Ukraine Import Data of Chocolate Drink | Ukraine Import Statistics of Chocolate Drink

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of chocolate drink collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of chocolate drink imports.

Chocolate Drink Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Chocolate Drink

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
18/Apr/20172101209200"1. The products are prepared, packaged for retail beverages fortified dry tea-based, do not contain raw materials of animal origin: Tea drink" "Tea Every Mint & lemon" "Green tea with mint and lemon (composition: green Chinese tea-69 % kurylskyychay (leaves, flowers) -15% peppermint (leaf) -5% goldenrod normal (letter) -3%, lemon peel, licorice 1.5% (the root) -3% Reishi mushroom ( hanoderma patent) -0.5%, identical to natural flavoring "" Lemon "" - 3%)., packing 60 packets 120g-168sht., tea drink "" tea Every cinnamon & orange "" Black tea with cinnamon and orange ( Ingredients: Indian and c eylonskyy black tea, 70%, willow herb (leaves enzyme) -10%, orange peel, 1.5%, 4%, cinnamon, cloves, 5%, licorice (root) -5% Reishi mushroom (hanoderma varnished) -0.5%, allspice, 1%, identical to natural flavoring "" orange "" - 3%)., packing 60 packets 120g-168sht., tea drink "" tea Every nut & chocolate "" Black tea with nut flavor and chocolate (composition: Indian and Ceylon black tea 75%, willow herb (leaves fermen Tovey) -10%, gold 6.5%, root, licorice (root) -5% Reishi mushroom (hanoderma varnished) - 0.5%, identical to natural flavoring "" nut-chocolate "" - 3%)., packing 60 packets 120g-168sht., Tea drink "" Tea Every Special MIX "" 60 packages package: 120g-360sht., Tea drink "" Vitaplus-Vytaplyus "" (composition: black tea, 50%, Cyprus (enzyme leaves) - 10% Rosa majalis (fruit) -10% aronia melanocarpa (fruit) -5% yablunnya home (fruit) -10% Crataegus sanguinea (flowers and fruits) -10%, Juniperus communis (fruit) -3 %., packing 30 double bags, 90g (1.5 * 2) -80sht., tea drink "" Bella Donna Bella Donna, "" (composition: green tea, 80%, radiogram pink (roots) -5% , dog nettle (herb) -5% hmilzvychaynyy (fruit) -5% Shabelnik swamp (grass) -5%., packing 30 double bags, 90g (1.5 * 2) -80sh t., tea drink "" Dinamix-Dynamyks "" packing 30 double bags, 90g (1.5 * 2) -80sht., dry drink "" Black currant "," packing 30 packets 180g, 5pcs., dry drink "" Blueberry "," packing 30 packets 180g, 5pcs., dry drink "" Seabuckthorn "," packing 30 packets 180g-44sht. Without HMO.Vyrobnyk: OOO NPF "" Golden Valley ""; Trademark: "" Enerwood ""; Country of origin: RU. "RUSSIA0UA100020244.22598.466705 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
14/Apr/201718069070001.Vyroby containing cocoa and use solar uyutsya beverage, the concentration tion instant chocolate drink cafe + CR EME CACAO Superior cocoa, sugar and pi dsolodzhuvachamy: cafe + CREME CACAO Superio r, soluble in pervynniyupakovtsi for packaging ca vovyh avtomativ.Vaha 1kg. .POLAND0UA20914010002395.549409
12/Apr/20173923299000"1.PAKETY multiwall bags with printed pattern, designed for food packaging Size: 340mm x 410mm (structure of materials: OPP20 / PP25 / CPP25) -MACCOFFEE 3IN1 ORIGINAL 20Gx100S OPP BAG (GE161) -50800 pcs., Trademarks: MACCOFFEE , SIZE: 330mm x 330mm (structure of materials: OPP20 / PP25 / CPP25) -MACCHOCOLATE COCOA DRINK 25Gx50S OPP BAG (UA161) -49000 pcs., trademarks: MACCHOCOLATE; PRODUCER: NM PACKAGING (M) SDN. BHD.; country of production : MY. "MALAYSIA0UA9020701633.159490.000013
11/Apr/20173302104000"1.Produkt that is a mixture of aromatic compounds in a solvent used inproduction drinks (contains all yzuyuchi flavor ingredients that provide flavor chyar omat characterizing drink): blueberry flavors for beverages" "221106Berry" "-2 canister 50 kg, as a liquid ingredients: propylene glycol, water, flavoring substance. Manufactured: 10300072. party flavors for chocolate drinks "" 206610CHOCOLATE "" -8 canister 200-kg, as a liquid ingredients: propylene glycol, glyceryl triacetate, flavoring substance. Manufactured: 10300047. Aromatic party compon t dlyasumishi in malt beverages "" 286848 Maltcompount "" - 120 kanistriv- 3000kg, as a liquid black, includes: water, malt ekstraktyachminnoho, invert sugar syrup, flavorings. Made: 30300016. party. "GERMANY0UA209180325013942.51995
05/Apr/201733021040001.PRODUKTY, which is a mixture of arable land SUBSTANCES flavors designedto use in the production of beverages and contain all flavoring ingredients that give taste or flavor, char teryzuyut drink: Caramel art.P0606314 containing in its composition th fragrances, propilenhliko eh E1520, E1518 triatsetyn, water, and food coloring E150s -100kh. Chocolate art.P062 0660, schomistyt composed of a mixture of substances apashnyh, propylene glycol E1520, e tylovyyspyrt, triatsetyn E1518, water, co feyin -100kh. Blueberry Art. R0607004 that istytu composed of a mixture of aromatic agents, re, propylene glycol E1520-50kh. Plombirart.P0607364 which includes svoyem consisting of fragrances, propilenhlik olE1520 -50kh. Art.P0606859 cream containing a mixture composed of aromatic substances, propylene glycol E1520, acetic ing slot E260 -50kh. 608124 Pineapple art.P0 granules containing a mixture composed of aromatic substances, maltodextrin, glucose syrup, water, emulsifier E471, E1518 triatsety Mr. antyoksydantal F-tocopherol E307 -50kh. Art.P061594 passion fruit granules containing a mixture of itsof zapash these substances, maltodextrin, glucose syrup su, triatsetyn, water, emulsifier E471 E15 -50kh 18. Wild berries granules art.P0615 733 schomistyt composed of a mixture of arable land by substances, maltodextrin, Ch yukozy syrup, water, emulsifier E471, E1518 triatsetyn antioxidant alpha-tocopherol E307-150kh. Strawberry art. P0612835, containing in its composition fragrances, propylene glycol E1520, antioxidant alpha-current oferol E307 -150kh. Tropikart.P0609424 containing incorporates a mixture of fragrant substances x, triatsetynE1518, eh propilenhliko E1520 antioxidant alpha-tocopherol E307 -400kh.Irlandskyy cream art. 477 P0650, containing in its composition mixture of apashnyhrechovyn, propylene glycol E1520-300kh. Cherry art. P0602604, containing in its composition mixture of aromatic compounds, propylene glycol E1520, triatsetyn E1518-10kh. Vanilla art. P0640047, containing in its composition fragrances, propylene glycol E1520 -500kh. Milk art.P060 5149, containing in its composition zapashnirechovyny, vanilla, etylvanilin (no synthetic substance with vanilla), salt, 125 kg. (69 plastic. Containers. 10 cardboard. Cardboard, anti B5. Drum.) Guests - 84.Torhovelna brand: FREY + LAU Gmbh.Krayina production: DEVyrobnyk: FREY + LAU Gmbh.GERMANY0UA100010208526240.86889
05/Apr/201770132890001. Glass containers for a stalk for drinking mechanical manufacture: A set of chocolates for vodka (6 pieces in the set) [code 5904134056733] /ar.74821/- 100pcs. Production line - TRTag Brand - AMBITIONProducer - DAJAR SP. Z OO.TURKEY100UA10011055259.5774992
05/Apr/201718069070001. Finished products containing cocoa used for the production of drinks, chocolate (soluble. Cacao) in 1kg packets. - 50up., (Plastic bags) Instant chocolate drink 150up., (Plastic bags) Country of ILTorhovelna ELIT mark.ISRAEL0UA125220200385.0001141
03/Apr/20171806907000"1.Torhovelna mark ORIFLAMEBiolohichno-active dietary supplement" "Wellness Natural Balance Snake-NaturalChocolate Flavour" "in powder form, which will be used by man in the form of a drink, contains in its structure horohovyyproteyin, apple powder, egg powder, whey (milk prteyin) , cocoa powder with reduced fat powder hips, egg albumen, flavor, natural (chocolate, vanilla, cream, buttery flavor), fiber beet, ascorbic acid, sucrose (powder 378h in a sealed package with the polymer material in a cardboard box), code .2213 DE 8.14-522sht.Krayina production Manufacturer "" Atlantik Multipower Germany GmbH & Co.OHG "". "GERMANY0UA100010224.462227.85057
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Chocolate Drink Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Chocolate Drink Importer Sample

Date 18/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""КОМПАНІЯ""ОРІОН-РА"""
Importer Address
02660, Київ, вул. Євгена Сверстюка, 11а, оф.803 Україна
Exporter Name "ООО ""НЛ Технология"""
Product Description
"1. The products are prepared, packaged for retail.........
HS Code 2101209200Value 2598.466705
Quantity 0Unit UA100020
Net Weight 244.2
Origin Country RUSSIA

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