Ukraine Import Data of Clamping Sleeve | Ukraine Import Statistics of Clamping Sleeve

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of clamping sleeve collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of clamping sleeve imports.

Clamping Sleeve Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Clamping Sleeve

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/20178508190000"1. Products with vulcanized non-porous humus: rubber seals and kits with sealing frames and clips for cable entries during laying cables. Rubber sealer RM 60RM00100601000 -48pcs; Rubber seal with clamping R 200 galvanized with grid R000002001018 -12pcs (each containing: rubber seal with clamp with 1-piece grid, synthetic lubricant for lubrication of compactors at installation, tubing 25ml-1pcs., Mounting kit-1pcs., Installation instructions-1pcs.); ComSeal LW12 / 12 108020 -60pcs kit (each containing: metallic frame with a clamp - 1pcs., Rubber emplacement EM 20w40 -6pcs. Synthetic lubricant for lubrication of pre-packing seals, tube 25ml - 1pcs., Installation instructions -1pcs., Mounting kit-1pcs.); Rubber seal with clamping wedge 120mm galleys in the side ARW0001201018-10pcs (each containing: rubber seals with Clamping unit - 1 pc., Synthetic oil for lubricating seals during installation, a tube of 25 ml - 1 pc., A mounting instruction - 1 pc., A plastic clip-1 pc.); A rubber glue with a clamp R75 W Ex AISI316 / primed EXWR00000752112 -2 pcs.(Each contains: a rubber seal with a clamping unit-1, a steel sleeve-1, a synthetic lubricant for lubricating the seals during installation, a tube of 25 ml - 1 pc., An installation instruction-1 pc., A kit for mounting-1 pc.). The trademark "ROXTEC" "Producer:" "Roxtec International AB." Country of production: SE. "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF1310UA5000307857.5250841.70071 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20178433900000"1.Chastyny ​​combine harvester without transmitters and receivers. Bichmolotylnoho unit (SKU): H165407JD-60sht. Podribnyuvachazhnevarky clamping sleeve (SKU): 0007368712CL-200sht .; 0000600162CL-100 pieces. Plankalantsyuha steering belt (article): 0006158910CL-12p. Finger screw (Artika.): 0006037591CL-10pcs. Guiding thumb screw (SKU): Z30752JD-20pcs. remontuta for maintenance silhosptehniky.Torhivelna mark: Agri PartsVyrobnyk: Agri Parts SRL. "ITALY0UA80717073.75998.2128699
19/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​and supplies for printers: C7769-60374 parking printing unit holovokdlya inkjet printer DesignJet 500 -2sht .; RA0-1095 (RA0-1095) dlyaprytysnoho shaft sleeve for laser printer LaserJet1200 -100sht .; RC1-2079 (RC1-2079 ) for clamping the shaft bushing for laser printer LaserJet 1010-100sht .; RC1-3610 (RC1-3610 / RC2-0298) W ulka for clamping to the shaft lazernohopryntera LaserJet 1320 -100sht .; RC1-3609 (RC1-3609) for clamping sleeve valud a laser printer LaserJet 1320 -100sht.Torhovelna mark - has dannyh.Vyrobnyk - no data. ".JAPAN0UA1250206.1788.0663927
14/Apr/20177326909890"1. Products made of ferrous metals to the a / m. Not drained, not forged, not sintered, not for industrial assembly of motor transport vehicles for general purpose purposes: long-sleeve clamps: clamping corrugations wide Fi 114,5 12714-12шт , A clamp of a corrugated wide Fi130,5 12730-4 pieces, a clamp of a corrugated wide 94 12924-10 pieces, a clamp of a corrugated wide fi 7612926-2, a clamp MERCEDES 20810MB-2шт, a clamp MERCEDES 20849MB-4шт, a clamp VOLVO60921VL-28шт, a clamp DF 70850DF-2шт, Clamp D108-114 MM RVI 89115-2 pieces, VOLVO60921VL-21 clamp, clamp DF 70850DF-2pcs. Producer: "VANSTAR Produkcja Rur wydechowych Pawel Szostak" ", Trade mark:" VANSTAR "Country of production: PL.POLAND0UA80720030.04166.8104205
11/Apr/20178483908990"1.CLAAS Global Sales GmbH spare parts for agricultural machinery (combine harvesters, forage harvesters, telescopic loaders, straw balers and hay bales, hay mowers, haymakers, roll forming machines) parts of transmission mechanisms - elements of chain and belt gears, drive mechanisms: 0008166664 big wheel -1 pcs; 0008214700 sleeve -2 pcs; 0008554121 twine clamp wheel -2 pcs; 0008646911 small wheel -20 pcs; 0008475412 twine clamping wheel-2 pcs Trademark CLAAS Country of manufacture FR Manufacturer CLAAS Service and Parts GmbH . "FRANCE0UA1252704.7182141.370212
10/Apr/20178305200000"1. Products nedorohotsinyh metals: Aluminum wire staples, clips connected clips (blocks) using polimernoyistrichky. They are supplied in blocks (holder) and Purpose for clamping (fixing) the shells over the bag of sausages and cheeses. Dimensions mmshyryna / height: -type RSS1 size: 200 16,2h15,3mm- 000sht. (5 kartonnyhyaschykiv) profile settings 2.4 * 3,1mm, Continuous aluminum clips, staples (tire) relief in the form of tapes, in conjunction bloky- clips (clip-automat) .Postavlyayutsya in reels and purpose for clamping (fixing) the ends of the sleeve shells of sausages and cheeses: -type N14-18-09 / 5h2- 2000 000sht. (50 cardboard boxes). Dimensions: Shah 18mm, 9mm, height, width 5 mm, thickness 2mm-parameter in mm: 18 -09 / 5 * 2; -type N13-18-09 / 5h1,75- 480 000sht. (12 cardboard boxes). dimensions: Shah 18mm, 9mm, height, width 5 mm, thickness 1,75mm-parameter in mm: 9.18 / 5 * 1,75.Vyrobnyk: OOO "" Mashynostroytelnoe Enterprise "" Computer "", BY, trade marka- computer. ".BELARUS0UA2050901798.67580.89078
10/Apr/201783023000901.Elementy fasteners, fittings and analog-tech products of base metal, for use in avtotran interchange vehicles Scania: fasteners driver's seat (bracket spring) art. 1847100 - 2 units, clamping collar d40-60mm art. 1466104 - 1 piece, mounting kit for brake caliper (bolty2sht., Plugs 4pcs., Anther 2 pcs.) Art. 2064260 - 5 pcs mounting kit brake parts (2 halmivnoh support of shaft 2 plastic bushings) art.172350 9 - 8 pieces, conical sleeve art frames. 305479 - 10 pieces, finger stopornyyart. 22 77872 - 2 units, lock the cab door art. 1306312 - 1 pcs Country of origin - DETorhovelna mark - ScaniaVyrobnyk - Scania CV AB.GERMANY0UA12512045.194976.3978232
06/Apr/201773269098901. Products made of ferrous metals (not cast, not forged, not stamped, not from wire, not baked) with additional processing (turning, grinding). The connecting plate of a knife of a header-50pcs, in the catalog AH143576, the Bracket Harvester-1pc, number of the combine-1pc, number of the catalog AH169555, actuator probe of the shaft of the combine-5pcs, according to the catalog AZ46388, the pin of the auger harvester-2pcs, the number of the catalog AZ60037, the bush of the harvester-2pcs, the number under the catalogH146281, the sleeve of the slope chamber of the combine-1pc, CatalogH149517, Knife plate knife combine harvester-3pcs, according to the catalogH162148, Knife plate knife combine harvester-8pcs, according to CatalogH162149, Screw fastener screw And headers-40pcs, according to the catalog H172459, the bush of the variator fan of the combine-20pcs, the number in the catalog H173353, the blade of the knife of the header-20pcs, the number in the catalog H174778, the connecting plate of the knife of the header-20pcs, the number in the catalog H175036, The connecting plate of the knife of the reaper-20pcs, according to the catalog H175040, the connecting plate of the knife of the reaper-3pcs, the number in the catalog H175041, the plate table combine harvester-50pcs, the catalog number HXE62873, the fastening beam raiser and the reaper-100pcs, Catalog H175436, Split collar reel for harvester combine-70pcs, under the catalog H175603, Plate knife combine harvester-2pcs, Catalog No. H201012, Plate with Tola harvester combine-10pcs, according to the catalog H203226, Combination plate of the knife of the harvester-6pcs, according to the catalog H204236, plate table combine harvester-10pcs, according to the catalog H204371, plate plate combine harvester-10pcs, according to the catalog H223209, Scoba The fuel line of the harvester-2pcs, the number in the catalog RE502654, the clamp of the harvester-6pc, the number in the catalog RE56859, the lid of the combine harvester-4pcs, according to the catalog Z12796, the clamping shaft of the harvester-1pc, according to the catalog Z62146, the screw actuator combine harvester-3pcs, In the Z77225 catalog. Manufacturer-Deere & Company, trade. Brand John Deere.GERMANY0UA400030341.6227972.125683
03/Apr/201773269094901.Chastyny ​​pneumatic braking systems to railway rolling stock: Vyrobyvyhotovleni of steel plate by stamping: - 369A.002 -300sht LUG - LUG f45 -200sht R11.002 - R21.002 -500sht clamp f41. Designed to mount a strong rubber tube fittings withmetal by clamping bolt haykoyu.- ring 369A.005 -600sht intended for sleeve 369A. .RUSSIA0UA80518040.9627.4317221
03/Apr/201783023000901.Elementy fasteners, fittings and analog tech articles of base metal, for use in vehicles Scania avtotran interchange: The plug on the door hinges vissharnirnoyi Cabin art. 2423263 - 4 pcs, plug metal housing apovorotnoho pivot hub art. 1386406 - 1 piece, clamping collar d 40-60m m art.1466104 - 3 pcs Clutch saddles noho tractor unit GF (lock, sleeve, boltykriplennya) TYP SK-36.20 Art. 2038051 - 2 pcs Country of origin - DETorhovelna mark - ScaniaVyrobnyk - Scania CV AB.GERMANY0UA12512010.616265.1072312
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Clamping Sleeve Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Clamping Sleeve Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Самсунг Електронікс Україна Компані"""
Importer Address
01032,м.Київ, вул.Льва Толстого, буд. 57
Product Description
"1. Products with vulcanized non-porous humus: rub.........
HS Code 8508190000Value 50841.70071
Quantity 1310Unit UA500030
Net Weight 7857.52

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