8 corr); Oholodzhuyuchyylosyon Spray Foot "" exotic paradise "" series AVON Foot Works, 75 mlart.F3481200-700 unit (5 Kor); Moisturizing cream "" Aloe and Cotton "," series AVON Naturals, 75 ml art.F3993400-2700 unit (30 Kor); Intensyvnozvolozhuvalnyy Body Lotion with bee royal jelly series AVON Care, 400 ml art.F4139700-60 unit (2 Cor); Lotion Spray Body "" Sweet plum Ivanili "" series Naturals, 100 ml art.F4814000-924 unit (12 Kor); Antytselyulitnyylosyon Body "" Freedom of cellulite 5D "", a series Solutions, 150 mlart.F5377500-65 items (1 Cor); Soothing and refreshing hand cream, nail ikutykulы "" Green tea "" with green tea extract, a series AVON Care, 100mlart.F5409800-630 items (7 Kor); Face cream "" hips and Aloe "," series Naturals, 50 ml art.F6528500-360 unit (6 corr); Scrub feet with an extract of red berry smorodynyvanilna series AVON Foot Works, 75 ml art.F6599200-140 items (1 Cor); Dennyykrem Face "" Seabuckthorn and bearberry "" series Naturals, 50 ml art.F6685700-300sht (5 Kor); Cream of corns, series AVON Foot Works, 75 ml art.F6734200-4060sht (29 Kor); Regenerating gel feet with peppermint essential oil series AVON FootWorks, 75 ml art.F6758000-420 unit (3 Kor); Night cream for foot care ekstraktomlavandy series AVON Foot Works, 150 ml art.F6761300-594 unit (11 Kor); Dlyanih mask with clay and lavender extract, series AVON Foot Works, art.F6762100-280sht 75 ml (2 Cor); Body Scrub "" Chocolate pleasure "," series Naturals, 200 mlart.F7092500-220 unit (4 Kor); Face cream "" rose petals. Glow "," seriyiNaturals 75 ml art.F7241800-180 unit (2 Cor); Body Lotion "" Spokuslyvamarakuyya and peony '' series Naturals, 200 ml art.F7790100-225 unit (4 Kor); Eye Gel dlyashkiry "" Grapes and Wheat "," series Naturals, 25 "RUSSIA0UA1002102230.438832.377487
19/Apr/201785462000901.Izolyatory elektrichni: Insulator BYLT.757513.009 - 150sht. IzolyatorBYLT.757513.003 - 3500sht. Electrical insulators are made of steatite C-220 -steatytovoyi ceramics (based on talc, clay, potassium carbonate and barium andorganic plasticizers) .Bez metal insulator CP 238/63 -UHL2 (4690) - 200sht. HOST13871-78. Electrical insulators are made of kordyyerytu C-410 -kordyyerytovoyi ceramics (based malozalizystoho talc, technical and okysyalyuminiyu vysokoplastychnoyi ▪ fire-resistant clay). Without chastyn.Pryznacheni metal for use in electrical apparatus to mark teplovoziv.Torhovelna not danyh.Vyrobnyk: STEATIT sroKrayina production: CZ. .CZECH REPUBLIC0UA807170206.2652042.398351
06/Apr/20173214900090"1.Budivelni mixture of water soluble primers, ridynopodibni used for indoor and outdoor use, based on potassium silicate packaged in canisters on 10L: torh.nazva Silikatverdunner, art.S-10L-004100 40sht. (9.2-filler content % free of pigments) Nevohnetryvki mixture for preparing surfaces inner and outer walls of buildings, ready to use prime mineral silicate based, without the addition of polymer dispersions for increased resistance to surface strength styrannyai clay surfaces and to align vsmokt uvalnyh properties of mineral bases, applied by roller, brush or flat brush ridynopodibna packaged in canisters on 10L: torh.nazva Silikat-Fixativ art.S-10L-004105 30sht., Warehouse Water 80.2% potassium silicate 16 2%, special applications of 3.6% during prime Universal decorative plaster ridynopodibna packaged in 25kg buckets: torh.nazva UNI-Putzgrund W, art.D-25KG-001062 72sht. (content of fillers and pigments, 67.7 %) in at 7kg buckets claim: torh.nazva UNI-Putzgrund W, art.D-001062-7KG 60sht. (content of fillers and pigments, 67.7%) trischynoperekryvayuche priming coating based on resins containing th reinforcing fibers ridynopodibne packaged in buckets of 20kg: torh.nazva Unisil faserarmiert art.D-20KG-001272 24sht. (content of fillers and pigments, 52.7%); Decorative plaster used in insulation systems pasty packaged in bucket po25kh: torh.nazva KH-Faschenputz 1,0mm, weiss art.P-25KG-007580 48sht. (content of fillers and pigments, 74.2%) torh.nazva Silakryl Kratzputz "" C "" 1,5mm, weiss , art.P-0074101,5 25KG-144sht. (content of fillers and pigments, 75%), torh.nazva Unisil-Putz "" C "" 1,5mm, weiss, art.P-0072501,5 25KG-216sht. (content of fillers and pigments, 75%), torh.nazva Silakryl Reibeputz "" R "" 2,0mm, weiss, art.P-0074602-25KG 144sht. (the contents of his platform nyuvachiv-76.5%, free of pigments) Not in aerosol packaging. Without content prekursoriv.Torh.marka HAERING. "GERMANY0UA2091401720017182.36312
06/Apr/20174810921000"1. Cardboard, covered on one side kaolin (a Chinese clay) without using conjugated substance and no yakohoinshoho coating of unpainted, nedekorovanoyu surface nenadrukovanyy, laminated, coated containing fibers obtained by mechanical means more than 95% of the total weight intended for vyrobnychyhpotreb own - making complex containers (bags for gifts): FBB-GC1 in which all layers of bleached uniformly throughout the mass, with biloyuoborotnoyu side, the density of 170g / m2, rectangular sheets size: - 700 * 1000mm - 5,764t - 900 * 1000 mm - 4.711 .Schilnistyu 190h / m2, rectangular sheets size: - 700 * 1000mm - 5,050t.Vyrobnyk - SHANDONG IP & SUN FOOD PACKAGING CO., LTD.Torhovelna mark - no danyh.Krayina production - CN.. "CHINA0UA5000301552512450.87999
04/Apr/20176912003000"1.Keramichni vyrobyPosud electrical kitchen table or other household and toilet articles, of ceramics: MUG STONEWARE 350CC 4ASS CLR pottery clay cups 350 ml art.Q76000010-72sht; art.Q76000010-36sht; BOWL STONEWARE 185X55MM 4ASS pottery bowl clay 185X55MM art.Q76000040-36sht; art.Q76000040-36sht; PLATE STONEWARE DIA 205MM 4ASS pottery clay PLATE dia. art.Q76000050-36sht 205MM; art.Q76000050-36sht;. "CHINA0UA100010104371.4351189
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Clay Pot Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Clay Pot Importer Sample

Date 25/Apr/2017
Importer Name "СП ""Полтавська газонафтова компанія"""
Importer Address
36002 м.Полтава, вул.Фрунзе, 153
Product Description
1.Hranulovani pottery without any coverage obtaine.........
HS Code 6914900000Value 199920.1899
Quantity 0Unit UA806020
Net Weight 688500
Origin Country CHINA

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