Ukraine Import Data of Circulation Fan | Ukraine Import Statistics of Circulation Fan

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of circulation fan collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of circulation fan imports.

Circulation Fan Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Circulation Fan

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/201784186900901.Prystriy designed to change the temperature of coolant for dopomohoyuholodoahenta. Presented in the form of a single unit. Options: humoviantyvibratsiyni support, relay flow pump, tank, carbon steel forstorage water temperature sensor water outlet, filter dryer, spiralnyykompresor, air teploobminyk controller, axial fans, zamknutyykontur water circulation. Dressed refrigerant R410A, which does not mistytozonoruynivnyh substances. Electric, new. Art. ENR.022. ASYSBASICFREEZE ENR.022 chiller series D02BJ1092 - 1 sht.Torhivelna mark - ASYS.Vyrobnyk - HITEMA SrlKrayina production - IT. .ITALY0UA1001102605136.786874 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
18/Apr/20178415830090"1.Fancoil (fan connector), which does not include a built-in refrigeration unit, is a heat exchanger to which heat or coolant (water) is supplied, and with the help of the built-in fan, air is flowing out, which, depending on the temperature of the water, either heats or cooled, in the assembled state , Does not contain ozone-depleting substances, does not contain radio equipment and receiving and transmitting devices, is used for recirculation and cooling of indoor air: Fan coil (Fancoil), cassette type, consumer sweat tions 0.12 / 0,12kVt FWG11AT / FWG11AATNMV1 - 1am; brand name: DAIKINVyrobnyk: DAIKIN EUROPE NV OYLvyrobleno the factory ManufacturingCompany Sdn Bhd Country of origin: MY. "MALAYSIA0UA10001032555.3963817
18/Apr/20178415830090"1.Fankoyl (Fan closer), which contains built-in refrigeration unit, this heat exchanger, which is served warm or holodonosiy (water) and using the integrated fan is run air that depending on the water temperature or heated or cooled Assembled contains no ozone-depleting substances and do not contain radio transmitter-receiver devices used for recirculation and cooling of air in the room, closer fan (fan coil), channel, power consumption 0.079 / 0,079kVt FWB03BTV / FWB03BATV6V3 - 1am; FWB03BTV / FWB03BATV6V3 - 5pcs, closer fan (fan coil), channel, power input 0.294 / 0,294kVt FWB08BTV / FWB08BATV6V3 - 1am, closer fan (fan coil), channel, power input 0.349 / 0,349kVt FWD06AT / FWD06ACTN6V3 - 3pc, closer fan (fan coil), universal, power consumption 0.0827 / 0,0827kVt FWS03ATN / FWS03AATN6V3 --- - 1am, closer fan (fan coil), the floor, on consumer tuzhnist 0.082 / 0,082kVtFWZ03AATN6V3 --- / FWZ03AATN6V3 --- - 3pc, trade mark: DAIKINVyrobnyk: DAIKIN EUROPE NV produced at the plant Galletti SpA (Italy) Country of origin: IT "ITALY0UA100010430.953662.439116
13/Apr/20178414808000"1.Inshi ventilation or exhaust recirculation hoods or cabinets with fan, filter or without him -system circulation = 1sht.V disassembled into: rastrubom pipes and fastening elements, control cabinets fan Ventylyatory.Systema air circulation consists of: 4 axial fans mounted in the tube with high vlahozahyschennistyu and box terminals for connecting IP 55, incl. fastening console galvanized profiliv4 suction and exhaust channels alyuminiyu2 devices made of air emissions from the wall fan volohosti5 sensor with high axial fans and vlahozahyschennistyu box terminals for connecting IP 55 Teh.harakterystyky: power - 2.2 kVtKilkist speed depending on your network power from 1430-1745 rev / hvStupin protection IP 55Robocha voltage of 220 - 460 VoltChastota network - 50 - 60Hz (depending on the power supply used) current strength of 4,01-8,22 a (depending on your network and connection diagrams) .1 central control cabinet for control and safety devices including ventilators. vytyazhkoyuSposib management of the system of circulation of warm and humid air is sucked in at the top of racks and using pipes and fans filed under the first floor. Thus, the temperature and humidity in the chamber vyrivnyuyetsya.Systema air emission controls humidity sensors in the chamber and limit it to a certain given value (eg, 90%). The system is not equipped with air circulation system of heating, cooling and zvolozhennya.Ne relates to: equipment and specially designed components and accessories for it, are specifically designed for the development of any equipment telecommunication transmission or switching obladnannya.Obladnannya specially designed for the production of UAVs and soup nih system.Kompresory and blowers Especially designed or prepared axial, centrifugal or bulky compressors or blowers with volume capacity at the inlet of 1 m3 / min or more of UF6 and with pressure at the outlet to several hundred kPa (100 lb / sq. inch ) .Kompresory and blowers especially designed or prepared axial, centrifugal or bulky compressors or blowers made of materials corrosion resistant to UF6, or by coating such material with a volume capacity at the inlet 2 m3 / min or more mixtures of UF6 and carrier gas (hydrogen or Elia) .Kompresory UF6 / carrier gas (MLIS) .Hazoduvky and compressors odnostupenevi, malonapirni (with pressure of 0.2 MPa or 30 lb / dyuym2) centrifugal blowers or compressors for hydrogen sulphide hazu.Vakuumni circulation pumps having all of the following characteristics: a) log diameter of 380 mm or more; b) pumping speed of 15 m3 / s or more; tac) can create a threshold vacuum better than 13.3 mPaTurborozshyryuvachi or units turborozshyryuvach type compressor having all the following characteristics: a) designed to operate at output 35 K (-238 ° C) or below; tab) designed to operate with a capacity for hazopodib "GERMANY1UA110050153527751.17838
13/Apr/201784172090001. ovens for baking bakery products, NEW oven BAHATOPOLYCHNA FM 180 -2SHT.SKLADAYETSYA of 4 floor (shelves), whose surface is made of special shock-resistant stone. Equipped with specially designed circulation systems and stone OSNOVOYU.PALYVO used: wood pellets. PERFORMANCE 5184 pcs. / 8 hours., Area BAKE 18 sq. M, Power used solid fuel (wood pellet): 12kg / BAKING HOD.TEPERATURA 220-240 gr.S. Delivered in a disassembled state for convenience when transporting composed PMP BAHATOPOLYCHNA FM 180-1SHT., Pellet Burner, 1pc., Finish -1K-T, the frame furnace 1K-T hopper pellet burner, 1pc., Fan blower pellet burner -1SHT., pellet feed system (auger), equipped with motor-reducer, 1pc., exhaust fan, 1pc., circulating fan-1pc., SYSTEM vaporization-1K-T power supply system-1K-T, control panels, 1pc. , fasteners and assembly-1K-T Insulation Materials-lined rotary 40SHT.PICH IT Fat, With pellet burner FD 200 -1SHT. OVEN WORKS on wood pellets. At the bottom of the furnace pellet PLANYK are installed, which heats the air in the chamber furnace, built-in fan distributes warm air throughout the oven cavity. PERFORMANCE 3360SHT. / 8 hours., SQUARE BAKING 11,2-14,4 sq. M, Number SHEETS 14-18SHT., Letter size 800 * 1000mm, power 5kW, thermal capacity 80,000 kcal / h. CONTROL Manual or TSYFROVA.PICHKA supplied NAPIVROZIBRANOMU state for convenience of transport (take off and packaged with oven): SYSTEM vaporization-1K-T-Pellet Burner 1pc, pellet feed system (auger), equipped with motor-reducer-1am. , hopper pellet burner, 1pc., circulating fan-1pc., PROTECTION circulating fan-1pc., engine gear bogies furnace 1pc., fan blower pellet burner, 1pc., exhaust fan, 1pc., fasteners AND MONTAZHU- 1K-T and pieces of decoration-1K -T, insulation materials, 1pc. MANUFACTURER FIMAK ENDUSTRI GIDA INS. MAK. IC VE DIS TIC.LTD.STI. TRADEMARK FIMAK. Country of TR.TURKEY0UA9020501219030379.39667
12/Apr/20178418690090"1.Promyslova refrigerator for cooling and dehumidification in the car with applying solder paste on printed circuit board type DEK, contains a built-in refrigerator ustanovku.Rozrahovana to work with refrigerant (Freon) R134a; includes filtering system without humidity control functions, equipped with engine and fan used to provide temperature 15 to +35 C, the air supply system - recirculation (ring), the system condensation -zabir in a special container, or drainage directly to the drainage system for possible spine, temperature sensor -0-10vD (0-50C) .Tehnichni parameters: cooling capacity - 2000W, frequency of 50 / 60Hz, the current strength of 12.6 (initial current 20A), the voltage 230V, 2kW capacity (plant contains no ozone-depleting substances): -DEK klima-1am. contains composed of transmitters and receivers or transmitters. used exclusively for its own production. It was in use, year of commissioning 2014.Torhovelna brand: DEKVyrobnyk: DEK InternationalKrayina origin: Italy "ITALY0UA305180200445.8721597
06/Apr/201784272011001.Teleskopychnyy loader SCORPION 7035 for rough terrain - 2 pcs. Novi.№ machines 415150149, 415150150. Diesel engines DEUTZ TCD3.6, 100 kW / 136 k.s.Mehanichna fixing the AC adapter CLAAS / Kramer, socket 7 pole, set back (to the trailer) to hitch vnutrishnohospodarskohokorystuvannya without Weld plates with hooks for removable adapters CLAAS, hydraulic oil standard without coupling Hitch, potentiometer dlyarehulyuvannya flow hydraulics, circulation function for the 3rd hidrokontura, shyny405 / 70-24 MPT04Mitas, protective apron frame top zyemnyy, hidrostatychnyybezstupinchatyy chassis, drive 30 km / hr., radiators increase o Second produktyvnostidlya agricultural machines, reverse the fan exhaust system OHstandart, standard cabin heating, without heating the glass cab (rear isprava) cab with air conditioning system without telemetry, flashing beacon, grill windshield. In partially unassembled for transportuvannya.Torhovelna Brand: CLAAS.Vyrob nickname: CLAAS Global Sales GmbH.Krayina production: DE.GERMANY2UA12528013900130448.8539
04/Apr/20178415830090"1.Fankoyl (Fan closer), which contains built-in refrigeration unit, this heat exchanger, which is served warm or holodonosiy (water) and using the integrated fan is run air that depending on the water temperature or heated or cooled Assembled contains no ozone-depleting substances and do not contain radio transmitter-receiver devices used for recirculation and cooling of air in the room, closer fan (fan coil), versatile, powerful consumer ist 0,137 / 0,137kVt FWM08DFN / FWM08DAFN6V3 - 1am; brand name: DAIKINVyrobnyk: DAIKIN EUROPE NV made nazavodi Galletti SpA (Italy) Country of origin: IT. "ITALY0UA10001034.3225.5652703
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Circulation Fan Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Circulation Fan Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ВЕНТ-СЕРВІС"""
Importer Address
01042 м.Київ, вул. Ioaна Павла ІІ, буд. 16, кв. 12 Україна
Exporter Name HITEMA S.r.l.
Product Description
1.Prystriy designed to change the temperature of c.........
HS Code 8418690090Value 5136.786874
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 260
Origin Country ITALY

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