Ukraine Import Data of Choice | Ukraine Import Statistics of Choice

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of choice collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of choice imports.

Choice Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Choice

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201744101110001.Plyty Wood, rough, polished, wood particle plate (DSP) ground E 1, 1st choice format 3050h1830h28 mm. (GOST 10632-2014) 183-sheet 28,59924m3. .BELARUS2859924UA102040200203294.498422 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20174411149000"1 medium density fibreboards (MDF), a thickness of more than 9 mm.- Plates laminated (LMDF) 1st choice: 25 041 0110 SM 1 LMDF odnostor, White / Matt / without, Code: EX MD16-0110 -SM-MO-180 White - 22 bags, 660 pieces, size 2620 x 2070 x 16.00 - 3579.44 m2 (57.271 m3) - fibrous wood stove ground (MDF), grade 1: 200 gr MDF Express 11 1 grade STB EN 622-5 - 8 package, 312 pcs size 2620 x 2070 x 16.00 - 27.074 m3 (1,692.10 m2) Country of BY trademark "" Kronospan "" brand: IOOO "" Kronospan "". "BELARUS84345UA1010706582017068.44782
28/Apr/20174418208000"1.Dobies of the door" of the trees "interior (interior) in a disassembled form with built-in locks without handles, loops complete, ТУ5361.002.44181379-2005: 23pcs - double-hinged blocks; 4pcs - single-bloc blocks with double cloth; 9pcs - unipolar units; Which consists of: -Door boxes made of wood-fiber materials (hardwood) varnished, painted for door blocks: Type: KD.07.02.07-10 -6 sets; Type: KD.07.02.11-19 -18 sets; Type : KD.21.02.07-10 -3 sets; Type: KD.50.02.07-10 -4 sets; Type: KD.69.02.11-19 -5 sets; Total: 36 sets of door frames.-Two rni frames with wood-materials (hardwood) lacquered, painted for door units: Type: KN.PY.7023.02.222 -21 kit, Total: 21 set nalychnykiv. door and door trims choice of wood fiber materials (hardwood) lacquered , painted for door units: Type: PY.12014.02.217 / 2 -9 sets; Type: PY.24014.02.218 / 2 -8 sets, total 17 set along selected planok.- door panels of wood fiber materials (hardwood ) lacquered, painted door units for series: 01.06.07-10 -5sht; 01.13.07-10 -6sht; 01.36.07-10 -2sht; 01.62.07-10 -3sht; -10sht 01.97.07-10; 01.99.07-10 -26sht; -1sht 21.28.07-10; 21.37.07-10 -2sht; 34.27.07-10 -8sht; Total: 63 pieces polotnysch.- Stands door with wood-materials (hardwood) lacquered, painted for door units: Type KD.07.02 -36shtuk; Type KD.69.02 -8shtuk, Total risers: 44 pieces. "RUSSIA36UA10103026348171.280118
27/Apr/20172309105100"1ST CHOICE DOG" for dogs, packaged for retail trade (starch content is about 35%, does not contain dairy products). "1ST CHOICE DOG" "- dry granulated feed for adult dogs miniature and small Rocks, on the base of the chicken breast, the ingredient composition: chicken meat, chopped millet, barley, oatmeal, chicken fat, dried beet pulp, dried tomatoes, chicken liver extract, whole flaxseed, salt , Extract from yeast, chicory extract, Yucca Shidigera extract, flour and Algae, Green Tea Extract, Dried Mint, Dried Parsley, Sunflower Oil Extract, Vitamins and Minerals: Article VM59H02AA Ad Mt T & S Br, 1 pc X 7 kg - 42 packs (serial number NJU0918-01 - 36 packs, serial number NJL0618-01 - 6 packages, bar code 065672220071). "1ST CHOICE DOG" "- dry granulated food for puppies of all breeds with sensitive skin and wool, ingredient composition: lamb meat flour, lemon flour, brown Rice, potato flour, barley groats, oatmeal, chicken fat, dried beet pulp, dried tomatoes, lecithin, whole seed I flax, chicken liver extract, herring fat, yeast extract, chicory extract, shrimp and crab shell, New Zealand green mussels, trepang, Yucca Shidigera extract, dried seaweeds, dried green tea extract, dried mint, dried parsley, extract Ginger, vitamins and minerals: Article VW17U0AB1 Gr A / Br S & C Lb, 1 pc. X 20 kg - 40 packages (serial number XJU2218-01, bar code 065672217200)."1ST CHOICE DOG" "- dry granulated feed for medium and large adult breeds based on chicken meat, ingredient composition: chicken meat, chopped rice, pearl, oatmeal, chicken fat, preserved with a mixture of tocopherols , Dried beet pulp, shredded fiber, dried tomatoes, chicken liver extract, whole flaxseed, lecithin, potassium chloride, salt, choline chloride, calcium propionate, yeast extract, taurine, chicory extract, Yucca Shidigera extract, Algae flour, green tea extract, dried peppermint , Dried parsley, L-carnitine, sunflower oil extract, vitamins and miniraly: Article VM58P0AA2 Ad Mt M & L Br, 1 pc. X 15 kg - 470 packages (serial number NJU1518-01, bar code 065672226158); Article VM58U0AB2 Ad Mt M & L Br, 1 pc. X 20 kg - 82 packages (serial number NJU2718-01, bar code 065672226202). "1ST CHOICE DOG" "- dry granulated feed for adult dogs of all breeds, for controlling the weight, based on chicken meat, ingredient composition: chicken, chicken, barley, oatmeal, crushed rice, dried pulp Beet, dried tomatoes, chicken fat, chicken liver hydrolyzate, whole flax seed, salt, dry yeast, chicory extract, Yucca extract, dried algae, dried green tea extract, dried mint, dried parsley, sunflower oil extract, Vitamins and minerals: Article VM56M02AA Ad A / Br L & H Wt, 1 pc.X 12 kg - 20 packages (series "CANADA0UA12526022132.832098.66487
27/Apr/20172309105100"1.Hotovi dry granulated povnotsinnikormy" "1ST CHOICE DOG" "Dog packaged for retail trade (mass fraction of about 35% starch, dairy products do not contain)." "1ST CHOICE DOG" "- food for adult dogs suhyyhranulovanyy vsihporid, hypoallergenic, skladinhrydiyentnyy: potato flour, duck, duck meat meal, beet sushenam'yakyna, hydrolyzed fish meal, vegetable oil, fat herring, chicken liver hydrolyzate, whole flaxseed, salt, estrakt of yeast extract, chicory, shrimp shell and crabs, New Zealand green city andactions, cucumber extract Yukky Shydyhera dried marine algae, dried green tea, dried mint, dried parsley extract, sunflower oil, ginger extract, dried chornyka, dried broccoli, cauliflower, dried cranberry, dried apples, swan, berries extract mozhzhevelnyka, vitamins and minerals: Article VS08M06AA Ad A / Br HP & D, 1 pc. X 12 kg - 90 packs (serial number NJU1818-01, bar code 065672244121). "" 1ST CHOICE dOG "" - food dry granulated for adult dogs all breeds with sensitive skin and hair based on lamb, composition inhrydiyentnyy flour of lamb, b oroshno of herring, brown rice, potato flour, oatmeal, ground rice, barley grits, vegetable oil, dried beet pulp, dried tomato pulp, whole linseed, hydrolyzed chicken liver, fat herring, yeast extract to extract, chicory, cucumber extract Yukky, dried seaweed, dried extract of green tea, dried mint, dried parsley, ginger extract, vitamins and minerals: Article VY07U02AB Ad A / Br S & C Lb, 1 pc. X 20 kg - 20 packs (NJU2918-01 serial number, bar code 065672227209). Total: 110 packs. "CANADA0UA12526014802661.903422
27/Apr/2017603198090"1. Cut flowers fresh from 01.11 to 31.05-Cut other flowers: peony / Paeonia: mothers choice- 20sht.Chysta weight: 2kg, Country of origin: IT, Brand: OZ Export BV; trade mark: no data.".ITALY0UA100010210.43293443
27/Apr/201787084099981.Chastyny ​​and devices of motor transport vehicles are: parts gearbox intended for motor vehicles SAG obiv (passenger car), gear selection cable (AIT) art. 4379426100 -2sht. Choice Cable Transmission (AIT) art.4379417201 -2sht. Choice Cable Transmission (AIT) art. 437942E000 -1sht.Torhovelna brand: HYUNDAI MOBIS. Country of origin: KR.Vyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBIS. .KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1252506.125.74384867
26/Apr/20171604129100"1.Preservy fillet Herring fillet oseledtsya.20000602 deli" "Matias" "Comme original pieces of 1/260. Ban. -30sht, 5yasch, 20000596 Rolls of herring fillets with mushrooms 1/240 po. Packing. -11sht, 1yasch; 20000597 Rolls of herring fillets with carrots in Korean po 1/240. packing. -22sht, 2yasch, 20000603 Herring fillet with onion slices 1/260 gl. ban. -6sht, 1yasch, 20000569 fillet herring "" Populyarnoe "" " "schooner" "po salted 1/240. packing. -110sht, 10yasch, 20000572 fillet herring" "Populyarnoe" "" "schooner" "po salted 1/500. packing. -12sht, 2yasch, 20006381 fillet herring" "Populyarnoe" "po 1/200. packing. -28sht, 2yasch, 20000515 fillet herring deli" "M tyas "" original po 1/150. packing. -160sht, 10yasch, 20000517 fillet herring deli "" Matias "" original po 1/250. packing. -1000sht, 100yasch, 20006630 fillet herring deli "" Matias "" choice pieces of 1 / 200 same. b. -9sht, 1yasch, 20006334 Herring fillet pieces marinated "" Seledochka to bite "" onions in oil 1/100 po. packing. -80sht, 4yasch, 20000531 fillet herring deli "" Matias "" " "Provan s" "po 1/250. packing. -20sht, 2yasch, 20000526 fillet herring deli "" Matias "" po 1/200 original pieces. packing. -32sht, 2yasch, 20000530 fillet herring deli "" Matias "" po 1/300 choice. packing. -220sht, 20yasch; total net weight: 416.48 kh.Zahalna net weight + package: 444.2 kh.Vyhotovleno 04 / 2017.Torhovelna mark "Santa Bremor." Manufacturer: JV "Santa Bremor" LLC. Country of BY. "BELARUS0UA100010416.481343.319904
26/Apr/201720019020001.Hostryy green pepper jalapeno (pieces) containing otstovukyslotu, 12h215 / 110h, 1up - 2,58kh, -Hostryy green pepper jalapeno (pieces) containing otstovukyslotu, 2h3065h, 14up - 85,82kh, trade mark 'Santa Maria 'packaged in the original packaging to take 06 / 2018r.Vyrobnyk:' Santa Maria AV. '. (plant: Pacific Choice Brands, Inc.). Country of-US. .UNITED STATES0UA12520088.4291.6554896
26/Apr/20178708409998"1.Chastyny ​​mechanical gear boxes for a / m Lada: Val vtorychnyykorobky gears art.21800 170110520 - 1sht.Matochyna sliding muftysynhronizatora 3rd and 4th gears art.2 1120170114900 - 1sht.Mehanizm vyborapere houses, art. 11190170305001 - 36sht. The mechanism of transmission choice, art.11190170305001-4sht. 5th gear transmission shaft vtorychnoho and rt.21083170115800 - 8 pieces. Kiltseblokuval ne synchronizer, art.21100170116400 - 150sht.Shtok plug peremykannyaperedach, al t.21080170302401 -12sht. Flange mounting intermediate shafts leading valady va la dispensing box art.212132201100 00 - 5pcs. Vylkavklyuchennya rear th gait, art.21080170204610 - 25sht. Notched six or PPC art.21083170113300 - 40sht. is blocking synchronizer ring, art.21080170116410 - 20pcs. lever rod mechanism PPC art.21080170302810 - 4 pieces. Shesternya5 th transmission shaft pervychnoho, art 70113200 .210831 - 4 pieces. 5th Gear peredachipe rvychnoho shaft art.21083170113200 - 53sht. 5th Gear transmission pervychnohovala, art.21083 170113200 - 16sht. 4th Gear transmission vtorychnoho shaft art.2112017011 4600 - 1am. Rod plugs before switching Ah, art.21070170207100 -2sht. Rod gearshift forks, art.21070170206000- 5pcs. Differential lock lever zdatkovoyi po box art.21210180405200 -5sht. Coupling sliding clock, art. 21070170117600 - 6 pieces. 1st Gear Aci yipered PPC art.21050170111200 - 6 pieces. Clutch slip synchronizer, art.21080170111 610 - 14sht. Rear Gear pace PPC art.21100170108000 -5sht. 4th Gear claim eredachi vtorychnoho shaft art.21120170114 600 - 1sht.Krayina production - RU Trades struction mark - LADAVyrobnyk - "" AVTOVAZ "" PAO g Tolyatti "RUSSIA0UA125180116.2852574.707966
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Choice Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Choice Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АРТЕС-М"""
Importer Address
61105,м.Харків, Проспект Льва Ландау,буд.147
Exporter Name "ОАО ""Речицадрев"""
Product Description
1.Plyty Wood, rough, polished, wood particle plate.........
HS Code 4410111000Value 3294.498422
Quantity 2859924Unit UA102040
Net Weight 20020
Origin Country BELARUS

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